Oori Rice Triangles

1247 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 526-8663

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Ileana V.

This is place is amazing it's. it inky good food but the customer service is amazing. The manager and the employees really took care of me. I was very impressed with this place. Irecommend it to everyone and i will defiantly go again.

Alex C.

love this place. got crab, ribs, and unagi. all of them taste awesome. just like the ones I got in Korea.

ingrid b.

I swear every time I get food here, I get an upset stomach. Sorry Oori I'm no longer a customer even though the food is decent and you are 1/2 block from me.

Ronald B.

A nice alternative to existing food choices. The food is good and fresh. The line is a little long when high schoolers come here for lunch, but otherwise good.

Nikki G.

I eat here several times a week. The food is delicious and filling. I usually call my order in or order it online. Pick up is fast and easy. Normally you can sit down on the inside and outside but because of the pandemic there's only delivery and pick up.

Erica S.

I haven't been trying very many new places lately, but a co worker of mine was eating one of their rice places and I thought "that looks good!" Thanks to DoorDash, a few of us at work were able to have an Oori lunch without even leaving the building! And it's contactless! I tried the three item rice plate with salmon, teriyaki chicken, and short rib. Each meat had its own unique flavor, but it all blended together very nicely. The plate came with plenty of rice and a side of edamame. The portion was so huge that I had enough for lunch and dinner. My co workers also tried the rice triangle which looks super cute and tasty. I'm glad I tried this place and am dreaming for the next time I go to Oori!

Adamary L.

I LOVEE this place!!!! There was a time where I would come 3-4 times in a week. Its the kind of food that wont dissapoint you when you want home style cooking. Vegan options like the spicy tofu, regular tofu or salads. For meat options: honestly everything on this menu is good. Whenever I want asian food I will order here. Very short wait time. Cute small shop on solano ave. Outdoor seating aswell. I haven't had oori in a while and I miss it. Edamame comes with the meals, its a unique touch. I've also had the salmon tacos and they add a good amount of fish on there. Everything on the menu is good.

Sheila C.

I love Oori! Their portions are always generous and the food is always tasty. The item I always get is the 3 meat plate with beef, chicken, and spicy shrimp. It's definitely enough foos for at least two adults, or if I'm sharing with my two youngest, enough for three. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is because I feel they can do a better job with cleaning of the dining area. Hence the reason I usually order out. Other than that, I would definitely recommend it.

Jeremi W.

I wasn't sure what to expect out of this place. I've seen it on yelp a few times but I've now had it 3-4 times. My daughter has named these treats, "delectable." For the last several weeks, she has been craving those short rib Oori triangles. During quarantine day 10, I decided to put in an order of triangles and surprise my fam. Listen....when I tell you my daughter got emotional behind this order....(sigh). She is already a very gracious child, she's also an empath, so she feels things very deeply. My daughter broke down into happy tears about her Oori triangles today!! She was SO happy. She had been craving them for more than a month and we couldn't get them but today, she got some! She couldn't stop eating and crying, it was such an emotional experience lol. I do think part of it was the chaos of this pandemic, but she was also happy about getting these tasty little treats. Short rib are our favorite. I like the spicy pork second. Everyone else likes the teriyaki chicken second: I definitely recommend trying them out! These pics are from the first time we ordered. We ate them too fast to get other pictures from future orders.


Unfortunately, they no longer offer the option of brown rice for the rice triangles / onigiri. It's too bad because I'm concerned with the high glycemic index of white rice so instead of ordering a few, I only got one. It's also too bad that green onions are no longer sprinkled on top of the triangle. You can get brown rice with their plates for $1 extra. I wonder if these animals used are from places that do not use antibiotics.

John G.

Onigiri or rice balls originated as far back as 11th century Japan. Shaped in triangles or balls, often flavored with salt and stuffed with pickled ume (plums) which acted as a natural preservative, wrapped in nori (seaweed) were popular snack food for Samurai warriors during numerous wars in feudal Japan. Now, the popularity of this snack food has been imported globally. Although not as popular as Sushi, Onigiri is a direct descendant of the much-beloved Spam Musubi that organically evolved in Hawai'i. Although I wouldn't put organic and Spam in the same sentence, I ask for forgiveness. This joint is located in Albany on a street corner that could easily be missed if you are not paying attention. It's a small place that sits a dozen or so patrons at a time, so it's quite quaint and cozy. Instead of calling them Onigiri's, here they call them triangles. We got a plate of the short rib and the following triangles: Short Rib, Spicy Ahi Tuna and Unagi (eel) with a side of Miso Soup. The triangles came with a side of Edamame. Let me start with the short rib plate...not what I expected and it was mostly chopped up. There were a lot of pieces that were hard and the meat was a tad too salty for my taste. The Edamame and Miso Soup were both bland and could've used more seasoning. I would say the triangles were the best they had to offer, and the Unagi was on point. It had a perfect ratio of protein to rice, but the rest of the triangles that we ordered had proportionately had more rice than protein. Flavor-wise, it was lacking that Umami punch that one expects and it's a good thing they had sides of sauces, hot pepper and sesame seed that you can add to counteract the blandness. However...it's cheap and filling, but didn't wow me. A Japanese would say: ma ma. A Korean would say: geujeo geulae.

yayoi s.

My pictures aren't great, I know, but the food is! My Dude also got short rib onigiri and he loved it. Have some eggs in the fridge so I will be converting the rice plates into fried rice. Super nice customer service mahalo and gochisosama!

Joanne P.

Ok so BOOOOOMMMMMMBBBBBB!!! It was so good! When you walk in, it's gonna look tiny. It doesn't seem like the cleanest place tbh. But service was pretty great! They offer hand sanitizer wipes, which is apparently a big deal. Ok but for real, food. YES! It was delicious. I really was just craving something that wasn't super heavy at all and was quick to eat. I asked the cashier some recommendations. I ended up with grilled salmon, spicy ahi tuna, short ribs, and unagi onigiri. Each one was so flavorful!! The sauces on the short rib, spicy ahi tuna and unagi were so good! I didn't take a picture but It was so good that I bought 3 more- crab, spicy shrimp, and ume. Wowza that ume can pack a punch! It was so sour but in a great way. If you want sour/savory taste, try it! The crab was really creamy tasting. And the spicy shrimp had the same spicy aioli sauce that the ahi tuna had. All of these were delicious! And if you buy 3 triangles, you get free edamame. Totally recommend!!

Miriam Mijares

Delicious food, big plates and great service. Love the spicy tuna ?

Jennifer S.

While walking in downtown Albany on Solano you can smell the delicious aroma of this restaurants rice triangles permeating through the streets. I've only had the Salmon triangles which are $3.45 which are very filling and contain quite a good portion of salmon and not just a lot of rice. The salmon is flavorful and moist blending in perfectly with the seaweed wrap and rice.

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