Oori Rice Triangles

1247 Solano Ave, Albany
(510) 526-8663

Recent Reviews

Christa Torres

My first visit was great, quick simple menu, fresh and healthy lunch.

Karina Gomez

Their food is soooo good but they’re tweaking if they think ima spend $15+ for 3 triangles and over $5 for ONE street size taco.

Marla June

A friend turned me on to this little treasure! The food is not only healthy and good but the portions are wonderful. Service is very good and fast. Get the app. Well Worth it ? ?

Alex G.

Wow! Easy to miss the place.I solidly recommend the spicy shrimp onigiri. I also recommend the teriyaki chicken rice plate. Its a very large portion for the price.Food is made fairly quickly, and the togo food packaging is good. I didn't feel like my food was going to spill or leak all over the place.

jean k.

We ordered the same items twice but had totally different experience within a month. The first time, every item was good, rice was fluffy, nice amount and tasting toppings, the second time, every item was different, rice was dry, toppings were tiny. We felt like we ordered the food from a complete different place. We were confused. A off day? Consistency is important and driving return customers!!! We may give another try some day.

shakti g.

I'm local around here & I'll be honest. Food is really amazing here but customer service is very poor and rude workers.

Kyra K.

Oori Rice Triangles has been a staple spot for my friends and me throughout high school. We loved the convenient location on Solano, the fact it was affordable, and how the food came out hot, fast, and fresh. A few years later, my best friend and I found ourselves back here reminiscing on our high school days. Not much has changed since I last visited. The restaurant is small in size and is primarily a take-out spot. You're able to order online, on their app, or their tablets inside. You pick up your food and utensils at the counter and take them to go. They have two small counters and bar stools and a couple of tables outside to eat at. Service is quick and efficient as the workers both create the triangles and hand you your order. Parking is a breeze as it's free street parking on Solano Ave. My friend and I ordered ahead online and were pleasantly surprised that our food was ready before our designated time. She opted for the Three Triangle Box which comes with complimentary edamame, while I got the Two Triangle Box. You have the option to pick and choose what triangles you want which range from various meat, vegetarian, and spicy options. I decided on the Unagi Triangle and Spicy Shrimp Triangle (my two favorites). The Unagi Triangle comes with a tender and flavorful piece of unagi glazed in unagi sauce. While the Spicy Shrimp Triangle comes loaded with creamy cooked shrimp--I find it to be mild and not spicy at all. Both triangles had warm soft rice, the seaweed was a little soggy, not crispy, and tasted very light. We found the food to be the perfect amount--comforting and easy to eat. Oori has since expanded, with two other locations, but their original Albany location will always be near and dear to my heart. Their food usually comes out fast and for the most part, is consistent. The menu is simple to read with various Triangles, Plates, and Tacos. It's a casual spot for a quick meal.

L. Garcia

Love the simple concept of protein filled rice triangles. We tried salmon, ribs, spicy pork, and spicy tofu. Our favorites were the pork and salmon. The spicy level was not hot at all but flavorful. Looking forward to try more menu items.

PokeValor 130

I love the teriyaki chicken rice triangle, nice and simple, but delicious! All the other food is great too!

Earlene C.

Delectable rice bites! Like a chubby hand roll. We picked up a 4 pack to take with us on a hike. Even cold these were delicious. I enjoyed the spicy tuna the best. Chicken next.

R Guerra

Great place for food on the go! Delish chicken, meat, fish tacos! Take order was really fast.


Nice and easy ordering on a tablet even if you carry cash. Good fast healthy food.

Aryianna M.

My first time here -- I got the salmon tacos and they were to die for. So good!! My sister usually gets the teriyaki chicken w/ rice and snap peas and I love that as well. But I wanted to try something she hadn't yet. Would recommend this place.

Millie t.

A go-to favorite! We stumbled onto this place a few months ago and have been back again and again! Favorites and can't go wrong would be the chicken teriyaki and spicy pork rice triangles. Craving for a warm snack - this is the place! They cook the meat upon ordering! Another can't resist is the unagi -eel- triangle! Hungry? They have rice plates as well! Still following COVid protocols- order on the iPad, wait for it and food is served on to go boxes. Indoor and outdoor seating available- easy in and out and tummy is full and taste buds been tickled!

cristina p.

Was looking for something to eat today that didn't have "meat" in it. Was craving something sushi-related, so decided to stop in. Since it's Ash Wednesday, I ordered the trio triangles which included unagi, spicy ahi tuna, spicy shrimp. It included free edamame. There was a sign on the table that you can request teriyaki, sesame seeds, and red pepper. There were no options for those toppings on the tablet I ordered from. The place is very small, no dine in, but there are maybe three small tables out front. There are about 3-4 tablets that you can order your food from. My order came out really quick, in about 3 minutes or so. I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not. Like the other recent reviews, the edamame was cold. The rice tasted like plain Jasmine rice and it wasn't warm either. Maybe it was already prepped, that's why my food came out so quick. It's a bit pricy for 3 triangles, about $15. There seemed to be good reviews about this place back when I had it bookmarked, but I guess the quality has gone down.

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