Sabuy Sabuy II

1233 San Pablo Ave, Albany
(510) 528-3932

Recent Reviews

Stan S.

Found this place last fall via Yelp, and it's easy to see why we've never heard or seen it before. It's a small restaurant right by San Pablo Ave where cars are usually motoring past it. That also means parking is limited. As far as I know, there's only metered streetside parking. Busing here is possible via the AC Transit 72, and a bike path on Gilman also leads to Sabuy Sabuy II (SSII) SSII is a small restaurant with about six to seven tables. It's essentially one square room, with a door leading into the restaurant and a cutout in the wall leading to the kitchen. I stopped by last night for dinner and had the Goong Gra Bog, which is marinated prawns wrapped in a nice and crunchy roll. It came with six rolls and sweet and sour sauce. For my entree, I had the Pad Thai with chicken and was pleased with the taste and portioning of the meal. My table was given some spices and sauces midway through our meal, and that really kicked up the spice factor for me when I added it to my Pad Thai! The man waiting on us (I believe his name is Burt?) was very kind and attentive, but his attention was divided among multiple tables and he seemed at times a tad bit overwhelmed. All in all, the food and service here is good! It's a small and intimate space, and not too terribly busy. But when the space is filled you might need to wait a little longer for Bart to come over to tend to you. That won't keep me from coming back of course!

Barbara Silver

An unassuming place that offers outstanding food. The flavors are clean and the size of the portions good. You can have a relaxing meal here.

Roya C.

This is our favorite local restaurant. The food is always amazing and we love the staff. They have a full vegetarian section on their menu, but they can make most of their other dishes vegetarian if you ask. We always order the pad thai, a curry (you can't go wrong with any of them) and then let the staff pick another dish for us. I also love the purple rice.

Crowden S.

Been going here for years. Very small, hole in the wall. The owner is a foodie and will happily tell you all about the current fresh ingredients he's featuring. A cut above the usual Thai fare. Definitely changes it up depending upon the season, which is a welcome touch. Can be cold inside so in the winter you might want to keep the jacket on. Nice spice tray and they understand heat. So if you order it Thai spicy you better know what you're saying because it'll come out swinging. I like to ask what he recommends and sometimes I just say "surprise me". Never had a problem. Except for that time my wife ordered a fish special and didn't realize it was whole fish and would be staring at her the whole time. Oopsie!

Seth F.

Super tiny restaurant, the creation of the term "hole in the wall" really, but bursting with flavor. The owner/chef is a friend of my boss which is how I first started going here. There are only seven tables in the entire place and it's sparsely decorates. There is a brick wall painted yellow and a small fish tank with a bubble volcanoe which is home to snails. Very charming atmosphere and the staff are always extremely friendly. They do have a expansive lunchtime menu that is very reasonably priced. Their dinner menu is even larger and on average you'll pay $10-15 for a meal, which isn't very much for the amount of food y out get. They have a fried pumpkin peanut sauce appetizer which is amazing. You'd never guess that it's pumpkin because the sauce is what makes it so yummy. I've had several curries from them which are all amazing especially the coconut milk chicken curry and spicy tofu curry. I've had friends get the pad Thai which tasted and looked really good. Even the lunch sizes are pretty big. They serve seasonal salads. During the summer it's usually mango but then winter it's ginger. Both are extremely good exploding with flavor. The biggest downside to this restaurant is the parking. There is only street parking which is very limited. There is a small shared parking lot near the restaurant which is open at night/evening. You may have to park nearby and walk 2-5mins but it's worth it!

C.P. Turrini

Great food and fast, nice service

shawn j.

I found Sabuy by default. It's very close to work and a good thing too because the food is consistently fresh and excellent. Nice portions too. I've explored everything on the lunch menu many times over. There is no wrong choice or other persons plate envy. Enjoy!

Fabrice Nye

Pretty good Thai food. I knocked off one star, because they forgot one of our dishes. Some of us weren't hungry enough to have a taste of it when they finally brought it out. One HUGE advantage of that restaurant for me was that it was QUIET (well, quiet enough), even as more people arrived for dinner. So in spite of my hearing difficulties, I could easily participate in conversation with my friends.


This unassuming humble little restaurant offers the best vegetarian dishes. They happily accommodate my requests for not using fish sauce, garlic, union, and etc. in my veggies dishes. But most of all, the food is delicious. My favorite is Pad Kee Moa, it has at least 7 kinds of vegetable in it. There you see, they put their heart in the food. It's the only place I go for my Thai food.

Sara M.

One of my favorite Thai spots. Never a wait. Perfect for a quick lunch without the lunch crowd rush. The prices are some of the lowest in the east bay for Thai food and the portions are huge. Good for sharing. Off menu items are probably their best. They can make pretty much any Thai dish you could think of. Super delightful staff, and always great service. Considering the price and the rarity of some of the dishes they serve this place is a must if you have not tried it already.

Jason C

So bad. They gave us the wrong order and it taste old. Also has no flavor.

Victor G.

Sabuy Sabuy II has 7 tables for inside dining. at lunch, only 1 table occupied. street construction kept patrons away? sparse decor. just a few pics on walls. offerings: 1 page lunch menu: noodles, rice plates eats: pad kee mow(7.95) lunch -chewy beef, with red bell peppers, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, broculli few strands of rice noodles. vegetables crunchy. not outstanding. -fresh salad with runny dressing. -vibrant dark soy flavoring, hot chiliness. 3.5 stars. full flavored. not a great value. *probably went on an off day.

Victoria Yakubovich

Terrible service. Unpalatable. Brought only one dish of the two ordered. No water. Very bad taste. Unpleasant smell inside

Karen Y.

Solid Thai restaurant. Good green curry, strong flavor. The fish cake was a little too mushy for me.

Sterling S.

I ordered the shrimp pad Thai. I could not believe that it only came with two, yes two, small shrimp. While the texture and flavor of the noodles was pretty good, other than the two measly shrimp, there was some limp, pale green onion, sprouts, fried tofu and shredded carrot. Never again! Rip off.

Alvaro Dominguez

Tiny place with a strong draft coming in through unsealed door, serving good food. I liked the duck

Karl Batten-Bowman

Seriously just ask the to make you something good and it never disappoints

Sarita Forslund

Great services. Delicious variety authentic Thai food. Inexpensive pricing. Yummy dinner. Every time I am in town have to come back enjoy good food.

Kurt R.

I've now ordered takeout dinners here repeatedly and enjoyed them. The one time I ate lunch there I was unimpressed, but. Really good Tom Kha Gai and Penang Curry at dinner time.

Mark L.

This is an outstanding Thai restaurant. I can't recommend any specific dish as they are all excellent.

T J.

The staff is so sweet here. They are really on it, from bringing sauces to filling up water glasses, great hospitality. For food, I really enjoyed the green papaya salad and pad kee mao that I got. I want to go back and try more.

Neil Berg

Staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. Food was great and service was fast. They were very kid friendly. While the location was a bit of a hole in the wall, it was still clean and kept up. I would go again.

Jennifer Berg

What a wonderful experience! Great food, great service, so friendly!

Isadora C.

Hello! First of all I'm not the kind of person that leaves reviews on yelp BUT this food is soooo good and the sir that took my order were so nice that I decided to leave a review. It tastes really good and the noodles are perfect! Thanks for providing such great food.

Al Lim

Food was ok. Would have been 4 stars if not for the fact that the chicken satay has quite some charred parts.

Martin Sanchez

Good food. Nice service. Space could use a cleanup or remodel.

Grace L.

Authentic Thai food: We have the tom yum goong soup, Thai spicy papaya salad, and the medium hot mango salad. We also order the chef's specials - not on the regular menu. All foods taste/look good and fresh. Service was fast. Best homemade Thai tea ice cream. The portion of food was big compare to the price. My neighbor table ordered Pad Thai. It was like double order from other restaurants. The server was very friendly, helpful, and well knowledge.

Joe Dunkle

Wonderful, fresh food, well prepared. Portions are generous. Small place with only seven tables, and the place is a little plain, but the staff are very nice. Definitely a great value for the money.

Kenneth Price

Good food and great service.

Shivani B.

Last visit We found a WORM IN OUR FOOD AND WALKED OUT. When we asked we were told that its 'normal'. Don't think so. So disgusted. First visit We came cross this place while walking around the neighbourhood. It is a small restaurant located off San Pablo Ave in Berkeley. They have indoor seating in the front and the kitchen in the back. The menu has limited items which was actually great because you can decide quicker I think and it says to me they make a few things but make it well. I tried the Pad thai Chicken ( medium spice) $8.00 approx. It is recommended to specify your spice level as they tend to make general dishes spicy. The pad thai was well cooked and flavourful. It has the hint of sweet along with the freshness which I personally like. It wasn't the most authentic pad Thai I have eaten but it was pretty good. 6.5/10. The green curry rice was good 7/10. I enjoyed the flavours. Note : Huge portions so be hungr The staff was polite and the meal was very well priced so it's a good quick lunch option as the food came out fairly quickly. Note : They add thai peppers to the food so you must clarify how much spice you can handle because the peppers are hot! Overall a good meal, again not a game changer but certainly a good option when one is craving thai flavours and has limited time to eat! Do try it if you find yourself in the area.

Alex M.

We went here for an office lunch and the food tasted good, except we found a whole caterpillar on one of our entrees. We were told this is normal and that the produce was organic. We were offered new entrees but no apologies... I will not be returning any time soon.

Jessica Payne

I love this place!!! Just a great “Mom and Pop” thai place. Great people, great food. Love the combination house noodle salad and the beef with fresh peppercorns.

Moria W.

One of the best Thai cuisine in San Pablo area. Food is high quality and taste good. It's far from me, so there are others that I prefer over this. But their foods never disappoint. I'd get any curry, hot chai and mango dessert any day anytime. Excellent service Street parking

Elizabeth Braun

Wow, I really, really hate to leave a bad review, in fact I've never left a review for any place before, ever. But I got some curry to go from this place tonight and after all the great reviews I was really excited to try it. Even though it's freakin curry they charge you separately for the rice, so an eleven dollar meal is really 14 bucks with tax, before tip. Then if you get it to go, they only stock the smallest to-go containers so you get like an appetizer's amount of food. She said the reason it costs what it does is because the meat is high-quality but it tastes pretty damn mealy and dry to me. The chunks are big, which is nice, but I don't want to even finish this meal because it's not good enough to make me feel better about being ripped off.

Ed U.

This is the Thai restaurant the owners liked so much they named it twice. Like New York New York. In fact, this is Sabuy Sabuy II, a sequel to the original North Oakland location, so they should call it Sabuy Sabuy Sabuy if they were really serious, don't you think? I've been to the original location but not in a really long time, ever since a former boss of mine, one I loathed with the heat of Kilauea magma, told me it was his favorite place. That was the end of that, so here I was working off the hour-long parking meter across from the Tokyo Fish Market and feeling rather peckish. The place was quite empty except for a couple of tech heads. They offer a lunch menu, so I took advantage of the $3.95 Green Salad, a light touch of lettuce and shredded cabbage & carrot (photo:, and $3.50 Soup of the Day, a creamy Coconut Milk Soup (photo: Both were fine, appropriate-size starters for my main event, the $7.95 Pra Ram, steamed cabbage and spinach supplemented with warm chicken pieces and slathered generously with a rich peanut sauce and toasted sesame seeds. A scoop of white rice completed the dish (photo: Yep, it was a Sabuy Sabuy Sabuy kind of lunch with five minutes to spare on the meter. Oh wait, is that my former boss coming through the door? Is there a back way out of here? FOOD - 4 stars...solid Thai food from a familiar source AMBIANCE - 3.5 stars...spacious enough with minimal ornateness to their decor SERVICE - 3.5 stars...quietly efficient TOTAL - 4 stars...good enough to say thrice RELATED - Looking for other places to eat in Berkeley? Here are the places I have visited and reviewed:

Brad B.

4 years ago, when my wife and I first decided to move in together, we debated whether we'd live in SF or the East Bay. I'd been living in Berkeley for a few years and appreciated the more laid back vibe over city living. Knowing her love of good food, I decided to bring her here. After our meal, she turned to me and said, "This is the best Thai food I've had in California." 2 months later we were living in Berkeley. SCORE. Since then we've eaten at Sabuy Sabuy II several times, and always try something different. I have never walked away disappointed. Last night we ate there again. Still incredible. I love this place!

Josh B.

My favorite Thai place, hands down. The food is amazing, reasonably priced, and the people are very warm and friendly.

Catherine Y.

I have been going to Sabuy Sabuy II restaurant for over 20 years. They serve fusion Thai cooking and traditional home cooking. They cook holistic food for my husband. Last week, my husband stomach didn't feel good. They put some shredded ginger into all the dishes. It made my husband feel better so he had appetite to eat. They serve special dishes other Thai restaurant don't serve so remember to ask the owner, Burt. What is the special for today that is not on the menu.

Samanta C.

This is a photo of me after I fell into an intense food coma at Sabuy Sabuy II. Their coconut milk soup is so delicious and even though I should have stopped eating halfway through the generous serving, I couldn't resist. Beware: you WILL succumb to many food comas during your lunchtime visits here.

Anand Hattiangadi

Best Thai food in the east bay. Talk to the owner, tell him your general preferences and he'll pick the perfect meal for you with unusual an unexpected combinations.