Sabuy Sabuy II

1233 San Pablo Ave, Albany
(510) 528-3932

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Jason C

So bad. They gave us the wrong order and it taste old. Also has no flavor.

Victor G.

Sabuy Sabuy II has 7 tables for inside dining. at lunch, only 1 table occupied. street construction kept patrons away? sparse decor. just a few pics on walls. offerings: 1 page lunch menu: noodles, rice plates eats: pad kee mow(7.95) lunch -chewy beef, with red bell peppers, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, broculli few strands of rice noodles. vegetables crunchy. not outstanding. -fresh salad with runny dressing. -vibrant dark soy flavoring, hot chiliness. 3.5 stars. full flavored. not a great value. *probably went on an off day.

Victoria Yakubovich

Terrible service. Unpalatable. Brought only one dish of the two ordered. No water. Very bad taste. Unpleasant smell inside

Karen Y.

Solid Thai restaurant. Good green curry, strong flavor. The fish cake was a little too mushy for me.

Sterling S.

I ordered the shrimp pad Thai. I could not believe that it only came with two, yes two, small shrimp. While the texture and flavor of the noodles was pretty good, other than the two measly shrimp, there was some limp, pale green onion, sprouts, fried tofu and shredded carrot. Never again! Rip off.

Alvaro Dominguez

Tiny place with a strong draft coming in through unsealed door, serving good food. I liked the duck

Karl Batten-Bowman

Seriously just ask the to make you something good and it never disappoints

Sarita Forslund

Great services. Delicious variety authentic Thai food. Inexpensive pricing. Yummy dinner. Every time I am in town have to come back enjoy good food.

Kurt R.

I've now ordered takeout dinners here repeatedly and enjoyed them. The one time I ate lunch there I was unimpressed, but. Really good Tom Kha Gai and Penang Curry at dinner time.

Mark L.

This is an outstanding Thai restaurant. I can't recommend any specific dish as they are all excellent.

T J.

The staff is so sweet here. They are really on it, from bringing sauces to filling up water glasses, great hospitality. For food, I really enjoyed the green papaya salad and pad kee mao that I got. I want to go back and try more.

Neil Berg

Staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. Food was great and service was fast. They were very kid friendly. While the location was a bit of a hole in the wall, it was still clean and kept up. I would go again.

Jennifer Berg

What a wonderful experience! Great food, great service, so friendly!

Isadora C.

Hello! First of all I'm not the kind of person that leaves reviews on yelp BUT this food is soooo good and the sir that took my order were so nice that I decided to leave a review. It tastes really good and the noodles are perfect! Thanks for providing such great food.

Al Lim

Food was ok. Would have been 4 stars if not for the fact that the chicken satay has quite some charred parts.

Martin Sanchez

Good food. Nice service. Space could use a cleanup or remodel.

Grace L.

Authentic Thai food: We have the tom yum goong soup, Thai spicy papaya salad, and the medium hot mango salad. We also order the chef's specials - not on the regular menu. All foods taste/look good and fresh. Service was fast. Best homemade Thai tea ice cream. The portion of food was big compare to the price. My neighbor table ordered Pad Thai. It was like double order from other restaurants. The server was very friendly, helpful, and well knowledge.

Joe Dunkle

Wonderful, fresh food, well prepared. Portions are generous. Small place with only seven tables, and the place is a little plain, but the staff are very nice. Definitely a great value for the money.

Kenneth Price

Good food and great service.

Shivani B.

Last visit We found a WORM IN OUR FOOD AND WALKED OUT. When we asked we were told that its 'normal'. Don't think so. So disgusted. First visit We came cross this place while walking around the neighbourhood. It is a small restaurant located off San Pablo Ave in Berkeley. They have indoor seating in the front and the kitchen in the back. The menu has limited items which was actually great because you can decide quicker I think and it says to me they make a few things but make it well. I tried the Pad thai Chicken ( medium spice) $8.00 approx. It is recommended to specify your spice level as they tend to make general dishes spicy. The pad thai was well cooked and flavourful. It has the hint of sweet along with the freshness which I personally like. It wasn't the most authentic pad Thai I have eaten but it was pretty good. 6.5/10. The green curry rice was good 7/10. I enjoyed the flavours. Note : Huge portions so be hungr The staff was polite and the meal was very well priced so it's a good quick lunch option as the food came out fairly quickly. Note : They add thai peppers to the food so you must clarify how much spice you can handle because the peppers are hot! Overall a good meal, again not a game changer but certainly a good option when one is craving thai flavours and has limited time to eat! Do try it if you find yourself in the area.

Sabuy Sabuy II

1233 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706