Syma's Mexican Grill

1019 San Pablo Ave, Albany
(510) 526-1185

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Desiree Bee Plant

My son always begs to come here. He loves the mole nachos.

Krista C. R.

We ordered dinner there yesterday and brought home a feast. My husband ordered the taco salad with slow-braised shredded beef and a generous helping of guacamole and pico de gallo, and it stood out, even though we enjoy a lot of local Mexican cuisine; the flavors were wonderful. But the big surprise, for a restaurant that calls itself a Mexican grill, was the incredible Persian menu. I love Persian food -- my Persian sister-in-law used to spend all day cooking up heavenly dishes for special occasions, and I really miss those times. The sauces were a trip down memory lane. I ordered the lamb shank. It came with a generous helping of an incredible-tasting green rice dish. Our son and his lady friend fell in love with the Khoresh e Fesenjan. There's no real way to describe the rich and tangy pomegranate sauce -- you just have to taste it. I hope this place gets popular in spite of folks having to shelter in place -- we all want to keep coming back.

Arezoo I.

I heard about Syma's from an amazing musician friend. She shared with excitement the news about this place a week ago. I went a few days later. WOWWWW. This wasn't food, it was a miracle. I often dream of eating abgoosht, kale pache and other Persian ambrosia which are not easy to prepare. Syma's cooking is just outstanding. Added to that, her sweetness and that of the lovely person at the cashier. Ate Kale Pache. 5 star. Cant wait to go back.

Nigel M.

Awesome Mole Enchiladas, really enjoyed them. Best I have had in the area. The mole sauce was perfect and the chicken and cheese filling was scrumptious. I had refried beans and rice as sides that we're good as well.

Maddy J.

We went there for Kaleh Apache on a Thursday for lunch. It was amazing. I'm so glad there is now decent Persian food in Berkeley.

Michele Lin

Best churro EVER! Amazing food and wonderful people! Syma’s is a true delight! I eat here weekly. And for now, It’s more vital than ever to support local business during these times. Eat at Syma’s, you’ll be happy that you did.

Khadijah C.

Tortilla chips were STALE. Persian beef and rice was bland . I wanted to give them a chance but now I Wish Christopher's was back. Will never eat here again

Mohammad T.

I don't know about the Mexican side yet but if you wanna experience some home made Persian food, This is the place.I have tried Abgoosht, Halim, Loobiapolo, Kalleh pache and Ash-e-reshte. Every time it felt like I was having dinner at my mom's house in Tehran. Also, Syma is so sweet, she offered me some complimentary items as she saw my excitement about her menu. I would definitely recommend this place.

Michele Lin

Best churro EVER! Amazing food and wonderful people! Syma’s is a true delight! I eat here weekly. And for now, It’s more vital than ever to support local business during these times. Eat at Syma’s, you’ll be happy that you did.

Justin S.

Great Pizole, and taco stuffed to the gills with fish, on a fresh made tortilla. Nice shaded patio. Coming back for the mole!

Kenneth R.

Syma's is Christopher's Nothing Fancy with a Persian twist. Having grown up in a town (New York City), where one could easily find Cuban Chinese cuisine, I was delighted to see both kebabs and burritos on the menu for Syma's. We've driven down twice for pandemic takeout meals. Each time our meal was ready exactly at the time requested, and on both occasions the food was excellent. On our first visit, I ordered the same chile verde pork burrito that I used to get from Christopher's -- and it was just as good as the pre-Syma's version. The second time around, I got a lamb shank in Persian rice; the rice included lima beans. My meal was excellent, and my appreciation was enhanced by the occasional addition of a salsa to a spoonful of lamb and the possibility of grabbing the occasional tortilla chip while eating the rice. (Our bag included several containers of salsas and other condiments and a very big bag of chips.)I recommend Syma's without qualification and suggest that you try both the Persian and the Mexican.


What a delightful find! Food portions are fantastic so go here when you are hungry. I had a Persian dish and a Mexican dish, both were great. The service was super nice. I can't wait until I can go back!

Philip E.

Very satisfied with our meals. I did pickup, parking in the special space in the rear of the store, and they brought my order to the car.

idlehouse i.

I don't have my Mexican food cravings yet, but it's summertime, and this is my new destination for ice cream in town. I think I have spent more than $150 buying ice cream from here within the last 7 days. I give out samples to all friends in town and in neighboring towns. My favorite is their saffron ice cream sandwiches -- these come straight from GOL Ice Cream, individually wrapped, you can take it with you. Service is excellent, the lady at the counter is very friendly and sweet. I'll see her again tomorrow lol.

Anika H.

I may not always know what I want to eat, but I am always in the mood for either Mexican food or Persian food, so this restaurant is a dream come true! I ordered their Koobideh and mast-o-musir which was delicious. In addition to their impressively diverse menu, I was also impressed by how spotless and clean their kitchen was (you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom). Looking forward to going back and eating my way through their menu.

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