Syma's Mexican Grill

1019 San Pablo Ave, Albany
(510) 526-1185

Recent Reviews

Suzanne Neuman

Delicious fajitas and salsa choices from self serve salsa bar. Plenty of food for three or four with a half order of fajitas. Very enjoyable. Fast and friendly service.

Juan Carrasco

Friendly staff, I'm from mexico and this food is so authentic good flavor and the cucumber water so delicious I come to Berkeley once a week and by far best Mexican place in town

Logan Kassoff

Stopped by Symas while on the road, and was blown away. The tacos were world class and were beyond filling. Sad that i'm from out of town because otherwise this would become my new go to spot. Very affordable for what you get. Staff was also super friendly and personable, and willing to make any accomodations. This place is big league.

Sandra Bradford

The food is good with a beautiful outdoor garden setting. A but pricey though.

Alexia Delacruz

Great service! Great food! I ordered the pork Chile verde it was so delicious!

Neelam Patil

Excellent service and I love their veggie taco. It’s an entire meal for 7 bucks.

Cory Cuartas

I've eaten here twice for lunch, and had a burrito each time. The first time I had the regular burrito with vegetables, the ingredients were fresh but it included some veggies I wouldn't normally expect in a burrito, like broccoli. The second time I got the mole smother burrito with black and pinto beans which was excellent! The atmosphere is nice, there is a counter to order at and a patio with a little fountain. They have a self-serve salsa bar, and their red salsa is delicious and quite spicy! Overall, a great spot for lunch.

Thomas Peters

Had the Mole covered burrito with pork. Large portion, mole sauce was thick rich, and perfect match for the burrito.

Kevin Jorgensen

Friendly staff and fresh tasty food, ate it up, yum!

Sam Smith

The food is fresh and delicious. Better than that restaurant it use to be. The ladies in the front are very friendly and my food came out pretty quick. Would definitely recommend

Pat O'Hanrahan

Syma has graciously kept and added to the wonderful tasty clean food menu of classics from Christopher’s... We especially love the Santa Fe salad and tortilla soup, can now enjoy breakfast, and the happy hour Margarita with mango & mint... rose water soon to come

Shelby C.

This place is great! Came here for breakfast and got the Machaca Nortena. The food was delicious and the price was right. Will definitely be coming back!

Judith P.

Syma's Mexican Grill used to be Christopher's Nothing Fancy Mexican cafe and we've been coming here since 2003. It has changed and the food is different. I ordered chicken enchiladas and I pointed on the menu to the order that I wanted which includes avocado on it but the order came without it so my husband asked them about the avocado only to be informed that there are different kinds of enchiladas. Should have been explained. The sauce in the enchiladas is so sour. Other thing is the dog is allowed inside the restaurant and the lady working there was playing with the dog and hopefully she washed her hands after playing with the dog even before touching plates and serving food. The plantains are over priced.

Mary G.

I loved Christopher's Nothing Fancy, and I love it's new incarnation, Syma's. The menu is slightly expanded, always nice to see new options. The food is great! The pleasant outdoor sitting area has plants and a waterfall and indoors nothing has changed. (I didn't notice the TV on, but second the other reviewer's recommendation to keep it on only when customers want it.) I had butternut squash enchiladas with two types of beans and perfectly cooked rice. I also got the fajita platter with shrimp and beef to go. My friends loved it - and they're also former Christopher's fans. The corn tortillas are the same - homemade, thick, and tasty. The service was fast, and the woman taking orders and delivering the food was warm, helpful, and friendly. I love this place and I will be back - even though I live near Lake Merritt!

Michele M.

I have to admit that I was pretty disappointed to see that the owners of Christophers nothing fancy café are no longer there. I've been going there for 20 years, since my daughter was a toddler. Great memories :-) Change is hard and I was expecting to be disappointed. The menu was on a massive TV screen, which I find so annoying. I ordered the usual taco enchilada plate and was thrilled when I was offered the possibility of combining different types of beans. I dipped my finger in the green sauce and right away judges that it was spicier than the older place. And then I sunk my teeth into the taco and everything changed. The food is delicious! The patio is absolutely gorgeous with the water fountain and garden. my only suggestion is to turn the screens off, save the electricity and just use them for happy hour when people actually want to watch something entertaining. No sense wasting electricity for something that degrades the atmosphere.

Freddie R.

I passed by today because it had been some years since I ate here. It used to be Christopher's Nothing Fancy when I was growing up. I decided to come in and see how the food was. Their green chicken enchiladas were always a favorite and they are still good! The rice was a bit mushy for me. Beans are still good tho. The enchiladas are spicier than I remember, but I'd still reccomend them!

Toni M.

This restaurant opened where Christopher's Nothing Fancy has been for years. The owners of Christopher's have retired and there are new owners and new staff. The decor remains the same, as does the menu, although they are expanding the menu. I noticed they have a lamb shank now, which I don't remember before. Alan ordered his go-to, the shrimp quesadilla. I ordered the spinach and mushroom enchiladas. Both our dishes came w/ rice and a choice of pinto beans, black beans or half and half. We both opted for half and half. I had hot tea to drink and Alan had water. We were given a basket of chips and Alan got pico de gallo, red salsa and green salsa from the salsa bar. We both loved the pico de gallo and the salsa verde. The red was tasty, but a bit too spicy for us. After a little while our dishes were brought, first my enchiladas and then Alan's quesadilla. My enchiladas were smothered in the salsa verde and were wonderful, full of mushrooms and spinach. The beans and rice were good. Alan was disappointed in his quesadilla, saying the shrimps in it were smaller than they used to be when he ordered it at Christopher's. As we ate, a steady stream of people came in, many w/ the same questions we had had about whether it was new ownership or just a name change. Like us, people seemed pleased that the menu remained pretty much the same. When I got home and started to write this review I called the phone number listed for Christopher's to verify that it remains the same and it does. I asked about a website and was told that they don't have one yet, but that Christopher's old website was still up and will give you the information you need about the menu, etc.

Steve A

The service is more friendly than usual at this Chipotle!

Pamela Rouse

They serve @CokeZero !!

Asia Kwan

Sofritas are now here!! Vegan tofu braised with chilis, roasted poblanos and spices. Yuuuum

Arthur Chang

Double chicken = same amount but charged more

Mamie Lai

Tasty afternoon snack

Noah Bloom

Ask for grilled veggies with your meat (no charge) and fresh cilantro (always available in the back)

Kellen Freeman

BEWARE THE CORN TACOS. They will disintegrate, leaving you sad, lost, and confused.

JoJo Bear

Veggie tacos rule, get the hard shell nom nom nom

JoJo Bear

You have to get buzzed into men's bathroom, but women's is wide open? Racist!!!

Albert Chan

the margaritas are quite on the good side. i didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised!

Andrea Walker

Soft tacos with tons of sour cream lol!