Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

223 S Euclid St, Anaheim
(714) 776-0121

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Angel B.

No matter what, no matter what time, you can always count on a line. I am not sure what the hype is but I can't say no to Canes. I am not sure what it always hits my spot. Either you love Canes or you don't. My husband was never a fan. The 4 piece box is plenty for me and my pup to enjoy. Complete with 4 tenders, crinkle fries and slaw. I've never ate the slaw so I'm not sure if its good. The drinks have the best little crushed ice balls. Their signature drink is sweet tea or lemonade. They are open late. Until 3:00am at most locations. Service is good. Employees take your order on foot then tell you what car to stay behind. This particular drive thru is a little strange and a security guard is usually directing traffic. I am a fan.

Candace L.

I've only had Raising Cane's once before and I really enjoyed it and have been super excited to spot them while in different cities outside of LA. We had spent the day at Disneyland and wanted to grab something to eat on our drive home. I was happy to see several locations out this way. My Mom and I stopped in around 930P and the service at the counter was pretty slow. I was eager to order and indulge in chicken fingers and texas toast again. I ordered the three piece meal and she ordered three side tenders and a slice of texas toast. The dining room felt like they were prepping to store corpses in here, it was insane freezing cold. We waited inside for our order then went to sit outside on the patio where everyone else was eating and chatting about how cold the dining room was. Perhaps, this was in an effort to keep people outside - if so, it's surely working. You'll need a ski bib to eat indoors in those temps. I was disappointed with the food. The chicken fingers were SO salty, nothing at all like the first time I tried these. I'm not sure if we just got a bad batch, but the sodium level was astronomical. The chicken itself tasted great, but the coating was not good - I also heard other people mentioning how salty they were. I couldn't finish them because they were just too salty. The fries weren't great but really I wasn't here for the fries. The texas toast was lacking, I could tell by first glance and it just wasn't great. I mixed a packet of hot sauce in with the sauce for dipping and this was yummy. The first time I tried this spot, it was in another location in Laguna Beach I believe. I think the place definitely has potential and when done right, it's 5 star but this visit was not great. I'll give other locations a chance in the future but this location was a disappointment, especially because I had raved to my Mom about how tasty they are only to have our meals be so incredibly salty and not great. I never drink Lemonade but something prompted me to ask for half Lemonade to mix with my unsweetened tea, and this was sooooo good! I really needed every last sip to try and offset the salt factor.

Yahaira P.

I ordered a box combo and they really gave me only 2 pieces of chicken and my toast and fries were kinda cold... cmon canes!! Only good thing about my meal was the lemonade smh

Justin S.

I was super excited to finally try Raising Cane's. I got a combo box to share with my sister. The chicken tenders was okay, but the real item on the menu was the crinkle cut fries! They were nice and crispy and tasted amazing with the sauce! I also just love the outdoor seating, this would be a cool place to hangout. I don't think I'll order chicken here but if I'm ever craving a snack, I'll for sure drop by and order some fries!

Victor Sotelo

Good food. Wait times can be long but not because of the food prep, but the long lines. Wait time for me average has been about 20 minutes. Good service though and props to the people who are taking orders out in the sun and not losing their cool.

Kaici Kace

It has nothing but chicken tenders so just know that before you go. There are only 4 options for food. It wasn't bad. The Texas toast was great but the chicken tenders were just okay. I feel it has been super hyped for what you actually get.


It's ok If you really like chicken tenders. Although drive-thru line was really long, the wait was not too bad.

Junior B.

I asked for extra hot sauce they gave 3 packets for 5 orders of the box combo. What makes them think 3 packets is enough

Gerardo C.

Gave them another shot., alot better than last time :) Order was right and tasted good

Philipp G. (Philipp G.)

Love the restaurant , waiting line compared to other locations a lot shorter.

Michael L

Chicken is good but have had at least half of my orders be incorrect at this location. It’s amazing since it’s just chicken but somehow they’re managing to make that many errors. Also literally every time they give me my drink the outside of the cup is soaking with soda and I have to ask them to wipe it down before I bring it in my car. I wouldn’t even mention this if not for the employee giving me an annoyed look. I guess most customers prefer to have soda drip on their clothes and through the interior of their car.

Ben N.

My first time trying Raising Cane's. The tenders were good, a little dry. But the sauce that comes with every order was perfect. It's takes the tenders up a notch, so don't forget to get some! The fries were decent and the Texas toast was alright. The star of my meal however was the lemonade. It was perfectly balanced between sweet and tangy and was not watered down at all. And on a warm night it was just what I needed. I liked it so much I bought a 1 gallon jug home to NorCal

Monique V.

Have been dying to try this place and was nearby so had to get some chicken strips and their famous sauce! The presentation looked really nice but the food was just ok. The fries were like a generic fry with no flavor and scrawny. The chicken strips were ok when dipped in the sauce but really had no flavor and bland. I didn't finish my meal but it filled me up and will likely not ever return. Not worth the hype. Chick fil A definitely set the standard, especially with the variety of their sauces. This place only had their special sauce and ketchup. I would have loved some bbq sauce or ranch.

Christine D.

FLAVOR (3.5/5): I've heard about Raising Cane's for years, but coming from NorCal I finally decided to try it out. We got their combo with tenders, fries, toast, and their famous sauce. Decent on everything but nothing stood out. Their tenders are on the smaller size if anything. However, the crushed ice in our drinks were on another level. I didn't find their sauce mind blowing? INSTAGRAM WORTHY (2/5): In a box with food put together within seconds. That's fast food for you! It's not the best looking on camera. SERVICE (4/5): Had people outside taking our orders before we got to the window as there was quite a line on a Friday night. Quick, simple, fast service. Well appreciated! TAKEAWAYS: If you're craving a nugget or tender it's not a bad place to stop for munchies. However, a bit disappointing after the hype on being AMAZING.

Steve J.

Frequent visitor. Mostly good visits... Not a fan of the fries today. They were salted ? Like I can see the salt. Don't usually see or notice that. Salt was heavy for me. Killed the taste balance of the meal for me. Please don't salt like that again. Would love to continue eating here.

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Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

223 S Euclid St, Anaheim, CA 92802
(714) 776-0121