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attention! i am a very frequent java detour customer, and i was left extremely unhappy as well as empty handed. shawniece( not sure if tha6s the correct spelling, but moving on) was first off...eating peanut butter out of the open jar...with five other open jars next to her...i feel that was completely unsanitary! then we drive up to the drive through and a sign on the window said "on break be back in 30" question was "when did she take her full review
Omg this was by far the worst experience!!! The employee there clearly needed more training or common sense, not sure which one. I asked her questions about their chai latte, couldn't answer any of them. Asked her if they add sugar to it, she says it has 19g of sugar. I asked if it was powder, says no. So, how do you add sweetener? She's like I don't know. I was trying to order it will less sugar if that was an option, but I know sometimes it's powered and full review

We have been several times and unfortunately it seems to be going downhill. The service tonight was terrible so much so that we ended up driving away after the girl working made it clear she wasn't interested in helping us. The guy in front of us chatting her up didn't seem to have any issue with his service. Hopefully management gets ahold of this issue before all the nearby coffee spots run them out of business.

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