Abe's Café

1842 Euclid Ave, Berkeley
(510) 529-4913

Recent Reviews

Sarah N.

The sandwiches are the weakest on the block, but the coffee is great. Two stars though because it felt like Abe was hitting on me when I was the only person in the store and it was pretty uncomfortable.


Fresh food, nice staff and reasonably priced.

Jimmy Ngo

Went here once and the food was great for its price and the service was superb!

Grace Gilliam

Wonderful, creative, delicious food, awesome coffee esp. the "dirty chai," delightfully friendly owner & staff. The best!!

Isabella F.

Very fresh and quality food right by campus on Northside! In a world of La Burrita, Chipotle, and the like, I appreciate that Abe's is one of the few places my campus in Berkeley that has authentic, affordable, and healthy Hispanic food. They have homemade aguas frescas, tamales, ceviche and more. There are also plenty of veggie options. I also enjoy their breakfast bagels! They also have WiFi and tables to work at so this is a nice place to come in and get some work done. The space is cozy and seating is limited but I've always been able to find space. Another thing I love about this place is that anything you order comes with a healthy little surprise like a watermelon slice or a side salad. They also play artists like Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra. The only downside would be their hours! I wish they were open more often. Whether you're a homesick latino (guilty) or just trying to get some cheap and tasty food near campus, stop by!

Nikita Samarin

Great food, nice coffee, and awesome conversations with Abe and his staff.

Celena C.

I ordered the Avocado and Hummus sandwich, and it was a bit pricey for what it was. The sandwich included tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce, and they made those leftover ingredients into a side salad with balsamic glaze drizzled over. The sandwich was filling, but it was just an average sandwich. The workers were really nice though!

Margie Winn

Portions are generous, food is fantastic, and the service is quick. Just what we need. We've also used Abe's for catering and have been very happy.

Allira B.

This Cafe is one of the cutest I've visited! The fruit juices are amazing and healthy--no sugar added! All of the sandwiches looked good as well (though I can only speak for the Caprese). The owner, Abe, is also very friendly and welcoming!

Lori Skyrud

Fresh juices are delicious 😋 . Good cafe latte... did not eat but menu looked good and lot of folks were there for breakfast. Kind people. Good service. Free WIFI. And also quiet low key spot, off busy street on Euclid (by Hearst). Recommended

Tommi L.

Great breakfast, homemade real food and spot on coffee! Breakfast items such as quesadilla and breakfast burrito are my favorites.

Renato Aguila

The cozy ambience is great for a slightly leisurely breakfast.

Samantha Wathugala

In my opinion, one of the best if not THE best places to eat on Euclid. Love the taco trio and the chicken tinga tostada!

Alexandra Stanton

Best cup of coffee on Euclid! And super reasonably priced. Staff is very friendly

Lizzy N.

Abe is know around the area for being creepy. I did not know this until he cornered me alone in his store after "closing early" and tried to flirt with me for fifteen minutes before i had made a strong enough excuse to leave. Now I have heard from many others that he does this frequently especially to college students. Real shame because I have come in before with male friends and enjoyed the smoothies. In short: it's a great place to eat for women in a group or with friends but if you're alone it's worth it to go literally anywhere else on Euclid.


I run on Abe’s special burrito on an almost daily basis.

Alex Stanton

Best cup of coffee on Euclid! And super reasonably priced. Staff is very friendly

Alison M.

Of the "student" food options on Euclid, Abe's is the most likely to serve a fresh, healthful and not overly caloric lunch (for those of us who aren't students!) The daily "frescas" are amazing and delicious. Behold, the Cobb salad (w/ a cheese swap out) and watermelon aqua fresca, which was delicious and hydrating on a rare Berkeley hot day.

Jaecheol Lee

This place is quite legit since menus here are quite tasty. I have not visited this place that much to be honest but I really enjoyed sandwiches I ordered and tried so far: Carnitas sandwich and steak cheese one.

Simon Fiorucci

Not a lot of sitting space, but most things are okay to order to go. Some daily specials are especially worthy of consideration, like this green chili pork sandwich here.

Melanie Y.

I used to come here quite a bit when I worked a part-time job nearby in one of the computer science buildings. I would come here with my friend and co-worker, who was great friends with the owner, and he would greet both of us with such friendliness! But the next time I went by myself, he didn't so much as smile or say hi - I can only assume he just didn't remember me even though I went there often. That made me a bit sad lol. Other than that though, the BLT was always one of my favorite sandwiches to get, and the cold brew tastes fantastic. Not typically a huge coffee drinker, but it was really refreshing and rich! Prices are pretty standard for Berkeley, but portions are large enough to fill you up. I haven't been back since the owner was a bit cold to me the last few times I went, but the food is homey and worth a try if you're in the area.

Benjamin Ou

Had breakfast tacos and they were solid; might bump this up to a five star if they have a truly standout dish


My favorite place to eat near campus. Abe and his staff are incredibly friendly and make delicious food. Give the taco trio or the steak and cheese sandwich and you’ll see what I mean. Also, try their unique Mexican hot chocolate. This place definitely earns the essentially five star rating.

Johnson M

My favorite place to eat near campus. Abe and his staff are incredibly friendly and make delicious food. Give the taco trio or the steak and cheese sandwich and you’ll see what I mean. Also, try their unique Mexican hot chocolate. This place definitely earns the essentially five star rating.

John C.

The man working the register was very courteous and gave a positive energy to the place. He even stepped out to hand me my breakfast burrito!

Shivin Devgon

Ordered their sandwiches. Nice place to grab a quick, healthy meal


A small cafe in Berkeley, Abe is small, cozy and friendly. I had not got a chance to try its food. Just tried its mixed berries smoothies in a morning. It costed about 5 dollars and tasted very refreshing. I felt full of energy.\n\nOn the other very morning when I felt lack of energy again, I dropped by again and saw lentil soup on the menu board. I was told it was not offered at first. But then someone said from the kitchen it was ok. \n\nI was enjoying the peaceful and quiet morning of Berkeley while waiting afor the soup. Turned out it was an amazingly lentil soup. Freshly prepared with baby spinach and tomatos. Hot, tasty, hearty. The toast was heaven, too. What a comfort food in a tiring morning! Thank you so much. It is one of the very unforgettable food in my SF trip!

Phil N.

Abe's is a casual cafe in north Berkeley just outside the north gate. It's a Berkeley spot. Casual, chalk board menu, homey. Order at the counter......Not winning a Michelin Star but hey, I liked it Coffee is the best ruler of a cafe and I had a well executed latte. A+ We also had a variety of food. A proccutto sandwich, salad and eggs on toasts. All were yummy and well prepared.

Laura B.

Oh my goodness, we hit the perfect spot for breakfast during our visit to UC Berkeley. We ordered two Mexican hot chocolates and a quesadilla, which was large enough to feed two people...although my son didn't want to share it. Ha! The quesadilla was bout 3 inches thick filled with loads of eggs, cheese and other goodness. I highly recommend Abe's Cafe for a morning pitstop.

Francesca C.

Great food and atmosphere. I got the BLT with eggg :) I'm here to write a review on the customer service though. EXCELLENT customer service. The owner, Abe, is the sweetest man and one of the hardest workers I've ever seen. He is so considerate of both his customers and employees. I LOVE this place! Thank you Abe!


Just came in for the first time and had the best customer service in berkeley hands down. Workers are very cheery and friendly and the food just smelled amazing which brought me in in the first place. I had the regular breakfast burrito and woah, I was impressed. The egg is super fluffy sided with potatoes and a tasty chorizo, and the side of home made salsa was amazing. I will be coming here more often!

Calvin T.

TL;DR: super friendly staff, good sandwich options, a little pricey I'm always a fan of supporting local businesses and Abe's is just testament to that! Abe's Cafe has a wide variety of sandwiches salads to choose from for your lunch needs, as well as occasional specials that are sure to impress. One of the things that really makes this business stand out from others is its amazing service. Abe and all of the workers are extremely friendly and welcoming them and I think that made all the difference for them. I got the Roast Beef sandwich, an item on the special menu at the time. ROAST BEEF SANDWICH (4/5) - A ton of different ingredients, including avocado and arugula - A little strong with the onions - Really like the choice in bread - Not super huge in size, but comes with a side salad Truthfully, the sandwiches can get pretty pricey. My roast beef sandwich came out to $9.50, which is comparable to Mezzo on Southside. I don't mind all that much because it's a local business, but that may be something to know for some customers. I'm looking forward to coming back just to see the owner be so friendly with the customers that walk in. I'll try more things in the future!

Serena J.

Tried the chicken tinga tostadas and the watermelon juice. The tostadas are unexpectedly sweet. They didn't exactly satisfy my Mexican food cravings, but still a decent meal. The watermelon juice is freshly...uhhhh...squeezed? Not really sure how watermelon juice is made, but anyway, it's super refreshing. The vibe is nice, and it's fun to look at the chalk drawings on the wall, so I'll round up to four.

Tim L.

Really good breakfast burrito. Hearty and filling for only $8. Good spice to the chorizo.

Paulina Andrade

Really good service! Warm and helpful servers. Fun walls... You can draw on them! Really delicious soy milk chai... You got to try it! Nice food

Mona H.

Ham, cheese & egg croissant! Very delicious! Quick and clean service! Open up early- great place for breakfast!

Thomas S.

A really great place for lunch on Euclid. Probably the best on the block, and well worth the few extra bucks once in a while. The owner is really welcoming and friendly. My favorites are the Carnitas sandwich and the chicken tinga tostadas!

Keith H

Abe's is a small cafe that's well worth finding. Seating is limited and parking this near the university can be difficult, but paid parking is available along the street. I had a delicious Veggie Lover sandwich on whole wheat with a tasty little salad on the side, but plenty of meaty selections are available. The cuisine leans towards Mexican dishes.

Brittany T.

Excellent breakfast, amazing coffee!!! I had the ham, cheese and egg croissant. The coffee is among the best I ever had. Reasonably priced as well.

Chris Fesuk

Delicious food and wonderful service. The staff is friendly and accommodating to those with special dietary needs.