Restaurants in Berkeley

Best Restaurants

Tane Vegan Izakaya 1956 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Vegan • $$
1956 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“the shared plates and appetizers here are amazing. it's actually very reasonable to have a family style meal here and I would definitely recommend doing so over getting the sushi individually. the eggplant, brussels sprouts, tofu mushroom pockets, and katsu are my go-to.”

4.7 Superb180 Reviews
Via del Corso 1788 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Italian • $$$
1788 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“We enjoyed a wonderful dinner on the patio. Food was fantastic and the service was superb. If you are worried about noise level, select outdoor seating. The heaters were great and it was lovely!”

4.6 Superb328 Reviews
Creekwood Restaurant 3121 Sacramento St, Berkeley Italian • $$
3121 Sacramento St, Berkeley

“Important news flash: they do BRUNCH in addition to incredible dinners. I could write a whole post on how amazing and lovely this is as a date spot for dinner and how much I freaking love their salads and gluten free pizzas (possibly my favorite one in the bay), but this is about brunch.We had no idea they did brunch and when we looked at the menu for it online, it didn’t list any mains. But we went anyway and were blown away. I’m adding a pic of the actual brunch menu so you can see the real selection offered.Y’all, they have a BREAKFAST PIZZA and I promise it’s even better than you would imagine. Do you like breakfast? Do you like pizza? This is a heavenly chimera of two of life’s greatest joys.?? Don’t sleep on the brunch! But also the perfect date spot. Get yourself a restaurant that can do both, and support local.The owner was there during our visit and went out of his way to create an excellent experience. Also, the patio is very dog friendly ?Dietary restrictions: The best gluten free pizzas in the area”

4.6 Superb219 Reviews
TAROCCO 2570 Ninth St, Berkeley Mediterranean • $$
2570 Ninth St, Berkeley

“Beautiful decor, light, tasty and nourishing food, easy parking. Music was a little loud but good tunes. Seating for large and small groups was well as for tables of 1-2.”

4.9 Superb70 Reviews
Chez Panisse 1517 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley American • $$$$
1517 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“We finally visited the sacred birthplace of "Californian Cuisine"! We were at the cafe which is lively and beautiful. The dishes are refreshing, on the lighter side. The use of citrus in salad and even the meyer lemons bits in the sauce topping on chicken brighten the whole meal. The dish that hit me the most though is the personal size chocolate cake. You need to order in advance with $25 price tag but it is worth trying. You can taste the quality right there! Next time we would like to come trying the full experience for a special occasion :)”

4.4 Superb126 Reviews
KAOKAO Grill 2993 College Ave, Berkeley Barbeque • $$
2993 College Ave, Berkeley

“The char siu pork is so tender while the outside is perfectly crispy! It’s a great upleveling of a traditional dish. I’ll go without the black bean sauce next time. I’m excited to come back!”

4.7 Superb92 Reviews

Restaurants by Cuisine

Cali Alley 1012 Grayson St, Berkeley Comfort Food • $$
1012 Grayson St, Berkeley

“Fantastic Burger to be had at this place. It was juicy and the tritip on top was excellent. Fries were crispy and tasty. it deservers it's spot on the best burgers in the Bay lists.”

4.7 Superb86 Reviews
Curry Pizza House 2380 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley Pizza • $$
2380 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

“So far, so very tasty! I've tried a few different pizzas at this point and they've all be great. The Tikka masala pizza is fantastic, love the flavor! Definitely recommend giving this place a try if you're looking for comfort food in a hurry :)Haven't been inside yet, so I can't speak to service or atmosphere. Always tasty though!Vegetarian options: Several vegetarian options, which is always much appreciated!”

4.8 Superb133 Reviews
Pizzeria da Laura 2049 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Pizza • $$
2049 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“Laura is amazing! She is on the World Pizza Champions team! We tried the La Regina pizza - the award winner - and it was amazing. New York style crust was perfect and crispy and the toppings were delicious. Great service and the atmosphere in the restaurant is bright and fun. Definitely going back to try more of the ”

4.5 Superb193 Reviews

Restaurants with Delivery

Kuboba Spot 2618 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley Bubble Tea • $$
2618 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

“Easily our favorite find since our daughter started school at UC Berkeley. The people there are so down to earth so kind. The food is amazing all the empenadas we have had are delicious. The Boba drinks there are so different than your run of the mill Boba ”

4.8 Superb105 Reviews
Lucia's Berkeley 2016 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Italian • $$
2016 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“First time I had Lucia's pizza was at their pop up at the Grand Lake farmers market in oakland, and completely fell in love with the 4 cheese pizza! Decided to try the restaurant a couple of months ago and the didn't disappoint! Pizza was delicious and staff were super nice and friendly! Totally recommend them if you're looking to have a legit Italian pizza experience!”

4.5 Superb149 Reviews
Delirama 1746 Solano Ave, Berkeley American • $$
1746 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“I was a huge fan of Delirama, my absolute favorite sandwich was the Delirama Mama, so I was sad to hear the owner was going to pivot in a new direction. I prefer take out to dining in, so I waited for that to be an option, and put my order in today. I got a fried chicken sandwich and the pastrami Reuben, both with chips. The menu says a small salad is served with the sandwiches.The fried chicken sandwich is HUGE and delicious. I prefer my fried chicken to be a little on the dark side, which this was. I only wished there were more pickles, but that's because if I could subsist on pickles I would.The Reuben was the same as the Delirama one. My husband was bummed it was "so small," but that's because I used to get the biggest sandwich option and this one is the regular sized one.The chips were yummy, and still warm from the fryer by the time I got home. Or had just taken on some of the radiant heat from my sandwich. Either way, delightful.The salad is not small, it is quite generous in size. The dressing is a little sweet and a lot acidic, which I really enjoyed. My one complaint is that it was overdressed for me, but I prefer the minimum amount of dressing.I gave the atmosphere 4 stars because it was a bit dark inside for me.”

4.5 Superb122 Reviews

Outdoor Dining

Korean Superette 1539 Solano Ave, Berkeley Korean • $$
1539 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“They have really pretty outdoor seating. The banchan is excellent (like some of the best ive had). The service was excellent. The main dishes I got were not very good, tofu stew was a little bland and they don’t have bibimbap, only stir fried veggies and meat over rice.Overall I really like this place but would order something different next time.”

4.5 Superb115 Reviews
Great China 2190 Bancroft Way, Berkeley Chinese • $$
2190 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

“The food quality is always excellent! The staff will go out of their way to give you premium service. I order live lobster two days in advance. They serve it cooked to order in black bean sauce over noodles two days later. Fabulous!!”

4.4 Superb169 Reviews
Fish & Bird Sousaku Izakaya 2451 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Izakaya • $$$
2451 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“Food was incredible. Each plate was well thought out and executed. The soft tofu is not to be missed and the recently added black cod collars were a perfect balance of smokey, acid, and fish fats.”

3.9 Good76 Reviews

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The Butcher’s Son Vegan Delicatessen & Bakery 1954 University Ave, Berkeley Vegan • $$
1954 University Ave, Berkeley

“Amazing vegan spot! Everything was delicious. As an omnivore, I’m always on the lookout for plant based places that offer options everyone can be happy with. They were also great at checking for my allergens, even during a busy time. I ordered the smoked bbq sandwich and loved every bite. Their food is proof that this spot carefully selects their ingredients and doesn’t compromise on flavor. My vegan friend ordered the pyrgi and swapped the chicken for tofu. Our only regret is not trying the abundance of desserts they had out!”

4.6 Superb145 Reviews


Kiraku 2566B Telegraph Ave, Berkeley Japanese • $$$
2566B Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

“This is arguably the best Japanese Izakaya in the Bay Area. I frequently come visit from Canada and I actually make it a priority when I’m in town to visit a minimum of 1 time every 2 months. The food, atmosphere, and the staff make it the best experience- especially Angelina. 10/10 recommend to make time to eat here!”

4.7 Superb76 Reviews
La Marcha Tapas Bar 2026 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley Spanish • $$$
2026 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

“Everything was outstanding, the food and the wine. I can't imagine this restaurant making anything that didn't taste delicious.. I've been in several times and their consistency is what makes them so good ..”

4.1 Good225 Reviews

24 Hour Restaurants

Eggy’s Neighborhood Kitchen 1511 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Brunch • $$
1511 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“This is a top tier Berkeley brunch spot! The food was great and I was amazed at how efficient the staff was, especially since this place is busy busy busy! All the food I tried was amazing. The churro waffles were so good: crispy and generously coated in sugar and cinnamon with fresh fruit and ice cream! The short rib hash was soooo good. The meat was so flavorful and tender. We were here for a birthday and they even gave us a birthday treat for the celebrant (MORE churro waffles! 2 pcs) What impressed me most was how efficient the staff ran this place! The line was super long - but don't be intimidated. The line is to place your order at a counter, then you take your order number and find a seat. The staff was helpful in getting us sat. The food comes out super fast after that. Would highly recommend this place!”

4.5 Superb214 Reviews


Babette 2033 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley New American • $$
2033 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

“We went here for brunch. Good, unique food! Service was good, staff was very nice, consistent with a chill Berkeley vibe. I tried the southern style breakfast, which was a nice healthier take on southern classics. Good flavor. The baked egg was perfect, and in a cute shape. Loved the greens and the yam, and the black-eyed peas were lovely. The cornbread could've been a bit more moist I thought, but overall enjoyed it!”

4.3 Superb173 Reviews
Julia's Restaurant 2315 Durant Ave 2nd floor, Berkeley French • $$$
2315 Durant Ave 2nd floor, Berkeley

“Lunchtime before a performance at nearby Zellerbach Hall turned up a hidden gem in Julia's. The ratatouille, which I am a big fan of and therefore picky about, was seasoned traditionally, the ingredients and consistency were all true to the classic version. I was more than satisfied. The gluten free chickpea panisses (a tower of 3 round chickpea "fries") were a delightful and delicious first, so scrumptious in fact that I quickly found a recipe to make these popular South of France favorites at home. Creme brulee with a generous crust of caramelized sugar topping a creamy custard, another classic and favorite of mine was shamelessly gobbled with gusto with no manners whatsoever. The table service from Natalie was cheerful, discreet and attentive on the Saturday we visited. The ambiance was refined, the dining area dominated by a large framed mirror and carved ceiling. One star is missing from what could have been five due to the rather cool reception from the seating hostess. We found her a tad haughty. We will return undaunted, however. What a special discovery and worth the trip across the bay from Marin.”

4.5 Superb156 Reviews

Takeout Restaurants

Cafe M

Cafe M 1799 Fourth St #F, Berkeley American • $$
1799 Fourth St #F, Berkeley

“The atmosphere can be quite loud at times, but the food is always good. Big portions here. Highly recommend getting the omelets.Parking: Parking right in front of the restaurant.”

4.6 Superb74 Reviews
Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen 2261 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Cajun • $$
2261 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“Very tasty crawfish étouffée, shrimp creole (both pleasantly but not excessively spicy), and voodoo shrimp (unlike what you might expect from the name, this is savory but not spicy, great for our low-spice companion). Nice service. Laid-back casual atmosphere with live music, but not too loud to talk easily.”

4.5 Superb128 Reviews
Sichuan Style Restaurant 1699 Solano Ave, Berkeley Szechuan • $$
1699 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“Tasty food!! Fun servers; may initially come off as a bit curt/quiet; but very nice, and the service is prompt and strong!a couple outdoor tables, and plenty indoor. They have $13-17 lunch specials M-F 11:30-2:30. The main dishes aren’t too much more, and are a great portion size. Kid and dog friendly outdoors.Vegetarian options: Plenty of veg dishes.Dietary restrictions: Plenty of veg dishes, and other seafood/tofu options.Parking: Metered on Solano, and free in neighborhoodKid-friendliness: Yes!Wheelchair accessibility: Ada compliant, and the tables have chairs that can be moved to accommodate.”

4.4 Superb64 Reviews

Drive-Thru Restaurants

Himalayan Tandoori and Curry House 1645 Solano Ave, Berkeley Himalayan/Nepalese • $$
1645 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“Nothing too fancy. But great food. Tandoori salmon was great! Tandoori chicken was a bit dry. Though they used chicken breast which is usually dry. Dipping the chicken in the tasty Tikka sauce helped. Excellent Naan! Mango lassi was thick and tasty. Lamb tandoori was overcooked. Would come back to try more dishes, now knowing which to avoid.”

4.8 Superb37 Reviews
Kinda Izakaya 1941A University Ave, Berkeley Izakaya • $$
1941A University Ave, Berkeley

“Excellent selections and tastes. Not too expensive and high quality dishes. We tried a number of dishes and surprisingly everything was wonderful. Really! Atmosphere is jovial and a bit noisy, but in a good way. Definitely worth a visit, even if you are not a Japanese food fan.”

4.3 Superb105 Reviews


Cha-Ya 1686 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Vegetarian • $$
1686 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“AMAZING vegetarian & vegan restaurant!!(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)❤️?I’ve been wanting to visit this place since my second year in Berkeley, and I’m glad I finally did!You can tell they made their food with great care and the ingredients are yummy and fresh!The staff are very nice; the vibe inside is clean and chill. This is a great place for you to hang out with a small group of friends or come alone to recharge your mental health (I mean seriously, their food is tasty, healthy, and pretty!)I’d definitely come back very often to try out all other creative cuisines! ”

4.6 Superb64 Reviews

Cheap Eats


Jupiter 2181 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Brewpubs • $$
2181 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“The Circe is one of the best pizzas I've had anywhere in the world.The only complaint I have about Jupiter is that it can get rather crowded sometimes and I prefer less noisy locations, but it's worth it for the quality of the food here.”

4.5 Superb106 Reviews
Sistory Thai Kitchen 1233 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley Thai • $$
1233 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

“I wish I found this place sooner. The restaurant just opened a couple years ago. Funny cause this isn’t that far from the other Thai resto my boyfriend and I used to go and didn’t know they exist. Anyways I ordered their Tom Yum fried rice that comes with grilled salmon and it was really delicious. For me it was the best Tom yum fried rice I’ve ever had. The fish cakes did not disappoint they were yummy. Their roti according to my boyfriend is the most delicious hetried so far.”

4.5 Superb106 Reviews
Daryoush 2144 Center St, Berkeley Persian/Iranian • $$
2144 Center St, Berkeley

“many vegan options. You will love the Koobiden made from impossible infused with Persian spices They have chicken, and lamb impossible kabob. Also multiple vegan stew choices.”

4.5 Superb100 Reviews
Fieldwork Brewing Company - Berkeley 1160 Sixth St, Berkeley Brewery • $$
1160 Sixth St, Berkeley

“Picture this: Friday afternoon, 3 dads, 3 kids under 5. Walk right in and grab a seat. Order pizza slices and beers. The kids are happy. You are happy. That’s Fieldwork.”

4.4 Superb54 Reviews
Asaka Sushi & Bar 1580 Hopkins St, Berkeley Sushi • $$
1580 Hopkins St, Berkeley

“This place is a gem! Amazing service and fresh, fresh sashimi, nigiri and rolls. Can’t wait to come back!Vegetarian options: Plenty of vegetarian options. Great flavor and fresh ingredients.”

4.5 Superb90 Reviews


Iyasare 1830 Fourth St, Berkeley Japanese • $$$
1830 Fourth St, Berkeley

“The food was the best Japanese food I have had, including in Japan. DelIcious, unique and completely satisfying. A delightful find with excellent service. The only down side was the closeness of the tables and noise. It is now my favorite Japanese restaurant in Berkeley.”

4.3 Superb75 Reviews
Café Etoile 1930 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley Cafe • $$
1930 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley

“Nice spot, I went for the fried chicken and croffle. They used dark meat chicken so it was nice and juicy, though a little bit of seasoning on the chicken itself might be nice. The exterior was great and crunchy, and the croffle was nice and dense and chewy as you might expect such a combination to be. Will likely come back for this dish again.”

4.4 Superb202 Reviews
Lo Coco's 1400 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Italian • $$
1400 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“The customer service was above and beyond. Frank was so thoughtful and had some surprise food for us as soon as we got seated after the wait.All of the food we had was so fresh and absolutely delicious!”

4.6 Superb50 Reviews
Wine So Cru 800 University Ave, Berkeley Wine Bar • $$
800 University Ave, Berkeley

“A lovely neighborhood wine bar with great service from owners Nubeer and Sonny with expertly curated wines (by the glass, bottle, or flights) plus a small retail shop for take home bottles!”

4.8 Superb28 Reviews
Nomad Tibetan restaurant 1593 Solano Ave, Berkeley Asian • $$
1593 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“The ambiance and service was very lovely. My children were offered coloring books with crayons and markers while we ordered and waited for our food. The bathroom is for a single user, but it's spacious, clean, and includes a diaper changer.”

4.7 Superb34 Reviews


Addis 6100 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley Ethiopian • $$
6100 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

“got the Addis combo, kitfo, and fish goulash and it was all so amazing! It was a perfect amount for 4 people, but we did have some we didn’t finish. appreciated it was open until 10”

4.5 Superb64 Reviews
Royal Rangoon 2826 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley Burmese • $$
2826 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

“The waiters are the most pleasant people you can imagine. Very personalized service and pleasant conversation. Service was quick. The eggplant with tofu was very good, but my beef curry was too salty.”

4.7 Superb31 Reviews
Tigerlily 1513 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Indian • $$
1513 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“Can't believe I didn't discover this place sooner! Been living in Berkeley for over a year and stopped by tonight for the first time. Had the most delectable samosas - what an explosion of flavor. The sauces were divine. And the cucumber cocktail had the perfect balance of sweet & spice. What a gem of a spot!!”

4.6 Superb41 Reviews
Morgan's Bar & Lounge 2315 Durant Ave 2nd Floor, Berkeley Cocktail Bar • $$
2315 Durant Ave 2nd Floor, Berkeley

“The Afternoon tea on a Tuesday is a Berkeley hidden gem. A three tier stand of sweet and savory tea treats with a teapot of loose leaf tea is presented with warmth by the long-time staff. They treated my daughter who turned 21 with kindness and generosity and it was a lovely, relaxed afternoon. It's also a fraction of the price of other tea establishments. Highly recommend.”

4.4 Superb119 Reviews
Heroic Italian Berkeley 2020 Kittredge St Suite C, Berkeley Italian • $$
2020 Kittredge St Suite C, Berkeley

“Vegetarian options: I had the Mount Etna salad and it was one of the best salads I've ever had! Really colourful with interesting textures and flavours, and warm ingredients were welcome on a cold rainy day! There were lots of other vegetarian options that looked tempting too.”

4.4 Superb112 Reviews
Anchalee 1096 Dwight Way #1094, Berkeley Thai • $$
1096 Dwight Way #1094, Berkeley

“This place feels like you’re on the set of Friends, but also at a Thai restaurant. Very comfortable, cozy. Owner is usually sipping a glass of wine in the front window. A+ vibes.”

4.5 Superb51 Reviews
The Faculty Club University of California, Berkeley, Minor Ln, Berkeley American • $$$
University of California, Berkeley, Minor Ln, Berkeley

“Great piece of history on campus that also has decent food and a cool little bar tucked away on the corner. The staff are great to work with. Not sure what staying here is like but probably a step above a 3 star hotel. Book ahead of game day. Nice spot on campus.Walkability: Close to campanile and HaasNoteworthy details: Cool historical lodge feel. Great patios to rent out.”

4.6 Superb34 Reviews


Kirala 2100 Ward St, Berkeley Japanese • $$
2100 Ward St, Berkeley

“This is a wonderful Japanese restaurant. There is often a wait for a table, but the waits are usually short. The rolls are wonderful. My favorite is the Dragon roll. There is a large menu with Japanese salads, sushi, bento boxes, sashimi, noodles and tempura.”

4.4 Superb71 Reviews
Tupper & Reed 2271 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Cocktail Bar • $$
2271 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“Cute spot! Love the ambiance and feel, drinks were delicious and it was a perfect pre dinner drink spot while we waited for our table at Angeline's next door. Service was good.”

4.4 Superb63 Reviews
Oceanview Diner 1807A Fourth St, Berkeley Diner • $$
1807A Fourth St, Berkeley

“We came here for breakfast and had a fantastic meal. We ordered the buttermilk pancakes, New York everything bagel platter, potato pancakes, banana rum soufflé pancakes, and 2 sunny side up eggs with home fries and chorizo. We really enjoyed the banana rum soufflé pancakes, and the buttermilk pancakes are the best pancakes we’ve ever had, as they’re so thick, light, and fluffy. We will definitely come back again when we’re back in Berkeley!”

4.4 Superb58 Reviews
King Yen 2995 College Ave, Berkeley Chinese • $$
2995 College Ave, Berkeley

“I have been going to King Yen for over 20 years, it is always a wonderful experience and upon leaving I look forward to the next time I go there.Everyone who works there is just as nice as are the owners who provide a personal touch to every visit or when you see them in the Elmwood area.If you have not eaten here, you should and if you have you know exactly what I mean and I know you are like me and will return soon.Thanks to everyone at King Yen for all they do to make it a great experience.”

4.5 Superb35 Reviews
Homeroom Berkeley 1313 Ninth St #130, Berkeley Comfort Food • $$
1313 Ninth St #130, Berkeley

“Great food and the place is nice and spacious. Our server Jack was great, he recommended one of their secret menu plates. If you want to try, ask for Jack he will let you know.”

4.4 Superb57 Reviews
Sumo Roll 2173 Allston Way, Berkeley Sushi • $$
2173 Allston Way, Berkeley

“Some of the best sushi I’ve had, especially the salmon nigiri and lion king roll. Such big portions of fish. Not to mention the bowl was also a screaming deal for the amount of food you get and it’s so custom! Also came with some gluten free people and they were very ”

4.5 Superb33 Reviews

La Note

La Note 2377 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley French • $$
2377 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“We came here for breakfast and had an excellent experience. We ordered the omelette fromage et jambon, cote est with an oatmeal raspberry pancake, cote sud, and les oeufs lucas. Everything we ordered was excellent, but our favorites were the oatmeal raspberry pancake and the home fries. We’ll definitely be back when we’re back in Berkeley!”

4.3 Superb109 Reviews
Cornerstone Craft Beer & Live Music 2367 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Pubs • $$
2367 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“I finally took the time to come to Cornerstone Berkeley. It was surprisingly empty when I came in, with only 4 other customers inside. I had the Avocado Burger with fries and 2 beers (Cornerstone Blonde). They tasted great. I also liked the 4 TV hanging above the bar area, where you can watch several different sporting events. When I went to the restroom, I noticed the concert area for the live shows. Rather small for a concert area for my tastes, but if I ever see an event to my liking, I will try to come. The staff was friendly and helpful, big shout out to them. I will try to come at a later hour on my next trip here, just to see the larger crowd that come here.”

4.3 Superb101 Reviews
Thai Table 913 University Ave, Berkeley Thai • $$
913 University Ave, Berkeley

“I’ve tried out almost every Thai spot in Berkeley and this one is consistently on point for delicious food, and fast and friendly service! My absolute favorite!”

4.3 Superb75 Reviews
Alborz Restaurant 2175 Allston Way, Berkeley Persian/Iranian • $$
2175 Allston Way, Berkeley

“The food was really good and the service was decent. I was a bit confused about why there was duct tape on the long booth and why the books that the checks came in had torn plastic in them. Those things kind of threw the vibe off, but the food was really tasty. ?”

4.3 Superb73 Reviews
Kamado Sushi 1400 Shattuck Ave. store 1, Berkeley Sushi • $$
1400 Shattuck Ave. store 1, Berkeley

“Chef Jin is a true sushi master, and it shows in each handcrafted splendor served at Kamado. I’ve been dining here since the year they opened and can say unequivocally this is my favorite sushi spot in the bay!”

4.4 Superb33 Reviews


Ippuku 2130 Center St, Berkeley Japanese • $$$
2130 Center St, Berkeley

“Came here for my 31st birthday dinner on Wednesday, January 17th! Ippuku is one of those places I always walked by when I was a student at Cal (c/o 2015, GO BEARS!), and have been meaning to try. It was super easy to make reservations ahead of time. I had booked the Treehouse seating, since it was just a party of 2 for me and my husband, which I'm glad I did because it made the experience more intimate, private, and reminded me of an izakaya in Japan. My husband and I went to Japan spring of 2023, and miss the food very much. Ippuku is probably as close as we can get to Japan, in the East Bay! Vibes: very mixed crowd. I saw many college students that were dressed super casually (think sweats, probably gonna go back to the library later to study), as well as well-dressed older couples. My husband and I definitely fit in with the latter since we wanted to dress up a little for my birthday. Ippuku has an expansive whiskey bar, so we had to snap a photo or two there.It took us awhile to get seated because the restaurant was packed, but once we were seated, our waiter was very attentive given how busy they were. I would rate service 4/5 because of the long wait time to get seated and because the waiter forgot to include one item of our order, and it was an item that takes longer than typical to come out (the grilled onigiri). When the onigiri finally came out, we had already finished eating everything else so it was a bit underwhelming. But overall, we enjoyed everything we ordered and would definitely want to visit Ippuku again in the future.Parking: You're in Downtown Berkeley and there's lot of foot traffic around here, so it was a bit difficult to find parking at first. We had to circle around a few times before we found street parking.”

4.1 Good60 Reviews
Spoon Korean Bistro 933 Ashby Ave, Berkeley Korean • $$
933 Ashby Ave, Berkeley

“What a great find! Excellent menu with lots of delicious options, especially for vegetarians. Tofu rocked! Endless side dishes!Service was friendly, quick and excellent! Only complaint was the volume of the TV monitor. There was nice singing, it was just too loud. Otherwise, a wonderful place! We will return!”

4.3 Superb61 Reviews
University Taqueria 2021 University Ave, Berkeley Chicken • $$
2021 University Ave, Berkeley

“We were on a Breakfast Burrito binge. We were trying as many top-rated breakfast burritos as possible. We came across this place while waiting for another place. This place was better than the rest!!! Absolutely great!!! Go here as good, if not better, than all the other top-rated burrito places. They got our order wrong, but it's still AMAZING!!! I asked for toasted and Acado instead of guacamole. But they did not toast and put guacamole.”

4.3 Superb54 Reviews
Lemat Ethiopian Restaurant 3212 Adeline St, Berkeley Ethiopian • $$
3212 Adeline St, Berkeley

“I had the best red lentils I've ever tasted here. The vegetable wot is especially good. Service with a smile. And we even found parking right in front of the restaurant.”

4.3 Superb51 Reviews
Donato & Co. 2635 Ashby Ave, Berkeley Italian • $$$
2635 Ashby Ave, Berkeley

“We wanted a good restaurant close to the Berkeley Playhouse, which had an excellent rendition of Rent, and we were not disappointed with Donato&Co. One of the best things about this restaurant is the wine list – you can get any glass, carafe, or bottle of wine. This is a rarity, especially in the bay area, and it gives you a full spectrum of choices to enjoy. Food was excellent, Including a fantastic black truffle appetizer over a flan like cheese and toasted Parmesan. Pastas were fresh and delicious. Great server who provided excellent recommendations. Highly recommended! ”

4.2 Good242 Reviews
Sushi California 2033 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley Sushi • $$
2033 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley

“Loved the flavor and quality of the meal! The atmosphere is always perfect and honestly I've been going here for second and its still my favorite sushi spot!”

4.4 Superb11 Reviews


Musashi 2126 Dwight Way, Berkeley Japanese • $$
2126 Dwight Way, Berkeley

“Menu was Great, food was fresh and amazing, loved that atmosphere and the customer service.Parking: If you go after 6 it's plenty of free parking right outside the door”

4.3 Superb38 Reviews
Donkey & Goat Winery, Tasting Room & Wine Shop 1340 Fifth St, Berkeley Wineries • $$
1340 Fifth St, Berkeley

“This place is amazing! The sparkling wine is really tasty and the ambiance is lovely. Great for families with littles and ample outdoor seating. Great vibe. A gem!”

4.3 Superb38 Reviews


Comal 2020 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Mexican • $$
2020 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“The food was delicious. We had Mixiote de pollo (Chicken leg and thigh, potatoes, nopales, ancho chile salsa, $21), Quesadillas (Hen-of-the-woods mushrooms, epazote, habanero salsa, $15), and for desert, Oaxacan chocolate budin ($10). The service was wonderful. The server gave us ample time to place our order while we were catching up with each other.”

4 Good179 Reviews
Bear's Lair 2465 Bancroft Way #140, Berkeley Pubs • $$
2465 Bancroft Way #140, Berkeley

“Food and service is great! Nice to see the bear's lair open and having tasty food. Pizza and the fries are amazing!! Happy hour is a good deal! The staff are friendly and attentive!”

4.6 Superb7 Reviews
Red Tomato Pizza House 2017 University Ave, Berkeley Pizza • $$
2017 University Ave, Berkeley

“Loved the vibes, wonderful & friendly service, food was DELISH!!!!!!!! :0I've lived in Bezerkeley for hella long, and I can't believe I've never eaten here before tonight!!!Freakin AWESOME, ????Went there with my gfWe're vegetarians.This place has fantastic veggie + vegan options. We ordered the House Special, which is a vegetarian pizza ?SUPER DANK, Bro...!It was TOO GOOD!!!!!!!The vibes were CHILLIN, HARD!!!!Got like, some snowboarding videos playing on one, some cute animal videos on another screen, cool themes, music was like, some really good light chillstep techno kinda background dance music that kept my feet tappin and it's still stuck in my head.Bros, Life Pro Tip, use code "Local" or "Locals" or something for 20% off if you order online? Idk exactly. Will try next time. DEFINITELY coming back!!!My gf only likes Indian food, and apparently these ppls pizza.We signed up for their free VIP membership club, this place is so FIRE?It's like $30 for a big pizza, with smaller sizes available for personal pizzas...We got the 14-inch and shared, it was like $33 after tax... They have a 16-inch, like an 8-inch, 10-, 12-...Vegetarian options: Their main house special is lacto-veg (has dairy, mozzarella) and none of their stuff has any eggs, apparently, according to staff. Huge veggie and also huge vegan menuKid-friendliness: They had nice family-friendly, upbeat music, really nice atmosphere, screens playing nice things with animals and stuff all around”

4.3 Superb34 Reviews
Passione Emporio on 5th 2324 a Fifth St, Berkeley Italian • $$
2324 a Fifth St, Berkeley

“this is the best cacio ever pepe i’ve ever had. the gelato is amazing as well. the server we had was so nice and told us how to make the pasta. amazing focaccia as well.”

4.2 Good121 Reviews
Berkeley Social Club 2050 University Ave, Berkeley Korean • $$
2050 University Ave, Berkeley

“The service is not that great. We went on a Friday night and it was not busy but they did take a lot of time to take our orders. Besides that the food and the cocktails were really good.”

4.2 Good98 Reviews
East Bay Spice Company 2134 Oxford St, Berkeley Indian • $$
2134 Oxford St, Berkeley

“Great cocktails, service and food!! The ambience is what I like the most here.. chill vibes dim light makes it the perfect option for my husband and I to continue to pick for a date night!”

4 Good87 Reviews
Breads of India 2448 Sacramento St, Berkeley Indian • $$
2448 Sacramento St, Berkeley

“Absolutely delicious - loved the Pazham Urandakari with the Aloo Piyaz Paratha. Don’t sleep on this place! Very flavorful and affordable, top-tier samosas too.”

4.3 Superb23 Reviews
IPPUDO BERKELEY 2015 Kala Bagai Wy, Berkeley Ramen • $$
2015 Kala Bagai Wy, Berkeley

“I had veggie karakka spicy ramen and it was best veggie ramen I had date. The broth was spicy and tasty and I added a soft boiled egg to top it. The combination worked really well and tasted amazing.”

4.2 Good66 Reviews
Los Cilantros 3105 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Mexican • $$
3105 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“Joined friends for early lunch. Loved the carnitas with blue corn tortillas. Easy walk from Ashby BART.Parking: Took BART to avoid parking issues. Some spots on local streets.”

4.4 Superb12 Reviews
Bongo Burger 2505 Dwight Way, Berkeley Hamburger • $$
2505 Dwight Way, Berkeley

“Checked out this local burger place in Berkeley after checking Yelp for burgers near Telegraph Ave and Cal. I had their turkey burger which I have to say was the best spiced turkey burger I have had anywhere. A good sized, thin patty came on a sesame see led bun with their standard toppings. Was one of the few times I had to be carful eating it as it was juicy and messy, which is not the usual case for a Turkey burger. Their fries were OK and the sesame seed bun was good but maybe not as soft as some would like, but overall a really great little burger joint. Has some interesting choices I will have to try next time, line the lamb Persian burger and Black Bean burger. Check it out”

4.2 Good51 Reviews
House of curries 3136 Sacramento St, Berkeley Pakistani • $$
3136 Sacramento St, Berkeley

“Good food. Consistent in quality. Very nice staff. Plenty of dining space and options on the menu as well as weekly specials. Food is fresh and served hot. It's a order at the counter and seat yourself place. Free delicious tea with dine in service. Parking can be hard sometimes but not terrible. A true staple in the community.”

4.2 Good42 Reviews
Vanessa's Bistro 1715 Solano Ave, Berkeley French • $$
1715 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“I wanted to take a friend out for her birthday. Vanessa's was perfect for us. Small and cozy, perfect drinks and tasty duck.. I am sorry their hours are limited or I would go more often.”

4.2 Good41 Reviews
Bootstrapper 2838 Sacramento St, Berkeley Soul Food • $$
2838 Sacramento St, Berkeley

“Yes, I did try it and the food was very good but he needs to update his hours when he's there and when he isn't there, Google always says he's open but he never is”

5 Superb3 Reviews


Fonda 1501 Solano Ave, Berkeley Mexican • $$
1501 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“Wow! That should encapsulate everything I'm about to say. To start things off to a strong warm welcoming for me, duck as a protein is a sign that this place was meant to be. The duck tacos with guacamole and pomegranate seeds were a nice end to my day. I confess I'm now using pomegranate when I roast a duck! At Fonda, the meat is tender, juicy, and so flavorful. An unexpected treat! The fried plantains are delightful and they're paired with black beans, cream, and salsa molcajete. If you're not a fan of overtly spicy things, like me, get the salsa on the side as I will in the future but regardless, all things were tasty! The drinks are well made and thoughtful. It didn't feel like I was just ordering from a generic drink menu. The Fonda drink was delightful. Overall I suggest this place for lovers of Latin food. On my try list: mushroom empanadas, tuna tartare, and fish tacos. I believe I shall pair it with an Idle Hands cocktail! Great job to the chefs and staff at Fonda!”

4.2 Good37 Reviews
Kirin Chinese Restaurant And Cocktail Bar 1767 Solano Ave, Berkeley Chinese • $$
1767 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“You can't do better than Kirin. Probably the best Chinese food outside of San Francisco. They've remodeled. Low light, but enough to read the menu. Great service and delicious food.”

4.2 Good36 Reviews
Purple Kow 2401 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley Bubble Tea • $$
2401 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

“I ordered the fresh mango green tea with boba and I enjoyed it! The drink was sweeter than other places I've been to, so I set the sugar level to be 50%. The portion is worth the price and it's cute too!”

4.2 Good29 Reviews
AKEMI Japanese Restaurant 1695 Solano Ave, Berkeley Japanese • $$
1695 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“It had been a while since while since I came to Akemi and some friends were feeling like a sushi night so I suggested this place. I’m so glad their food is still good as I remembered it and my favorite roll will always be their Evil Roll! So delicious we tried a variety of different and were happy with our choices.Parking: Be ready to drive around to look for parking specially on a Friday or Saturday night.”

4.1 Good80 Reviews


Ajanta 1888 Solano Ave, Berkeley Indian • $$
1888 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“I enjoyed this elegant restaurant. The service was beyond great, and the food was very good. Although it was fairly full, the noise level was low, providing a calming dining experience.”

4.1 Good77 Reviews
Pyeong Chang Tofu Berkeley 버클리 평창 순두부 1269 University Ave, Berkeley Korean • $$
1269 University Ave, Berkeley

“This place is way better than you expect, generous portions, delicious banchan, surprisingly flavorful tofu. Will be making this a regular stop whenever I'm in Berkeley.”

4.1 Good69 Reviews
Baker & Commons 2900 College Ave, Berkeley Cafe • $$
2900 College Ave, Berkeley

“All the baked goods I’ve had are excellent, and the sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich is perfect. Too many Californian bakeries skimp on butter for cost/health reasons, but this place does it right.”

4.1 Good62 Reviews
Daruma Sushi 2215 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley Japanese • $$
2215 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

“Nice neighborhood sushi restaurant! Quick, attentive service and plenty of options on the menu; we got a couple of the spicy rolls to share for our group and they were both great! $5 happy hour for dine in is a great deal too!”

4.1 Good52 Reviews
Kiku Sushi 1316 Gilman St, Berkeley Sushi • $$
1316 Gilman St, Berkeley

“I am no sushi expert but the place in Albany across from the fire dept is where I have been going. Luckily I came across Kiku by chance and the difference is dramatic from the basics point of view. Example 1 no fishy smell2 real seafood not fake crab in their Cal RollsThe quality is apparent now that I have tasted the difference.”

4.1 Good35 Reviews


Mitama 3201 College Ave, Berkeley Japanese • $$
3201 College Ave, Berkeley

“Probably one of the best sushi places I have ever visited in the Bay. I'm taking out a star because the wait was way TOO long. We ordered 2 miso soups, 2 rolls, and some nigiris. It took more than 40 minutes to arrive, and everything came at different times, which is disappointing if you want to enjoy the dishes together. I will come back, but definitely not on weekends.”

4.1 Good32 Reviews
Riva Cucina 800 Heinz Ave #19, Berkeley Italian • $$
800 Heinz Ave #19, Berkeley

“A long overdue review as I came here in May for BRW to go. We got 4 BRW prix fixe menu for $40 each for us and my parents and added a lamb shank from their regular menu as well. The mushroom soup was light and flavorful with every sip due to the porcini broth. Since I rarely fry things myself, anytime I see arancini available, I almost always get them and these definitely did not disappoint. Three of us got the crab raviolis which just like the soup was delicious from the first bite to the last. The porchetta was good but personally I preferred those crab raviolis instead. Since my dad loves lamb shanks, we had to order one to try and it was dad approved. For dessert, it was 50/50 chocolate torte and blood orange panna cotta. For chocolate lovers, that torte is decadent and satisfying. For non-chocolate lovers, that panna cotta was a great alternate, but again for me, chocolate was the way to go.”

4.1 Good12 Reviews
Market Cocina 3000 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley Mexican • $$
3000 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

“It may not look like it but Wholefood makes some of the best pizzas around. The whole pizzas are made to order in about 20 minutes so you’re getting it fresh and hot. The staff here is also better (IMHO) than the folks at the Temescal Wholefood location.”

4 Good2 Reviews
Epicurious Garden 1511 Shattuck Ave.Suite 1581, Berkeley Food Court • $$
1511 Shattuck Ave.Suite 1581, Berkeley

“Beautiful place and nice concept with delicious food.The sinks in both downstairs bathrooms don’t work (with signs telling customers not to tamper with the plumbing, so clearly not a problem only since today). This makes me wonder where the staff wash their hands - it’s definitely not in the bathrooms.”

4 Good2 Reviews
Tha Saim Thai Bistro (Former Bangkok Jam) 1892 Solano Ave, Berkeley Thai • $$
1892 Solano Ave, Berkeley

“I don't understand the low rating. This place is such a fund that I've already been here twice within one week of moving to Berkeley! Everything is delicious, and the service is excellent. I do wonder why some people don't like it.”

3.8 Good15 Reviews
Bag O'Crab 2124 Center St, Berkeley Seafood • $$
2124 Center St, Berkeley

“Delicious, hot, and filling! We ordered the combo 1 w/ mussels and shrimp, calamari rings (w/ fries), and 6 raw oysters. As a party of 3, we left very full. They provided plastic gloves and bibs, but the sauce seems to seep through the gloves a little.”

4 Good46 Reviews
Taste of the Himalayas 1700 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley Indian • $$
1700 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley

“Highly underrated! My favorite Nepalese/Indian restaurant in Berkeley. The food is consistently delicious, not too oily or salty and full of flavor. The naan is also some of the best I've had anywhere. Would recommend the chili momos, chicken tikka masala, and saag paneer, but it's hard to go wrong.”

4 Good54 Reviews
La Mediterranee 2936 College Ave, Berkeley Mediterranean • $$
2936 College Ave, Berkeley

“food was good but the service was lacking ... the restaurant was empty when I walked it, the hostess was not paying attention too busy flirting with the bartender...waited for 4 minutes before she finally paid me.any attention”

4 Good66 Reviews
Rick & Ann's Restaurant 2922 Domingo Ave, Berkeley American • $$
2922 Domingo Ave, Berkeley

“Loved everything about Rick & Ann's, some people don't like how you have to order at the counter before being sat but honestly it's super efficient! Our food was delicious and we will definitely be back!”

4 Good83 Reviews
Zut! On Fourth 1820 Fourth St, Berkeley Mediterranean • $$
1820 Fourth St, Berkeley

“The menu is very simple, salads, pizza, burgers and fries, and everything is perfect. Especially the shoestring fries. All of the salads are great. Their drip coffee is excellent, as was the lemonade. Service was fast and accommodating. I loved everything about Zut!”

3.8 Good70 Reviews
Flavors of India 3211 College Ave, Berkeley Indian • $$
3211 College Ave, Berkeley

“My go to indian restaurant. Flavors of India has the only good paneer pakoras around, and the veg somoasa chaat is equally as good. Furthermore, I ordered flavors of India for my boyfriend (who is Indian), and he agreed that the appetizers were not bad. However, I’ve tried the paneer tikka masala and was disappointed. In general, I’ve struggled to find good Indian restaurants in the area, and although the paneer tikka masala was disappointing, I am happy with everything else that I’ve tried. That being said, I would highly recommend their appetizers.”

3.9 Good24 Reviews
Funky Elephant Berkeley 1313 Ninth St Ste120, Berkeley Thai • $$
1313 Ninth St Ste120, Berkeley

“The menu is relatively limited. I don't eat pork so that cut out a large number of things (usually not a problem for me in Thai restaurants). Pad Thai was great but my fave was the crispy rice salad. The ladies who run the place and serve are THE BOMB. They'll do whatever they can to make you smile and I loved them!!! Definitely recommend giving it a try.”

3.8 Good79 Reviews
Pizza Guys 1109 University Ave, Berkeley Pizza • $$
1109 University Ave, Berkeley

“Pizza tasted awesome. Tried the California chicken garlic and probably one of the best chicken pizzas I've tried so far. The staff were very good and welcoming.Give them a try.Also tried the beef taco pizza, a little hot because of the jalapeno but tasted great. They said it'll be ready in 10 minutes and right at 10min, it was ready.”

3.9 Good28 Reviews


Gather Between Allston, 2200 Oxford St, Kittredge St, Berkeley American • $$
Between Allston, 2200 Oxford St, Kittredge St, Berkeley

“Gather is a celebrated farm-to-table restaurant located right in downtown Berkeley in an open, appealing, large corner space. Fresh ingredients are definitely on the menu, with a variety of sandwich, salad, pizza, and grain bowl options. Dinner adds starters and entrees.The inside feels like a cabin with lots of reclaimed wood, and the outdoors patio is covered to keep warm and flowing with plants. It’s quite inviting. I went at lunch, and it wasn’t immediately apparent that ordering at the register is how lunch operates as a podium with “wait to be seated” was stationed right at the entrance. Dinner is, indeed, seated with waitstaff.My friend ordered the soup of the day, which was white bean and potato. She thought it absolutely delicious, savoring each bite. I ordered the BBQ pulled pork sandwich, topped with a slaw and dill-cucumber yogurt and served up with fries. The coleslaw crunch made clear the quality of Gather’s ingredients, but I was surprised that the dish ended up tasting closer to a sloppy joe than I what I’d expected—this may partially be due to my eight years spent in North Carolina, where vinegar sauces on pork reign supreme. Or it may partially be that the tomato in the sauce was so fresh and bright, it simply dominated the dish.I was disappointed that the dill-cucumber sauce contributed little in terms of flavor. I love dill, so I was looking forward to it, but alas, it barely raised its head. The fries were solid.Definitely would go back but would probably skip the pulled pork sandwich.”

4 Good270 Reviews

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