Alfonso's Cafe

2309 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 649-1824

Recent Reviews

daisy Reymundo

Delicious crepes and plenty of seats

nani akkineni

I had a chicken crepe and it was simple and tasty, the place is awesome for breakfast.

Jxrxmy G.

i ate here once and absolutely loved everything about it. finally made time to go back almost year later only to discover it had closed a week before. why does everything i love get taken from me?

Stephanie E.

Does anybody know where this place relocated to? It has an amazing avocado crepe. We stopped by this morning to have breakfast and it looks closed!

hugo brunie

Nice man. Nice place. Muffin isn't good. No wifi. Cappuccino Americano.

Helena V.

This local dad and son have the best happy energy and the most delicious food. The pancakes were the fluffiest clouds I've ever eaten and the fresh squeezed orange carrot juice combo is amazing! 10/10 recommend

Ujjwal Dalmia

Great spot to get breakfast! Quaint setting, great food.

Rolando N.

Nice little neighborhood place for breakfast. The coffee and tea are excellent. The croissants are good. The owner Alfonso is very nice and loves to talk with the customers. This is what a neighborhood hood eatery should be like.


Loved this place. Had Simple Bacon omelette, delicious. Good Americano coffee. Sat on outside tables. Would be back soon

Perry P.

The food here was awesome! The man was working alone and somehow got to all the tables, eventually lol. I was surprised he kept up although we did wait for a pretty long time. I'm sure seone just couldn't make it to their shift, food looked and tastes great, that's all I cared about lol.

Lawrence Y.

Stopped by for a late lunch. Alphonos special breakfast w eggs.bacon and pancakes and Alphonsos Omelette(vegies w avocado and Jack cheese). Omelette was light and not too much cheese which I liked. Neither were "heavy " which was good, fast service, cooked to order. Reasonable.

Marina Pedemonte

incredible service and food! i go here all the time and love it. highly recommend the avocado crepe.

Patrick Jones

Lovely family-owned brunch place

Martha K.

I came here with my co-worker before going into work and I'm so happy we did. I got a croissant breakfast sandwich. It was plenty of food and tasted great. Definitely recommend.

Ruth T.

Alfonso's was thankfully walking distance away from our AirBnB, and our first choice for a quick breakfast. = L O C A T I O N = While the restaurant is tiny, there is plenty of outdoor seating. No restrooms. = F O O D = + VEGETARIAN CREPE ($7.95): Contains tomato, artichoke, pesto, spinach, red bell pepper, avocado, and jack cheese. Unfortunately, mine came without the avocado...I chose the veggie crepe because it sounded like the avocado crepe but with additional toppings, but sadly no avocado! My friend's mole crepe was reaaaaally good. = S E R V I C E = The two men running the cafe were super nice. Only one was manning the crepe station, so our orders (three crepes) took some time to come out, but it was worth the wait. Come here for a simple, unpretentious meal at a local spot! ==== Food: 3 // Service: 4 // Environment: 3 // Price: 4

eric magnani

Alfonso was a pleasure to chat with. He makes an honest cappuccino and the crepes are great. I had mine plain to be sure. Thanks Al!!

Fiona S.

Very fresh ingredients and everything cooked fresh and served hot. No fancy bells and whistles just down to earth honest good cooking, attention to details, friendliness and a good portion size. So hard to find a decent, non-pretentious place in the Bay Area these days!

Michael Maxwell

Alfonso is a great guy I wish has spot was more visible so that he could get the amount of business he deserves.

Arely A.

Great place! Food is served quick and the staff is really nice. Love their crepes. Recommend anyone to try this place out if looking for a delicious lunch.


Coffee was excellent, food was delicious! One man show but worth the wait. Very cozy and cute.

SuperBadwolf101 .

Coffee was excellent, food was delicious! One man show but worth the wait. Very cozy and cute.

Zachary Maxwell

Absolutely yes. Perfect quick stop for fresh cafe bites. Fresh cooked, fresh ingredients, FAST, priced appropriate and good tasting.

KS Peters

Love their crepes! Always happy when Im in this area and make it a point to stop to get some lunch.

Austin L.

Great service, great food and great atmosphere. And great prices! Definitely one of my top favorite breakfast spots in Berkeley!

Andre N.

Love it here! I always order the avocado one. It's only 7.95 plus tax. The place is clean, Alfonso and his son are really nice people. It is very convenient if you're in the area. It has its own parking and outside seating. Alfonso himself cooks. I highly recommend it to everyone. Support local!

Jackie W.

The coffee was great, but the food was cold, and the omelette was supposed to have kalamata olives but had black olives instead with no warning that there was going to be a substitution. If the food had been hot, though, it probably would have been delicious.

Nicole D.

We love Alfonso's- especially the bagel sandwich.

Carolyn K.

Back this morning for Alfonso's yummy breakfast with a dose of conversational parenting philosophy and politics. The food is great, as is the conversation. We'll be back soon.

Marie J.

One of my favorite go-to places when I'm in a rush for breakfast. I usually get the "Spin-Mush" omelet or the vegetarian omelet. They're almost exactly the same, but the vegetarian has red bell peppers in addition to the spinach, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms and jack cheese that are in both omelettes. Alfonso's is a tiny, little place with three very small tables crunched into the inside, but there's plenty of outdoor tables and chairs under portable awnings that are available if you want to eat there. I always get my delicious omelettes to-go, take them home and enjoy! I love that he cooks the eggs on his crepe maker, so the outer egg layer is very thin. You've gotta try Alfonso' won't be disappointed!

Sonia S.

Alfonso's Cafe is legit what a café should be, Alfonso himself is about that cafe life, having decades of experience in this niche, so their coffee is bomb and their food options are scrumptious; and most importantly the vibes are right! Parking available in the lot itself or coin/card meters on San Pablo Ave. Good hours too.


Had a great cortado and talked to the owner of the cafe for a good bit. I recommend going for a quick coffee or bite of food!

Jayson Solar

Really quaint shop with amazing food!

Romella M.

Alfonso is great and they have good stuff best crepes but I'm giving 1 star because we got late from lunch had to wait more than 30 minutes for our food when I already ordered via phone for pick up he needs to hire help alfonso was the only one making food and the other guy is a cashier mean while there was toooo much order my co workers were upset with me for making them late

Ryan Dooley

Very nice people running the Cafe. Food was pretty good, but I wouldn't seek it out specifically.

Marita Tacan

I ordered the crepe with veggies and pesto, Delicious! My daughters enjoyed theirs as well. He is personable and welcoming! I'll definitely go back!

Katherine F.

My partner and I stumbled upon this adorable little place this morning. It was empty, probably because it was raining outside, but we thought it was worth a try anyway. We got the Alfonso special with scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes and an americano, and it was SO delicious. The eggs and bacon were cooked perfectly for both of us, which is almost always impossible for us to agree on because I like my eggs dryer and they like their eggs wetter. Somehow, Alfonso found a perfect medium. The bacon was crispy without being overcooked, and there was a Valentino's hot sauce on the table that brought the whole plate together! The pancakes were just as incredible, I don't know what he does to them, but I can't wait to go back for more. And to top it all off, my americano was perfect! It was strong, and flavorful, without being pretentious. I love this cafe

Briauna P.

Alfonso is as kind and charming as his café is. The food is delicious and is a good bang for your buck! Definitely a must see as a traveler

Donnie H.

Fonzies place has the best crepes I've ever had .. An amazing man with a great work ethic and Fantastic food you owe it to yourself to stop by this little place and have some great conversation and some Outstanding food ....

Sam P.

Place is awesome. Just rocks. Recommend vegetable crepe. Nice homely chill out for a. Seating inside and outside.

Devon B.

Stopped in for breakfast while traveling with my family. We sat outside had a variety of entrees, coffee, etc and everyone loved their food and drinks. It was all delicious and lovingly prepared. Alfonso was friendly and kind to my parents and my son. Several hours after leaving, I realized that I didn't have my backpack with me. The contents of my backpack included my wallet with about $60 cash, my glasses, my Kindle, and about $4k worth of camera equipment. My heart sank and I called Alfonso's on the off chance that it was still sitting outside on this relatively busy street. He went out and checked and it was still there! He held on to it and I hightailed it back to pick it up. I know it's mostly dumb luck that someone walking by didn't just grab it, but I'm so thankful to Alfonso for saving me from a real catastrophe. Great reviews and big tips all around!