Almare Gelato Italiano

2170 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 649-1888

Recent Reviews

michelle w.

I'm super enamored with Almare's creamy gelato! It's so incredibly delicious... every time. This is a fantastic, friendly, family owned shop. We make special trips up once a week to grab pints to go.... so good.

Kimberly W.

Came here for dessert after eating at Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen and got a combination of their mango and mixed berry sorbet. Not my favorite gelato spot in terms of flavor/vibes, but perhaps I didn't order the right flavors. One thing I did love was that Alamare was open late and had friendly staff!

Dave C

This will be one of my new favorite places in Berkeley. It's a cute hole in the wall Gelato place just outside the Downtown Berkeley BART station. I don't know how long ago they opened, but I'm glad i know their existence now.

Crystal Y.

I came here wanting to try their hot chocolate on a cold day-they were all out. So I got one scoop of their passionfruit yoghurt flavor, one scoop of their almond flavor...both were sublime. Im not a big ice cream person all things considered-but good gelato is a special experience altogether with a creamier consistency than ice cream. Overall I would recommend this place.

Ken Francis V.

My friends came here last night (March 7, 2020) at around 10pm. One of them was about to process their payment in the pinpad and a worker said, "Hey, corona virus!" to the cashier and then cashier did not allow my friend to swipe her card on the tablet. I would like confirmation if this is a preventative measure that applies to all the customers and not just Asians. Otherwise, it would've been discrimination. Either way, the warning to the cashier could have been more considerate than straight up saying, "Hey, corona virus!" Please reply when you can. Thanks.

Drew Bassak

Delicious hand crafted gelato! So many great flavors!

thomas burchat

Great selection, great location; a nice way to end a night.

Joe F.

My favorite pistachio gelato. The lady of the house prefers straccatella which is also very good. We got hooked on this when we would get it at Hot Italian in Emerville. Hot Italian closed - and we'll miss their pizza - but we were depressed about the gelato. Luckily some internet searching revealed that it was supplied by Almare and it is indeed the exact same thing. Please give these folks your business if you like it and keep them up and running.

Fionna L.

Really nice, bright, and small gelato store right in front of the Downtown Berkeley BART station and the outdoor seating area! Great by yourself or with friends and perfect for a date, but limited indoor seating. They are amazing and open till midnight on Friday and Saturday, and 11pm every other day. All their flavors are spot-on and taste of all the care put into them. They let you try as many samples as you like and don't need anything fancier than a paper cup to showcase their delicious gelato. From the flavors I've tried, I recommend Ube (gorgeous purple color, rich and creamy), Stracciatella (smooth and densely packed with good-sized chocolate flakes), Hazelnut (outstandingly nutty), and Toasted Almond with Caramelized Figs (a famous must-try!).

Andrew Bassak

Delicious hand crafted gelato! So many great flavors!

Taylor Z.

Wow! Great gelato place with flavors that really pop. The rose, Oreo and pecan were dope. I loved their flavors and it's not too on the heavy side. Tastes fresh and light.

Iyad O.

Amazing, creamy, flavorful gelatais in the heart of Berkeley. I got the chocolate hazelnut, which was outstanding, and the straciatella, which was more subtle but still nice. One of my friends got the sorbet and it was a little icey in terms of the crystal structure. So I if you have the choice, maybe stick to the gelato

Ankur Singla

One of the better and more closer to real gelato. I am still looking for the pistachio gelato that can match the quality and taste of what you find in the best places in Italy.

Tina T.

Best Gelato place ever! Love the constantly changing flavor options and they're all so good, got me into the Gelato scene haha. My favorites have been Rose, Lavender, Orange and Cheese (I believe), and Cardamom! 11/10, would recommend!

Ronnie Dudani

Honestly, this is the best all-around Gelato shop you will find in Berkeley. Their prices are great, with all sorts of different flavors which all are also delicious! I also really enjoy the texture of the sorbets they have here. They have a decent location in the city, but I highly recommend going to Almare Gelato Italiano if you’re in the area.

Jay M.

Italians might cry if they try this. The vegan flavors all taste like sorbet, even when they aren't. The chocolate is not rich. The other flavors have about 2x as much sugar as they need. The only interesting flavor was the egg custard, but it was both not creamy and too sweet. Prices were decent, that's about it.

Julia P.

My (and my mom's) favorite gelato place in Berkeley. I've been coming here for years and am never disappointed. The gelato here is perfect--soft, creamy, and not overly sweet. Their most popular (and my favorite) flavor is the toasted almond with caramelized fig. The fig pieces are delicious with the nuttiness of the gelato. My other favorites include rum raisin, pistachio, straciatella, and rose. Now that the Berkeley Bart station has been renovated, there is a very nice seating area right outside the shop where you can sit and enjoy your gelato. This is definitely a stop you must make in Downtown Berkeley!

Minah L.

I got their rose gelato and it was amazingly creamy but also very milky. It has a nice hint of rose and wasn't too sweet. It reminds me of Mexican rose paletas but in a softer form. I got the kid's cup because a cone was an extra $0.50 and they only take cash for purchases under $5. I didn't want to sample too much because they use little plastic spoons and cups, but I would like to try their other flavors next time.

Bianca L.

Conveniently located right on Shattuck, Almare is a great place to grab dessert if you're ever eating downtown. The interior is so charming, and there's usually a decently sized crowd around 7-8pm on weekends. I love the wide variety of sizes that Almare offers, and I usually opt for the "kids" option to make me feel a little less guilty about my dessert lmao. The flavors at Almare are also on point. My personal favorites are the Toasted Almond with Caramelized Figs and Pistachio, both of which have the perfect blend of sweetness and nutty flavor. With so many new ice cream places popping up around Berkeley with higher prices, it's refreshing to have a good quality dessert place at a reasonable price. Overall, solid gelato place :)

Patrick Wong

Not bad, but then I just got back from a trip in Europe (rome), and had the best Gelato ever there!

Joanna T.

Almare makes delicious gelati made from the freshest ingredients. Taught by a Sicilian master gelato maker, Almare's gelato almost made me cry for the fond memories of eating gelato while living in Italy years ago. Yesterday evening while a band roacked out on an outdoor stage on Shattuck, I ducked into Almare (which means at the Sea) and ordered a small cup ($4.45) of 2 two flavors Almond with Fig and Orange Ricotta. Omg, the latter was sublime with the ricotta taste so light but flavorful. That hint of orange rind was a burst of citrus. The almond+fig had the fig peeking out of the almond base note. Florence, Rome, Milan, Belaggio, Bologna, etc. So many fine places for gelato and now Almare in Berkeley, my go to when in the area. Stop by their cute shop and enjoy a treat here.

Angela D.

I've gone to Almare several times throughout the years, the most recent experience being just as good as I remember the first time I tried their gelato! Almare has classic as well as unique gelato flavors. Their flavors also rotate by season: my most recent visit, they had pumpkin spice unsurprisingly (it was the beginning of autumn). My favorite flavors include fig almond (awesome combo!) and stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate shavings). Since Almare are making lots of money and raised their prices since years ago, I hope to see it follow the eco-friendly trend at Berkeley and stop using thousands of small plastic spoons daily for their samples and serving of their gelato. Same goes for their many plastic lined cups they use :(

Sule S.

Wow just wow. I honestly wasn't expecting much given it's location but the gelato is out of this world. What got me especially was the consistency of the gelato: it's fluffy and rich at the same time! They also have a cool selection of flavors. I had an almond ice cream with fig preserves which was very unique and extremely delicious. Definitely coming back and definitely bringing my friends!

Alyssa C.

Best gelato place in Berkeley! Loads better than Caravaggio also in Berkeley! Tried several samples. Favorites include Straciatella, Gianduia (Chocolate Hazelnut) & Cookies N Cream. Nice staff. Clean place. Paid meter or garage parking available or just take BART to downtown Berkeley and the shop is literally right next to it.

Ashok J.

Great gelatos in downtown Berkeley. We tried the toasted almond with caramelized figs, Rose and pistachio. We loved the toasted almond and rose. After a heavy lunch, we just got 1 scoop of the toasted almond. This was definitely a unique flavor. Service was quick and employees were friendly. Great gelatos.

Konnor von Emster

Excellent Gelato, very close to UC Berkeley. Certainly on par with many European Gelato makers. Try the almond fig gelato for something unique!

Massimo Orlando

Amazing Gelato made in an authentic Italian way, using high quality ingredients!

Ross Knight

Friendly service and delicious vegan options.

Angelo Quagliata

I don't normally dish out the superlatives, but Almare is likely the best gelato I've had in America...and I know my gelato in a cross-continent way :) Tanti auguri Simone!

Chinarut Ruangchotvit

Pistachio for the win!

Chinarut Ruangchotvit

Pistachio for the win!

John DeCicco

Just had an excellent affogato with their gelato stracciatello.

Adriana B.

Love, love, love, this place I come here a few times a month to indulge after a hard weeks work. I'm surprised I haven't written a review yet! I don't like the fact that you can't add toppings but I understand why that is. THE SORBET THOUGH, smh... one of the best I've had within recent memory. I like the fact that they keep switching up the flavors on a consistent basis because it's really a treat to my tastebuds when I sample something I normally wouldn't get. Stepping out of the box is a good thing, and they never have artificial stuff so don't come expecting cotton candy flavors like raspberry bubble gum, or sour apple. They have a less expensive ice cream shop just a block or two away so head that way if gelato isn't your thing. It's better than cold stone in my personal opinion. I find that the waffle cones taste slightly better than the average. There's also redeemable ice cream rewards if you get their stamp card and you buy 9 the tenth is free. I would say there's so many choices you would be satisfied if you had a difficult person with you and the two of you decided to stop here. Seating is limited, the line moves rather quickly and I leave here with a smile every time. The cashiers have good people skills, and they're always nice.

Brynn A.

I can't say enough fabulous things about Simone and his AMAZING gelato!!! We served Almare gelato at our wedding and it was such a hit!!! They were so kind, helpful, thoughtful, and easy to work with! Simone puts so much time, love, and talent into his work and it shows in every bite! He even made a custom flavor just for us and it was unreal :) Thank you for everything Almare, we will certainly be back soon!!!

Ang V.

Delicious! Always tastes fresh and creamy, with some rotating seasonal offerings. I recommend the pistachio and the fruit flavors. They also have a reasonably sized scoop for the kiddos (and, importantly, allow them to choose two flavors in it).

Kiera C.

Smoother than a baby's butt. Hit this place up and you will fall in love with the amazing quality and unique, yet not too exotic, flavors. I got the toasted almond and it was jam packed with flavor. Interior is small, however there is a lot of outdoor seating. Great spot, it is a must try in my book.

Elia F.

I've been coming to this gelato place for a couple of years and today of all day My friend and I were treated very disrespectful by the guy. I paid with a $5 bill for a $4.45 transaction and he practically threw the change at me and just stared without even trying to apologize. Hope I don't keep experiencing this or I will stop coming back. This guy is dark skinned, strong facial features and tall. Also should I mention this is the second time I've been treated this way here.

Tiffany D.

Gelato yum! Pistachio is delish and they let you combine flavors! Waffle cone for the win! Boutique and classic shop! Friendly staff.

Ophelia H.

Delicious gelato, most authentic gelato I have ever head and this is coming from someone who is Italian. Yes, they have homeless people around here, but are we really going to get bent out of shape about that? You can pay for ice cream, they don't even have a home. SMH. Friendly staff. Parking is not easy but it's worth the trip. And they are open late. Ciao.

Ariel K.

They have dairy free options that are great! I got dark chocolate. The selection of flavors they have in general are unique and taste great! The location is a bit small and it can get crowded, but other than that I have no complaints!