Almare Gelato Italiano

2170 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 649-1888

Recent Reviews

Erik H

Delicious Gelato, many flavors I have not tasted before! They had 2 or 3 Vegan flavors too.Kind of surprised that dogs were allowed inside?

Allen H.

So yummy, we tried the strawberry sorbet which somehow still tastes creamy, the chocolate which was so good, and the banana crunch. All fantastic! Missed out on the toasted almond because it's was too frozen to be scooped.

Ally Y.

Phenomenal gelato and dog friendly!! They had doggie ice cream treats for sale and our dog at it right up! I loved that we could fit two different flavors in both the kids and small cups and they let us put three flavors in the medium size! All delicious sounding flavors so being able to have more than one flavor in my cup was a treat!

Wendell T.

so few things are open late during covid times this place is open until 9 which is late these days great flavors doesn't taste junky like ice cream


Rose and Pistachio was a good combo. Friend also liked the Ube.They had nice outdoor tables and seating.Perfect after a meal or for a craving.Pleasant downtown vibe.

Joyce L.

We stopped in after dropping someone off at BART. The shop is super cute and has very friendly employees. I'm definitely not the best person to review this spot since I only can rate the sorbets since I can't have dairy. (vegan) 8.1.21. ~ The two non-dairy flavors were Watermelon and Cantaloupe. We went with watermelon. It was nice that it wasn't overly sweet and not icy at all like some sorbets can be. The sorbet also didn't taste extract-y or artificial which was very appreciated. I know this shop has been here for a long time, so that should speak to the quality of their gelato. I hope someday they'll offer one dairy-alternative gelato!

Annabelle R.

Love everything about this place (except for the tiny-ass spoons, which are basically spoons most ice cream shops use for samples, so like the size of my finger, lol). There was no wait time during my visit, and the workers were attentive and provided pretty standard service. It's a cute little "ice cream" shop, in a chill setting in downtown Berkeley. I say "ice cream" cuz I put ice cream and gelato in the same category... and this place is good! Plenty of flavors to choose from. I got the small (2 scoops) -- chocolate and italian chocolate chip, so smooth and creamy and fresh! Some of the best gelato I've had (and I've had gelato in Italy to compare it to). I also love how affordable this place is, and it was easy to find seating in the shared outdoor sitting area (even though there were only a few tables), in addition to entertaining people-watching. The nearby garage wasn't open last Sunday, but I didn't have trouble finding street parking around the corner. Finding a bathroom was more of a problem. Almare does not have a public restroom, and most other nearby stores and restaurant did not have one either, or were out of service or only for employees. We ended up walking to a park for a porta potty... not Almare's fault, but pretty inconvenient. I still recommend this place if you're in the area... just be prepared... maybe bring your own full-size plastic spoon and use the bathroom before you head over :P

Monika F.

Absolutely delicious gelato in generous portions!

Hamzah O.

Don't be fooled by tiny gelato places. This place was near a restaurant by walking distance. I will have to say I was blown away by the flavors. We ordered a pistachio flavor, banana caramel crunch, toasted almonds with caramelized figs, and affogato with vanilla. The texture & flavor was so fresh so unreal I could never get ice cream other than gelato. By far best place I've ever came across. Worth every penny.

Carlos Galvis Jr.

Great gelato, nice and creamy with rich flavor. Tiramisu, vanilla, and chocolate all got passing scores!

Sarah M.F.

I don't know how we'd never seen this place before... it's easily my new favorite gelato spot in the Bay Area! We tried the Violet, Strawberry, Pistachio, Stracciatella, and the Toasted Almond and Caramelized Figs. Phew. Just delicious, every flavor! They also sell doggie yogurt, which was a big win for my girl ☺️

Evan H

Twice now the gelato was perfect. Solid variety of flavors. Also the amaretto cookies sold in store are some of the best I’ve ever had. Wish they sold ice cream sandwiches with any flavor of ice cream.

Lauren Padick

Highly recommend the banana caramel chip flavor!

Andreas G.

First time visit. Ordered two small cups. One with pistachio and straciatella, the other with chocolate and violet. We've liked all flavors except violet which tasted a bit artificial. The gelato is very smooth and the right amount of sweet. A lot of chocolate pieces in the straciatella as well. Will definitely be back and try some more flavors. Staff was really nice as well.

Ami A.

Unique taste. Due to the pandemic, shops don't give out samples; at Almare, you can go with half scoops too! So even with the kid's cup, you can taste two different flavors. Definitely worth the try

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