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924 Gilman St, Berkeley
(510) 524-8180

Recent Reviews

Felex Matua

Very positive family place!!!

Ross W

Cool and clean venue.


Gillman used to be my hang out in the later1980s and 90s I still stop by once in awhile

MichaelSean Magg

Great venue

Ernesto Rodríguez

Unique space, safe, and oh so much fun

Robert Kaplan


Alexandria A.

Cool, grunge atmosphere. Close to Whole Foods

Fatima O.

the lookouting was AMAZING!!!! Staff is super nice and the area is pretty safe. When I went, there was tons of free street parking and it was a clean area. I definitely want to come back again and catch a ska show!

Juliana Silva

Punk Rock

Alex Bru

So thankful for this place!


Very cool and great music

Rafael Martínez

great venue but the hardcore moshers can get a bit stupid

Ian Engle

To say I love The Gilman is an understatement. I get giddy on the way. There's just something about it.

Albert Galvez

I loved it, it was my first time going to a place like that.

Jesse Townley

What I really like are the comfortable chairs. There are cup-holders and a fantastic selection of craft beers. The strippers are voluptuous, friendly, and very diverse. Plus, they'll put on the college football game of your choice if you tip generously!

Shaun Osburn

Excellent sports bar. New big screen televisions, comfy leather seats and terrific IPA selection. GO NINERS!

Christopher Lexx Stanley

Rough acoustics. Really should do something about the concrete floor. Everybody sounds Harsh. Like playing in a glass room. Okay for punk maybe, but can be disappointing. Historic with a strong Berkeley vibe. Play there once, but go up the street to Ashkenaz if you want to sound good. Lexxx & LexxxCorp


Place got the atmosphere it should have

Pamela ..

Such a dope venue. Caught the Zion-I show here recently and it couldn't have been a better experience. LOVE 924 Gilman!!!

Bill Fisher

Legendary punk club! Saw Crash Worship here in '93 and I will never be the same. Saw Neurosis, Steel Pole Bathtub, Jawbreaker and more here as well. Can't say I've been here for 25 years, but when I talk with the younger folks, it sounds like it's still an amazing place.

Steelie Dan

Great new young punk bands in a relaxed atmosphere , with friendly people 👍

Paolo Sabatinelli

This is where all started. Great vibe

Joseph Yaskovic

the attitude at gilman of no judging, no labeling and come as you TRULY are is such a welcome freedom. a great variety of lifestyles and backgrounds.

Ranjeet Tate

Community Space for alternative music, very intimate, all welcoming. Music was loud but they offer free ear plugs fury us oldies.

Katharine Ng

Historic venue with great music and a fun crowd!

Morgan Clark

The Gilman is still helping people of all ages find and express themselves in a safe, welcoming environment. So many perfect nights spent listening to great music.

Dez Monroe

924 Gilman can improve by doing away with their political agendas and intolerance. This place is not a punk venue, it's a venue run by hypersensitive crybabies that disgrace the history of the business they run. At 924 Gilman there is no freedom of speech/expression, unless they agree with what you have to say. Never coming back to this place, unless it's to piss on the front door.

Robert Gammel

I just had an amazing time at this place. Such a special space of shared energy!! I saw people from 10 to at least 50 Year’s of age, dads with their boys along with hard core punks!!! This place rocks!!!

Julian Raya

I went here for live music all the time as a kid. Now, 20 years later I attend NA meetings here... Funny to find myself back here in this context.

Candice G.

I don't know that ive ever been anywhere louder in my entire life but it was a really cool venue and the space allows for a lot of different show options. Luckily they have a little shop that sells Kirkland brand microwaveable popcorn and ear plugs for a very nominal price. They have free water in Gatorade jugs and just ask that you re-use your cup, and they sell no alcohol so a night out at 924 Gilman is bound to be a budget friendly one. The staff here were... ambivalent? Which is fine. If I had my eardrums blown out on the regular at a straight edge venue, I'd probably feel similarly. There's a real grassroots vibe here, though they're apparently somewhat backed by members of Green Day as a thank you for being an outlet for them when they were coming up in the Bay Area. The selection of shows here run the gamut but the show I attended was a metal, then experimental drum band, then a funky one man from outer space band, then a metal robotic band. It was... not for everyone. But it was for me.

Stephanie Y.

This non profit is an all ages, substance free music venue that really gears to the punk scene. It's been around for 30 years doing it's thing! While, I admit this was actually my first punk show ever and I'm not the biggest fan, I am a fan of 924 Gilman and what it represents and the service it provides for Berkeley. The Sunday night show was $10 cover, plus the $2 membership fee. 4 bands, 1 of which was a wizard and 1 of which had robots. Yep. The other were 2 were more closely to what I would refer to as death metal. It's loud, but it's something different. They have a little snack bar where you can buy ear plugs (needed), water and chips and such. Coffee is free, but a donation is encouraged. They are all about being welcome to all with no judgement and you gotta get behind it. Surprisingly, the bathroom was pretty clean!

Dillon B.

Great place with great shows. Very nice atmosphere, people help you up if you fall down and anyone coming there to cause trouble is quickly kicked out. The only problem is they don't serve drinks.

Nate Shaffer

If your into local dive bars well this one is by far one of the best.. just there is no alcohol here.. but there is a brewery right next door

Bill H.

I went to see a friend's punk set here a few weeks ago on a weekend night. I had this notion in my head of this place being filled with high schoolers given that it's an all-age venue, but that was definitely not the case. The venue's small but cool, the sound setup was pretty good (you can get earplugs at the front for pretty cheap), and the staff was friendly and helpful. Not sure I'd have the occasion to go back here much as I don't watch a ton of live music, but I'd be happy to go back.

Nini G.

My favorite venue to see music. Here's why: 1) Many of the bands' average age is less than 25 years old - lots of enthusiasm and originality! 2) Nobody drinking alcohol, no spilled beers and especially NO SMOKING of any kind inside - what a relief! If you want to drink, you can go next door to the Brewery during breaks between bands. Worthwhile to note that I have never seen any need to "enforce" these rules - everyone seems to know and is respectful. Pretty amazing. 3) Real community feel - friendly people that are easy to meet - mostly young people since it is an all-ages club. 4) Easy, safe parking. 5) Very fair entry fees ranging $5-15 depending on bands. 6) Lots of variety - check out the bands on the page before going - or just take a chance - hardly ever been disappointed. You can choose a night with Surf music, Ska music, Reggae, Punk (wide range of sub-genres), etc. 7) Finally, no VIPs, no snobs - true DIY and egalitarian spirit. Bands tend their own Merch sales at table along wall, and meet with audience between sets. No egomania or superiority complexes.

Ellis Byrd

An iconic punk rock club. This place launched the careers of many well known bands. The place is rough and tumbles with no empty space on the walls for paint. It is covered in art and band stickers. ITS GREAT HERE

Courtney McLean

We went to an awesome show here. The vibe was awesome, the sound quality was good and they were super nice to work with since I only had a certain amount of cash. Can't wait to go back!

L. M.

All ages, all the time. No -isms welcome. Don't stagedive, don't bring in booze, don't mess with the neighbors, don't be a weenie, mind your own business about what gender is in which bathroom. This is a collectively run, mostly punk music venue that does shows on weekends (killer sound system) and hosts the occasional movie night or 12-step meeting. I've also attended a workshop on polyamory here. Because it's a volunteer-run collective that rotates over the years, expect things to change. Some years it's cool for a band like the Mentors to play when they clearly show contempt for any woman with a sex drive, other years they're working on actually heeding their initial ideals. If you want to be involved, you can go to their Saturday afternoon meetings that happen once or twice a month. You can also volunteer to work a show by showing up early the evening of that show, and you'll get in free that night. Once a year, you'll need to pay for a $2 membership card and if you forget to carry it you pay for another card the night of a show on top of the cover charge. Lots of Bay Area bands got their start here. Once they're signed to a major label, they're too big to play Gilman, per Gilman rules. There is enough space to stand back from the madness if you want to bring a little kid in, just make sure they've got serious ear protection.

Paul C.

Goods time at a cool spot. If you like punk and rock local music and appreciate a classic venue then this is your place. Cash only, no concessions and no alcohol, so come prepared. Fieldwork is 2 blocks west if you want some great beer, and Farm Burger is two blocks east for a great burger. Gilman Brewery is next door for good beers at a quieter place. Plus, across the street is Whole Foods for anything else you might want. Watch the film 924 Gilman Street on Netflix if you want the history of the place. It's an East Bay punk rock classic joint.

Anna K.

If you are a fan of punk music, and/or a fan of Green Day, You have heard of the iconic 924 Gilman St. personally, I am a huge Green Day fan, and have always wanted to see a show at this iconic venue. This past weekend, I found myself in Berkeley and was pleased to learn there was a reggae and ska night happening. Upon entering, I was blown away by how cool this place is! No, "cool" does not even cut it. The amount of history this building holds, and the fact that you can literally SEE the history all over its walls, is what makes this place is so unique and incredible while you're enjoying a show here. From its "no fighting" and "no drugs" list of rules, to the badass volunteers I encountered, I do not think my Gilman Street experience could've gone any better, and I am so happy that I was able to experience it in my lifetime. If I ever find myself in the Bay area again, I will most definitely be coming back to Gilman.

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