Augie's Montreal Deli and Tap Room

875 Potter St, Berkeley
(510) 984-0283

Recent Reviews

Jentry Alexander

Wonderful poutine and sandwiches.

Rommel C.

tried this place for the first time over the weekend. the guy there was delivering the pick-up orders to people's car with a hockey stick. can't get much more canadian than that! he and the rest of the crew were very courteous and helpful, too. he gave me tips on how to warm up the vacuum-packed pastrami, and he seemed like an overall super nice guy. the food we ordered was absolutely phenomenal; especially that pastrami. very tender and not too salty. definitely earned another repeat customer. i'll be coming back!

Allison K.

I don't really get the hype .. Tried this place out as it was highly recommended by friends and also by yelp . Came here after hiking and was really looking forward to it . I ordered the meat plate and found the meat was super greasy and the taste was a little bland .. when I asked for sauce they looked at me as if I had two heads. Maybe this is typical, but would've loved the meat with some sauce to add more flavor . The meat poutine was okay but not very many fries so it was a huge mess at the end. The rye latkes were decent.

Mary C.

Had a salad.. once again... bom dot com. Fresh baby greens, meat, cheese curds, tomatoes, with a really nice vinaigrette... I willlll order this again. Maybe I'll do curbside pick-up this weekend! Just also wanted to add- they now have a market place for pick up. You can order onions, carrots, potatoes, meats, milk, butter, eggs and the like. Just text "order" to their phone number and the order form will be texted back to you. This has been a lifesaver for me. I'm avoiding stores and the public because I have some underlying health conditions.. Augie's has made my 'shopping' easier and oh-so convenient! I'm hoping the'll continue the marketplace until June.. if not longer! Thank you, Augie's for delicious salads, meats, and the marketplace! Much appreciated!!

Lisa T.

My husband and I had not been on a date since SIP started...this weekend we decided Montreal Smoked meat MUST happen! We were so excited and hungry- we placed our order once in the car with our ETA for contactless delivery. When we arrived the owner popped out w a mask on to grab our order number- we asked if we were ok to hang out and eat in the car, np! Our food was ready within 5 minutes of arriving and delivery was done in the most Canadian way possible at the safe distance of a hockey stick We were so happy and enjoying being out he brought us two Molsons on the house! We ordered extra fries to go to enjoy with the extra sandwich we bought to have tomorrow. They are also selling household supplies and groceries INCLUDING bread flour & yeast!!! Things felt fun and "new normal " but delicious and SO great to be out!! I grew up in Montreal and everything about their sandwiches, French fries, poutine, pickles & slaw are legit!! They even have white vinegar and Molsons!!! BEST day out in as long as I can remember!!!!

Toni M.

Augie's is operating during the stay-at-home order, both for takeout and for delivery. We've done takeout from them twice, texting our order, and they have been scrupulous about sanitation, w/ masks and gloves. Even Stomper, the A's mascot out in front, is wearing a mask. They are also selling grocery staples like yeast and flour, Lex told me. Other stuff too. This is a wonderful, local business we are happy to support.

Ted R.

Shelter in place delivery review: I ordered L'Original sandwich and loved it. Excellent rye bread and a thick, tender pile of Montréal smoke - a cured beef brisket with spice like a pastrami but a better texture. They say they bake it for 8 hours and I believe it - so delightfully tender. The house-made pickle added a vinegary counterpoint. My girlfriend's Rye Bread Latkes were pretty good but unfortunately inconsistent. One was burnt. She wasn't terribly disappointed but it left room for improvement. The Poutine we shared was off the chart - french fries amply layered with cheese curds and covered in gravy. Best I've had. I've never had it in Canada though. They say the use St Hubert poutine sauce imported from Canada, so that sounds pretty authentic. Delivery was quick too. I would definitely order Augie's again. Don't be surprised if they get 5 stars from me sometime.

Lynne R.

Best pastrami in the East Bay. The meat is tender with a slight smoked edge. Dont miss the fantastic Reuben, and there is nothing better on a cold day than a hot, generous smoked meat poutine. Casual ambience that works perfectly with their menu. The Montreal smoked meat is really, really good, but you also need the right bread and sides to make it work - and they do make it all work together very well. Poutine was robust, savory and basic - the way it should be. Everything was on point, and the service and staff were great. Dog friendly outdoor seating scores big points. Look forward to a return visit.

Justine Cubbage TenZeldam

I love everything about this place and what they give back to the community. Most of all the food and beer but yeah just go. If you're a carnivore you're gonna like your munch!

Jon M.

This place is terrific! Having traveled to Montreal many times and had the "real" thing, I can say authoritatively that Augie's has nailed it. The smoked meat and turkey define "mouth watering". The poutine is decadently wonderful. The space is open, bright, and fun. The folks who own and run Augie's are great. They are ** OPEN ** during stay-at-home / Lockdown serving most of the menu for takeout, and are expanding to being a kind of local market, including those "hard to find" items ;-)

Beach B.

Best sandwiches I have ever had. This place is great friendly staff, great food, great beer must try. This business also supports first responders

Susie S.

Placed an order through an email for Passover and never got a response. Bummer. Respond to emails promptly -- especially during Covid. Thanks so much.

Suany W.

This is the only pastrami sandwich I'll eat. I HATE meat-heavy sandwiches with a passion but Augie's is divine. I'm also not a fan of coleslaw, but once again, I can't get enough of Augie's version. Even the pickles are top-notch. I've only had takeout delivery via my peon, but hope to visit in person one day. In fact, I just wolfed down half of a leftover pastrami sammy for lunch. Finger-lickin' good!

Nate K.

People recommend that you do more writing while you're sheltering in place (2020). Today I had to stop by and see how my friend Lex is doing. If you have never had Montreal Smoked Meat, you might as well be a vegetarian because you're missing out. This small shop in the warehouse block off of Ashby offers the best sandwich and genuine poutine made of triple fried red potatoes .... the Canadian way!

Jeremiah Spiller

great food and friendly staff.

Suzanne Carter

This is a parking review. Honestly I would love to try your food, but there was zero parking and I mean zero. Also, rude counter person. Can you ask the city if they can designate any spaces for your place?

Margaret G.

Very friendly deli near Berkeley Bowl West. We don't have anything similar to this in the East Bay, so glad they're here. Yay Canada! I had an excellent brisket sandwich, beautifully smoked, with an ample amount of meat. The chicken soup was a disappointment. Not much in the way of homemade, traditional chicken soup flavor- maybe watered down? Matzoh ball was good though... Casual, fun atmosphere, and the facilities are clean. Looks like they have a good selection of beers on tap too.

Julia Zhu

SO glad I found this place! Oh joyous day! As an ex-Montrealer, I die on the inside without poutine. Try their smoked meat. It's fantastic.

Craig Y.

If you were wondering like I was what "smoked meat" is, basically it is corned beef. Augie's Montreal Deli does a great job of providing fresh, tasty food. The location is strange being in a warehouse neighborhood but apparently they do a lot of business. The signs all around the shop encourage alternate methods of getting your food! The menu is simple but I didn't go for the classic poutines. Instead I went for the basics today. Overall, I would give it 3 1/2 stars but if you like their style of pickling, you would probably give it a five. I rounded up because it deserves it. So solid four stars. FOOD: The meat is solid. Tasty with a good balance of fat and meat. Good rub on the crust to make it just the right level of spicy. For me, the coleslaw had too much vinegar and way too many carrots. The pickle was a little sharp in taste for me. The meat though was high-quality as well as the bread. I thought the french fries were very fresh and had a good taste, but were really teeny and tiny. More like crumbs then whole French fried potatoes. But I think that's the style. SERVICE: I ordered over caviar, and it was quick and easy. The person behind the counter was nice and friendly, and there was no trouble at all. The food was served in quality containers so no problems there. COST: Reasonable for what you get. You get a boat load of fries and a solid sized sandwich. Not as big as say Katz' Deli in NY but also half as much.

Pedro S.

I was in the mood for a hot sandwich. I decided to try this place. I had the 8 oz l'original sandwich. I choose have the medium fatty Meat. The meet could have been warmer, but It was a good flavor nonetheless. The matzo ball soup felt homemade, but again it could have been served hotter! I gave the sandwich a 4 starts and the matzo ball soup a 3.5. They Definitely get four stars for their beer selection. It has plenty of parking and it's good for kids. I will be back!!

Bryanna Davison

The meat is really good and the staff is quite friendly.

Michael Cabot

Smoked meat sandwich and poutine.

Brandon L. Harnish

No contest, it's the best. They do corned beef better than anyone. 10/10.

Logan T.

Fairly disappointed. The brisket in my sandwich was a few hour from being tender. It was pretty tough and chewy and the fat wasn't completely rendered. I'm hoping it was just the day because it was pretty close to being a great sandwich but I can't overlook tough meat on a $14 sandwich. Surprised that the chef doesn't try a piece of each brisket to see if it's up to their standards. Sad.

Patrick Wang

Just like in Montreal! Get the medium and fatty cuts for most flavor

Eloise Kelleher

This is the second time I have been and it was as good as the first time. The poutine is excellent and the reason for venturing back, the Ruben was also delicious. The service is also very good, friendly, warm without being over the top. We will be back.

Rustin L.

In a word..... disappointment. We wanted a good sandwich, but decided to give this place a shot when it came up in the search. Intrigued by poutine we decided to venture out and try something new. A regular sandwich, small poutine and no drink came to $30 with tip! You know how much you can get for $30? I could have gotten an entire corned beef from Costco for $15. A huge bbq platter.... 2 Philly cheesesteaks. Instead the sandwich was tiny, the equivalent of half a real sandwich. The quality of the meat was very good, but hardly justifies the price tag. Sadly the spicy pickle was the star of the plate. As far as the poutine goes, it was underwhelming. Lots of thin fries, the ends with skin on em, sort of like the bottom of the barrel feel. The gravy tasted salty and artificial like a jar sauce, almost reminiscent of a Top Ramen flavor pack taste and sodium level. I was expecting something with more depth and complexity -- more of a homemade gravy. Lastly the place has a very sterile, boring vibe with a few Canadian flags for decor. As a Warriors fan, I wish I hadn't supported a Raptors establishment, but that's a minor issue compared to the much larger issue of the food and cost. I'm no poutine expert, so I can't say how authentic this is. But for my taste and $$, there's a lot better tasting things out there... and for much less. I couldn't ever find a reason to come back here.

Alison Phagan

Best poutine I’ve ever had. Delicious Montreal smoked meat. One of the best places to eat in the Bay Area

Noriko M.

First of all the poutine is good depending on what you think should be the main show in poutine if you think gravy should be then you will love this places poutine,there burger is really good the patty is juicy but the bun evens it out,the pickles they have a little bit of a kick to them, it is really good price considering how much you get,plus the soda is really good

Victoria J.

Food is decent but service is way lacking. Came on a weekday at lunch and we had to ask for our beers since they just forgot or the girl ringing up the beers was supposed to yell it to the someone. Then we get our food yay, looks great we wait a few minutes for our friends to get their food since they ordered right after us, they got their poutine and then nothing. Other tables behind us got their food and still nothing. We finally ask and they say reubens take a while but our grilled cheese shouldn't and eventually that came and then the Reuben still didn't come as people behind us still get their meals. Finally when we were all done with our food our friend finally gets his Reuben. They did give him a meal coupon for a future visit. They said the kitchen lost his order. Food at this price is not that great when the service is this bad. The people seemed genuinely nice but they need to fix some issues if they want to keep their customers. Refuge is way better then Augies and with a far superior dining experience. Food wise the Reuben was tasty lots of good meat. The classic poutine was great but very gravy heavy it gets really salty half way through and you just can't finish it. The bagel I got my kids with cream cheese was basic for $4. The matzo ball soup was pretty bland and mostly broth. Grilled cheese was really cheesy and came with gravy -delicious. I was really looking forward to eating here and it was underwhelming.

Davey F.

Best Pastrami in the Bay Area, bar none. Sandwiches were classic and delicious. Coleslaw and Matzah Ball soup were also excellent. Love this place!

Andrew K.

Good stuff. Nice people work here. Smoked meat sandwich was good. Matzoh ball soup needed salt. Best thing were the amIng fries.

Catherine N.

So delicious!!! We ordered the: - Pastri Sandwich - way too much delicious meat. It's perfect to split between 2 persons since it's pretty hefty - Latke - nice appetizer size, it's just a little sampler - poutine - wow!! Large is large! Everything was very good!! I can't complain about anything. We split these 4 dishes between 3 adults after rock climbing across the street, and it was just the right amount for us.

Amanda Ackerman

Smoked Meat sandwiches fill my corned beef/pastrami sandwich cravings in the most delicious way possible, and I love having the safety net of knowing I can get myself some matzah ball soup and latkes whenever I need them.

Morgan W.

I ate the brisket plate and the poutine. The poutine was amazing. But all I could think about was the thousands of applications I could use their brisket in. This place is worth every moment of your time and the prices are extremely fair. Watched classic cartoons and had a great time. Thank you. Oh... and... the bathrooms are super clean.

Anita R.

Are you a fan of the Refuge's Pastrami Sandwich? Try one here, it it just as good. According to their website the meat is maple and spice cured, hand rubbed, smoked, and is slow roasted beef brisket. The sandwich is delicious with a generous portion of 8oz of tender meat. Fries were a bit crispy in the poutine we ordered our first visit. I enjoyed the gravy on it. So we ordered them lightly cooked this time. We were surprised that they came out over done. The guy (who I believe was new) who took our order came to bus our table. We told him the fries were not cooked as requested. He apologized and said he was told that they can not be cooked any other way. I wish someone would have let us know and we would not had ordered them at all. Disappointing to our Taste Buds and wallet. There are some prepackaged meats and other items ready to be taken home. This review is based on a visit in November.

Johanna Bowsher

Amazing smoke meat- just like the smoke meat I remember from living in Montreal!

Jon P.

Came for lunch: I had the: 1. Reuben: delicious! The meat was so tender. The sandwich was very good. 2. Poutin: delicious!! It's so good. The awesome and generous amount of gravy make this dish so amazing. TL/DR: This place is great. Delicious!

linda bowen

it's so savory. the service was very helpful and observant. it has a great atmosphere. if it was closer to my home i would be here often.

Peter Connolly

Maybe this is the Montreal style? The brisket looks and tastes like pastrami. A very bland pastrami. The coleslaw is... odd. Left the deli trailing a gigantic cloud of garlic. Limited selection of drinks, unless you count the 5 Canadian beers.

Augie's Montreal Deli and Tap Room

875 Potter St, Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 984-0283