Barbarian grub and ale

2012 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 225-9683

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Adrian H.

Had a decent experience here. Food was good and the portion was filling. It was easy to place my order and pick up.

Saima N.

~Open in COVID~Think burritos, in Indian form; If you're looking for your naan wrap fix, make sure you give this place a try. Barbarian has other indian fusion dishes like a turmeric fried chicken sandwich and wrap, but what keeps me going back is the chicken tikka naan wrap. It's simple and made well: chicken curry, rice, and salad tossed in a tangy dressing in a fluffy hot naan served with tikka masala sauce on the side for $9.50. The place has a full kitchen menu, pizza by the slice, a grocery food section, refrigerated beer, beers on tap, and actually has a nice seating area inside (although not being used in covid). It sounds like a lot going on but they truly pull it all together, this place is great.

Jaquelyn Meyenschein

The food is consistently well prepared and delicious, cashiers gives good customer service. I like the cleanliness and character. Highly recommended.

Ann Ruengvivatpant

The sandwich board featuring delicious looking Indian food caught our eye, and we decided to try the turmeric popcorn chicken. Without the sandwich board, we would have probably walked by without noticing the shop. It looks like a convenience store up front, bar in the back, pizza shack on the right, and cafe counter on the left. Popcorn chicken (white meat) was served on a bed of refreshing salad and came with a side of mild curry dip. Will be back for more! During the pandemic, you need to wait outside while hot food is being prepared so odds of being solicited by panhandlers is high.Pros: Tasty twist on fried chicken, friendly staff, good priceCons: Panhandlers prevalent along the block

Kevin Velazquez

The place offers a fantastic range of delicious food. I enjoyed eating here. The employees are always very friendly, rates are affordable and the spot is always neat.

Ria R.

I wish this was a good place for samosas. The samosas are indeed huge but there's almost no taste. I think they only used one spice, turmeric. Veggie pizza slice and samosa we're both kinda greasy and cold.

Thijs Laarhoven

Good selection of Indian food and pizzas as well. If you need a quick bite and you feel hungry, then this is a good option.

Brian Hickey

Great beer selection and unique pizza.

Sydney J.

I decided to stop in on a Monday evening and try a slice of their pizza. Decided to get the spinach and ricotta (bummer that they don't offer a vegetarian paneer pizza!), and it seems they'll heat it up for you by default. There was no line at the time, so just a short wait for heating it up. I thought the pizza was solid if you like thin crust, though you might get more food for the same approximate amount if you went to the nearby Sliver (not sure about the prices/portions at the other pizza places nearby since I haven't tried those yet). Note that they will charge $0.50 if you use a credit card, so best to have some cash. I saw there are canisters of hot water and chai there as well, wasn't 100% clear to me if those are free since I don't recall seeing the prices for them listed on one of the wall menus.

Megan Dessel

Always a great time. Food is served fast and it's always on point. Chicken sandwich with the slaw is juicy and crunchy. The pizza thin, cheesey and good size for quick meal. My go-to is the chicken curry bowl. Filling and delicious. Sometimes other patrons can get rowdy but it always settles and management is quick to make you feel at home. My boyf and I frequent time and time again...

G Gordon Worley III

had a good samosa here. lots of beer selection

Lisa Teague

A friendly place serving Indian specialties and New York style pizza. The turmeric buttermilk popcorn chicken with tikka masala dipping sauce is my favorite. Just delicious.


Try their sandwiches, they're delicious.


Who the hell puts ICE CUBES in Mango Lassi but this place?! Total ripoff.

Daniel Feliciano

What a unique gem. I want to give it five stars but I'd like to go 3 or 4 more times before I give it a solid 5. Ordering food was slightly confusing but once I got it, I was absolutely thrilled with the flavor. I got a naan wrap. I am slightly biased because I love naan wraps to begin with. That being said they seemed to do it well. Their beer selection seems more than Ideal, I believe they sold other liquor store type items like cigarettes and candy, etc. If I lived in Berkeley I would definitely be back to hang out. Huge ups to the barbarian mural too, it seemed slightly out of place but in a very endearing way. Very eclectic non standard business model. Worth several visits.

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