Barbarian grub and ale

2012 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 225-9683

Recent Reviews

Ria R.

I wish this was a good place for samosas. The samosas are indeed huge but there's almost no taste. I think they only used one spice, turmeric. Veggie pizza slice and samosa we're both kinda greasy and cold.

Thijs Laarhoven

Good selection of Indian food and pizzas as well. If you need a quick bite and you feel hungry, then this is a good option.

Brian Hickey

Great beer selection and unique pizza.

Sydney J.

I decided to stop in on a Monday evening and try a slice of their pizza. Decided to get the spinach and ricotta (bummer that they don't offer a vegetarian paneer pizza!), and it seems they'll heat it up for you by default. There was no line at the time, so just a short wait for heating it up. I thought the pizza was solid if you like thin crust, though you might get more food for the same approximate amount if you went to the nearby Sliver (not sure about the prices/portions at the other pizza places nearby since I haven't tried those yet). Note that they will charge $0.50 if you use a credit card, so best to have some cash. I saw there are canisters of hot water and chai there as well, wasn't 100% clear to me if those are free since I don't recall seeing the prices for them listed on one of the wall menus.

Megan Dessel

Always a great time. Food is served fast and it's always on point. Chicken sandwich with the slaw is juicy and crunchy. The pizza thin, cheesey and good size for quick meal. My go-to is the chicken curry bowl. Filling and delicious. Sometimes other patrons can get rowdy but it always settles and management is quick to make you feel at home. My boyf and I frequent time and time again...

G Gordon Worley III

had a good samosa here. lots of beer selection

Lisa Teague

A friendly place serving Indian specialties and New York style pizza. The turmeric buttermilk popcorn chicken with tikka masala dipping sauce is my favorite. Just delicious.


Try their sandwiches, they're delicious.


Who the hell puts ICE CUBES in Mango Lassi but this place?! Total ripoff.

Daniel Feliciano

What a unique gem. I want to give it five stars but I'd like to go 3 or 4 more times before I give it a solid 5. Ordering food was slightly confusing but once I got it, I was absolutely thrilled with the flavor. I got a naan wrap. I am slightly biased because I love naan wraps to begin with. That being said they seemed to do it well. Their beer selection seems more than Ideal, I believe they sold other liquor store type items like cigarettes and candy, etc. If I lived in Berkeley I would definitely be back to hang out. Huge ups to the barbarian mural too, it seemed slightly out of place but in a very endearing way. Very eclectic non standard business model. Worth several visits.

Casey D.

Was always skeptical of the price and what was advertised on their stand outside... I finally gave in and decided to try their turmeric buttermilk popcorn chicken and OMG I'm in love!! They actually give you WAYYY more than shown in the picture shown outside, and the sauce complements it well. This is the type of food that reheats well too if you can't finish the large portion, it's so good. Will be back to try other items on their menu.

Shivani Raina

I had the chicken Tikka wrap here and it was absolutely disgusting. I am from India and have had chicken Tikka wraps both in India and abroad, but never have I ever seen someone put tonnes of plain white rice and cabbage in it. The chicken itself was not Tikka but overcooked pieces of chicken in Orange cream. I was famished but I couldn't get myself to finish the wrap.

Shaun Geer

A family run eclectic mix of yummy indian foods and delicious pizza

Kayt Dieker

Amazing food, open late! Good beer selection as well

Adam E.

Really great food and awesome selection of beer that's open late. Very friendly and helpful staff. I would definitely come back.

Armaan Sethi

Chicken Tikka Pizza was really good.

Jonathan Perez

Occasionally I have to do this. They let me in as they were closing. I got two samosas. I went home full. The end.

Molly L.

I ordered a samosa and a veggie curry plate here. I thought it was pretty decent fast Indian food, but a bit pricy. The samosa was pretty big, but very oily. I had to pay extra for the tamarind sauce, and the sauce was pretty small and not really enough for the samosa. The veggie curry was pretty good but not worth the $10 I paid. I asked what kind of vegetables were in it to see if there were mushrooms in it and she didn't mention mushrooms but of course when I got it there were mushrooms in it. The strangest part about the veggie curry plate was the white rice -- it was like jasmine rice and not basmati rice like you'd expect. It was decent overall but again not sure I would get the veggie curry curry again.

Andie S.

Whoever decided to combine Indian + pizza into one restaurant had a brilliant idea. The chicken tikka pizza is the epitome of fusion food, and the popcorn chicken is really well seasoned plus it comes with a flavorful sauce (and it's on a bed of vegetables so it makes me feel healthy when I'm eating popcorn chicken). Plus they have a little convenience store style in the front and I love the variety of bottled sodas they have!

john doe

Thanks but no thanks. Waste my lunch time elsewhere.

Goku U.

Grub and ale is located about a block from one of the Downtown Berkeley bart station exits. The restaurant usually has 1-2 customers inside but I've never seen it full. There are 2 main cuisines within the restaurant - pizza and Indian food. At 7pm, the pizzas looked liked they were baked earlier in the day, ie they looked like plastic. So we avoided getting any pizza slices. Might be better to grab pizza at lunch time. As other reviewers have mentioned, there are pizzas with Indian flavors, but I didn't see any that were vegetarian. Back to the Indian counter, since we only wanted a snack, we decided to just grab a samosa ($2.5) and mint chutney ($0.5). The samosa comes in a paper bag and it was clear that it was greasy. The samosa filling could've been spiced a but more. The mint chutney was ok, there was mint flavor but it was also very watery. Overall, I'd recommend this restaurant for a quick/cheap bite. There is a seating area inside that is fairly clean.

Elijah Gibbs

I highly recommend the garlic naan and sauce, and the pizza is good as well. There’s also fried chicken which is supposed to be pretty good, and also there is literally a corner store at the front. Barbarian pretty much has it all and it’s all pretty good

Daniel C.

I've been coming to Barbarian for over a year hit haven't felt inclined to write a review until recently... I've never received such fresh food as of the last month via Uber Eats/takeout.. hot out the kitchen PIZZA and deliciously warmed tikka sauce.. I used to just bite my tongue and warm it up my requested items myself because the taste of ingredients were up to par. I acknowledge your improvements in quality and will remain a loyal customer.

I Be E.

This is a surprisingly cool hang out on Shattuck with beer and other non alcoholic beverage on premises, pizza and Indian food. Quite an eclectic menu, and variety. It's more like a stop over for kids after school but has adult beverages and decent food. The chicken masala was not superbly Indian but decent and hit the spot with a good amount of food. Kind of a fun place to hang out and watch the world go by.

Latasha Dyer

Have okay curry! Great place to ha e a beer and a slice.

Araya Carreiro

Fast and delicious food, not too expensive, good selection of beverages.

Jeff Gamble

Curry chicken great. Hot and plentiful.

Jay M.

Not bad at all. They have decent Indian food at decent prices. The Saag and Tikka Masala are both good. The samosas aren't that great. They have a lot of small snacks as well. Surprisingly, the pizza is also fairly good... much better than most pizza on the South side of Berkeley.

Mattie E.

Indian food & pizza. This place combines the two. Dope. I stopped in for a samosa, which are only $2.50 and masssiive. The pizza looked and smelled delicious and fresh, big slices and thin crust - very NY style. The samosa hit the spot - crispy on the outside, potatoey and spiced on the inside. Get a side of tikka masala sauce to dip it into. Heaven. Looking forward to trying the pizza, as well as venturing into their beer and wine selection.

Logan S.

Very disappointed in the taste. Overcharged for the naan. Couldn't finish my food. I wanted to like it but will not return.

Karen D.

Quick, reasonable, and delicious. Come for the Indian-style pizza, and stay for the espresso. Casual, comfy eat-in environment too. A favorite when we are in Berkeley.

Dante Popple

Good food, reasonable price and great beer selection

Tanuj Surve.

Great ambience with music and food

Kevin Zhou

Got the tumeric fried chicken sandwich. The piece of chicken was really small relative to the bun size and amount of coleslaw. Also the sauce kinda watered down

Ess H.

We found this place by accident one night when we were going to a play nearby. We were happy with the samosas and the service. About 10 minutes ago I stopped by there on a whim to pick up the same samosas on my way home. I just got some rude ass service from the guy who got me my food. No hello, totally gave me side-eye, pretty much tossed two samosas into a bag and shoved the bag at me, as if he couldn't be bothered. When I told him I ordered three, he grabbed the bag dropped another one in there and push the bag toward me. You know, for lukewarm samosas, I don't need to be paying for attitude.

Erica P.

This place has a fried chicken tikka masala sandwich that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Crispy chicken. Tart slaw. Amazing ctm sauce. Perfection.

Lily F.

Yummy pizza for a great price in Berkeley. Shop also has snacks and ready to serve Indian food. Staff is friendly and helpful and pizza is cheesy, crunchy with a hint of garlic. Perfect when you're in a rush or looking to meet a friend for a quick bite. I'll be back!

Ahmad Younes

I dont usually write reviews but when i do...

Alexander Adley

Lots of reviews are knocking the pizza, and I see the reason, it hasn't looked particularly amazing any time I've been here. But you're cheating yourself if you skip over this place. Ditch the pizza and grab the turmeric popcorn chicken or the turmeric chicken sandwich. Drench either one or them in the sauce you're given, and go to town.

F.A. Lee

1 of a kind fried chicken sandwich