Berkeley Thai House

2511 Channing Way, Berkeley
(510) 843-7352

Recent Reviews

James Doyle

Great atmosphere. And the homemade strawberry lemonade was so in point.

Allen Shadgoo

Delicious food, slow service. Will be back if we have a few hours for lunch

Rohan Harrison

I love the curry fried rice with the fried chicken! Totally bad for your body, but so good for your soul.

Ria B.

Ordered their combo with chicken gyoza and chicken pad kee mao! The combo is a really good deal, comes with an appetizer, main course, and a drink. The outdoor seating was also really cute with lights and some hanging flowers. The food it's self tasted pretty good, I liked the spice level but personally added some chili garlic on it. The staff was welcoming but the food took a lil while to finally arrive. Overall good experience!

Ty N.

DATE: Saturday 07 August 2021 MY ORDER: (Outdoor Dine) 1x Taro Puff = $8.00 1x Lunch Combo (Chicken Gyoza, Pumpkin Curry (Beef), Rice, Jumbo Thai Iced Tea = $19.00 1x Warm Up Beef = $12.00 REVIEW: As I scavenge the streets of Southside, I discovered many Thai places in the area. Ultimately, we decided to pick this place as the winner. And thus this is the first Thai restaurant I will eat at Berkeley. First off, the dining area was nice. It was decorated. There's even a little pond. This place will entice you into eating outside. Luckily for us, it was not too hot when we ate. I ordered the lunch combo, and got some extra appetizers too. The Warm Up Beef became one of our appetizers. The Taro Puff was unique. I've never had anything like that before. I did enjoy the taro flavor. But I felt like I was going to be full just by eating them. The Warm Up Beef was tasty. The broth was rich and savory. As for my lunch combo, I got Chicken Gyoza as my appetizer. Wow, I just realized that there's a lot of appetizers. It tasted good. Chicken was delicious. I also got Pumpkin Curry with Beef. I really enjoyed the Pumpkin Curry. Curry was elegant and rich. Beef wasn't dry. Another savory dish! I washed it down with water and a Jumbo Thai Iced Tea. The Iced Tea was sweet, but also a great drink to wash all the Thai food down! I really enjoyed this place. The Berkeley Thai House should expand and be a Berkeley Thai Village!

Francisco D.

Located right outside of UC Berkeley in the bustling strip of restaurants, Berkeley Thai House serves your typical go-to Thai favorites. Our table got the pad thai combo, pad see ew entree and mango sticky rice. How were they? All were good! I'm a pad thai fanatic so I had to start our table off with a pad thai, chicken and medium spice. The pad thai dish came with some tofu, which was a nice touch. Overall the taste was flavorful and not too salty or sweet like some pad thais. It was very well balanced. The pad see ew was savory and cooked just right with the veggies. Healthy entree portions. Finished it off with some mango sticky rice. There was a disproportionate amount of rice to mango in that we got way too many mango slices. No complaints here! Parking? Ha...good luck. You're gonna have to venture out into the residential streets to find some parking. There could be a walk involved but at least you'll arrive hungry. Overall, this place is good. But will I crave their pad thai? Maybe, if their parking situation wasn't so bad. Its worth coming by but the local parking could deter you.

Sarah M.

A really nice place to sit down and eat! And the food and service was amazing. The wait may be a little long during rush hour so I would say its better to reserve beforehand if you want a seat, but its totally worth it!!

Gregory Jenkins

We sat outside and the patio was really nice - slightly elevated, so you don't feel like you're on display for the sidewalk. I had the green curry, and it was excellent (I didn't specify, but it came as fairly medium style heat). I also have celiac disease, and the server we had was knowledgeable, which made me feel more comfortable. Would definitely recommend.

Matt & Lora Werner

Really good food in a fun outside deck environment. It's my student daughter's favorite food at Cal.

Kimberly V.

This place is ok. The food is decent but the service sucks. We ordered calamari and it came with more fries than anything, and when we told our server she said that's how they serve it and showed us a picture of the menu where it showed way more calamari than fries but when we pointed it out she said "that's just how we serve it" and walked off. On top of that when we got the bill we were automatically charged 15% gratitude because we came after 5pm (we were a small group). In conclusion, there are far better Thai food places around with much better service!

Angel L.

My first meal for Thai food in Berkeley during my undergrad was here in 2017. I remember getting the all day lunch combo for $11 (appetizer, main, drink)... now it's $15! Throughout the years, I would come several more times and we even had a professional event here catered with food by them. This time, I felt like the food got even better after not coming for about more than a year. My favorite here is the pad kee mao! There's enough of a kick + all the flavors hit the mark. During COVID, they amped up the outdoor seating. A great place for a solid meal with friends, family, or celebrations!

Philip P.

This place looked like a house converted to a restaurant. It's cute. The atmosphere is very mom and pop. The food is good, and prices are reasonable. The Panang curry was a bit sweet for my taste, but overall food was good.

Yan L.

I was pretty surprised by this place as it was very inexpensive so I thought the quality would suffer as well. I got a large green thai tea, two chicken Gyoza dumplings, a small salad, and a chicken pad see ew combo for less than $20. The food tasted really great the chicken pad see ew had a sweetness and kick of spice to it. I got it spicy but it didn't make me sweat so if you want it definitely ask for Thai Spicy. The only thing I didn't like was that the carrots were hard and crunchy (uncooked), vs soft carrots that I usually like. The green thai tea was moderately sweet. A huge portion of it was milk, so it wasn't that sweet. The Gyoza were good and the portion sizes were solid as I had leftovers for the next day. Also really great atmosphere to eat outside and Covid friendly.

Kayla Miller

Not a great experience..ill say the good before the bad. Service was pretty good. Bbq chicken was delicious and veggie egg rolls. Rice display was cute.. But everything else wasn't good. Food is super bland. The worst thing was the pad thai which as you can see in the picture wasnt barely touched. We didn't even take it togo. We asked if we could exchange it first they said no. (Guy)They we said could atleast pay half since we ate some of our combo (steamed veggies and appetizer) they said no I said well we don't like it and don't want it. The lady told me we should have asked for an exchange before we were leaving we waited to long. I told her we did but the guy refused. And the also added their tip in which was 8.84$ and I don't know any place that does that. This seriously has to be one of the worse thai restaurants in Berkeley I won't be back again (for a 3rd time)

Jackie Dixon

Their special HoyBerkeley Thai House are some of the best noods you can put in your mouth. Other dishes are great as well and seem to be fairly consistent in quality and taste. Definitely recommend and this place can get pretty packed for dinner.

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