Cheese 'n Stuff

2442 Durant Ave, Berkeley
(510) 843-9233

Recent Reviews

Dominic S.

I heard about this location from a number of friends when I first came to Berkeley, and eventually got dragged along to try it out. I've frequented Cheese N' Stuff ever since.

If you're looking for a quality sandwich with good portions and reasonable prices, this is definitely the spot.

Dede Y.

My husband and I both went to Cal a decade ago but met post-college. Turns out we both went here all the time while students and always got the "turkey delight". I still compare every turkey cranberry sandwich to this one and they are never as good as this place's.

Nicole R.

Great sandwiches and great community owner who has kept thousands of Berkeley students fed and a bunch of alumni the opportunity to reminisce with a delicious sandwich

Annaliese P.

Sandwiches here are the bomb, and for the price you can't go wrong. Don't know a single other place in town where you can get as good of a sandwich for as low of a price, and I've been living in Berkeley for 4 years.

Thomas M.

This is one of my favorite lunch spots in Berkeley, and definitely my favorite sandwich place. So cheap and so good - doesn't get any better than this. Make sure you get the Dutch Crunch!

Debra D.

The ingredients in my sandwich were great here, and the price was affordable as well.. but the only problem was that my panini was not so much a panini! They literally pressed it on the panini grill for like 5 seconds then handed it to me... such a bummer... cause it def didn't taste like a panini either. Went home & pressed it myself on the panini maker a whole hangry hour later...

Misaki S.

My favorite sandwhich shop in Berkeley. I still go back time to time for one of these Bad Boys. Cheese N Stuff was a staple for me during my years at Cal and would recommend to anyone looking for a great sandwhich. It's also pretty close to the Unit Dorms at Cal for freshmen lookin to try something new!

Claire Y.

Good sandwiches, but be careful with debit card payments. They charge 40 cents for credit card transactions, which is clearly written in the store-but when I checked my debit card charges, I noticed they charged me as if I used a credit card! They also do not offer you a receipt or confirmation on the register. Yes, it's only 40 cents but if I knew they would charge me that for using a debit card, I would've just paid in cash!

Molly L.

This place is pretty good and comparable in price to other sandwich chains. For instance, a turkey sandwich here is going for about $6 for about a 6-inch sub. I have been here a handful of time already and have ordered the Turkey sandwich on Dutch crunch bread. The ingredients are very fresh and go well together. I think though that they can tend to put too much dressing if you don't catch them and tell them not to beforehand. I also get annoyed that it's a $0.50 surcharge to use your card for purchases. Another thing that has annoyed me is that I came at 5:40 one time before they close at 6 pm, but they were already closing...

Leel W.

I went there the food was okay in the price was actually pretty good for what you get the ingredients I can tell we're fresh as well. Maybe just me but the cashier didn't seem friendly but I'm probably just being picky he just didn't really say anything to me

Erik V.

Good size, plenty of meat and you can't beat the price! This place has been open since I can remember. Their meats are fresh, their sandwiches are a very generous size and as I mentioned, you can't beat the price. I definitely recommend for a quick and delicious bite to eat.

Stan L.

I just stopped in for the first time after reading an article in Hoodline about the 5 best delis in Berkeley. I got a pastrami deluxe for less than $6, and everything was fresh and tasty. Everyone was very nice and greeted me in a friendly manner. The only negative is that I'm angry now for going to Subway all this time instead.

Z.S. H.

This is the secret gem near campus. $5.50 gets a great sandwich with top quality ingredients. I go here a few times a week and always get the pepper turkey deluxe.

Angel-Max Guerrero

I've been coming here for sandwiches since my undergraduate days. Good sized sandwiches at a great price.

Cindy Manuel

Great sandwiches!

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