2132 Oxford St, Berkeley
(510) 647-8684

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Margarita Savkina

Really tasty! I love their lavender frosting with blue berries and raspberries. The icing is sweet, but that's why I like the lavender one, it's not as over powering and in your face like some of the others.

Cherie Hill

Magnificent vegan cinnabun eatery. There's lots of different frostings and toppings for you to build your own cinnabun dessert. Very sweet, but you can choose fruit toppings if you don't want it to rich. They also have cookies and brownies. All vegan!

Joseph Torres

They have great cinnamon rolls. They are quite sweet, especially the ones that are covered in syrups and icings. The chocolate raspverry cheesecake is a favorite of mine.

Jon Freeman

Great product. Better than those other guys y a long shot. Yummy and vegan friendly I think.

Costello Family

Last minute large order. Crew was accommodating and helpful. PS: Much better to call ahead for large orders!

Arnav Tayal

Service was great! Took only a few minutes for 2 specialty buns. Be cautious of the sweetness however.

Celina Ibarra

Ehh.. I like Cinnabon better. Kind of bland, lacks frosting, and not worth $7. Worth a try and cool concept to add toppings on it though.

herbal life

These cinnamon rolls melt in your mouth they are so delicious and the fresh fruit topping option is pure genius! Sandy was a sweet heart ! She is running this place wonderfully! Also great playlist in the store it had me thumping and moving hehe

Kimberly Vargas

Amazing. I would have never known they were vegan, if I wasn't told. Will definitely be returning

Naas M

I got the classic old skool roll, there was barely any cinnamon in it. It was vanilla frosting which was too sweet for my tooth. Even though the cinnamon roll was heated up, only the ouside layer was warm. $5.71 not spend well

Miyu Ono

Really cute shop! Would recommend the Blueberry Lavender Chocolate Roll for those with a sweet tooth. Store is quite small so there is no inside seating.

Aliza S.

Cinnamon rolls are magnificent! Hands down worth it just for how great they are, but service could definitely be better.


I saw this business on shark tank and I had to check it out! I love it, so many options. It's expensive, about $5-6 per roll but honestly I think it's worth it cause you can pick your icing flavor and put nuts on top etc.

Ivette D.

My first question was "is everything vegan" when the answer was yes even the marshmallows, I relived I was in foodie heaven ! I got the old school roll the first time and it was delicious!! I came back a second time and got the Apple cream pie roll and once again was more then happy !

Rebecca L.

They offer 10% off when you check in on yelp! The best!!! I've been here 3X so far and I love it! You can't even tell they're vegan. I like how they don't advertise it too. It taste better than cinnabon :)

Alyssa L.

It's so delicious you'd be surprised that it's vegan! I constantly crave everything at this place!

Ben Reddaway

Very tasty fresh. Everything is vegan/dairy free. The old school roll is excellent. Cookie dough as a topping is a winner.

Omar Ghani

Chai frosting coated with strawberries and almonds. I absolutely loved it. A bit overpriced but I do look forward to coming back here again at some point.

Rachel F.

pretty good cinnamon rolls, but a little overpriced ((about $6 for a roll)). I honestly love cinnabon and I think they're pretty similar. I ordered the cookie monster, I believe it's an original cinnamon roll with cookie dough and chocolate drizzle on top. My bf ordered the old skool roll which is just your typical cinnamon roll. Okay when I first took a bite of mine, i liked it and thought it was good..buuut after my second bite, I didn't want it anymore. It was reaaaally sweet. I think they added too much of the frosting and chocolate drizzle literally all over..I ended up just eating the bread and avoiding the other things. If you're not into super sweet things, I recommend just getting the old skool. My bf said it was still really too much, but you can never go wrong w that!!..I think they needa chill w/ their frosting tbh. The cashier was super sweet and nice though!! really helpful..

Veg Nik

If you're in the mood for a sweet treat, especially after a great meal at Saturn Cafe or some time on Berkeley's campus, go to Cinnaholic!


2132 Oxford St, Berkeley, CA 94704