2132 Oxford St, Berkeley
(510) 647-8684

Recent Reviews

Preethi B.

I forget that this place is vegan -- that's how close it is to your classic cinnamon roll. These rolls are warm, soft, and most importantly gooey all throughout. Every time I go here, I get the roll with cream cheese frosting and strawberries. The staff is generous with not only the roll size, but also toppings and cream (much to my delight). Cinnaholic has a wide variety of toppings and frostings, so there is something for everyone. Note that there's no indoor seating, but they have a couple tables and chairs outside. This place is perfect for a small group or date, so it is definitely worth roll-ing through if you are in the area.

Alma L.

I saw shark tank show showing vegan cinnamon rolls and they truly are better then Cinnabon. This is my new place for my go to sweet tooth fix. I enjoyed the old school roll the most.

Wes Young

This place is very delicious. Tried the original roll and a snickedoodle cookie and the were delicious. And I believe everything is vegan. Not too important to me but it's something they don't advertise and you would never know.

The West

Unbelievable really. Sweet sweet vegan relief. I think about these cinnamon rolls day and night. And there are SO many options. 100000/10

Meghan G.

Deeeelicious! Great atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff, and yummy af cinnamon rolls! I would say the price is rather high for a cinnamon roll but I think this could be considered gourmet. Still though, wah :(

Ellen Hibdon

Very good, soft style cinnamon rolls. Lots of flavors too.

Nga Mai

Wait is a bit long, but we did order half a dozen. The quality was very good and the buns are big!

Chassidie L.

I LOVE YOU CINNAHOLIC This place is truly delicious, makes me feel like I could become vegan... just kidding but definitely an amazing take on vegan cinnamon rolls. I grew up eating Cinnabon and loving it, and to be quite honest, these vegan cinnamon rolls are BETTER! The store has a variety of toppings and flavors to choose from so the world really is your oyster. Everything here is 100% vegan - from the cinnamon rolls to the cookies. Although they are vegan, they are not gluten free. For being vegan food it is not too expensive either! (~$5) The portions are super filling and the taste is super decadent. I definitely recommend if you have a big sweet tooth!

Dorothy L.

My guilty pleasure for sweets :) my review is purely for delivery Food: I've tried the salted caramel cheesecake roll and strawberry birthday cake roll and both were amazing. Honestly I was surprised by the portions and how filling it was because it looked a bit small in pictures but it was super creamy and delicious. The salted caramel cheesecake roll was a bit too eh for my taste and after a couple bits, I felt a bit sick of the flavor. As for the strawberry birthday cake roll, it was a lot sweeter and I liked the combination better. However, I think all the rolls here look super good lol so don't think you can go wrong w any choice LOL

Siddharth Gupta

It was my first time, and the servers were really pleasant and helpful in giving me suggestions for what I was looking for! The food was DELICIOUS and now I know why all my friends rave about it

Gabriel Gowell

Good. Pricey. You get what you pay for. Well worth it.

Celia Z.

Still as good as I remember. It is even better this visit because it had pumpkin spice frosting. It was awesome. These cinnamon rolls are definitely a calorie splurge but I say it's worth it. I also don't ever eat more than 1/4 of it at a time so I would recommend sharing with people.

Cari A.

I've been re-watching schitt's creek and got a craving for a cinnamon roll. I've seen this place on Yelp for a while now and had an opportunity to finally check it out today. Pros: -lots of variety in terms of frosting and toppings you can choose from -it's not Cinnabon, which I grew up on and love, but it is pretty good and best of all it's vegan -served warm Cons: -no tables/seating available

Bob F.

Pretty good cinnamon buns. Okay, so I love cinnamon, cream cheese frosting, and most desserts with bread. So this place was clearly in my wheelhouse. You can order cinnamon buns here with fancy frostings and toppings, but I opted for their Old Skool version with no toppings and vanilla frosting. The winner in this category is still Cinnabon. The bread has better texture (slightly chewier), the frosting was richer, and the overall experience was better. If you like a lighter bread and less sweet cinnamon buns, then this might be the place for you. I might be back to try something else--and go crazy with the toppings and frosting!

Stacie B.

I do love Cinnaholic but most definitely not this location. Ordered 2 old skool, took much longer than what was told. Well he forgot our order. I understand maybe the two boys working just didnt feel like working, but extremely poor customer service. I will not go back to this location again, we do like the locations by Summerlin and Cenntenial. The cinnamon rolls were great! Its all about customer service.

Kylie H.

Forgot how great this place is. I love that it is vegan and there are so many flavor/topping options, definitely something for everyone. Even my picky grandma loves the old school cinnamon rolls here. Definitely recommend.

Bryanna Law

I can't overstate how much I love this place. It's definitely a decadent treat, but everything is so tasty! The variety of flavor combinations is unreal, and it's even better that the whole menu is vegan friendly.

Akash Patel

Amazing place where everything is Vegan including their toppings! Been there a couple times and enjoyed it every time. Definitely recommend eating them while they're hot!

Robert Grasier

Paid $8 for a cinnamon bun and gave tip. Place refused to give me a receipt. After I got loud and argumentative they grudgingly hand wrote one for me #Jerks

Stephen Calnan

Now savory pizza rolls? I'll never eat anywhere else.

Nestor C.

I had some high expectations for this place. I was hoping a richly flavored and warm cinnamon roll loaded with amazing toppings, but what I got was a Luke warm piece of cinnamon flavored bread with old tasting toppings. I did show up to this spot with a little over an hour before closing. They had put almost everything away and was greeted in a disappointed way. Customer service was an ultimate let down, and the presentation of what I ordered appeared as if it was just thrown together in the quickest way possible. I ordered a cinnamon roll with brownie bites, graham cracker crumble. The brownie tasted stale and old, the cinnamon roll was tough to get through and not what I was expecting. I'd be willing to give this place another shot mid-day or upon opening , but going towards the closing hours can set you up for some pretty disappointing eats. Checking in with Yelp does give you a 10% discount, which is pretty nice if you are ordering for a big group.

Marcos E.

I have been yearning to visit this place for a while and being a fan of cinnamon buns - I finally made it here. My review is simply based on first impression and noticed a few things: 1. Customer service was just ok 2. Quality of the cinnamon bun did not meet my wife's or my expectations 3. We got the pecan caramel chocolate chip and noticed the pecans were stale 4. A bit expensive for no reason With these in mind we were both completely disappointed and honestly thought that Cinnabon has far better quality cinnamon buns. I personally would not come here again because of the first impression.

Kelly M.

Hello Cinnaholic!! Can I live here!!?? :) All of Cinnaholic's beautiful and yummy offerings are 100% vegan yo!! These decadent and absolutely delicious gourmet vegan cinnamon rolls are topped with your choice of over 30 yummy frosting flavors, plus topper choices ranging from cookie dough to fresh fruit! In addition to cinnamon rolls, this fully vegan bakery serves freshly made brownies, raw chocolate chip cookie dough (Soooo goooood - one of my favs!!), baked chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon roll cakes. I looovveee you Robert from Shark Tank for investing in this vegan company!! Will I be back? Yasss!! Definitely check this spot out!

Rachael M.

Unbelievable place and cinnamon buns. The chocolate peanut butter cheesecake bun was incredible!!

Dana W.

1. Strawberries and Oreos 2. Brownie bits 3. Bananas and peanut butter cups 4. Strawberries and pie crumbles All vegan delicious!!

Anand P.

Very sad to say that while this is my favorite dessert in all of the Bay Area. I recently had a horrible experience that made me feel that going back is going to be tough. I bought two cinnamon rolls with cookie dough for $13. I know the prices have increased over the years but I am okay with it because I love the dessert so much. I noticed that the employee didn't properly put enough frosting on my rolls and asked him to add more; and he said it would be 50 more cents. I explained that I just paid $13 for two rolls and now you want more money just because I asked you to do your job correctly in putting on the proper amount of frosting? Well he refused unless I gave him more. I visit this place at least 20 times a year, and it's s bummer that's how they treat their customers. Also, this visit a Little anniversary dessert for my wife because it's her fave. But now, this place is questionable for us.

Margarita Savkina

Really tasty! I love their lavender frosting with blue berries and raspberries. The icing is sweet, but that's why I like the lavender one, it's not as over powering and in your face like some of the others.

Takesha Nicole


Gina Stuessy

Delicious cinnamon rolls, lots of toppings, and the brownies and cookies and great too. I think the brownies are my favorite actually. Love that everything there is vegan.

Cherie Hill

Magnificent vegan cinnabun eatery. There's lots of different frostings and toppings for you to build your own cinnabun dessert. Very sweet, but you can choose fruit toppings if you don't want it to rich. They also have cookies and brownies. All vegan!

Gel Z.

This little cute shop is located on Oxford St right next to Starbucks. Whenever I walk by it, the cinnamon smell draws me in. One day, I finally decided to walk in and got the raspberry cake cinnamon roll. It looks beautiful with raspberry syrup and sprinkles piles on top of it. The cinnamon roll itself was delicious and fluffy, definitely sweet!

Shelli Niecey Stevens

All I can say is that it was delish!! Nice assortment and you could even get mini cinnamon rolls. Decent price!! Went twice during our trip!!

Joseph Torres

They have great cinnamon rolls. They are quite sweet, especially the ones that are covered in syrups and icings. The chocolate raspverry cheesecake is a favorite of mine.

Jon Freeman

Great product. Better than those other guys y a long shot. Yummy and vegan friendly I think.

Costello Family

Last minute large order. Crew was accommodating and helpful. PS: Much better to call ahead for large orders!

Arnav Tayal

Service was great! Took only a few minutes for 2 specialty buns. Be cautious of the sweetness however.

Lanna W.

I mean what can I saw besides this is the best darn cinnamon rolls ever! Worth every darn calorie!! Even the plain cinnamon rolls are heaven.

Mikey J.

I thought it tasted pretty good but was not one of the more stand out cinnamon rolls I've had. I commend the vegan ingredients and can see how they would be very appealing for a vegan. Prices are on the slightly higher side for a cinnamon roll (albeit vegan). I may just prefer the non-vegan cinnamon rolls in general.

Zinia G.

Simple, delicious, fresh ingredients! Love this place. Everyone that works here is so kind. Even when there's a line, service is prompt. I love coming here and trying different variations. My favorite is a very simple version: Irish cream with blueberries. My sister and I really enjoy coming here for sister-dates and will definitely come back again.

Celina Ibarra

Ehh.. I like Cinnabon better. Kind of bland, lacks frosting, and not worth $7. Worth a try and cool concept to add toppings on it though.