Draw Billiards

64 Shattuck Square, Berkeley
(510) 647-9032

Recent Reviews

Michael Hakes

Great place. Lots fun. Good prices and vibes

Lawrence James

This is a good place to shoot pool. Prices are good.

Deb C.

Growing up in New York, my strict Austrian-born mother told me, "Don't go to pool halls." As sometimes happens in life, I end up marrying a pool nut. Oftentimes, I meet him and our family at Draw Billiards, where my husband has taken up residence. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The interior is more than pleasant, it's beautiful in its own way. The updated art deco theme runs consistently throughout. The colors, the furnishings, the lighting; all the details make a comfortable atmosphere. From my perspective, because I'm not a player, what I enjoyed were the many and varied seating areas in the room around the tables. I would think big groups and intimate gatherings would be accommodated equally well. While all of this is pleasant, my husband's reasons for loving to play there are that the equipment is first-rate. He says the tables roll well and the generous space between tables makes playing a pleasure. Half a block from Berkeley Bart is a big plus.

Nate L.

One of the most beautifully laid out pool halls in the bay. Great downstairs area which is comfortable and not too cramped. Prices are good and drinks are not bad! Definitely give it a try with a group of friends!

Bernie McGuire

Good tables great rates great staff


Great place to play pool with friends and have a few drinks.

Steven Le Moal

Great pool tables and excellent staff. Beer and food are good too!

Sherry L. Quintana

Great place!!! Drinks and food delicious!!

Alexander H.

Stopped in with some co workers on a rainy Friday night since we didn't have much going on after dinner. Place is unique since it has a restaurant / bar upstairs and then another bar in the basement. Overall it's super clean and service was great. Although I'm terrible at pool, it's a fun spot to drink and watch the games. Will definitely come back here again.

Sean Dumlao

Classy bartenders, nice pool tables, warm and cozy atmosphere....a wonderful spot to spend a Saturday evening with friends/a date!

Avery Mitchell

They have an amazing independent chef right now, great bartenders, and $1 foosball - what's not to love?

erick malver

Great for pool

Jeremi W.

Good drinks, steep prices though. 2 margaritas and a beer in a bottle was $42. Don't get me wrong, the marg was tasty but that's a bit steep. Lots of pool tables and they have specials on different days.

nate cuccia

Relatively hip place for Berkeley. A whole room of billiards tables, bar upstairs and downstairs in the PM. No juke box but they have yummy food when the chef is in. Love the atmosphere but it is a little dark. Bartenders are very friendly.

Valery Caro Sinclair

Beautiful billiards, great bar AND amazing food by Cracked!!


Good underground pool hall. Has alcohol and good beer on tap. Finally got TVs installed. Best place to play pool in Berkeley.

Gabriele Caracausi

Cool place!

Jessie Z.

My boyfriend and I came to play one Sunday. I totally loved it. It's so clean and new I can actually enjoy staying there for hours. (I find many pool places a bit gross). After that time, I wanted to take pool a bit more seriously, took lessons there, Jason was very patient and professional, I learned so much in the last four hours and will continue weekly. It was a really pleasant experience! Absolutely love it and recommend!

Gerard Y.

Finally a pool hall in Berkeley that has a full bar. It's literally 2 blocks away from the Berkeley BART station which is convenient if you want to take public transportation to get here. The downstairs area is where the pool tables are at 15 Olhausen tables here. The bumpers seems a big springy when I tried some bank shots. The table cloth felt like it played a little fast. There's plenty of area between each tables so don't have to worry about bumping into people. There's a bar upstairs and 2 downstairs but I guess on Sundays, only the upstairs bar is open. I ordered a whiskey sour and was happy it was made with egg white. A worthy replacement for Thalassa which closed down a few years ago although I still miss that spot.

David Coughlin

Cool place

Paul Benton

Came here multiple times with friends when visiting from Canada to shoot pool. Was lucky enough to be there for the soft opening of their new menu and got lots of great free food. Very chill establishment, lots of tables and friendly staff. If I'm ever in town again would definitely go back.

Rudie Johnson

A great place to play pool& visit with friends.

Passion Star

The place is hugh

Eugene Butler

Great place to shoot pool for serious players & fun players

Sam B.

Want for nothing. Chill friendly staff. Good pool. Lots of good players who love to talk, teach, and drink

Francesca G.

Went there on a blind date. Bartenders are friendly and helpful. Lots of pool tables and great music. Nice crowd. Wish there were more of these in the Bay Area.

Jasmine E.

I liked this place when I first went there most recently I went with my husband and friends and they had cockroaches in the downstairs bottom level. The commet that was made when they where told about it is unacceptable, you say that they are not kitchen pest yet they are and very nasty at that, i attended culinary school and this is unacceptable. Obviously the owner and the staff need to retake there servsafe and undergo more intensive training, further more i feel this should be reported to the health department..

Bob Jewett

The best place to play pool in Berkeley. Very good day rates.

Michelle B

Great, pub and pool hall.

Robert Glass

Pleasant bar with good drinks and food. The nachos in particular are worth eating. Beyond that it's a laid-back atmosphere perfect for playing pool and relaxing with friends. Would recommend.

Muhannad Sarhan

A great choice for a fun night. Their billiard tables are pretty new. In fact everything in this place is very new still.staff are friendly and very polite. Might be a little pricy for a pool hangout but its worth it. Nice atmosphere and plenty of tables.

Pacific E.

Good place to hang and shoot pool ok drinks But do not eat here saw a cockroach so big it could also shoot pool told the workers about it they did not seem to care not going back a good long time

Jessica Schaettle

Great place for pool and a few drinks. They have regular league nights and tournaments, but I haven't participated in any yet. They charge by the hour per table with up to 6 people per table. The hourly rate increases after 8 PM, I believe, and they have a happy hour from 4 to 7 PM. Check it out!

Brittney P.

Found this place on Yelp while hanging out at Jupiter with my fiancè. We had a fun time having drinks and playing a few games. Clean environment, and nice pool tables. We'll definitely be back!

Taylor H.

Pool is always fun. Of course it's Sunday and not many people however, bar tender seemed a little bit unenthusiastic. But it's cheap lol

Jamie Nez

Big tables two bars outside patio 🎱

Craig Brooks

Excellent tables and fine facility and bar.

Andrew H.

So a friend and I just wanted to find a place to get some drinks. This place is a pretty cool small joint. The downstairs billiards club sounds pretty cool. I did not participate in the activity, but I do want to highlight the bartender. They do a pretty good job with making you drinks with just information about what you like about a drink.

Colm Horgan

Awesome staff, the music is great, food is great and always a good movie playing

Serena J.

Wow, it really is bigger downstairs ;) I'd been meaning to try this place out, but it always looked so tiny from the outside, so I never went in. Wow, it's definitely worth it. The basement is super spacious and has 15 pool tables! Great place to hang out with a group of friends and laugh about how atrocious everyone is at pool. The one cocktail I tried (the basemint) was a great combination of strong, sweet, and sour.