2511 Durant Ave, Berkeley
(510) 848-5587

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anthony fabio

Good food but extremely unfriendly employees make this place a drag to order from. Never once has an employee smiled or asked how I am...horrible service makes me never want to come back.

Peter Cheng

Good value for the price, big servings but the meat quality is mid.

Jennifer Cornish

This is excellent Mediterranean food. The cauliflower wrap, falafel and Mediterranean plate are the best.Food: 5/5

Sky High

I had just finished hiking the Fire Trail and decided to loop back through the campus to see the clock tower on the way down the hill before heading back to my car. I was stopped mid-stride as I passed Dyar, just because of the smells that was coming from the little shop. All of the chairs were stacked on the tables, but they're taking take-away orders and still accepting cash. The staff wore masks and gloves.For $40, we received: 1 kefta kebab wrap, 1 lamb kebab wrap, a side of hummus, side of falafel and 2 baklava.Everything was so fresh and so tasty! The meat was fall-apart fresh. The hummus tasted like it had just been freshly made and the baklava was still warm & flaky. I'm so happy with this find! This area in Berkeley, boasts a lot of great eats, this place is no exception.

Angelica Raney

I'm surprised this place only has 4 stars. Consistently delicious food. Chicken shawarma is the best I've ever had. It's tender yet so CRISPYLove you D'yar

Suzanne M.

Stopped in for lunch. My teen ordered the lamb and beef gyro and I got a falafel wrap. Yum! We cut the wraps in half and each enjoyed a delicious lunch.Admittedly, I could only finish the half of my falafel and about 1/4 of the gyro. My teen willingly helped me finish the rest and we were both stuffed when we left.

Clare Lin

Same tender, juicy meat I craved back in college! My go-to favorite remains the beef kebab plate (I like rice best, although you can also get fries for your side). Portions are a tad smaller than I remembered as a hungry college student, but the food remains solidly delicious! I like wrapping my kebab meat, salad, hummus, and yogurt into a delicious wrap with the included pita slices, using rice to finish up everything. But everything is delicious even if you're a separatist!Their prices are still great. :) Love this place!

WestCoast Treats

A wonderful place to pick up a great dinner Wrap, or Shawarma Plate. Making the drive out here to catch some of the great atmosphere is part of the fun, the neighborhood is very lively with many options to be had.Try the Chicken Shawarma with the Hummus plate. the salad comes with cucumber and little tomatoes. super delicious Falafels, Hot soft and chewy.The pita is good as well, ask for a hot Pita.The wraps are also a great Option, extra meat with everything always works.its worth the drive, time, and money.

Laura Lyons

Get their Mediterranean plate with extra pita! Always fresh, delicious, and surprisingly filling!

Juan Flores

I’ve only had their falafel wraps. So the 4 stars is for that.

Student California

Food poisoning !!My partner and I ate at this Greek restaurant on Sunday lunchtime. At first sight the food looked good, we had a lamb dish which we shared with a Greek salad and finished our dishes.Unfortunately that evening we both had severe indigestion which took a long time to resolve.We strongly advise against this place which put us in a very bad state even though we have strong stomachs and are used to travelling in continents like Africa where the sanitary conditions are absolutely not the same as in America.

Bilal El-Halabi

The beef is chewy and some are burned, the portion of the food keeps shrinking with time.

Hesper W.

I did a delivery order and got the lamb kebab wrap and it was not as good as I hoped it would be. The lamb pieces were tough and were waaay to big to be eaten in a wrap. Other than that, everything else in the wrap was decent. I just wouldn't recommend getting the lamb kebab wrap at this place.

M Bilal H.

The beef is burned and the portion is sooo low waw! It keeps shrinking with time.....

Al P.

The quality of the food has been on a steep decline the last couple years at the same time prices have shot upward and portions have diminished. But we kept coming, because - as I mentioned in my previous post - we had adopted the place as ours, and wanted to support it during tough times. But no more. After finishing our meal, our son had to use their restroom, which had been allowed since we first visited the then-named Eat-A-Pita back in 1991 and had continued to be allowed at our visit just a month ago. As my son is disabled, I accompanied him. Then, one of the staff - an elderly cook- raced back to restroom and barged in as my son was on the toilet and screamed at the both of us in broken English. There were no indications, no signs to suggest their policy had changed. It was one of the greatest humiliations we've ever experienced in public, and there is no way we'd ever consider returning. I'm sure they won't miss the sixty bucks we drop at every visit, but if this is the way they've decided to operate, I'm sure we won't be the last customers to abandon them. There are plenty of good restaurants on Telegraph, and replacing them will be easy.

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