Fire Wings Berkeley

64 Shattuck Square D, Berkeley
(510) 280-5743

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Williamson Jack

This place is fantastic! My new obsession is the garlic Parmesan wings. They have super crispy exterior and dripping in butter. The lemon pepper had a great tanginess to them. I also tried the regular buffalo and they were great too. Plus they had some other side dishes that I really want to try like the garlic noodles!

Celine Lee

My housemate and I ordered wings+zucchini chips+jalapeno poppers on a Friday night. There was a sizable line of people waiting for food, but we managed to get our food at the promised pick-up time. Everything was delicious! For the chicken that came in a 4-pack, if the chicken pieces were on the smaller side, Fire Wings threw some extra chicken pieces in there, which was a pleasant surprise.

Gloria Mejia

Must try wings!!! Would definitely choose this place over wing stop any day. The wings were crispy and well seasoned, lemon pepper and spicy Korean. We also order garlic fries and zucchini which were my favorite, round we’ll fine and crispy. We ordered and picked up, prices were reasonable and so was the wait time about 7ish during the week. Dine inside still closed, would like to go back to try the rest of their flavors.

Anthony Petelo

I've had positive experiences here many times before, but yesterday's experience warrants a good review. I had four different items on my visit, and I was very happy with all four of them. Most notably, on my boneless wing item, I was given an "extra" half-wing. Other restaurants sometimes consider a small piece as a full piece. Fire Wings cares more about its customers than those places. Fire Wings made sure they would not short a customer half a wing! Rather than count that small piece as a full piece, they gave me an extra piece altogether. This attitude of not cutting corners (even for small orders) speaks volumes!


Initial Experience: I called in my order and was put on hold for 7 mins. I ordered my food and was told it was a 15-20 min wait. I get there and there were No indications of how the line was moving. There was a delivery truck that had blocked most of the sidewalk and you had to go around. I watched a worker go into a storage room and grab some items off the ground of the room. I should’ve walked away then knowing that this is a No No in the food industry and he should’ve known that as well. Paid for my order after waiting about 5 mins in line and the price was a little off of what was quoted on the phone. The Cashier was kind enough to fix it with a slight discount. He told me it would be abut 7-8 mins. I came back and it was a line again and figured since it seemed like only one line for pick up and ordering that I had to wait again. So now, I waited to order over the phone, had to wait in line to pay for my food and when I arrived, I had to wait to pick up my food. When I get to the front of the line, I was told another 2 mins as they were working on my order. I told her that the order on the table was probably mine because I order the Pink Lemonade. She said No and that it’s for another customer and that they were all out of that flavor. I just ordered a regular Lemonade and grabbed my order which I should’ve checked well before I left. I ordered 8 pc combo half Buffalo and half Jamaican Jerk, Garlic Fries and Hawaiian Rolls. Only thing good was the Rolls and Lemonade. I asked for Crispy Wings and I received dried out super small Wings. The garlic fries were not not good to me, they were a thicker cut which I don’t like and wasn’t dressed well. I had some darker fries mixed in as I knew they didn’t clean the fry basket out between orders. I ate what I could but 50% of the fries went in the trash and I did eat most of the Wings that were edible. My meal was ruined because I had the FireWings in Alameda and this did not compare at all. Very Subpar!Overall Experience: They seemed like they have No kind of ordering system in place and it showed in the way the workers were all over the place with the orders. They need a better system on how to order and pick up food because the one in place is not efficient. The Food was gross and I wouldn’t purchase here again. I left a message on the text that was sent saying I was disappointed and No response. I called back the next day and left my information with a young lady who told me that the manager was not available and why didn’t I call back the same day to complain. A day later, and No response from the Company. I would like my money back but at this point, it’s a lost cause. I would not recommend this location for service on any level. Management has to be terrible to think this kind of service is acceptable.

Jimmy Plissken

They do wings right, with lots of choices. Although I've tried a few of their other flavors, I stick with the original buffalo style wings with blue cheese dip.

Kimberly M.

We always order the 20 piece bone in family pack cause it's such a great deal. It comes with 3 flavors, 2 dips, and a side of fries and veggies. My boyfriend and I usually eat with rice so we definitely have left overs after. We always change up the flavors whenever we go but this time we got the peanut butter, Thai chili, and lemon pepper.

Our favorite flavors:
-Peanut Butter (mild)
-Thai Chili (mild?)
-Lemon Pepper
-Cali Rub
-Garlic Parmesan

Peanut butter: Don't be fooled with the name, it taste nothing like the regular peanut butter you get at the store but in a good way! It taste almost like Vietnamese peanut sauce with a little spice. One of my favorites for sure!

Thai Chili: Tbh, I never really taste the spice but that doesn't really bother me because it still taste great! The flavor kinda reminds me of sweet and sour sauce.

Lemon Pepper: It's just regular lemon pepper. It's good, but nothing extraordinary. I personally wish it would be more lemon-y though.

Their "seasoned" fries don't have much flavor so don't expect much. I just get regular fries instead and put my own seasoning at home. You can also substitute it for their other sides for extra cost of course.

We tried the jalapeño poppers and garlic noodles before and they were good as well! The jalapeño poppers are deep fried stuffed with cream cheese. The garlic noodles are a good mix of garlic and Parmesan cheese. If you're craving wings, definitely check this place out!

Sabbu S.

Hi Firewings, please be generous with ranch. Have you ever seen how big is wingstop's ranch? We have ordered from here many times. They never get our orders correct. This time we ordered 35 wings and got only 2 ranch containers. Their ranch container is hardly 2oz. How are we supposed to eat 35 wings with two 2oz ranch? Fries were soggy. Yuck!!!!  We asked for extra crispy. The flavors were ok. We ordered garlic parm, mango habanero, jamaican jerk, and salt,
and pepper. The customer service is bad. It seems like the lady in cashier is always in mood to fight/argue.

Connie Z.

I would give this place a seven stars if Yelp allows it. Fire Wings offers a more exciting menu than Wing Stop (I know Wing Stop is a golden classic for many people, but who can say no when Wing Stop has flavors ranging from cajun, American South to Asian?)

The garlic wings were finger licking good, the blue cheese dip was beyond belief. Get the fried zucchini on the side but split it with a friend or two since the portions are very very generous. To anyone having a fried wings craving, give Fire Wings a try if you can.

Ashley M.

I was super disappointed in this place. I wanted some last-minute wings and saw stellar reviews. I open up the box and take a bite only to see some lovely feathers still on the wing. Proceed at your own risk.

Stephanie R.

They need to get more people or someone who's faster at giving people their orders. I was waiting along with another guy who was in front of me until the girl there decided to show up and instead of getting my order next she takes another guy who was behind me and not to mention I was alone and there were a bunch of guys outside harassing me. The point of ordering and paying online is that you get there and just pick up, it should not have taken 10 min to get my order which was already payed for.

Irene G.

I came back and got a chicken sandwich, it was HUGE, spicy and delicious! I absolutely loved the flavors in it. The chicken sandwich makes up for the garlic noodles that I did not like.

Bubba Gump

Candy ? ? ? ? ? ? (DELICIOUS)

Stefania Baron

I looked for the best chicken wings in the area, and yelp didn't disappoint me! The wings are just perfect!!! Crunchy and not oily, and great flavors. The parmesan garlic are a classic but they took it at the next level! I love it!

Ernest Crowell

Breakfast burritos are a must try. Salsa and the potato hash are also excellent. Quick service and you get a good bang for your buck.

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