Funky Elephant

1313 Ninth St, Berkeley
(510) 356-4855

Recent Reviews

D L.

This feels like genuine and real Thai food. Super rich and deep flavor in all the dishes. They change up the menu every once in a while and add some new dishes which is exciting. Can be proper spicy which is how it should be :)

Jay_ W.

Love the flavors and the plating, even for takeout during Covid-times. Ordered 4 dishes using their online ordering system for in-person pickup at their store and they had it ready in less than 30 mins. They have a good plastic covering at their restaurant that makes pickup easy and avoid contact! In terms of dishes, their pad Thai is my favorite dish, with large fresh prawns and flavorful dense noodles. The chicken wings are great but they can be dangerously spicy!! Finally, the green papaya salad and the vermicelli curry are perfectly cooked with mild heat. Thank you!

George D.

Service: 5. I cannot heap larger praise on any new restaurant than Funky Elephant. All the staff is so nice and attentive. And during these Covid days, they have taken every precaution to keep us safe and fed. Food: 5. I've been to Thailand. This place still serves the best pad Thai I've ever had. It may be spicy for some (my wife) but it's worth it. The gulf prawn takes the cake. Have ordered nearly everything on the menu and have gone weekly because it's so good.

Hilary J.

What a gem I found!!! Props to me!!!! Simple and well executed menu and flavors. When all this covid bull calms down and you want some yummy yummy go here... keep in mind it's tiny but there is outdoor seating.

Patrick Khensovan

Funky Elephant’s probably one of my favorite Thai restaurants in the Bay Area. My wife and I are bonkers for their spicy fried brussel sprouts, chicken wings, and beef curry. Just note that they don’t allow for menu substitutions, but that’s because the shop believes in sticking to how these dishes should be made. We love that about Funky Elephant, and hope you check it out if you’re craving Thai food. When and if you can, I also highly recommend you check out the restroom since it feels like a disco party in there. You’ll see what I mean.

Lyle Macias

two days ago was the first time we visited this magnificent restaurant. But It is no doubt not the last time. We had a good time with the excellent service, with the finest cuisine and fine drinks and with the modest payment. We will definitely go back there in a short time.

Cynthia H.

We ordered carry out today, our first time eating this food, and we LOVED it. I finished the dish 2 hours ago and am now craving it again. My love had the pad thai (the best he has had), and I had the red fish curry (it had all the best thai flavors and right amount of heat). A tiny blessing in this quarantine of ours. We will return. Oh, and we had the cucumber salad--perfect!

Victoria C.

I'm a sucker for Thai food. I tend to default to Pad Thai when I come to Funky Elephant. It's a different take on the dish and it's delicious -- it comes with 2 prawns that you'll have to peel, but it's worth it for the flavor and texture. And speaking of texture, the noodles are more chewy than I am used to but they are fantastic. I also like to get the Fresh Squeezed with Limeade with Butterfly Pea. It's nice and tangy, and the butterfly pea adds a beautiful blue/purple hue to the drink. The service is usually pretty good. The place is somewhat small and the tables are quite casual -- quite cozy. During lunchtime on the weekends, I've always been able to find parking in the lot next to the building. Stop on by for great food! I can't wait to try other dishes on the menu.

Gavin Zau

Very good that restaurant. It is small but they have outside seating. Staff is friendly. I would go back again if I am in that area

Byron Liu

Really delicious food. Portions we're a bit small for the price but cozy atmosphere and again, delicious food

Xingwei Lu

The place is small and cozy, with disco lights spinning inside.

Jason P.

This was a surprise find. It's a teeny-tiny place, but it has big flavors. We tried the red curry with fish, shared the brussel sprouts and had to try the pad thai too. All of the dishes we had were fresh and flavorful. Each sauce, and seasoning seemed to pulse with it's own flavor. Nothing here tasted canned or dead to me. It was warm, vibrant, and the flavor really sings to you. The bathroom was funky, but in a good way. The place was immaculately Clean. And the service and hospitality was warm and friendly, like Thai restaurants should be.

Alex Robinson

No frills Thai stop. There is an overwhelming smell of fish sauce that you quickly adjust too.

Christian V.

This is one of my absolute favorite places to go for thai food! This is the kinda thai food where almost everything is pretty spicy, so if you don't like or are sensitive to spicy foods, make sure you double check with the server as to which foods are spicy and if you can get the spiciness on the side! I've been here three times so far and the number one thing I always get is of course the pad thai! What sets their pad thai apart from the others that I've had would probably be the gigantic prawns that come with it and that it has more of a tangy/spicy flavor to it. I always get the spiciness on the side (which is just some sort of crushed red pepper I believe) b/c I know that I can't handle it well! I only add about a pinch of it and it's already enough for me. I've also tried the brusselsprouts, which were decent and spicy, as well as the vermicelli curry, which was amazing! You're given a bowl of chicken curry with the noodles and garnishes on the side, and you basically just put everything into the bowl and mix it altogether. When you're done with your dinner, make sure to grab some of their soft serve as well to cool you down! I think they rotate flavors, but when I went I had the pandan flavor which was super good and just the right amount of sweetness. The service here is also very superb and the staff are always willing to help with any questions you may have. The inside though is on the smaller side with only about 4 or 5 tables inside as well as a couple of outdoor tables with heaters, so hopefully they'll be able to expand in the future!

Johnny W.

*** In Short *** Pricy, but tasty Thai that'll set your mouth ablaze. *** In Depth *** You know how there's white people spicy, and then there's Asian people spicy? Yeah, well, authentic Thai spicy tends to take it a notch further, and Funky Elephant's dishes definitely fall under authentic (according to the Thai friend I went with, anyway) Thai spicy. Of course, there are a number of less (and non) spicy dishes, but expect the spicy ones to actually be as such: our waitress was kind enough to ask/warn us about our capacity for spice, so kudos to her. Some of the more notable dishes we had included their crispy rice salad (FYI: spicy af) and their drunken mussels. ***Accessibility Info*** Venue - Up a flight of stairs, but also accessible via an outdoor lift that you can operate without a key. Plenty of accessible seating as well, both outdoors and in. Bathroom - Didn't check them out.

Armando T.

No doubt, the food and the service on their own deserve a higher rating, but the price knocks the rating a couple notches. The party wings are definitely a must-get. They pack a sizable amount of heat to them, but they are perfectly cooked, almost crispy on the outside and tender and moist on the inside. They're the perfect way to start your meal. The Pad Thai grabbed our attention from the get-go with the two massive prawns on top. I recommend asking for chili powder on the side because personally, it was not spicy enough, but for others it might be too spicy. The texture of this pad thai is very different from others I've had in the past. The noodles are almost chewy, but not in a bad way, not to mention how the taste is more subtle than other pad thais I've had in the past. The short rib dish is is done very well. The meat is cooked perfectly, which is refreshing considering most thin short ribs are often overcooked. The curry paste on the outside lends a lot of flavor and kick to the meat without being overpowering and the peanut sauce just continues to add a lot of flavor. They come with pickled cucumbers that work well to cut the fat of the dish. Again, the food and service is great, but the price point is really high for the restaurant, but if that's not a problem, I would really recommend trying it.

Spa G.

Delicious food, gorgeous plating, clean and authentic flavors. This place is truly wonderful and I would highly recommend this to anyone visiting Berkeley.

Eri H.

Great tasting food and service, I have no complaint about that. If I judge based on that, would give 4.5 stars. Really recommend the sausages! It was a very authentic taste. However, I felt that the meal was a bit pricy compared to the portion and the decor/atmosphere of the location. Would I come here again? Maybe. I live in Berkeley without a car so I'll probably stick a bit closer.

Emma W.

My new favorite Thai spot in Berkeley. Service is absolutely fantastic, food is so flavorful, and I love their condensed menu featuring unique Thai dishes. Our server/host made us feel right at home when we walked into the quaint vibrant space. She asked if we'd ever dined in before and walked us throughout the menu. There were so many great options, but my husband and I narrowed it down to these 3 items for lunch: - Fried egg salad: wow this was unique! 2 fried eggs under 2 grilled shrimp with a delicious Thai chili garlic and fish sauce. - Pad Thai: I've never seen such large shrimp on a pad Thai! It took a bit of work to take off the shell, but it was so worth it. It was so juicy and flavorful. The pad Thai was made just how I like my pad Thai and the noodles and tofu were cooked perfectly. - Pandan soft serve: uh, yes please. So creamy and smooth. And where else can you can pandan soft serve around here?! So happy they have so many pescatarian options on the menu. I cant wait to go back. They have a bunch of seating outside and a clean and vibrant restroom. Service was super attentive throughout. They kept refilling our water.

Ronald N.

I always park in front of their restaurant every Saturday and Sunday due to it not having a parking meter. Street parking can be hard to find if you want to eat here. I finally got the chance to eat at this restaurant and take some food home. I was impress of how good the food was. I had Pad Thai. Boy the shrimp that was in my Pad Thai was HUGE! When they put shrimp in the Pad Thai they put in the huge shrimp! I love my Pad Thai that they served me. The restaurant is small but luckily they can serve you outside if you can stand the cold weather. I love the service that this place does. This restaurant is next door from Philz Coffee which is OK because after you eat Funky Elephant you can have Philz Coffee afterward. Have Funky Elephant after finishing your grocery shopping at Whole Foods or office supply shopping at Office Depot.

Eileen Hancock

More of a 3.5 stars. I came here for the food and fair enough it was flavorful. I like the spin on the pad thai where they grilled the shrimps before hand and used somewhat of an organic pad thai sauce. I also ordered the Isaan sausage where it came just one for $17. I thought it was regular considering I've had homemade ones before.

Annie C.

The food and vibes here are great! We got there when it opened, so we didn't have to wait for a table. There were 8 of us, so we ordered the wings, papaya salad, pad Thai, KMG, crispy rice salad, and green curry beef. My favorites were the papaya salad and pad Thai--probably the best papaya salad and pad Thai I've had in the Bay Area. The rest of the food was decent. Wings and crispy rice salad were a tad too salty. The service was great, and I love that they have outdoor seating--perfect for a beautiful day. And it's next door to Philz!! There's a free parking lot close by and a lot of street parking.

austin ligon

Great genuine Thai food.... My Isan wife gave it 5 stars !! ?

Michelle Hoang

Authentic fresh ingredients/spices, excellent customer services and now my fav thai restaurant ! If you haven’t tried it do so soon

Sam Butarbutar

Okay let's get something out of the way.... this isn't your typical $6.50 per entree Thai joint. If you're on a strict budget & want that, head over to Imm Thai or Tuk Tuk Thai. There are plenty of cheap Thai takeout places for that around Berkeley.

Nataliya Zelenska

very tasty food and awesome friendly staff


Cute small Thai restaurant with indoor and outdoor tables. Good service. The food was fresh and pretty good. It was a little pricey but they used some organic recipes. I'm from Marin County so maybe that's normal prices for East Bay.

Wenter S.

Literally we come here at least 3 times a week since about 4 months ago. Freshest and best version of Thai food in the bay.

Juan Sanchez

Wow! Fresh, balanced, flavorful Thai food in casual indoor/outdoor seating. Protein is expertly prepared and done just right. Surplus of fresh herbs, contrasting textures, balanced sauces. A class above any Thai food I’ve ever had.

Ben Gruber

Amazing food and super nice owners. Spicy!

J L.

This is as authenthic as it can get in terms of Thai food in the Bay Area! Funky Elephant does not shy away from spice, fish sauce, and funk. So if you're looking for your typical ordinary Pad Thai, you'll be getting something way better! With regard to spice, if you cannot tolerate it, you can ask to have it on the side. The must-trys are the Old Skool Pad Thai, which feature a couple whole large shrimps, and the Drunken Mussels, which are tangy and melt-in-your-mouth. Their menu is well-thoughout and concise, which really shows their attention on making those singular dishes truly the best. Please support this local business because there's a lot of great and complex flavors being cooked up in their kitchen!

Snneha N.

Met a friend for dinner here one night. The whole experience was unexpected! I show up and for a second, I am lost because it's not really in your face kind of restaurant. We walk in, and there are about 3 tables inside and around 4 outside. We sit outside since the day was Beautiful! We ordered their hella drunken mussels, Pad Thai old school,and gang rawang beef. Each one of these items was an explosion of taste on the palate. It wasn't spicy enough for me but I'm on a different level of spices. It was so savory. We had a singha to cut the spices a bit. The ambience was fun and definitely worth a visit!

Elizabeth Keller

Best Thai restaurant I’ve ever been to. Food is amazing, staff is super friendly. I love coming here. You can also actually get spicy food here which I’ve had a hard time finding in the Bay Area. So if you love spicy stuff definitely come here.

Tara Parker-Essig

Really great service and they take the food they serve very seriously! First time I’ve eaten shrimp with the whole head intact, I believe. Keeping the shell on for the “old skool” Pad Thai really did enhance the flavor. This place is different from pretty much all other “Thai” food I’ve tired - I now realize I’ve been deceived by watered-down, Americanized imitations! The staff explains things in detail and the head chef is from Bangkok, capital of Thailand and I was told he cooks the way they do there, just has “turned down the spice slightly” for an American audience - however given that I have zero (zero!!!) spice tolerance they did make my dish without any chili and it was still delicious, complex and multi-flavored, and very filling.

Weston Hendrix

Would certainly recommend trying out this place. Fantastic character, yummy food, fantastic service. Fantastic work.

Norton K.

Phenomenal pad thai - fresh shrimp, tangy tamarind sauce and a nice heat! (Note: the default spice level is a bit above what others would call "medium."). Flavors were balanced nicely - roasted peanuts, tamarind and lime, perfectly cooked pad thai noodles. Service was friendly and prompt. Will definitely be back!

Adrienne Lin

I try to avoid superlatives, but Funky Elephant may have my favorite Pad Thai I’ve tried in the Bay Area. They create the sauce from scratch using fresh tamarind juice, and what a world of difference this makes!

Jenn B.

This review is only for the service. My friend and I showed up without a reservation last Saturday. We were seated at a table facing the door and it was really cold. We saw that a table away from the door was available and asked to be seated there. The person waiting on us was very rude and didn't seem to want to move us. We had to insist on moving. The other servers were fine. The food was pretty good - the pad Thai is tasty and not sweet which is great. The fried tofu appetizer was just meh, I probably wouldn't get it again. I won't go out of my way to go to funky Elephant again, there are plenty of Thai restaurants in Oakland I can go to!

Ash B.

Great concept and the menu is definitely different from your run of the mill Thai restaurant in berkeley. But omg our server was the most condescending and pretentious person ever! He kept saying how this food is like real thai food and how we wouldn't understand (?) and just had no capacity to appreciate the food- this is before we even ordered! We have spent time in Thailand and took thai cooking classes there (not that this should matter at all) and it was just incredibly odd to be told within 5 minutes of sitting down (and then multiple times through the meal) that we had no capacity to appreciate the food ("you won't be able to eat the spice, your palate cant handle it... we gave you spice but you shouldn't' use it, you won't be able to eat it because you don't understand thai food" that kind of thing) . So bizarre. The food was good though! And sitting outside was sweet. I just wish we could have had a server who wasn't so self righteous about the food.

Frances C.

Contemplating on when to go back next time... Spicy Party wings (5/5): Comes with 3 whole wings, it's so good but a little hard to eat. Pad Thai (4.5/5): This is probably my new go-to pad Thai spot from now. The shrimps were grilled perfectly and they weren't stingy with the crushed peanuts. Panang beef (3/5): The beef was tender, and the salad was really good - but the portion was not satisfying :( Couple things to note: - Their portion sizes are a bit smaller considering the prices. It's more of a order-your-own-plate kind of place. - There's not a lot of seats - both inside and outside of the restaurant. And if might get chilly if you sit outside since there's no heater. Service was really good - we didn't have to ask for water at all (we got our bottles refilled at least 3 times) and the servers were attentive for our requests.