Funky Elephant

1313 Ninth St, Berkeley
(510) 356-4855

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Mindy M.

Highly recommended this restaurant if you're in the area. Be careful though because their dishes are spicy!Curry vermicelli - good amount of spicy and ratio of noodle to curry is good also. Has very potent coconut flavor but then it evens out. Noodles are separated so doesn't get soggy and they're cooked already to a good firmness level. My favorite dish at this place that I've tried so far!Wings - spicy and very good Cons:- forgot our papaya salad and gave us wings instead

Jonny P.

I ordered the mussels online. Mussels in broth don't look like much in a to go container, and they didn't come with rice or anything. But this was by far the best to go food I've ever eaten. I would pay twice as much for it. Spice level was amazing, flavor was punchy but balanced, the mussels were great quality. I can't wait to explore the rest of their menu.

Chelsea C.

This place is open and has some of the best Thai food I've eaten in some time. Everything was delicious!

Julia Y.

Take-out review: Z. and I came here for dinner on a Saturday evening and waited about 10 minutes. The lady taking our order from behind the business's glass door was very prudent about minimizing interaction with us, so that was nice to see. 5/5 for adherence to safety measures during covid-19. We were a little disappointed in the serving size (but this is a general trend we have been observing with many takeout options...) The pad thai was $16 and had two shrimps, three tofu cubes, along with the usual crushed peanuts, raw bean sprouts, glass noodles. The noodles were very delicious -- a tad on the salty side -- but almost too spicy! This spiciness is the main reason for a 3/5 review on what was otherwise a nice experience. Z. and I felt bloated from the pad thai, which apparently is a side effect of eating spicy food. Definitely interested in coming back here during post-covid times to get the in-person dining experience.

Jason Hanley

Simply wonderful authentic and exceedingly tasty Caribbean food. None better west or east of the Caribbean! The kids love the honey wings, our youngest devours 5 3 knuckle wings and he never normally eats mine! My eldest loves the sticky chilli beef and grown ups adore the Goat Curry which is so tender and beautifully spiced and fruity. Thank you so much. Also the delivery guy was very dishy too!!

Jacob Deleon

Excellent food, super nice staff, consistently excellent atmosphere. They charge affordable prices and the food quality is good. Keep up the good work.

Joanna H.

I tried this place once before covid and loved the food and experience so much. The staff were all very nice and accommodating. It's pretty small inside but there was open seating when I came, which was great! Their Pad Thai Old Skool is hands down THE BEST Pad Thai I've ever had. I've been to Thailand and I've been to many Thai restaurants around the Bay Area, and I've got to say that this place honestly serves the best Pad Thai. The texture of the noodles is the perfect amount of chewiness and is definitely flavor blasted. I would rate it a 6/5 if I could! However, if you can't handle the spice, I would recommend you ask for it to be mild because there can be a kick if you happen to take a bite with the bits of peppers mixed in it. The vermicelli curry is also super yummy, 5/5! This entree is definitely high up on my list as well. I'd recommend it. Currently, they are doing take out orders where you can place your order online and pick it up. Simply text "FUNKYELEPHANT" to 33777 and it'll take you to the website to order. Support your local restaurants!

Ginah T.

Every Tuesday, my housemates and I get take out to support our favorite restaurants through this time and I just say, Funky Elephant is our favorite take out place. The pad Thai and the khao man gai are both delicious!! The pad Thai can get a bit spicy so beware! I will definitely be coming back for take out again.

D L.

This feels like genuine and real Thai food. Super rich and deep flavor in all the dishes. They change up the menu every once in a while and add some new dishes which is exciting. Can be proper spicy which is how it should be :)

Jay_ W.

Love the flavors and the plating, even for takeout during Covid-times. Ordered 4 dishes using their online ordering system for in-person pickup at their store and they had it ready in less than 30 mins. They have a good plastic covering at their restaurant that makes pickup easy and avoid contact! In terms of dishes, their pad Thai is my favorite dish, with large fresh prawns and flavorful dense noodles. The chicken wings are great but they can be dangerously spicy!! Finally, the green papaya salad and the vermicelli curry are perfectly cooked with mild heat. Thank you!

George D.

Service: 5. I cannot heap larger praise on any new restaurant than Funky Elephant. All the staff is so nice and attentive. And during these Covid days, they have taken every precaution to keep us safe and fed. Food: 5. I've been to Thailand. This place still serves the best pad Thai I've ever had. It may be spicy for some (my wife) but it's worth it. The gulf prawn takes the cake. Have ordered nearly everything on the menu and have gone weekly because it's so good.

Hilary J.

What a gem I found!!! Props to me!!!! Simple and well executed menu and flavors. When all this covid bull calms down and you want some yummy yummy go here... keep in mind it's tiny but there is outdoor seating.

Patrick Khensovan

Funky Elephant’s probably one of my favorite Thai restaurants in the Bay Area. My wife and I are bonkers for their spicy fried brussel sprouts, chicken wings, and beef curry. Just note that they don’t allow for menu substitutions, but that’s because the shop believes in sticking to how these dishes should be made. We love that about Funky Elephant, and hope you check it out if you’re craving Thai food. When and if you can, I also highly recommend you check out the restroom since it feels like a disco party in there. You’ll see what I mean.

Lyle Macias

two days ago was the first time we visited this magnificent restaurant. But It is no doubt not the last time. We had a good time with the excellent service, with the finest cuisine and fine drinks and with the modest payment. We will definitely go back there in a short time.

Cynthia H.

We ordered carry out today, our first time eating this food, and we LOVED it. I finished the dish 2 hours ago and am now craving it again. My love had the pad thai (the best he has had), and I had the red fish curry (it had all the best thai flavors and right amount of heat). A tiny blessing in this quarantine of ours. We will return. Oh, and we had the cucumber salad--perfect!

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