Funky Elephant

1313 Ninth St, Berkeley
(510) 356-4855

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Joseph M

Excellent food at every level. As far as I remember Thailand from having worked there 25 years ago the food here is extremely authentic. Roasted Brussels sprouts were delicious as was the crispy rice with tofu. The fact that they are surviving the Covid crisis is, I think, an indication of their quality.


I've only done takeout from here ... But the food is delicious. Definitely not the cloyingly sweet Americanized Thai food you get from some places. On my favorites of places to take out from!

Ariana B.

Best Thai place in the area. The mussels are excellent. The KMG authentic enough. Recommended. They take COVID seriously.

Paige N.

Wow this place is yummy! I've had it on bookmark for a while and finally got to try as takeout. My faves were pad Thai old skool and crispy rice, as well as the Naam dang soda. There's so much fresh flavor in each dish! Even if I wasn't hungry anymore I just wanted to keep eating haha. Would definitely love to have a dine-in experience one day.

Kat L.

This is our favorite Thai restaurant and they are the most friendly and humble people in the industry. We are OBSESSED with their brussel sprouts (that lemongrass!) and LOVE their KMG chicken and party wings. The textures of their Pad Thai are incredible!If Berkeley is out of the way for you, they're right by Berkeley's wine district so come out and buy some local bottles while you're out here! We love Blue Ox for their sparkling wines for all of this hot summer we're having.

Gerald Smith

From the first moment you arrive in that place the stuff gives you an excellent feeling. Very comfortable crew, it is a kind restaurant to hang out with friends and colleagues or with your date. tasty cuisine, talented chef, decent price and excellent service. Warmly recommended.

Colt Michael

One of my favorite spots to grab some food. excellent location, neat, and very good service. Highly recommended!

Steven C.

Ordered the Pad Thai and the Papaya Salad. The Papaya salad was decent. The flavor was solid and the quantity was impressive. While 50% of the dish was crunchy and had excellent texture, the other half of the salad was completely soft and rubbery. There were too many slices that simply lost it's crunch and did not feel fresh.The Pad Thai was disappointing. There was no signature flavor of any sort other than the spice. Very one-dimensional flavoring. I honestly couldn't taste the soy sauce as well. The shrimp fell extremely flat as well. It was hard to peel because the meat was mushy. Definitely used frozen shrimp?

Oscar Bermeo

The best home feel Thai food in the East Bay. Every dish has great flavor from the appetizers to the deserts. Servers make great recommendations and can adjust the heat from mild to intense.

William Godinez

Great food quality. Not a lot of variety in terms of dishes, but what they have on offer is really tasty.

Nguyen H.

Get their drinks!!! My friends and I got 3 different kinds of drinks from them. I would rank them as.... 1. Mango Matcha (5/5)2. Strawberry Ojicha (5/5)3. Strawberry Matcha (4/5)I would definitely say the Mango paired REALLY well with the match. The Ojicha was refreshing, but for some reason the Strawberry Matcha we got sort of fell flat and tasted sort of muted? It was still good though! It's open, just make sure you knock! Also the drinks are very instagram worthy!

Mindy M.

Highly recommended this restaurant if you're in the area. Be careful though because their dishes are spicy!Curry vermicelli - good amount of spicy and ratio of noodle to curry is good also. Has very potent coconut flavor but then it evens out. Noodles are separated so doesn't get soggy and they're cooked already to a good firmness level. My favorite dish at this place that I've tried so far!Wings - spicy and very good Cons:- forgot our papaya salad and gave us wings instead

Jonny P.

I ordered the mussels online. Mussels in broth don't look like much in a to go container, and they didn't come with rice or anything. But this was by far the best to go food I've ever eaten. I would pay twice as much for it. Spice level was amazing, flavor was punchy but balanced, the mussels were great quality. I can't wait to explore the rest of their menu.

Chelsea C.

This place is open and has some of the best Thai food I've eaten in some time. Everything was delicious!

Julia Y.

Take-out review: Z. and I came here for dinner on a Saturday evening and waited about 10 minutes. The lady taking our order from behind the business's glass door was very prudent about minimizing interaction with us, so that was nice to see. 5/5 for adherence to safety measures during covid-19. We were a little disappointed in the serving size (but this is a general trend we have been observing with many takeout options...) The pad thai was $16 and had two shrimps, three tofu cubes, along with the usual crushed peanuts, raw bean sprouts, glass noodles. The noodles were very delicious -- a tad on the salty side -- but almost too spicy! This spiciness is the main reason for a 3/5 review on what was otherwise a nice experience. Z. and I felt bloated from the pad thai, which apparently is a side effect of eating spicy food. Definitely interested in coming back here during post-covid times to get the in-person dining experience.

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