GOOD 2 GO MART & CURRY, BEER & WINE , indian food

1343 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley
(510) 401-7725

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It’s now called GOOD 2 GO MART & CURRY, BEER & WINE , indian food

Guillermo G.

This place has the best hazy IPA beer selection in the Bay Area. Amazing selection of beers from excellent "third wave" breweries, some of which are hard to find elsewhere. The manager/owner who selects the beers is an IPA fan himself, and it shows. This is now my to-go spot for high-quality hazy IPAs. Staff is extremely kind and helpful, and they also have some good wines, indian food and other goodies.

Elvis S.

This place!!! I walked in today to get some snacks before going to walk to Tilden national park. Smelled terrible I was grabbing a few things for the kids when I saw rat droppings on top of the cookies and food products. I put everything back and walked out. How do they let businesses to operate in that condition.

Ankita C.

Just got delivered food from Uber eats.. and what a disgusting food did they send!!? Like for real this place has 4.5 stars? It's a huge disappointment. I'm an indian & I hate to write a bad review especially for Indian food since it's what I adore most. I'm putting pictures , which explains more my frustration. Rice pudding as mentioned in veggie combo dint came Look at the oil amount in small portion of vegetables Saag dish was horrible. Tasted sour Pea & paneer dish was oily too. Everything had to go to trash unfortunately! Dear owners, You are in Berkeley & not in some remote town of USA!! Learn to cook Indian food before you sell! Save your money/time/health and don't eat here.

Gina W.

Oh whaaaat how aren't there more reviews?! Everyone, I have some good news! This place has a secret, it won't let you down they have THE BEST samosas in town. Perfectly crisp, seasoned crust the tamarind sauce is a MUST. Fragrant, warming spices abound creamiest samosa filling around. I'm still dreaming of my first bite, a beacon of flavor, moonbeam at night. They also carry beer, wine and snacks. But the SAMOSA my god, is why I'll go back. EDIT: The samosas are made BY HAND YOU NEED TO GO HERE, understand?! The owner has poured his heart to this place so go buy some food and stuff your face!

Victor G.

Good 2 Go Curry and Mart is a densely packed "grocery" that has lots of draft beers and wines. 0fferings: indian groceries, wines, draft beers, kombuchas, brewed teas, groceries, ice cream, indian eats to go. drink: almanac: "barrel-aged tropical sournova". 16 oz, 4.99 -really tart, sour, made with fresh fruit, too tart for me, great for people who like sour beer. -great selection of 4 pk. beers, pricing unclear. 3.5 stars for the beer section take outs: -slight line at cashier's, maybe waiting for take out. -limited take out menu, hesitant to order without seeing pics. plus the wait in the crowded mini-mart not encouraging.....

Ian McErlane

My family and I stopped for lunch here as we were shopping nearby. My mother had her doubts but my father really wanted to go. It was a mistake. We ordered veg korma, chicken tika, channa massala,, nan and rice. It was frankly unfresh, greasy, bland, unpalatable and lacking flavor or spice.

Deepak Aggarwal

This place have everything you wants. Amazing selection of craft beer.

Julia S.

So friendly! And a great beer selection, tasty samosas, and a good selection of essentials like soap, dry goods, toilet paper, etc. It's definitely worth a stop.

Jennifer L.

Good location,friendly service, good samosas, not overpriced. Can find some unique items.

Lord E.J. J.j. Howsmon

Always a good place for a brew and moderately priced

Fredric G.

With Fat Apples closed we find ourselves going here a lot to pick up vegetarian Indian food (we buy the dish, not the combo of small dish, salad and rice pudding -- not enough of the curry). It's pretty respectable food, not gourmet, but filling. The veggie Korma has creamed curry over broccoli, water chestnuts, baby corn and possibly others -- mild. The garbanzo bean curry mix is spicier. Taken home, we mix it with stir fry to make the dish last about 2 days. We haven't tried the chicken tikka masala or the samosas (at our age, deep fried is off the diet), but our downstairs neighbors think they are pretty good, and more than one review rates the samosas 5 star. The owner is very friendly -- he has transformed the place by personally redecorating and painting the outside. And, to top it off, he works SO HARD -- 12 hour days 10am-10pm, not including the food prep time before he comes in. If there were ever a local business worthy of your support, this is it!

Bonnie Krueger

The hot food is really good, but the convenience store is awful. It looks like it has everything, until you look at the expiration dates. And PLEASE look at them before you buy anything here. My expired soda was still good, but the expired chips (expired in 2018!) were rancid and stale. I didn't recognize the funny smell which is the only reason I put one in my mouth and I had to spit it out. What a waste. The only thing that saves this place from a 1-star review is the hot food. Here's hoping it's made fresh, or is at least fresher than the packaged food.

Tracey A.

Neighbor's Market goes under a new name these days, Good 2 Go Mart & Curry. It was that "& Curry" part that got me through the doors one evening when the sun was setting and sitting outside at one of the tilted little tables looked appealing. That and the sandwich board out front advertising their Indian offerings. The concept here differs little from "dining" at 7-11; you're buying prepared food - albeit Indian - that's purchased inside a neighborhood convenience market. It's inexpensive and you get a whole lot of... rice. The cheapest 3-item offering is $7.99 so if you think I'm going to complain about all of that rice you're only sort of wrong. This meal includes rice (or naan), your choice of one veggie entree, and a side of rice pudding. The food could've benefited by being served hotter (I suspect most people heat it up again at home) and spicier. What it really could've benefited from though was being served in more abundance. I got what I paid for, filled my gut, and left physically if not mentally satisfied. I'd not return to Good 2 Go for their Indian fare which - even in abundance - wouldn't have ranked high with me. But the densely packed little market itself, as well as the outdoor seating, held a bit of charm and I can imagine how valued it is to those who live nearby.

Seema Devi

My experience was very good . I'm very happy with there worm friendly service. I can find everything i need in store. I love the indian food they serviced me. Food was excellent. I love to go again and try more food. They got very good offers on food and beers , wines .

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GOOD 2 GO MART & CURRY, BEER & WINE , indian food

1343 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 401-7725