Ippudo Berkeley

2015 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 666-8807

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Philippe K.

This place is great! There food is made promptly and always tastes amazing, their Ippudo Pork Bun is to die for one bite of the bun is ecstasy, you start with a gentle taste of the bun then an explosion of taste given by the tender pork only to be given the nice crunch of the lettuce I could eat them all day! Their ramen is always the perfect temperature and I've never had a single complaint!

Yen Yen C.

My first time trying Ippudo was in Shanghai and it was pretty good. I don't remember what I had though but for sure not the miso soup baseI've given the Berkeley location a couple tries since Shanghai and I really can't pin point what it is but I do not think it is nearly as good as Shanghai and for sure not worth the wait. Overrated for me; on the hand, people who I come here with seem to enjoy their bowl I'm just not impressed.

Vic F.

Been here a few times to give them a 2nd and 3rd chance. I'd a say its good ramen for Berkeley, however let me preface this...as I am comparing it Ichiran in Hong Kong and Ramenaya in Tokyo near Shinjuku. To me it was very average, and the service didn't do much to make up for it. Perhaps my standards are too high, then again lunch for two at $40 misses my mark, spendy for "poor poeple" food as it was invented to have stretch food in post WWII in Asia. Don't get me wrong its not bad if you don't have a point of reference and don't mind paying the hipster price, it is cheaper than a plane ticket across the Pacific but it just didn't ring my ramen bell

Christopher West

This place is but a shadow of what it could be. There is absolutely no love in the food, service, ambiance, and experience. There are way too many other places that offer excellent ramen to try this spot. Although their shoyu brotha was tasty, the rest just was average/below average. Marketing and a great location near tons of foot traffic is the only reasons why it is busy. A prime example of when a talent chef experiences fame for creating something unique and how investors driven for profits destroy something beautiful.

Alex R\

The service is consistently swift, awesome mood, very welcoming staff members. I will return here again when I am nearby.

Jeannie T.

This review is from when I came here in February. I came with a party of 6 so the wait was pretty reasonable at 30-45 minutes. There wasn't much of a line other than our party. Everyone pretty much ordered their own ramen bowl with a few appetizers to share. We shared the edamame with yuzu citrus salt, shishito peppers, and the ippudo fresh fries. The edamame was cooked well and the extra touch of yuzu citrus salt was delightful. I've been on a yuzu kick so anything yuzu pretty much makes me happy. I didn't partake in eating the shishito peppers because I'm sensitive to spicy foods but from what I heard, there was a mixture of spicy and non-spicy shishito peppers in the mix. My friends were trying to figure out which ones were the spicy ones and it was funny to watch them accidentally eat the really spicy ones. And then the French fries were seasoned with truffle salt. French fries generally are always good to eat. We had just come back from a hike so we were pretty ravenous when we arrived. Our ramen bowls did take quite awhile to arrive. And there was a mix up with my and another person's order. They offered to make a new bowl since the other person had picked at my order. I ordered the Shiromaru classic with firm noodles. It doesn't come with a soft boiled egg so make sure you order it when you place your order. I forgot the name of the ramen that my husband ordered since it was from the specials menu but his looked prettier than mine did and the presentation looked more abundant and full. Overall, it tasted good. It definitely doesn't compare to Japan's Ippudo but I think it's decent. I'm not a huge ramen lover and I usually struggle to finish my bowl because the broth can be too rich for my palate. But the broth here was light and flavorful. Overall, I think it's enjoyable. A solid 3.5 stars. Would I come back? Most likely if I was in the area and the wait wasn't too long.

Alice Z.

I was pretty impressed with how good the ramen takeout was. At first I was a little bit apprehensive about the noodles getting soggy, but I was really impressed by what I got. The broth, noodles and toppings were meticulously packed with cutlery and a detailed instruction sheet on how to assemble the ramen at home. The tonkatsu ramen broth itself was delicious and full of flavor, but I could not seem to get the separately packaged noodles soak up any of that taste. Nevertheless, it still tasted like the in-store version and my entire family enjoyed it very much. Having eaten way too much bad takeout from restaurants that cut corners, it is refreshing to see how much this place cares about maintaining the quality of their food.

Ahana D.

I tried this Ippudo branch during shelter in place because the lines were so long before it was almost impossible to get seated unless you started lining up before they opened. I first tried Ippudo in New York and was pretty impressed. I was hoping to recreate that experience in my mind. The veggie bao were fantastic. But the Ramen was good but not great. I guess that is to be expected since it was Togo and the noodles had kinda clumped you together and reheating Ramen in the microwave just doesn't give the same experience as eating that delicious broth at the restaurant. But for the price I guess I expected a little bit more :)

Whitney Ng

Got the veggie ramen and was so flavorful! Definitely will order again!

Jenny L.

Decided to try somewhere new for our weekly quarantine takeout meal. Ordered through UberEats and everything went fine. Ippudo obviously cares a lot that your takeout experience matches their restaurant experience as much as possible. They separate the broth and noodles and have instructions on how to heat up the broth to a specific temperature (which I imagine most people can't do if you don't have a thermometer) and then to mix the noodles in. I think the noodles were slightly undercooked as well to account for this. It is a valiant effort at maintaining quality while their food travels across time and space to make it to me. Of course, it's not perfect and my noodles were still kinda stuck together but I appreciate the effort. As for the ramen itself - I would say the portion is smaller than one might expect. It was ok - not mind blowing but still quite tasty. Vegetarian ramen is probably always kinda just "ok". The bean curds were the best part for sure and I wish there were more pieces. There were only like 2 "curds". I don't know if I would ever go to the actual restaurant given the lines I've seen (once we're allowed to go outside).

David B.

Excellent ramen, with vege broth available for vegetarians. The tofu buns are really good and shishito peppers add a nice spicy appetizer as well. Open for takeout during covid-19, give them your business!

May W.

This place is legit. Period. They get everything right about ramen. I find it super awesome that I can pick the texture of the noodle - how hard/soft. I also really like the broth and the egg. I'm picky about my ramen, just so you know. I would avoid ordering the shishito peppers though - I got some spicy ones even though they weren't supposed to be. One downside is the wait can get a little long during meal times. I've had to wait half an hour once and it was pretty cold that day. The line gets longer on cold days I think because everyone wants hot noodles.

Aeris W.

Oh Ippudo. Can I say that I have a love/hate relationship with this place? I love this place because it's close to me and there's usually never a wait so I could get a bowl of decent ramen within minutes. However, nothing compares to Orenchi or Ramen Nagi in the Bay Area. I hate it (or maybe I should say that I hate myself) because I crave for ramen a lot, but I can't get neither of Orenchi or Ramen Nagi at my disposal so I come to Ippudo instead lol. However, if I see there's a line outside, that's when I turn around and just walk away. It's not worth the wait at all. Hopefully I've already made my point across--Their ramen is decent (3.5 stars), but I wouldn't wait for it. It's only good when you can just walk in, sit down, and eat.

Evan D.

Been here twice and I'd say Ippudo is a pretty good place for ramen in the Berkeley Area ! Although nothing can compare to my love for Ramen Nagi! In the few times I've gone here, I've tried two types of ramen: cal ramen and shoyu ramen. I also tried their chicken karage and pork buns. - cal ramen: (have to have Berkeley school id to order this), it wasn't even spicy at all even though we told them to make it spicy. I also didn't even notice the different between my noodles and his noodles because we got different firmness levels. Overall was okay. - shoyu ramen: was better than the cal ramen, broth had more flavor and was more rich. - chicken karage: pretty good, crispy and crunchy, not too overcooked or undercooked, but you cant really go wrong with chicken! The portions are pretty small, and you have to pay extra for more toppings (like any other ramen place), but I do think its cool how they dont bring out the extra noodles (kae-dama) until you ask for them so it doesn't get too soggy from sitting in the bowl. I never had to wait too long to be seated when I come here, services is pretty fast and efficient. Food is pretty decent. Overall not too bad, a solid ramen place. I wouldn't mind coming back to grab another bowl of ramen here but I still would rather go to Ramen Nagi or go to Oakland for Marufuku!

Peter Polanco

Fantastic spot to get food when in a rush. The service is efficient, rates are convenient, awesome ambience. Highly recommended

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