Jerusalem Organic Kitchen

1897 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 525-7888

Recent Reviews

Will H

Love this place!! Delicious!

דניאל אבשלומוב

A great food , with great taste everytime . Adorable customer service. Recommend +++

Grant Becker

The spot is wonderful and spacious, the menu was enchanting and the prices were very economical. fast, effective service and very friendly staff members. Highly recommended.

Carlin F.

Solid Mediterranean food.

First off, the french fries are a rarity: Thick cut, usually fried crispy, and covered with what looks like za'atar. I always get at least a small order from here.

I'm also a fan of their Jerusalem falafel wrap and their hummus is some of the best I've had.

Tracy S.

Delicious and quick lunch takeout. We had the lamb burger, veggie wrap, chicken soup, and shawarma plate.

Akram N.

I absolutely love this place. I always come here with with my friend. The food is amazing and refreshing. The salad has light dressing, it's not overwhelming, you can taste the other delicious veggies. Their shawarma wraps is a must! Both the chicken and the lamb. The staff are great people.

Sahra Bhimji

Just got take out. Huge portions of great, fresh food. Everything was delicious. Clean and friendly.

Vardhman Jain

Ordered veggie platter with falafel and lentil soup. The platter was as soon in photo lots of hummus, baba ganoush, and plenty of Salad. Very tasty and fresh. Lentil soup felt a little too tangy in the beginning but was good by the end

Jeanna Mielcarek

Sandwiches at a great price for generous amt of very tasty falafel or lamb. Could split one if you didn't have a large appetite.

Santos C

This restaurant is unquestionably one of the most attractive place in the area. Anytime I visit this place I am awfully pleased. They hold their high standard service and the highest level of food they give. You surely will enjoy this this restaurant. Very recommended.

R Lamb

I simply like their dishes. I always get good customer service here. The place is neat and the cashiers are always nice. Will come visit again.

Toni M.

We have done takeout from here several times during the pandemic and the food is always wonderful.  Tonight I ordered a mini falafel platter, which comes w/ 4 falafels, hummus, salad, and 4 pita wedges.  I ordered a small baba ganoush, just because we like it.  Alan ordered a mixed skewers platter, which comes w/ rice or hummus, and salad.  The skewers were chicken, lamb and a ground beef mixture, all for $13.99, a bargain, we think.  We also ordered extra pita.  I called in the order and picked it up about 6:30.  Natasha works the front counter and has taken good care of me.  

One quirk of the setup is that the credit card machine and the telephone use the same line, so if a call comes in when your card is in the machine, the telephone takes precedence and you have to wait until the call is finished to complete the transaction.  Part of being a small business.  Just be patient and kind.

The food was excellent, as usual.  Alan gave me bites of his chicken and other meats and I gave him a falafel, so we had a delicious and extensive meal.  The food is all so flavorful and when I have a hankering for food from this part of the world, it just hits the spot.  Alan reports the rice was very tasty too.  I didn't taste it.  A trip to Jerusalem Organic Kitchen is something to look forward to.

David Chapman

Delicious as always. Had the falafel plate and the mixed shwarma platter. Ate with my wife outdoors and had an excellent early dinner.

Maurice Costa

Middle Eastern food and the setting at this location is great. This place does it for me. Next time I'll be back with my relatives. Prices are fair.

yayoi s.

I have always loved this place because their burgers and fries are jamming!!!
Oh yes, their Jerusalem food rocks my world too!! I am not an expert at all in this world of spices and cuisine, but I know I love zaatar(?) spice!! Not heavy though the flavors give your tastebuds and salivary glands a full workout.
Plus they are nice.
Oh, one thing, and this is my preference, their baba ghanoush is on the fresh tangy side, as opposed to my smoky obsession.  But that's cool!

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