Ladle & Leaf

2512 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
(510) 848-7687

Recent Reviews

Randy Vogel

Mmmm, chicken soup on a cold windy day is just the right thing for a sore throat!

Chrissy H.

Didn't pay attention because it was a pick up. When I opened it, found out no bread come with the soup as it's in the menu, no Brussels sprouts in the Brussels sprout salad as it's in the menu. How can these happened??? Not to mention it's very small order while paying regular price. Not recommended to any one.

Kevin X.

A co-worker bought two Mexican chicken tortilla soups to go and gave me one when she got back to the office this afternoon. I was hungry and looking forward to the soup. Upon opening the container I noticed a few tortilla chips floating on top with a bit of cheese. But as I dipped my spoon in, I noticed that the soup base had nothing else in it aside from the tortilla chips, cheese and six tiny (and I mean tiny) pieces of chicken (yes, I counted). Okay, fine. I took my first spoonful and my initial impression: way too salty (avoid this if you have high blood pressure). I took one more spoonful and threw the rest away. What a waste of my coworker's money. One other thing, I'm of Mexican heritage and this tastes nothing like any Mexican chicken tortilla soup I've ever eaten.

Ryan Farquhar

TLDR experience varies on who makes it.

Amy Barry

The Cabo salad was one of the blandest salads I’ve ever had . Absolutely no seasoning on the chicken so it tasted like nothing. The cilantro dressing just tasted like black pepper. The veggie were fresh but all lacked any flavor whatsoever.

Felicia L.

TLDR: It's definitely not the best soup/salad place around, but it'll do the job. I usually come here when I'm sick and need chicken soup ASAP. That being said, you can sample the soups for your favorite before committing to a purchase. Food: 6/10 The salads are pretty good, with the amount of customization you can do. However, I'd still rather go to sweetgreen, if I plan on getting a salad for a meal. As for the soups, the chicken soup is my go-to when I'm sick, but the mexican tortilla and clam chowder are also solid choices! Price & Portion: 5/10 In my opinion, the amount of food you get for the price isn't great. A bowl of soup is about $8, which could get you an entire Chipotle burrito instead. Service: 8/10 Every time I come here, I've had great service! The workers are very friendly, even when it's super busy during the lunch rush. Just step up to the first available staff member to order if you're getting soup or step down to the very end of the bar if you're getting a salad. Ambience: 4/10 There's not a lot of room for eating (maybe about 5 seats along the window), so plan on picking up something to-go. Overall, the shop is pretty clean and well kept; there's just not a lot of space.

Derek H.

I just had a tuna salad sandwich, the sandwich was dry. There were no eggs, no sweet pickle relish, I don't think any mayonnaise, no pepper, no garlic, very salty and the bread was the wrong kind of bread for a tuna sandwich. It was VERY dry. When I make a tuna salad sandwich I have black pepper, yellow onion, seasoned salt, garlic, boiled eggs, red bell pepper, sweet relish and avocado Mayo on a semi soft bread. The people who purchased the food were very nice, but I would suggest they not order from this place again.

Jioo L.

Their soup and sandwiches are decent, but staff can be extremely rude. Although I had a $15 voucher, the owner (I assume? Not sure) tried to get away with only giving me a $7 discount. When I tried to argue with him, he said that it only works for one item, and chose to only take off the cheapest of the 3 items I got. I definitely won't be coming back

Gerardo Abril

Honestly it's a whole lot of okay. I would label it emergency food. Tried their Chipotle salad and it was fine for the price and location.


Mexican chicken tortilla soup was bland. I got shredded cheese on it and it tasted like low-quality supermarket mass produced with no real taste of cheese

Liam azartash

Amazing place. Great and healthy food. Tried it for the first time. Would come back again

Vialsy Cabrales

I was hoping for slightly higher quality soups and was bummed with the result I got. I figure if you're mostly going to do soups (and salads) they should be pretty darn good, you know?

Claire Y.

I come here for their grain bowls for lunch so often!! Their Pico Kale bowl is super good and also filling and under $9!! There's half an avacado and a bunch of other things mixed in that'd be way too much effort for a brokebusycollegestudent to gather. It also comes with a slice of bread which is really nice. I love this place.

Liam S.

I just tried it for the first time. Talked to owner and the staff.. great people with good vibes. Would definitely come back here again!!

Matthew Chamberlain

Great Place! Highly Recommend!

Bodie Cabiyo

Wholesome, delicious food at a reasonable price. This is one of my go-to places when I couldn’t bring lunch with me to school.

Gregory Gladkov

Got some soup here. They were having problems with both cash registers and had the audacity to make me wait 10 minutes and then ask if I could come back later to reclaim my change. Ridiculous. Lost a very regular customer.

Xinyi Q.

Preordered a sandwich online. When I arrived on time they told me they don't sell that sandwich today. Service really messy.

Caroline J.

Okay, was a little hesitant due all the reviews but was pleasantly surprised! The food was good and Karla was very friendly and made me feel welcomed. Would visit again :)

Jannell J.

I should be ashamed to admit this, but I basically eat here every day seeing that I work on campus. They just have quality ingredients and an incredibly friendly staff. I had a unique experience Monday of last week, I believe the date was 15JUL. The store was experiencing some issues and had to close early, due unforeseen reasons. I know this because the staff profusely apologized and were extremely accommodating though they themselves may have seemed a little frazzled. And THAT'S OK. Maybe that's the Human Resources (my line of work) in me advocating for workers, but every business knows there will be at least one notable bad day in the year, it simply happens because NO BUSINESS IS PERFECT but they can be reasonable and compassionate to the customers wants/needs. This staff is the epitome of that. The very next time they saw me in the store, the addressed the issues and apologized. They did not need prompting, they approached me, which says so much about the customer service here. It's appreciated and that's why I keep coming back! So thank each one of you for the professionalism and friendliness. :) Edit: I forgot to mention that their Ancho Chile soup is to die for, I cant remember the exact name of it but I had it a few weeks ago off their daily menu. Wildly delicious.

John R.

We happened to stumble upon this place and because we were looking for a vegan option, it seemed like it might fit the bill. As many other reviewers have noted, there is something "off" about the interaction between the staff and its customers. Even though the place was essentially empty at 3 PM it seemed disorganized and chaotic. Most importantly, no one who worked there seemed to have a fundamental understanding of the menu. That said, when I received my order (Journey to Trinidad Grain Bowl), it far exceeded the expectations that I had based on the overall vibe of the place. It was simple but really excellent. Nice flavors and textures and a very healthy meal choice. With so many empty storefronts and failed restaurants around the University neighborhood, I fear this place will also become a casualty -- unless they step up their game.

Jade H.

I got the combo of the tortilla soup and the chicken sandwich (forgot exactly what it's called) and I was pleasantly surprised! very yummy and great price! highly recommend for a mid week lunch! will get again.

Richard Lossing

I've only had their food catered through Cal Catering. The quality is usually OK to fine. One issue that persists is the lettuce on sandwiches is old and limp, and really needs to be removed before eating. The "avocado & pepper jack" sandwich was remarkably disappointing, with no avocado on one half, a little on the other half, and one very small, thin piece of tasteless cheese.

Tammy W.

My favorite salad & soup place just got even better! I was served by Carlos today, and he was so nice! He makes sure that you get your food made the way you like it, and is willing to give recommendations which are really helpful. 10/10 do recommend! Ladle & Leaf's selection of soups, salads, and bowls are extensive, ever changing, and delicious! They are completely open to giving tiny samples of the soup out for you to taste and select. The menu can get even longer because every salad and bowl here can be turned into a wrap (with spinach wrap)! The establishment is small and well supplied; I've rarely seen them run out of supplies. There is a tiny seating area for you to dine-in. Prices are fair and they have great combos and a selection of snacks on the side. Sometimes if you get there before closing, they give out extra slices of bread to go with your soup! Today, Carlos gave me a free Oatmeal Raisin cookie to go with my favorite Cobb salad (w/ a Parmesan cheese substitution since I don't like blue cheese).

Min W.

TLDR: good soup and salad but a bit pricy Honestly, we all need a healthy option to prevent the freshman 15 from kicking in. I started regularly coming to ladle and leaf after they went on snackpass because there was always a line during lunch time. My fave items on the menu are the clam chowder, the chicken bacon kale salad and the Cobb salad. These are all super yummy options if you're looking for something quick and light. My only gripe is that it is expensive for what you're getting. The soup portions aren't huge and the salad is decent sized but maybe not worth the $12 youre paying for it. However because it's so close to campus and it's so convenient to come here for a quick meal, I keep coming back!

daniel woods

Great quality soup for those in a hurry. Very nice service. Impressed and will be a regular visit for me. Kindness goes a long way in 2019. The service was REAL.

Adriana D.

Loved it. I had the chicken bacon Cobb salad and the Turkey pesto sandwich, they were great the server, Carlos, was great, really friendly and funny. Will definitely be going again and I can honestly recommend this place.

Maria P.

I'm sure that the food is delicious here and everything but I feel like when it comes to catering it's never on time. This is the second time I've come here to pick up a catering gig and is never ready. I try to show up at least 10-15 minutes early to give them a heads up because the last time it took them 45 minutes to get it. Due to the traffic I got here 5 minutes before due time and sure enough they tell me was going to be 30 more minutes. Like I said before I'm sure the food is good but the catering service with them it's not worth it.

Jesus M.

This a a perfect place to go to if you want healthy food with great taste. The workers are nice and very knowledgeable. The price is also not too bad for Berkeley standards. I love the "Pair It" because it lets you get a small sandwich or salad with a soup and it's much cheaper.

Yesenia Mendoza

I have gone many times and the manager or person that seems to be in charge always seems to be annoyed or crabby with his workers and customers. At least that's what I get from his vibe. This past time I ordered the Feta avocado quinoa bowl and I asked for chicken to be added. The person who prepared it forgot my Feta and I asked...are you sure you put Feta, I don't see it and they said yeah it's in there without even checking. I left and surprise Feta. The taste is OK, a bit overpriced but for me I'm more about vibe, positive attitude and excellent customer service which I don't find here after many visits.

Albert Tapia

This place is my go to for lunch. The ingredients are always fresh and the staff is friendly. If you haven't tried this place, give it a shot.

Juan Moreno

Clean restaurant. People who work there are friendly. Worked quickly to get my order. Nice place for soups, salads & sandwiches I love the chicken chipotle salad.

Matt W.

I work near this location, and eat here frequently because it's a relatively healthy option in the wasteland of Telegraph Avenue. Today's experience was frustrating, though. I ordered the Vietnamese Spring Pea & Chicken salad, a seasonal specialty, and was informed that there were no scallions. Meanwhile, I heard another staff member tell a customer that they were out of the Green Chile soup. This is a perennial problem at this location; they seem not to be able to keep ingredients or menu items in stock. Not sure what the problem is, but someone should devote some attention to it. So fine, no scallions. I picked up my order (with the useless and time-consuming slip that the manager seems to want them to use now) and took it to the register, paid, and found that they were out of bags as well. How does this happen? Then I return to my workplace to eat my lunch, and I find that this Vietnamese Spring Pea and Chicken salad has not a fragment of peas anywhere on it. This is dismal, Ladle and Leaf, and you really need to shape it up if you want to keep me as a customer.

Minsoo K.

This is the second time this location got my order wrong. I only noticed it on the way home and didn't want to go back. Not sure how you misunderstand Cobb salad as Thai peanut salad? Didn't even eat the salad because it had ingredients I hated. If you want a salad, go to Mezzo

Jessica X.

I love their food but the employees are kinda rude. They have no respect for lines or who was there. I've been skipped on more than one occasion and the hours are strange. For example right now it is 5:53pm and they are closed. Why?

Maria W.

This place is close to campus and uses fresh, high quality ingredients, which is nice. I really enjoyed both the Chipotle chicken sandwich and the split pea soup. However, I was frustrated by the confusing pricing schemes. They have a "pair it" option, which is really nice, but it was difficult when ordering to figure out what the actual total price would be. It would be better if they could set some sort of set price for the various Combos (reg soup + salad, etc). I ended up paying more than I intended because the pricing confused me.

Luke Jouflas

Great soup, great sandwiches. The service was fantastic(give the Hispanic guy a raise! He is such a sweetheart!)

R Russell

Delicious variety of soups, salads, and sandwiches. You can sample the soup before you buy it. I reccomend the chicken tortilla soup.

Taliah Afranie

My fav! So good and healthy! Very friendly staff. The smoky split pea is my fav.

Tia V.

I really wish I could give 5 stars, but I honestly think that ladle & leaf is a bit overpriced. You get consistent menu options that are healthy and taste great which is where most of my star ratings go to. But I normally order a soup, and a regular size after tax (which isn't big at all) is a $7 and change. The large size is $1 more. In my opinion these soups shouldn't cost more than $6 after taxes. The flavors are great in the soup my I normally order, which is the chicken tortilla, but not all their soups are great. You have to keep that in mind. There are only a few soups I actually like, and I always get the chicken tortilla when I come. There's also not that much chicken. The chicken bits are small, so there's another reason why I don't think it's worth the price. However, they can get away with this price because it's so close to campus, and it's a great quick bite to eat without breaking a strict healthy diet. There's also no seating available. There's a small bar with 4 chairs extremely close together, but other than that you can't really sit in here and eat. This is mainly a to go order type of place, so it's great for grabbing take out before heading to the library. I've ordered a Thai peanut chicken salad before through an app called Snackpass before, but when I picked up my order there was no chicken at all. This was a huge disappointment, but it could've been a simple mistake. I really only come here for the chicken tortilla soup, because it's actually so good I crave it a lot. But other than that, this place is alright. P.s. the free bread is pretty much unlimited which is a plus.