Le Pho Vietnamese Restaurant

2501 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 280-5783

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Mocha L.

I found this place on Yelp after hearing its name mentioned in passing from coworkers a few years ago. I ordered the vegetarian Pho earlier today for lunch, and boy did it bring me back to when I visited Hanoi, Vietnam. I'm not an expert, nor Asian American, but the food to me tastes super authentic. Great customer service too! They even asked when I would arrive to know when to start preparing the meal to make sure it was piping hot when I got there. Amazing food and fantastic service :) :)

Amy Y.

I got take out from this place during Covid and they're very safe. I called ahead and ordered for a few people. They were nice on the phone and pretty quick. We got there but waited another 5 minutes or so. We got the beef pho, papaya salad, shrimp roll and my bf got the vermicelli salad bowl. He wasn't a fan of the chicken because it was more dry than most places. They also forgot to put in the shrimp which was a disappointment.

Jaime F.

It was hard to enjoy the Pho for takeout during these COVID19 times.

For takeout of the combination pho, the ingredients were separated apart in a kit that is assembled at home. I heated up the broth to boil before combining everything. The takeout is not as good as a fresh pho. The broth was good but not perfect for me. The portion was very generous, with plenty of meat and noodles. I did not finish the noodles.

Overall, it was satisfying. I was craving pho and hadn't had any since before the pandemic.

Derrick C.

I ordered the vermicelli salad. I ordered this at a number of places. This chicken was on the dry side and the chicken wasn't flavored specially. The one I ordered should have included shrimp but when I opened up the take out, the shrimp was missing.

Anthony M.

Well I was sick and pho is always the go to and was hoping g for something to get better buuuut uhh this didn't hit the spot. I got the shrimp pho and there wasn't much shrimp and the shrimp looked like it was from Costco (small) and the noodles were a brick even with the hot broth. It was like eating chunks of noodles oops. Eat well please -ant

Erica Swick

Fast service and delicious food!

Ignatius L.

Ordered for weekend dinner - imperial rolls and 2 different phos.  Food was prepped in a timely fashion and staff was rather friendly on phone and in person. Imperial rolls were very tasty and executed well. Both phos were great in quantity but only ok in taste - broth could have used more depth in both the beef and chicken options. An inconsistent experience- wish the price point was a tad lower.

Ivan C.

We can say our take-out experience with Le Pho wasn't the best and here's why:

Food: C
I love pho. Pretty sure I was born on a nest of pho noodles so I was super excited to try this place since it was close to Pho Le and our place! Unfortunately, we didn't get the food to match our expectations.  The broth temperature right off the bat was not hot at all; not only to the touch, but it took about 7 minutes until the noodles were good to eat from their original shape. There was also just two shrimps in two of the shrimp spring rolls and ONLY one in the other two! (Also nothing against them, but something I wasn't used to was a large cucumber piece in the middle of the spring rolls). However, I did enjoy the meats very much. Their brisket and tendon were spot on!

Price: C-
Most pho places I've visited were of great appeal because of their food to price ratio. Unfortunately this was not the case. Having to pay $9 for 3 egg rolls was pretty alarming. And you don't get too much more noodles for a large compared to a small. I also ordered extra tendon and got a solid two additional small pieces ($2.50 extra).  Needless to say, for two people, we paid a little over $50 for dinner (pretty astounding).

Service: A
Service at the takeout register was quick, efficient and to the point. In and out in less than 3 minutes.

Overall: C
I don't imagine we will be going back anytime soon, maybe to try other dishes, but not until we have tried other pho venues. I hope others have a better experience!

Ana C.

Pho soup by far the best place in Berkeley my bf loves the shrimp pho with beef broth I believe thats hard to find at other pho places.

Chu J.

I ordered a vermicelli with grilled shrimp and egg roll and there's only three tiny shrimps in it. They tasted so dry. I used to go to this place often and is really disappointed.

Jessica C.

I ordered 3 things for takeout:+ I really enjoyed the vermicelli bowl with tumeric grilled chicken when I added beef and spring roll. Definitely very filling! Lots of veggies and meat cooked well and flavorful. + The beef pho was also good with well cooked meat and tasty broth - it was packaged really well with no leaks (Most soup things I've had delivered from other places leaked so I'm impressed)- I'm knocking out one star for the fresh shrimp spring roll. Feel like they really skimped out on the shrimp and the presentation looks like a minor slap in the face lolOverall I'd recommend this place for take out! Just not the shrimp fresh rolls.

Courtney Anderson

Food is pretty good, prices not so much. There are plenty of great Pho restaurants in the SF/East Bay offering fare of equal quality and far greater quantity. Spent $62 on two clam shells of noodles, half a container of calamari (a $10 container of calamari cleverly packed with wedge of lime INSIDE the box) and three beverages. Not particularly budget friendly -- head up the road to Super Super Pho for great food, relaxed atmosphere and awesome staff.


Super quick (10 mins from when telephone order was placed). They give a decent portion of meat and was easy to put together at home.

Marlina L.

I found ANTS in my fish sauce! Broth has no flavor. Customer service could've been better. I couldn't believe it!

Latasha C.

I could eat this deliciousness everyday I'm supposed to be trying something else but I keep getting the Pho it's so good I get a small with all beef and spice it up with chili oil and the homemade chili sauce yum they put lots of tendon in it not just one piece like the other restaurants I'm gonna try the Singapore fried rice and pong pong chicken when I return but the Pho is definitely a must have

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