Long Life Vegi House

1725 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-6072

Recent Reviews

Leo Cheung

It takes way too long to get my order... I was told it’ll take 30mins and ended up waiting for an hour... this might due this is their first day doing business after the Chinese New Year...

Kisa Hampton

Very friendly staff. Food is always fresh and delicious. Whenever I call my order in, she knows my voice and what I want. This is the only place I like to go for my veggie fried rice with NO mushroom ?☺️

Christin A

The service here is so nice and kind and the food here is AMAZING. I just went for the first time and ordered the scallion pancake, lemon vegi-chicken, prawn chow mein, thai iced tea, and crab/cheese wontons. Literally every single thing is delicious. I will be coming back again in the future!

Roberto Perez

I only ever get take out here but it's always a great option whenever I can't think of what to eat for dinner. I love you, egg flower with corn soup.

Benjamin Arsenault

The most amazing vegetarian food and Chinese food in one location. I can see myself driving back to Berkeley solely to visit this restaurant.

On YouTube

Eating here for 10+ years. It isnt that bad to walk to if you take a side street from the Berkeley farmer's market by the police station. It is 2 blocks down the street from Trader Joe's on University. The menu is extensive. Next time getting the beef broccoli. Too many good dishes to mention. The scallion pancakes are tasty. I want to eat all the items on the menu!


its really good food i like the old location closer to campus sunny is friendly

Kels Moy

its really good food i like the old location closer to campus sunny is friendly

Saheli Datta

This is one of the best, most reasonably priced, consistent, friendly restaurants in the Bay area. Delicious vegetarian food, always fresh veggies, eggless spring rolls, amazing vegan soup. Wonderful family. Great To go operation. Can't wait to go back for dine in.

Mateusz Cly

The meal was very mild and unflavored. I did not enjoy this meal at all. A few hours after visiting this restaurant I got really sick. This food turned out to be indigestible. Don’t recommend, there are better options in the area

Christopher Barclay

One of my favorite places for vegan food in Berkeley/Oakland area


I just tried this place for the first time last week and wow I am impressed!! It’s so hard to find really good vegetarian Chinese food that mimics real meat but this place did it amazingly!! We tried the lemon vegi-chicken, vegi-beef and broccoli, and the veggie chow mein. The meat substitutes were craaazy good. The consistency was perfect! Yummy chow mein too, I wish I got two of these! The lady on the phone was super nice and the restaurant was very clean when we came in to get our order for take out. I’ll definitely be coming back!!

John Olafmun

Usedto be in my hood and miss them/ great imitation meat lol

Marshall Wieczorek

It is honestly some of the best vegan Chinese food. The veggie ham fried rice is the way to my heart. Don’t forget the spring rolls!

howard dyckoff

Good good and service for us Veggies.... sea food for. Those that are not.

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