Lox Stock & Bagel

2043 Allston Way, Berkeley
(510) 644-0509

Recent Reviews

Maggie B.

This place is without a doubt - THE BEST SALAD BAR in the East Bay. They have a wide selection and everything is super fresh. Better than the salad bar at Whole Foods. The customer service is generous with a smile. The also have sandwiches, pastries, fruit, beverages, soups, and a terrific breakfast sandwich. Can't imagine why their rating isn't five star or why they don't pop up as Number One on Best Salad Bar! Met several other new people there the other day and we all agreed - nowhere else in the Bay Area compares to their freshness with ample variety. Oh, well. Perhaps it's to our advantage that it's a best kept secret!!

Christine S.

I do not know why this place has any bad reviews because it's amazing!! The best homemade breakfast burritos, egg sandwiches, bagels of all types, and fresh iced and regular coffee--LIKE YOUR MOTHER WOULD MAKE IT (REAL ingredients, nothing frozen, delicious, and with love)--and extremely fast... faster than Starbucks pops your frozen items in the toaster oven you could have some real sustenance on your way to work/class! Anyway, it's also a family-owned business and they're great people who truly appreciate your business- another reason to go here instead of one of the sub-par multiple chains in Berk.

Spencer Pritchard

Love going here before work

Charlotte C.

I love this place for breakfast or lunch. Delicious Belgian waffle sandwiches with egg, bacon and sausage. Great options with the build your own sandwich and salad bars! Good matzo soup as well!

Andi R.

Don't understand all the negativity here. Been coming here a lot this semester because they have more variety than the coffee shop on the other side of the parking garage and they are always friendly and fast. Good iced coffee, excellent breakfast sandwiches and burritos. The smoothies I have tried are good and the fresh juices are a nice offering as well. Additionally, even the fruit salad is better than the other place because the other place uses grapes with seeds in them which I find gross. This place is clean and unusually quiet for its location, which I appreciate. FYI If you don't like high school students you should probably not get your breakfast or lunch from a place that is half a block away from a high school.

Xander Posner

Best Bagel in Berkeley

Amy C.

Hordes of high schoolers. Probably because it looks like a cafeteria. No lo-fat cream cheese. They burnt my bagel. I was the only one ordering. Toast another bagel!

A Google User

This place is STILL how I remember it back from my BHS days. Food still tastes the same, same good quality!. And just as I was coming in from my trip from Sacramento, they just finished cleaning the restrooms, which is always a good sign. This is my first stop "go-to" whenever I touchdown back in the bay.... And this is over a 10yr period!

Queen J

This place is STILL how I remember it back from my BHS days. Food still tastes the same, same good quality!. And just as I was coming in from my trip from Sacramento, they just finished cleaning the restrooms, which is always a good sign. This is my first stop "go-to" whenever I touchdown back in the bay.... And this is over a 10yr period!

Victor G.

Lox Stock & Bagel isn't self explanatory. not a bageltorium, more a self serve salad bar. self promotion issue or wrong labeling by original poster? nice space with serving stations in middle, coffee at left, tables at right, cashier dead straight center. offerings: coffee, self service salad, sandwiches, bagels/pastries. brew: "america's best" coffee. organic peru -definitely a premium roast, smooth blend, medium roast? -covffee better than expected. drips: -covffee best choice after viewing salad bar. saw meat slices spread. lost interest -quick, courteous cashering. self service covffee pouring.

Fitz S.

One of the best mom & pops breakfast stores I've been to.. I usually stop in 3 times out of the week & grab a Belgium waffle, sausage, beacon, egg & cheese sandwich

Alexandra Levine

I'm giving this bakery a terrible review because of the way I've witnessed the owner treat his employees. I came in during a busy time and the owner was ranting like a juvenile and really disrespecting his very young, visibly terrified employees. I regrettably enjoy the food but can never go back. You suck, dude. Get it together. You're not only creating a toxic work environment, but creating a toxic eating environment.

Jessica Bohn

My son just started 9th grade at Berkeley High. He is enjoying going out with friends for lunch. Today he was waiting for a friend to get her order and a woman approached him and accused him of stealing chips. Profiling much???? He doesnt even eat chips and is not a thief. She didn't apologize when he opened his bag to show her she was wrong, which she should have. It is too bad because I used to go there when I was in BHS and told him to go there. His first and last time there, i guess.

Melissa Bee

Racist owner who profiles guests.

Nadav M.

For the price I paid it was barely an okay place. There was no more different types of bagels so I just had the option to take a plain one. I decided to take the veggie one and a smoothie. The veggies tastes fresh but the size of the bagel could have been better. The amount of cream cheese was good and my smoothie was good as well, not too thick and not way too watery. I like the salad option they offer which they offer by the ounce.

steven sealberg

it’s fine. Here’s the wifi password

Madeline Cohen

Clean, large place, and empty when I went on a weekday afternoon. Great location and higher quality bagels than a lot of places around here!

August Noë

It is what it is: very cheap bagels

Jeanie B.

Happened upon this cute little place nestled among the quaint & at times quirky Berkeley UC area. The smallish menu had a few offerings ranging from juices and smoothies to a few coffee varieties, sandwiches and bagels including breakfast-fare options and waffles. There is also a build your own salad smorgasbord available. As I mentioned, the menu isn't the largest around, but I could quickly surmise that each item is made with care & quality. The lady working the register was helpful when I placed my order (which, me being me - always has to somehow customize my order) - but she made no bones about my variation I requested. I opted for The Californian - Sesame bagel with avocado, cream cheese and sprouts, but went for a cheese bagel instead and also added Lox because, well, I love the stuff. She immediately beamed with a smile and said "interesting combo, sounds great!", and furthered in explaining that on the Lox bagel they usually add capers and tomato and asked if I'd like to include that as well. Why not, right? We were served rather quickly and I can say it was made perfectly. They didn't skimp out whatsoever on the cream cheese and all the flavors danced together happily upon my hungry morning taste buds. My friend and I also ordered the iced mocha which I thought was a nice, strong brew with great flavor, however it could've stood a bit more chocolate in my opinion, but then I'm also a chocoholic, so go figure! He also opted for the sausage & egg croissant which he scarfed down on happily. I don't even think there was a crumb left! (He'll punch me for that later lol). Bottom line: Great fast & friendly customer service in a cute & very tidy little venue. I'll be back, for sure!

Pratyusha G.

Quiet, cute cafe. Perfect for writing or reading! I found this cafe while I was walking around Downtown Berkeley looking for a good place to charge my phone and write. It was really slow when I walked in around 10 with one other person dining in and occasionally someone coming in to order something to go. There's only one set of outlets that I saw so not the place to work off a laptop unless you have charge. But there is plenty of tables and space, so you can definitely come for lunch with a group! I got a chai latte with almond milk and a veggie bagel - cheese bagel with cream cheese, tomato, cucumber & sprouts. It's exactly what you would expect, good but nothing special. I think that it might be more interesting to come here for lunch because they have a do-it-yourself sandwich and salad bar which I haven't seen anywhere else in Berkeley.

Dristi T.

This is a good place for making your own sandwiches and salad. I really love this place but i feel its a bit expensive for the sandwiches

Iconic M.

Please do not take down my review. Why does my review has to be taken down? I spent time and effort to write a review. I love the jewish chicken soup and clam chowder soup here as well as lox and bagel, too. The soups are very delicious and traditional with fresh ingredients. The bagels are chewy on the outside and soft on the inside. they are so good esp if you get them when they first come out and are warm. - From a customer since year 1995.

Seonah Lee

Awesome bagels!!!

Sirena C.

This place is the perfect quick stop for breakfast or a light lunch! I work nearby and always stop in. The couple that own the place and very nice, service is always quick and to the point. For breakfast my favorites are the english muffin breakfast sandwiches, the breakfast burritos and the traditional bagel with cream cheese. For quick grabs the yogurt cups and fruit are always a go to! For lunch they have a great salad, sandwich bar and offers two yummy soups! The only downside is that they do close a bit early so they're best for breakfasts and lunches only. Some tips try to avoid going during Berkeley High's lunch time and right before school starts thats when the line gets pretty long. They have a $5 dollar minimum for cards.

Zach C.

The "Californian" was good but the bagel was a bit small for $4.99- enjoyed the iced latte though and the restaurant itself has plenty of seating and fast internet

Sophia L.

TL:DR Great breakfast burrito, but cleanliness?? I got a breakfast burrito w/ the recommendation from the person in line in front of me. The breakfast burrito was great - quality eggs, potatoes, sausage, and cheese. I especially liked the potatoes, they were shredded rather than cut in chunks, so it had a great texture. The burrito was wrapped tightly, so nothing fell out. It was all great till the end, where I found a piece of hair between the foil and the burrito. I'm very glad that the hair was not in the burrito itself or I would not have seen it. Besides the hair, the burrito and establishment would get a 3/5 based on quality and price of the burrito.

Nicolas M.

Best Matzoball soup in town! Soft and flavorful. My mom got the clam chowder so I tried that as well; also very rich and tasty :) Each ingredient on the salad bar was very very fresh! The homemade crouton was especially great. The manager was very helpful (weighing plates and recommending soups) as I was wondering around during my first visit. The place is right next to the social security office, so highly recommended for those waiting in line looking for a place to quickly grab food! Had a great experience here! 5 out of 5.

Chiara A.

Lox Stock & Bagel--now there is a name I have not heard in ages. I remember there used to be one on every corner it seemed in the Bay Area. I used to see them in San Francisco and the East Bay. A high school friend and colleague used to manage a branch in Emeryville near the Watergate Towers about twenty so years ago. This Lox Stock & Bagel is a rare find, they are practically non-existent here in the millennium. Many of the Berkeley City College instructors would come here to eat and meet away from the office. I rediscovered Lox Stock & Bagel when an instructor I worked for sent me to retrieve a bag she inadvertently forgot, luckily it was still there intact and in place. Lox Stock & Bagel is still here and very much present. After a workout at the Y next door, The Mother was hungry and needed to eat something ASAP. Well, here is Lox Stock & Bagel in a pinch. So we went in. There was the sandwich bar and the salad bar next to it as we came in. I ran the menu by her. The Mother emphatically advised me to get a half sandwich as she was doing. I assisted her in choosing the condiments and ingredients she wanted. We more or less had the choice pickings as it was not noon and the lunch rush still had yet to arrive. So we made our choices and went to the till to pay. The service is pretty cut and dry, the folks working there are not much for conversation. They speak only if they are taking customer orders and in the exchange of paying for their orders. We were asked if we wanted our bread cut in half to make the half sandwich to which we replied in the affirmative. We were able to find a booth to sit at and eat. It was nice and quiet, only a few folks eating nearby. It was around noon-ish when the Berkeley High School and Berkeley City College crowd came in. The staff went into action in making orders and keeping an eye on the young customers who partook from either the sandwich bar and the salad bar. And the quiet atmosphere became lively and animated. The Mother and I took that as our cue to exit Stage Right as it was getting rather lively, too loud for our tastes. Lox Stock & Bagel is all right in a pinch to refuel after a workout ASAP. Depending on the time of day, be prepared to adjust on what is available.

Angelina G.

ZERO QUALITY Don't bother unless you're absolutely not worried about what you consume. I think this place is purely geared towards high schoolers ditching the cafeteria. I can't imagine lower quality food, certainly unacceptable for a food establishment. This morning I spent $4.60 for a croissant with butter and a small hot chocolate. The croissant was dry and a bit stale. I can't taste a bit of butter but they "surprised" me with strawberry jelly. Although I happen to love strawberry across the board I don't like jelly on my croissant. The hot chocolate was watery and reminds me of the prepackaged stuff you get out of a vending machine. Well, the kids are okay with it and if you're in a super hurry, happen to get parking in a nearly impossible area, and don't mind cheap food devoid of taste this is your location.

Jungah M.

Great salad bar! Absolutely loved it. I was surprised by how fresh the lentils and artichokes were. The service was great too. Extra kind and helpful!

Luis David Santibañez

This place has been here forever. The breakfast bagels with egg and sausage are really good

Dorene Z.

Came here to grab a quick breakfast. Staff was friendly and there's a lot of room to sit. I got a breakfast burrito with bacon, which was around $4.00. The size of it was smaller than what I expected, but I think I appreciated the fact that because it's half the size of what a "normal" burrito is, I did not feel really gross and fat after eating it. It was pretty basic: some eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Though visually, it was not very appealing at all. I would be willing to come back and try a breakfast bagel, but I was also shocked that they did not sell bananas (or ran out when I came in).

Harman D.

I've been here twice. The first time they put cottage cheese instead of cream cheese on my bagel. Luckily, I really like cottage cheese so I didn't mind TOO much. The second, and last, time the bagel was still raw and doughy and had way too much cream cheese; had to throw it away. I wouldn't recommend this place as there are much better places nearby.


Fine, but nothing really special. Make sure to insist on extra cream cheese as well, since they're pretty skimpy. Also, the 'lox spread' has next to no lox in it. I'd give it two stars, except the hand-made juices are excellent.


While this is not a white table cloth kinda place, the staff led by Joseph is keen to be of service. Salads, make your own from the salad bar, smoothie - what kind?, they'll make it.. Egg sandwiches on the go in the morning - this is the place. LOX Stock has been in its location for at least the two decades I've been dropping by. I especially like the chili on a cold day. Given its location, it has a mix of social security office folks(it's next door to the east),YMCA members (its next door to the west), high schoolers on the way to/from school or for lunch.Service is quick, food is fine and fast...Enjoy - not open for dinner

Lizz C.

The actual Lox bagel is 7.50 but worth the price!

Onika H.

I bought 3 slices if salami and the owner weighed the plate with the meat. I asked are you weighing the plate too. His response was that everybody charges for containers even Whole Foods. Lol big mistake I'm a former Whole Foods Prepared foods team leader and no they don't charge and it illegal. I explained that to him and he told me next time bring my own plate. Seriously. California weights and measure * Check that items weighed in front of you either have no wrapping or container, or the scale makes allowance for it. When sold by weight, all items must be sold by NET WEIGHT; the wrap- ping or container should not be included. This also applies to packaged items, which must indi- cate net weight.


The bagel with lox and cream cheese is great.

Virginia W.

Right next to the YMCA, this place is fantastic when you're in need of a quick bite before or after a workout or when you're near downtown Berkeley BART. Haven't been during lunch so no idea if it gets crowded then, but 11AM on a weekday there's no line, food is tasty & quickly prepared, and the folks who work there friendly. Bonuses: Tons of seating. I'm impressed they keep the place so clean when it's such a large space! Will be back.

angela s

I have visited this place several times but have had a different experience every time. Sometimes the service is great, bagels fresh, and it is an overall positive experience. Other times it has been the complete opposite. There are plenty of other bagel shops, and breakfast shops for that matter, in the area to enjoy so I would recommend trying others before stopping in to try your luck here.