Lucia's Berkeley

2016 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley
(510) 225-9467

Recent Reviews

Darrianna Harris

I haven't tried Lucia's yet but I bet it's good because I always see a crowd outside of the store

Alison T.

Great take out between 5-8 Only drawback is dealing with the double parked delivery drivers. We had a fabulous pizza, perfect size for two and split a cannoli.

Suzanne J.

Cosacca and Norma are particularly delicious. We've been ordering lots of Lucia's pizza during the shutdown to keep them in business.

Jesse E Schwartzburg

Even with a shelter in place, I got lips of fire and the margharita and my family is happy. Nothing but praise for the grounding good feeling perfectly made pizza can bring to a household.

Anais lannert

Pizza not good. Bad quality for mozzarella and Ingredients. Chocolate mousse very small we are still hungry when we leave the restaurant.

Penny F.

wonderful little spot, perfect right before a movie at the California or a play at The Berkeley Rep. Authentic italian dishes very simply done but wonderfully done. we've been here a handful of times and are always pleased, the pizza is a particular type however, extremely thin crust and sort of runny but wonderful and the flavors they come up with are heavenly and unique in Berkeley, Naples-style pizza, or Neapolitan, or "Napoletana" the pastas are excellent too, but the pizzas are the main thing, also good wine list, a bit crowded but cozy the only sort of irritating thing is that they add a 20% tip in themselves the way Corso does, though unlike Corso (where the staff is haughty and slapdash) the service at Lucia's is reliably impeccable and warm besides

Sheryl P.

Lucia's has the best pizza! This is a great spot for pizza plus more. Their wine is fantastic for the selection they have. My absolute go to place each time in Berkeley. And love the owners friendly nature.

Scott Loganbill

Fresh! The owners are so nice. Really great Italian. Still feels like a hidden gem. You can still walk in and get a table, but not for much longer I think.

Uzi Cohen

Very good Neopolitana​ Margarita. Good wine on tap. Quick seatting even on a Friday.

The Gourmet Penguin C.

Among a crowded field of good choices of decent pizza in Berkeley and Oakland, Lucia's stands out as the only one who is true to the Neapolitan pizza. I remember when it was relatively new, we had brunch there. The place was almost empty. One bite into the pizza, my son proclaimed it was THE BEST pizza he ever had eaten except when we were in Italy. He has since moved out of the area. But he still salivates when I mention about Lucia. The restaurant is now very popular. It was almost full at six on a Thursday. We choose to sit on the counter to see the 900-degree brick oven from Italy up close and to watch the pizza chef turning out "magic pies" in 2 minutes! -The phenomenal pizza The dough was PERFECT. It was chewy, yet soft pillowy thin in the center, bubbly light with blisters puffed-up on the edges. The topping is of high quality, delicious. -The appetizer Caponata: pure joy for eggplant lovers. Tris Di Montanarine: The mini pizzas are too tiny to hold any toppings as it fell off fried dough except for calzone. I think changing the dough shape before frying will help. -The drinks They serve cocktails, beer, and wine. Berkeley's Donkey and Goat wine is on tap. Dessert I would eat more pizza if I could. I could never make it to dessert. The service Warm, attentive, and prompt from Brooke. We also observed the entire team, from chef to server, all work together, help each other. I guess this is an example that the mandatory tips work by sharing the responsibility and, hopefully, the tips among all employees. Lucia's is my choice for savoring a top-notch authentic Neapolitan pizza with friends, family, or by myself.

Rebecca J.

My husband and I came here for Valentine's Day and we were shocked by how bad and overpriced the food was. First we started with the arugula salad, which was a dry, bitter, and plain dish--basically just arugula with shaved Parmesan, a single strawberry cut into 4 pieces, and no dressing. Then we had two entrees: First, the sausage party pizza, which was extremely bland. There was no sauce at all on the pizza, the mozzarella wasn't fresh or fully melted, and the sausage was very plain. Our second entree was the radicchio lasagna, off the special Valentine's Day menu. This was the most paltry portion of lasagna I ever had, and tasted weird. There was hardly any cheese, and very few layers of noodles. We left hungry and disappointed, and our food--along with a couple of beers--came to a total of $85! Worst restaurant experience ever. Save yourself some money and go literally anywhere else for pizza.

Julia L.

This was my first time at Lucia's and I LOVED it, especially coming during Berkeley Restaurant Week! I was curious how the vegan pizza would taste since it's made with cashew mozzarella, but I can definitely testify that it tasted amazing! While you can tell that it's made with vegan cheese with a bit of a nutty taste, the additions of the vegetables and additional red chili flakes and oil combined all the flavors really well. Highly recommend if you're looking for non-meat options or want to try something new!

Ann Ruengvivatpant

Exploring more restaurants thanks to Restaurant Week! Food was all okay, and service was good. Calamari was tasty but not crispy. The vegan pizza was interesting and had good flavor but was soggy that and had to be rolled to be picked up. (Maybe because it's vegan?)

Dani N.

Went to Lucia's for the first time during Berkeley restaurant week! We were given a set of options for a 3 course meal for $30 each (but beware of 20% service charge) We got the calamari and the tris de montanarine as appetizers, the bolognese as the entree and the chocolate mousse and sorbet for dessert. The fried mini pizza dough was soooo good and something I would order again for my friends to try, I highly recommend! The pasta was decent and so was the chocolate mousse, the chocolate flavor was a bit overwhelming. The service was very kind but they were a bit slow and not very attentive when they were busy, but given it was restaurant week, it's understandable. I would recommend this place to others and will come back to try other options! Looking forward to it.

Jaclynn R.

This is such a poorly made pizza. I received it with barely any toppings on it, it was cold, but time to delivery was fast, and the toppings that were on it fell off because it's so soft and mushy. If I didn't Uber Eats it, I would have returned it at the counter. This was a HUGE waste of $30 (via Uber Eats).

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