3136 Sacramento St, Berkeley
(510) 547-6699

Recent Reviews

Mike Albers

Good place to take a date a lot of different beers get food outside dining

Ashwin Biln

Big thumbs up to the Moxy. Big thumbs down to them being forced out.

karen barrett

I like this place. I wish I could substitute lettuce for the arugula, though. Love truffle fries. It's very convenient because it's around the corner from where I live.

Wendy Yau

Love this place but they're closing down unfortunately :(

Linda Washington

The food is delicious but the place is raunchy

Brittany B.

This place is underrated AF. I love this place. I now live in nyc but whenever I'm back in the bay... I eat here

Lisa M.

It got better! Fire pit is awesome. I now live for tatchos. Get the vegan buffalo wings with sauce on the side. Keeps them crisp. Absolutely yummy!

Daniel Lippincott

Terrible atmosphere with a loud television blaring the whole time. Good service but drinks over priced. Will never return. Maybe better out on the patio

Marcus Schwartz

Good chicken wings and chili. Slightly obsessed with arugula. Not the best place to go if you are in a hurry. No wifi and poor LTE coverage.

Rachel D.

The food is so good! And they have a pretty awesome beer selection. Great place to watch a sports games -- TVs inside and outside. And lots of vegetarian options! I don't know why it doesn't have 5 stars. The staff is super friendly and so are the patrons.

Johnny Ferguson

Best Burgers around. And the Chilli cheese fries are world class. The fries are the thick cut steak fries, so they are fantastic. I really recommend coming here.

Francisco Garcia

Has a large patio area that is great to hang out in. I saw a few people able to bring dogs to tie in the patio area which was great!!!

Rick Fox

Excellent food and beer. I'm coming back for sure

Allegra Thaler

very cute local spot. nice outdoor patio area and good for quick bites.

M Silva

closed at 2:30pm on friday despite hours saying open

DeAngela V

Lamb burger was super greasy but good and something different. Decent cider selection.

Dusty R.

Moxy used to be a seedy dive bar. Know how I know? It's obvious when you walk into the 'beer garden' when the tench of old piss, cigarettes and stale beer hits you in the face. I bet money that they have not cleaned in there since the 70's either. The burgers on their menu are overpriced ($13) and I am pretty sure are those frozen burgers you buy in bulk at Costco. I didn't dare to try the truffle grilled cheese on their secret menu. Moxy is jumping on the artisanal beer bandwagon without making a single effort. I'd skip Moxy if I were you.

Alex Robinson

I've had mixed feelings about this place but I keep coming back. Their food tastes good and is more affordable than similar spots. This is offset by the fact that their beer is a bit more expensive than it should be. Great place given its location if you're nearby but don't go too far out of your way to cross it off the list.

Burr Tyler

Food's great. Good beer.

Andreas G

In the last few years there has been a substantial increase in the number of beer gardens, gastropubs, taprooms, brewpubs, beer-oriented tasting rooms, etc. in the East Bay. Different people will look for different things. Some are searching for unusual offerings, beers with flavor elements that you wouldn't think go together (and often don't). Some want small batch imported beers. Others prefer small batch offerings from more local breweries. My wife and I have been sampling this blossoming collection of beer gardens in the East Bay over the past two or three years. We finally decided to give Moxy Beer Garden a try. We had noticed it during two meals at Creekwood, which is just across the street. . . Moxy has a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, with the indoor reminding me of small town bars. The outdoor is a collection of picnic-style tables, some of which are covered. They had about a dozen beers on their tasting list, but had run out of two or three of them on the Sunday we visited. We enjoyed our beers. Pours can be 14 or 20 ounces, with the 14-ounce pours around $7, and the 20-ounce servings at about $10. I don't love this pricing, but to be fair, it is average for this area. It just amuses me that you can go up north of Eureka, go to Six Rivers Brewery and drink a $4 pint of a great porter. Come south a bit to Gallager's in Eureka, and it is $5. Stop in Ukiah on the way home, and it is $6. Get to the Bay Area and you are now spending $7-$9 for a pint. I'm glad that there are so many beer options and enough support for places that focus on beers. From a beer perspective, not the biggest selection around, but large enough that you will find something you want to try. . . We did not really eat there. We ordered some fries, well done and crispy, and they were. I don't know why so many places are afraid to leave fries in the deep fryer long enough for them to get good color and a crispy exterior. The fries were quite tasty, and the large portion was indeed large, and shared among three people. The menu features a wide range of sandwiches and burgers. Most of the burgers were in the $14 range, and came with fries, and I believe a salad as well. Prices on the food seemed quite reasonable, and there were some interesting options. . . For those with young kids and/or dogs, the outside seating is likely to be the most convenient and comfortable. On a rainy day, you might prefer the inside, but tables seemed to be much smaller. . . Would I go back? Yes. On a warm sunny day where you want a beer in the shade, this is a nicer option than Cask, Trappist Provisions, and Beer Baron. Golden Squirrel would be other choice; the food is good, the beer selection extensive, dogs are allowed outside, and the only negative is relatively more limited outdoor seating.

Bill J.

I've been back to the Moxy of late because I just missed that bacon blue cheeseburger so much and I am glad to report that they are back to being my go-to place for a burger in Berkeley. My wife and I can't recommend enough the previously mentioned bacon blue cheeseburger and the BBQ cheeseburger. And you must get their truffle fries! Particularly their truffle aioli is like liquid crack.

Jasmine V.

Checked this place out with a friend this weekend and I'm pretty happy with our experience! I ordered "The Burger" and upgraded my fries to the truffle fries. Our waitress was Chelsea and she was super friendly and attentive to us at the bar. The prices are a little high, but I think the food and portions were worth it. The burger was pretty darn good and they cooked it just like I requested. On the menu, you'll see that they normally cook their burgers at medium rare so if you want it cooked differently, let your server know. I definitely recommend you try the truffle fries, they were so good! The fries were the perfect texture and the food came out piping hot so you know it was fresh and just cooked. The flavor of the fries was very unique and I would definitely come back just for the fries. I don't try their alcohol, but it looked like they had a full bar so I imagine this place would be great if you wanted to grab drinks in the afternoon or night time. Not only do they have plenty of tables inside, but they have patio seating as well. They also have TVs in case you want to watch the game or something. Their bathrooms were very clean which was very impressive to me! Most bars or places that serve alcohol tend to lack a bit on the hygiene side, but not this place! Overall, this was a cool place to relax. I'd definitely come back again!

Nicholas H.

Great selection of craft beer! The waitress (Linda) is the best! My favorite is their wedge salad and the fried artichoke hearts!

Matt McLaughlin

I love the vegan wings here, they make me very very happy. #asshoes

Maggie M.

Came to watch the Warriors game on June 10th around 7:45pm with my family. The waitress with a short brown braid and tattoo on her chest came over and let us know the food would take at least an hour. That's totally fine with me, I'm willing to wait. However the way she said it was in a tone that made it seem like ordering food would be a complication to her. She then mentioned there was a new cook which I also empathized because I work in the hospitality industry and the food and beverage industry. Things happen and it's good to have effective communication with your guests, but it was in a tone that was very rude and changed my guest experience in a negative way. They should've been more prepared knowing the game was on, some beers were already out. I wouldn't come back to watch games or to eat, would not recommend to friends and family and if anyone asks about Moxy's I wouldn't say it was good. The service was poor, the items were out (beer/fries) and just overall there are way better beer gardens/sports bars. The waitress seemed stressed which made her upset and frustrated but that's not an excuse for poor service, you work through the tough parts and mange it in a calm and collective way. I'm a cocktail waitress and work in the hospitality industry, it's all about guest encounters, making the clients feel welcomed and comfortable and then if things may go wrong, like under staffing or items running out it's all about service recovery. There was a lack of both and it saddens me because this spot could be a gem. I do like the fire places and the communal tables outside but that's about it.

Nicole Hoenig

Good food, but drink are a little pricey at $7.5

Anders P.

Used to love this place. Now the food quality is very poor and service is below standard. Sadly, don't go here if you're looking for a fun and good experience. We won't be returning.

Marisa A.

We came with friends who said this spot used to have great food. Prices and quality were way off. Grilled cheese for $8 was two pieces of cafeteria sandwich bread with maybe two pieces of American cheese in it. Onion rings were supposed to come with two kinds of "aioli," actually came with ketchup, when we asked for the aioli they seemed confused about what the menu actually included and brought one kind of garlic sauce. My friend got a cheesesteak for $14 which was the size and quality of an airplane food sandwich and when he sent it back, they said it was premade so they couldn't change the size and they would bring him a burger instead. The burger never arrived but we were still charged for it. I got an iced tea which for the first time in my life sent back because it tasted like flat soda (husband agreed it tasted off/not good). Slow service throughout as well.

Christina M.

Wow! I used to like the burgers and service here, but not anymore! I ordered the BBQ burger for pickup and the young lady said it would be ready in 10-15 minutes. I arrived 15-20 min after I called and there was no sign of my food being ready! I pay, tip, and she goes outside to get the cook. I wait for another 10-15 minutes for my food. I've ordered this burger before, to go, but this time it looked like a McDonald's cheeseburger, not worth $15!

Pablo D.

Love Moxy! It's our go-to place for indulgent burgers whenever someone comes from out of town. The lamburger is delicious. And the beer selection is pretty complete with a couple of options for every taste profile.

Bateman S.

Moxy has slipped... it took over 30 minutes to bring an order of burger & fries, and separate order of chicken breast & onion rings. This at 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon, there were only two other patrons there. They open at noon, so there was plenty of time to have brought the fryers up to temperature. The food was good, no issues with taste or preparation, aside from bland iceberg lettuce with the chicken breast sandwich. But chips and rings came in small paper pockets, instead of being served on a plate along with sandwiches. Sandwiches came in plastic baskets... it used to be items were served on plates, and portions of sides were larger. Cost with two beers was actually more expensive than burgers & beer at Wood Tavern, go figure.

Justin K.

Nasty soon as i entered i did smell a bathroom. Poor service and poor food...i can't believe that they charge you over 13 dollars or above for any burgers. I'd rather go to McDonald's.

Gloria Ortiz

They used to have a tasty veggie banh mi burger with a chickpea/walnut veggie patty that seemed like it was made there, but they replaced the chickpea patty with a nasty seitan patty. It is a let down.

Diana C. Regan

I came in for karaoke night. I was in there less than 5 minutes, hadnt even had a chance to look at the menu at the guy there told me I had to buy something or leave. I was planning on buying something but was barely getting settled in. The guy's behavior was incredibly rude, unprofessional and tactless. It's a shame I've been coming for karaoke for a few weeks and they never rushed me to buy something the second I set foot in the door before. Not likely I'll be returning.

Diana R.

I go here every Tuesday for karaoke. I love the KJs who run the karaoke but the guy who works there was extremely rude to me. I showed up, he gave me a menu. I put my song in for karaoke. Less than 5 minutes after getting there he asks if he can take me order I say not yet thanks and he says "you cant just chill here if you're not gonna buy anything youve gotta leave" I WAS planning on buying some food but I hadnt even looked at the menu yet. I decided to leave because that kind of pushy attitude doesn't fly with me. Ive come here before and ordered food when I came and I've seen people who just show up and do karaoke and not buy anything and he's never asked them to leave. I will NOT be coming back here as I feel really unwelcome.

Emily M.

Moxy has been one of our go-to places for the last 5 years. We went for the first time in about a year last night and were disappointed - things have changed for the worse here. We ordered the salad, garlic fries, truffle fries, and wings. It's a sad day when the best thing in that line up was the salad. The fries used to be some of our favorites but they have changed and are now mediocre - stale tasting, not very hot, not well cooked. The wings ($10) came with 6 pieces and were dry with not much meat. We have always enjoyed this place in the past but with whatever changes have been made in the last year, we unfortunately won't be returning again.

phillip falkell

Great food and micro brews. Fantastic service and atmosphere.

laezio lenza

Great, good food and nice comedy show

Daniel Gallagher

Exorbitantly expensive. Nice friendly bartender. Would really expect better prices from a neighborhood bar.

Lauren - LT Townsend

Decent food, nice atmosphere, and wonderful costumer service but WAAAAY over priced. We came out paying double of what we expected to pay. For a lamb burger, it was plain, and not worth it. Not sure if we'd go back, it's a kind of exorbitant.