Nation's Giant Hamburgers

1800 University Ave, Berkeley
(510) 843-7326

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A Maxwell

A top place for quality american food. the staff was very welcoming and observant.


I haven't eaten nations in. While so i gave it a try. Food was just ok. Tje prices are a little higher. I would say the value is not so good. I can get bbq for about the same price. Quality was ok but, could be better for the price.

Charles Reeves

Understaffed recently (COVID2020 concerns I'm assuming at the time of writing,) causing a dip in (quality and customer) service.* Not inedible by any means. Reserving the right too add stars after the pandemic pandemonium.*DoorDashing was slightly more enjoyable than pick up, recently.

Queen c a p r i s e

Fresh n good portions. simple american fare

James Anderson jr

Wanted a burger well thought I did I remember why I stopped going here. Okay the salmon burger was good happy it even had fresh looking and tasting tomatoes.

carrie segura

The Food is to die for the bacon cheese burger are huge all great big slices of tomato and onion lots lettuce cheese Patty's are huge OMG their cheese Cake is the bomb!!!!

Selma K.

Found a plastic component in my cheesecake this was used for a kids birthday luckily none of the kids encountered this . PLEASE our children eat these items !! I could have had a child choke on this !!!

Dineah Taha

The team of people who run this place are awesome they work together at a quick pace and treated me with respect ✊✊?✊?

Marti D.

I have much better luck at this location than with the one in El Cerrito. They always get my order right, even when I ask for well done fries or other specific requests. And somehow they make a simple grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough extra tasty. The staff here just seems more focused and efficient than other locations.The cheeseburger and fries we got yesterday were perfect.

F Feller

Love this place. When Mama doesn't want to cook, we place our order. Hamburger, Wild Salmon and Chicken sandwiches are our go to meal, when we host our twice monthly backyard social distancing lunch. Slices of chocolate cream, apple and berry pies top off the convivial gathering. Great food for a delightful afternoon of story telling.

Dean Bonilla

Ordered delivery, the fries and burger were cold, burger bun was stale and it was sloppy, they were also holding back on the fries. The only thing good was the pie. Probably wont be ordering delivery from this spot anymore and sticking to eating Nations once in a blue moon while intoxicated in the middle of the night like I've done before so I dont have to think about it when it sucks again.

Yuki S

Ordered food via DoorDash, it's been almost 3 hours and I still never received anything. I didn't eat because I kept waiting. I haven't eaten all day. I'm starving.

Ashley H

I've been coming here for 10+ years. Food is always good. Their pies are the best. Lately though the last few times I went they have been slow with getting my food out. Even when there are maybe 3 other people in there besides me I've had to easily wait 25-30 minutes for a cheeseburger and fries. They weren't always like that and it isn't every time I go so maybe I just happen to go on off days. But besides the wait time for food, everything is great.

Angel B.

I was at the newer Fremont location on Mowry Ave. in April. i have been living out of state and just had to have a Nation's during my visit. It was a little different than I remember but it was really good.The Covid lockdown made it a little less than it could have been, but they were pleasant and the food was good

Geoff Fiedler

Such a treat. Always delicious. Burgers however you want em. Grilled onions, no charge. Pie, cheesecake, shakes. Call for pickup

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