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Aavash S.

Walked in to this authentic Tibetan restaurant on my birthday with two other friends . Due to covid, there was no outdoor seating neither indoor as well. However we got a seat all the way nearby the window since there was no one inside the restaurant so it was totally safe. So I guess there was only one person who was doing the work of manager, chef and food runner due to limited staff again of Covid I guess. So we started with three orders of different types of dumplings chicken, Beef and fried pork. The dumplings are different than the nepalese dumplings that you can get in the restaurant so don't expect Similar taste. The fried rice was delicious but it was company different then you can get in any Asians restaurants.So if you're not used to with the Tibetan taste Can you can explore this restaurant. However, if you don't like south Asian cuisine then don't expect anything from this restaurant as well. It is not a fusion of American Tibetan cuisine .

Sarah Z.

Fantastic food, so much flavor and amazing aroma. Beef momos were great, and the sauce was so tasty. Everything we ordered was excellent and made with premium ingredients. The woman in the store was really nice too. I'll be a regular customer here, 100% recommended.

Allan B.

Amazing! Nice family the best lamb shanks! Salad, house soup and spring rolls all perfect.

Madhura Gandhi

We got the Lamb Shank, Taro Happiness and Veggie Momos for takeout. While the Lamb Shank certainly had a good flavor, all the food was extremely greasy - even the momos to my surprise. The taro bowl filled with veggies had gotten quite soggy - could have been better if it's eaten there or packed separately.

Mark M.

We stumbled across this place in Solano I think it was great it was take out only obviously right now we had a curry and couple appetizers took him back home and 8 more than we should have prices were fantastic can't encourage you strongly enough

Priyanka P.

We have been ordering Momos from here since last 4 - 5 months and I am so glad we found this gen and that is delivers during Covid. The chicken momos are perfect! The sauces they give them them adds so much flavor to the eating experience. Along with Momos, we have also had their fried rice and all 3 types of noodles (with chicken as protein) and they are amazing! We will continue to order this comfort food from Nomad! I appreciate how they pack food with care.

Adora Svitak

Tasty food and big portions!

Angela D.

Nomad is amazing, one of my go-to places on Solano! I've gone here several times with family & friends, and have not had a single dish I've disliked there. From the top of my head, here are some of my favorites:- Taro cakes: awesome! like hash browns, but made with taro. As a taro-lover, this is my go-to side.- Poached salmon: pretty good! drizzled with garlic butter & served with sauteed kale & taro cakes. The salmon itself didn't taste remarkable (it tasted like salmon that I could've cooked and seasoned with garlic and oil at home), but the pairing of it with taro cakes and kale made it delicious.- Beef momo, veggie momo: the best! You must try Nomad's momos! They are like dumplings, but with thicker skin and some broth inside along with the stuffing.This place is such a treasure' a small, family-owned restaurant I will continue to support!

A R.

Awesome food with exceptional customer service! I recently had an issue with one of my orders. I called and spoke with Sella I explained what happened, no questions asked she listened and offered to replace my meal on another day! I highly recommend this restaurant to my friends, family and newcomers!

Erin K.

VEGAN REVIEW:Over the course of COVID quarantine, I have tried a couple dishes from Nomad and overall am very pleased! I would definitely recommend this little eatery. Their dishes are fresh and tasty! They have a fair number vegan dishes, and the people who work here know what is vegan and what is not. Their menu marks the vegetarian items which makes things a little bit easier, but make sure to ask about what is vegan and what is not. Veg Ngoe Thuk Noodles (stir-fried noodles): Sort of like Chow Mein. I wish they used broccoli in it too, but it was good. The noodles are egg-free and chewy. Veg Fried Rice without egg: The flavor is good (yes, even without the egg). I probably wouldn't order this over the noodle dishes but I wouldn't be mad if someone gave me this!Thaen-Thuk Noodles (hand-pulled noodles): These noodles looked different than I thought they would. They were not pulled, per se, but they were more like chunks. The broth they came in was lite and delicious. This is a perfect comfort food dish! Of the three rice/noodle dishes, I think this was my favorite!Veg Momo: Yum, yum! How could you go wrong with dumplings? I liked these a lot and they came with a dipping sauce that was also yummy. There was a lot dough vs filling but I didn't mind.Sho Kho Momo: I liked this momo better than the veg one, but both are really good. I just liked the unique flavor of the curried potatoes! Eggplant Basil: This eggplant dish was really tasty. I was not expecting the sauce to be quite as sweet as it was but even so, it was good. Similar to a Thai eggplant basil dish but a tad more tangy and sweet.Ok, so that's more than a couple dishes, but I'm doing my part to keep these small businesses open, haha.Note: Taro Happiness is not vegan as it contains egg as a binder for the taro bowl. *cries to self*

Berrin Y.

Thank you for preparing food in this pandemic and deliver to us. It was delicious as usual. And we appreciate how careful you are and following all the rules to make sure your customers are safe.

C B.

This place has the most savory, delicious, authentic Tibetan food in the Bay Area. Further, it is a totally safe place to order takeout as they are practicing Covid-19 precautions faithfully and to the letter: Basil eggplant, Chili tofu, any of their curries and don't forget momos!And their hot chili sauce, that leaves a tingle on your tongue is not to be missed! Bravo!!!!$

Sarah E.

Dined at Nomad before shelter in place with a friend who was in from out of town. We shared dishes and got the basil chicken and the poached salmon. Both dishes were delicious and fresh tasting. But the real OMG THIS IS AMAZING moment was the pork momos...a-maz-ing. Will definitely be back. The people were also lovely, felt like a very welcoming, cozy place. Highly recommend!

Melissa T.

Nomad is open for take out during SIP. Wanted to support them so made a special trip to Albany to get some good Tibetan food. We ordered the fish (basa) curry, taro happiness, laphing and veggie curry. All were really fresh and delicious. Their covid set up is on point so they take your safety seriously. They can take your payment over the phone so you just pick up without contact. They have a table set up at the door and your food is waiting for you. Voila! Service was friendly and fast.

Candace H.

Nomad can only do carry-out right now. Know what? The food is fabulous. The favorite dish is the basil eggplant, which is excellent for carry-out, and the portion is huge. The fish in a sweet chili sauce is also excellent and perfect for two people. The other dishes that really taste super are the momos and the lamb shank. One can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Just make sure that you pick up your order. Don't use a delivery service!

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