Nomad Tibetan restaurant

1593 Solano Ave, Berkeley
(510) 984-0738

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shravan raj

Delicious food. Absolutely flavorful. First time we had Tibetan cuisine and we would love to go back here. Service was top notch and the owners/staff were attentive to whether guests are enjoying their food or not.

Hank F.

I have tried several Nepalese/Tibetan restaurants in the area and Nomad is the clear winner! Their momos are by far the best, their sauteed garlic kale is scrumptious, and their sweet ginger tea is simply delicious. I also love their iron plate cooked salmon, their amazing fried rice, and their fryed taro cakes. Everything is not only excellent, but served to you by wonderfully sweet people who really care. Bravo!

Sambhrant Dhakal

This restaurant has a great atmosphere with awesome food. Went there with my Girlfriend and were both fully satisfied. I would recommend this place to anyone that is looking for Tibetan food with some Nepalese magic. Food was cooked right; couldn't ask for a better place to miss home. I would recommend at least one visit for you to determine how good this place is.

Mike O.

Great food, good service. Loved the had pulled noodles, especially. Really happy to have this place on Solano.

Jeron W.

I have been trying a lot of different restaurants on Solano Ave and came upon this restaurant that offers Tibetan cuisine. I have never tried Tibetan cuisine and I would say that this place is such a gem. We ordered three dishes, the spicy chicken gya-thuk, a plate of the beef momo, and the lamb shank, and had Tibetan style black tea as well. The Tibetan style tea was unlike most if any tea I've had, as they add milk, butter, and salt to it, so it was a unique, savory, rich tea. The Gya-thuk was only a little spicy with some peppercorn for a little mala-like taste. The beef momo reminded me of a mix between dumplings and bao, as the skin is quite thick. The sauce it comes with is really good and the filling is tasty too. My favorite dish of the night had to be the lamb shank. It is cooked so tender that the meat falls right off the bone. There's a great red sauce that is poured over it and it is paired with what kind of reminded me of potato leaves (but I am not sure) and it is a great combo. I definitely recommend checking out this restaurant if you have never tried Tibetan food before!

Rosa M

Great place to eat. Generous portions, delicious food and good service. The vegetarian options are really good. I also love their fish.

Phil Y.

Great food, great people. Super tasty and healthy!

Elizabeth Patton

The spice combinations of all the items I have tried here are out of this world. I have enjoyed both vegan momos, the vegan curry and the vegan soup with handmade noodles. The spicy sauce you can ask for a side of is also to die for. The service is absolutely the sweetest type.Food: 5/5

Roy Gbiv

I’m Tibetan. And their momos are so juicy and delicious. Not exactly like how my family makes it. But excellent none the less. The “sake”/“chang” was really good too.

Peter Jacobs

I love this little restaurant! My favorite momos ever! I love the chili sauce enough to have it shipped to Colorado. Lol.

Brian D.

There is a favorite dish of mine at Nomad, It is a leg of lamb with kale on the side. The lambe is well prepare with a sublime sauce. I don't usually like kale, In fact my negative feelings about the vegetable are intense. Well, I'm here to tell you that i absolutely LOVE the kale at Nomad.

Nick Lashinsky

My go to spot for fresh, high-quality, healthy, protein rich homemade dinners with a real family kitchen feel.Lamb shank or poached salmon with kale and dumplings. Amazing.

Nav R.

Went to this place on a whim, very friendly staff. The food overall was pretty good. We got the vegetarian noodles, the tofu stir fry dish, and the veggie momos. I wish the food was spicier, as I found the stir fry dish a little bland. The momos were the best part. I would rate this place a 3.5, will round up to 4 given the staff were very accommodating and it was close to their closing time when we started eating.


I've been coming here several times. The food is consistently good, and so is the service. There are many choices for vegetarians. I love the sauté kale and taro delight. Highly recommended.

Jared Davis

Authentic, delicious, and reasonable prices. I've eaten here about 10 times so far. IMO the best restaurant on Solano.

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