Oasis Grill

2114 Center St, Berkeley
(510) 666-8951

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Guy Nir

Middle eastern food that is tasty and authentic. I'm from Israel and pretty picky about falafel but the one I got was pretty good. The cabob was also good. They have a wide variety of dishes, I look forward to trying more.Food: 5/5

Airin Iftekhar

1 . Service not nice.2. Sauce is very little3. One side has only lettuce the other side meat.4. Test not good at all

ahbeer abdulla

This used to be my favorite place although their prices are very high, but not anymore. Today the food was not good. I found a hair on the sandwich and the chicken dish. Also, the food was cold, the baklava tasted bad and not fresh. The fries were bad? Nobody ate the food.

J H.

The chef lady here is not wearing her mask properly. Her nose is completely exposed. This is not the first time I am observing this unprofessional behavior from her in the middle of this omicron surge.

Rayhua Wu

The food itself is decent. What is disgusting, though, is that the restaurant adds a hidden 5% "Health Safety Fee" to your bill, which is not displayed on the menu. If you need to charge more to cover for precautions for the pandemic, raise your displayed prices if need be. To attempt to hide that your prices are actually higher than the same display price at other restaurants that don't hide their fees is deceitful.

Mohamadreza Shafieifar

The food quality and taste was ok, we had Mixed Plate and shawarma wrap. I believe the mixed plate ($30) was very over priced for the quality and quantity.

Prathamesh Patel

Great service, great menu and delicious food.

Saahil S.

Excellent chicken and hummus, long wait, little seating, a touch pricey. I'm always on the lookout for new places in Downtown Berkeley, and Oasis Grill hit the spot. They also have a large sign outside the storefront with pictures of everything on the menu! The wait for food is a bit long though. I think we were sitting for about 15-20 minutes after ordering. Food itself was fantastic. The plates were well balanced and the pita bread complemented everything well. Chicken perfectly cooked and full of flavor, falafel on point too. Definitely a high quality meal. Would recommend, will be back!

Sanilie F.

One of the best chicken shawarma wraps that I have ever tasted. I tried a shawarma wrap from another restaurant about two weeks ago and it was such a disappointment. I knew that there had to be better shawarma wraps close to my location and saw Oasis grill. I am so happy that I took a chance and ordered from here. The wrap was delicious and they have a forever customer now LOL... Chicken shawarma wrap: 5/5 stars juicy chicken pieces, well seasoned, delicious sauce combination and overall a great wrap. Hummus and pita bread : 4/5 stars... The hummus was pretty good. Nice and creamy. The pita bread was nice and fresh. Overall: 4/5 stars... Would definitely recommend to other people. Food is delicious and very filling. I can't wait to try other items soon.

Enric B.

I don't like writing negative reviews, but have to say that I would recommend avoiding this place. My lunch was relatively expensive ($17 after tax) and the vegetables did not taste very fresh. The hummus was also quite salty. The pita was good though!

Scott T.

This has been my go-to for falafel wraps in Berkeley, but I have also recently started getting the veggie mezze plate, which is so good! Falafel always tastes fresh, well spiced and and with a nice crisp exterior. They give ample portions and pricing is fair. I'm not sure why this place gets fewer stars than some of the others in the area. Staff is always friendly.

Talpur Mir

Great food lovely location

Holly Stover

I have always loved the food here and the staff are all extremely kind, good people. There was a mix up (mistake on my part) with my order and the manager immediately gave me a refund, hassle and stress free.

Alexandria Maisoka

The best pita I've ever had, so soft & fluffy. Delicious hummus & Baba ghanoush, vegan friendly options, we got a couple of wraps and a hummus plate to share. We all left full & happy.

Mohammad Asghar

I asked cook only one cooking and taking orders two chicken Sharma price was on the big menu on the wall say $7.99 I ordered two when he changed me it was total I paid over $27.00 not fair he should not charge over price feeling very cheap to ask him why $ 27.00 Dollars7.99 times two 15.98 plus taxes and Berkeley fee and city fee about not more then $ 4.00 dollars still not $ 27.00 Dollars bad very bad to rap off people's likes this way not fair

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