Solano Cellars

1580 Solano Ave A, Berkeley
(510) 525-9463

Recent Reviews

Johnny V.

DO NOT BUY FROM HERE. They do not stock even a minority of the wines they post on their site. They list all the wines under the sun at ponzi-scheme-like pricing and bait and switch you once you order. I ordered a high-end wine off their site for in-store pickup...and crickets. No reply, no nothing, and finally once I reached out to them a week later they told me they tried to special order it but it was out of stock, and tried to offer me an inferior vintage of a similar wine. With fine wine, the vintage can be VERY important, and they tried to sucker me into an inferior wine. These folks are worse than used car salesmen trying to sell you a lemon. There's a reason why the saying "if it's too good to be true" exists. Do the right thing and support wine shops who DON'T TRY TO SCAM THEIR CUSTOMERS. There are plenty of other nice retail shops out there who are doing honest business. What a joke of a business.

Cesar Cancino

Fabulous wine shop!

Ann Evanston

Best place for knowledgeable people and great wine. We picked up 4 outstanding champagnes for new years!

Zain Giles

Forget the usual wine tastings which even at their best seem a bit formulaic and commoditized. The owner is very knowledgeable, personable, attentive, hilarious, and also dangerously generous. Needless to say, it worked out for him as well as we came away with six beautiful bottles. A very wonderful experience!

Ujjwal Dalmia

Really nice wine shop and wine bar with a great collection and awesome staff. I enjoy buying wine from here thanks to the great staff.

Jason Ponce

Liv greeted me when I came in and made me feel welcome. She was very knowledgeable and represted this store very successfully. Will definitely come back!

Stephanie P.

Nice little spot. What it lacks in depth/breadth it compensates in curation. It's clearly thoughtful. As any wine shop should be, they're good at listening to what you like and turning you on to something new in your price point. Honestly my favorite discovery about this place was the adorable little wine bar in the back. It's quiet and intimate. I am really looking forward to coming back to meet a friend or two when serious catching up is in order.

Griffie Wadham

A great place and has a great wine and wine selections. I love the best wine I ever taste here. They are so helpful here, and always available to choose the best option for the occasion.

Sashini W.

Great spot for wine purchasing and having some wine at the bar. Convenient location right in downtown Albany- easy to find. Good selection of wine and small bites. Service has been just okay, very so so each time we've been here. Wouldn't be my first choice for a place to grab a glass before or after dinner.

Stephanie S.

Disappointing customer service experience. Wednesday - I called on for a special order wine that I wanted to serve at a party that weekend. I spoke with Benjamin, who looked up the product number and assured me it would be available for a Saturday party. When I asked to place the order over the phone, Benjamin assured me using the online order form was faster. I went online and placed the order. Thursday - I called and spoke with Benjamin again. He had no online record of the request going through. I re-placed the order over the phone, and again reiterated it was for a Saturday party. Friday - I called the store again to see if the wine was ready for pick up. I spoke to Briana who said the wine order had not been earmarked priority and was put in the regular orders and would not be available until Tuesday! At this point, there was nothing to be done. I added a second star only because Briana apologized and offered to help me find some else in store and price it competitively. I appreciated the offer but that wasn't going to help at this point. I won't be patronizing them in the future.

Rob Ooghe

Knowledgable staff. Good selection of old world and new world wines.

krista granieri

Great service. Good wines, Unique selections and the proprietress was very knowledgable. Nice cheese plate, cute spot.

Kathryn Jensen

Great tasting for Valentine's Day!

Marjorie Spoto


Tom M.

Their online inventory is a bad joke I found a few interesting things in their inventory list and made a trip there. Upon finding nothing I was looking for, a worker informed me that their online inventory reflects things they can order, not just things they have. An hour down the drain for nothing. I took a chance that they were sold out, but had no idea they didn't stock what they listed. Do yourself a favor and call first if you think it's worth it.

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