STELLA NONNA Box Lunch and Catering

1407 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
(510) 845-8787

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Sonya Gordon Durham

love it here, cute, good food

Kimberly Bahmanyar

Iâ??ve had both Brunch and Dinner here. Most recently brunch. 4 of us all of whom were very happy with our selections. My only issue is serving $4+ coffee as regular coffee. Described as â??pour overâ? I knew that was gonna cost me... Dog friendly, heated patio most appreciated!! My dogâ??s order of bacon was reasonably priced as it was 4 large, thick slices for around $5.

Linda M Sol

great food, friendly staff, and very accommodating with any dietary issues oh and a nice place to meet for drinks


Pretty freaking awesome. its like grown up style nutritious lunchable on crack with a grown up side and juice and cookie AND OMG getting hungry just writing the review STELLA NONNA two thumps up, id put more but only have two ha. I wish they would help change the way schools catered lunch teach the school how to properly feed children...


When my first pick of restaurants proved to offer very few vegetarian options, i lucked out by finding this enjoyable establishment, and with patio accommodations that afforded my dog a seat under the table. It was so good that my husband and I spent the next day talking about when we would return.. We started off the meal with a blueberry Seabreeze and while I am not a fan of gin per se, it was a great start to our dining experience. My husband had the mushroom pasta similar to a pappardelle and I choose the pesto spaghetti. Both were delicious. For desert we shared a caramel almond torte and wow, I would go back just for that. Besides the enjoyable patio and the great food, Rosalyn did a wonderful job waiting on us to give a perfect trifecta dining experience. This place really is a star!. . BTW: On street parking was so easy and convenient


Soroptimist Int'l of Oakland had their annual community awards dinner there and the food was served buffet style for us. Everything was DELICIOUS! Next time I'm in the area I'll eat there again!


Soroptimist Int'l of Oakland had their annual community awards dinner there and the food was served buffet style for us. Everything was DELICIOUS! Next time I'm in the area I'll eat there again!

Marguerite Green

When you walk up and they open the door for you immediately feel that something special is about to happen. I ordered the fried chicken and my husband ordered the salmon pasta. Now this is a test because I can fry the hell out of some chicken and my husband makes a smoked salmon to die for. We were both thrilled with our meals. Oh and Mitch's cornbread, shoot me and slap your momma good. I had the habanero margarita which was excellent. Mitch is in charge of desserts also and his black and white cake ?? deserves a standing ovation. Stella was recommended by our co-worker and this was our second time, first time was happy hour. You owe it to yourself to dine at Stella Nonna, it's our new happy place.

Kim S.

Once again, Stella Nonna does not disappoint. I've been using them for 10 years - food is always on time which is extremely important for corporate catering. Equally important is how tasty the food is -- mac and cheese, sandwiches, cookies, cakes and esp their pesto pasta salad are all outstanding. Thank you, Sara and team for always being able to accommodate last minute orders and providing great food.


Went here with company, Chelsey is the perfect waitress. Gumbo one of the best I have had. 20 oz Sonoma Pils very ample drought beer. Antonio's salad with shrimp was done to perfection. Risotto w salmon was great

Lisa K.

Catered office luncheons a couple of times and the service and food was stellar!


While this restaurant is on San Palo Avenue, one of the main streets in Berkeley, it is set back from the street with its own tiny parking lot. I loved the food. My husband thought it was too expensive for what we got. The food is more eclectic than you might expect from an Italian name, and that's a plus for me, in case I'm in the mood for something besides the traditional pastas.


As with most restaurants in Berkeley, they are very good or they do not survive. Cuisine is basically Italian with a selection of unusual dishes. Complementary dinner puffs are excellent, and all of the 5 different selections very good. Service excellent. Prices for main are about $18.00. Everything is Alla carte. So this is not an in expensive.The bottomless wine offering was unique but the Pino Grigio was very insipid. (not flavorful)I would go back

Regina A.

My job ordered food for our orientation and I had the Armando's Saturday Special. It was so so so so good.


Something for everyone in a laid back atmosphere describes SN for dinner. Although it seems to be a popular brunch spot too, we had a dinner everyone, 2 adults and 2- 20 somethings, -was happy with from the well made drinks on. The Korean fried chicken is worth the visit alone, great moist spice, tender insides and not rock hard crispy like some. Watermelon and feta salad perfect for a warm evening. Two burgers, the huge fried chicken platter with potato salad and corn man dish along with the ground lamb, w/ homemade ricotta over penne. The place is quaint and personal with enough variation in both drinks and dishes to fit most progressive, eclectic California tastes, with asian, american and mexican dishes to choose from along with many salads. There is a outdoor seating area and a dining area which opens to the outdoors too. Service was very friendly, and the bar a bit slow on the out set,but we were never left wanting. It's a solid establishment in which most people will be very satisfied to dine.


Went here last night..can't say if food was good...since service was so slow and terrible..I got wrong meal but ate it anyway as I wanted to get home. Came when the restaurant was nearly empty right after work.. The waitress must've been new because she didn't know what bourbon, what beer.. Nothing so just ordering drinks took a century.. We were there for over 3 hours and I was seeing red by the time the good came and I had 3 drinks to fill the time which also totally annoyed me ..won't be back just because I am so mad and honestly no idea if the carnitas I was served were good..I was just trying to leave and go home..gumbo was what I wanted

Jenna T.

Bio-Rad ordered from here for a catered lunch and it was beyond delicious! The best deli sandwiches I have had by far! They had pre made sandwich boxes with a salad, sandwich and cookie. I picked the chicken with lemon aioli spread. At the end of it, I only wish I had more! The bread wasn't too hard nor was it soggy. It was perfectly soft and fluffy. The chicken was seasoned impeccably. Although the salad was just a caesar, something about it made it deliciously unique. Thanks Bio-Rad for introducing me to this place. I cannot wait to go to their restaurant to try more of their food! I doubt I'll be disappointed.

Steve G.

We had Stella Nonna cater our wedding and it was outstanding. We had about 100 people and everyone raved about how good the food was. Tim was a real pleasure to work with and he made sure that it was exactly what we wanted. It was summer time and we decided to go with summer fare including their fantastic fried chicken. I'm not a huge black eyed pea person, but they made a black eyed pea salad that I couldn't get enough of. The service was great and very helpful. I highly recommend them to anyone.

Z M.

I had a seasoned chicken boxed lunch at a conference and it was excellent. I was just an attendee so I cannot comment on execution except to say that the lunch was great. The sandwich was made with a very fresh focaccia, organic greens, tomatoes and lemon aioli. Box included pasta salad and cookie.

Willa Chalmers

We were sent an email telling us that they were no longer our caterers - 6 weeks to OUR WEDDING!! The coordinator, Nicole didn't return our phone calls for days and Stella Nonna (Sarah and Tim) told us they couldn't do anything for us and that it was our problem - no longer their problem. They gave us a referral but who can you trust their referral? Then when I finally got Nicole, she tells us that she had always planned for another chef (not Sarah and Tim) to caterer our event (???) even though Sarah and Tim made our food for our tasting and agreed they would be our caterers. When was she going to tell us this?? We liked their food but DO NOT EVER hire them unless you want to be DROPPED LAST MINUTE and told that they can't do anything for you.

Leo S.

Almost two years later, I think they still have the same great taste. Just had the same sandwich at a conference lunch again.. equally good! Keep it up!

katrina c.

i LOVE IT when work orders sandwiches from Stella Nonna! All the sandwiches are scrumptious; perfect ratio between foccacia bread - condiments - meats/veggies. We usually get the following with each order: Sandwiches: Roast Beef Seasoned Chicken Roasted Turkey Armando's Special Turkey BLT Portobello Mushroom Eggplant and Red Pepper Salads: Pesto Pasta (literally pesto+pasta - i don't care for it too much). Melon/Berries When catered, they cut the sandiwches into a smaller size so you can try of them!

Mary K.

Stella Nonna did a tasting at Berkeley Rep which was very good, and I got a postcard that said they do a Milwaukee style fish fry in Berkeley! I had just come back from Wisconsin, and experienced a real fish fry and loved it. This is a tastier, more Bay Area version of a Milwaukee fish fry with quality fish (I wish it were all you can eat though like in the midwest!) It is an outdoor gathering with tables with heaters, or you can sit inside this long tent thing with a long table. You pay $12 and you get 2 big pieces of very good fish, cole slaw, giant potato pancakes, homemade roll, and a Milwaukee style beverage. I was REALLY hoping they'd have Spotted Cow, but they only had Miller or PBR (also wine and sprite if you wanted). The service was [surprisingly] very fast. We thought that we were going to have trouble finding a seat, but people seemed to be getting in and out pretty fast so seating wasnt an issue for us (just 2 people). The groups of 3+ people seemed to have a little more trouble finding seating, but no one was waiting around that long. There was an accordion player there too, and lots of kids running around. They only seem to do this once a month, and I'm already looking forward to going back, this time with more people in tow! Its a super casual laid back atmosphere with families, old friends, college kids, high schoolers, etc. Just a really nice place to just chill and eat good food. Can't wait until the weather gets warmer--I'll be here every month. Really glad I can have a "fish fry" experience without having to go all the way back to Wisconsin!

R A.

The ambience is fun, the evening we went had live music, accordian and double bass. Unfortunately the food was barely OK. Note: The location is actually on Dwight Way. Call before going as the happening occurs only once in a while.

Dennis H.

$12 plate of fried fish, German pancakes, and a beer/cocktail. Plus bread, butter, applesauce, and tartar sauce. Pretty delicious. And we won the raffle! Their chocolate chip cookies are amazing. There was live music which was also nice. There was an accordian player.

Shai-El A.

Holy Fish Fry! $10 gets you a plate with 2 large battered and fried fish fillets (w/tartar sauce), 2 potato pancakes (w/apple sauce), coleslaw, a drink and a raffle ticket. Additionally, you can buy some of the best carrot cake you have ever had for not much at all. Tonight they had a face painter for the kids, an accordion player and raffle prizes such as a bottle of wine or a "Fish Fry" tee shirt. Awesome atmosphere, great food. I'm hooked. Happens monthly on a Friday, check their website for details!

June F.

I was invited to the SNMFF and requested ahead of time if tofu could be an option. Hopes not up, just wanted to be supportive because I know Tim, one of the owners. OMG!!! I have never tasted fried tofu this great! It was sooooo good and definitely a comfort food! The bread almost didn't make it home... (I arrived at 8:30 and they were closing shoppe). I will definitely back next month! My understanding is that they occur monthly. Yummy!!!!

Tammy S.

They were 45 minutes late delivering lunches to a business meeting. There was not a phone call even after 30 minutes, and my calls to the number on their website were unanswered. Unacceptable. They waived the delivery and comped some drinks, but no explanation or apology. Their sandwiches were good, however, being my first experience I can't take the chance on them to deliver to our more important larger events.

Crystal D.

omg! i hate sandwiches but my employer had stella nonna cater a training session foccacia sandwich with turkey, bacon, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle sauce ive ever had. i think it was called alberto's special? i cant eat too much at once so i had to physically stop myself from finishing the sandwich and save it for later. the leftovers tasted just as good 2 hrs later. the box was super cute and came fully equipped with a fresh salad and cookie. best part, delivery was on time in a horrible east-bay down pour!

Anthony D.

Their sandwiches were provided for us slaving and tired KQED volunteers the other evening during a much needed break after answering sooooo many phone calls. I don't think I've EVER enjoyed a sandwich as much as I enjoyed this one. I felt like Bill Murray in What About Bob?, sitting there at the dinner table, going mmm, mmmm, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Yes indeed, the focaccia was sheer perfection and I can't wait to volunteer for KQED again or better yet, ride Bessie into the east bay for a lunch with friend. Grazie Stella Nonna, grazie per quel panino cosi buonoooo!!!

Christine Y.

My friend and I were walking home one windy night when we noticed a little sign placed on the sidewalk that said, "Milwaukee Fish Fry" with an arrow pointing into a small alley. We looked into the alley and saw a few chairs folded and lined up against a wall, but no discernable traces of anything remotely resembling fish or fries. Our food-curiosity eventually got the best of us (as it usually does) and we walked cautiously down the alley until we were at the slightly ajar kitchen door of what we supposed was the Fish Fry headquarters. The owner, Tim, walked out and greeted us with a warm welcome and told us that sorry, the fish fry had ended and that he had forgotten to take the sign down. Apparently the looks on our faces told him we were reeking of starving student so he invited us into their kitchen to dine on the leftovers. It took Sarah, the other owner, only a few seconds to serve up the most amazing plate of grub we could have asked for. Beer battered fish (think fish and chips), potato pancakes (kind of like hashed browns but with onions and a perfect potato texture), freshly tossed coleslaw (and not the kind with thick mayo in it--this was perfectly acidic and the parsley and fresh cracked black pepper really added a kick), thick slices of rye bread, tartar sauce, and some apple sauce that we were apparently supposed to put on the potato pancakes but we had both inhaled the pancakes so quickly that the sauce never made it on there. While we were dining Tim made us Brandy Old-Fashioneds, and served us Sarah's carrot cake, for which her grandmother has the recipe. It could arguably be the best carrot cake we had ever had. Dense and moist, chock full of carrots and walnuts and raisins...and the cream cheese frosting on top had a taste and consistency pretty darn close to cheesecake itself. We talked to Tim during our meal and found out that the origin of this Milwaukee fish fry comes from the Catholic tradition of not eating meat on Fridays. The traditional fish fry is supposed to include everything we were just served, and he said that he tried to make it as close to the real thing as we could get. He also said that their regular daytime business is the Stella Nonna boxed lunch company, but they decided to have these fish frys from time to time just to change things up a bit. They don't know if they are going to make it a regular thing or not but I suggest asking ot be put on the listserv so they can email you when the next time they're going to have one is. I had a fleeting thought about moving up to Milwaukee to experience this awesome "fish fry" that my Californian self had never heard of, but I figured, why would I subject myself to unnecessarily cold weather when I can get what I would get there here, only a block from my apartment?

Kris G.

everyone knows the trick to getting members of your office to attend a meeting - free food. or is that just me? whatever, in this economy, i'll embrace my cheapness. i ended up at a lunch meeting last week to provide feedback on a new donor interface simply because i heard they were providing lunch. and i'm glad i did. the stella nonna box lunches were fantastic! i had armando's special turkey BLT - roasted turkey, bacon, pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and chipotle mayo on soft foccacia, and it was really yummy! the box lunches come with a fresh fruit salad and a giant soft-baked cookie. my snickerdoodle was delish as well. if you are planning a meeting and need attendees, this is definitely a way to tempt them.

Leslie G.

I've been eating their lunches for years... Fabulous sandwiches, fresh baked bread, amazing tuna salad (my personal favorite) and delicious soups on gray , foggy days. The owners are dedicated to first rate service and attention to fresh and delicious ingredients. I wish they had a store front so that I could get "box dinners" on late work nights! Their pricing is shockingly low for the quality and quantity. If you are throwing anything from a wedding brunch to a business lunch... call these guys! You won't be disappointed!

STELLA NONNA Box Lunch and Catering

1407 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702
(510) 845-8787