Stuffed Inn

1829 Euclid Ave, Berkeley
(510) 849-0378

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Tina T.

Lately I've been appreciating food that's a good bang for your buck, and Stuffed Inn is right up that alley. It's tough to find good quality food in a decent portion size at a low price, but stuffed inn has done it (and maintained it since I was a student). One of my go-to sandos is the Joe's, which is amped up version of an egg salad sandwich but with ham to make the sandwich even heartier. You gotta get it with the Dutch crunch bread, literal perfection! Sometimes, I'll also grab a side of soup (cannot go wrong with the daily special but one of my faves is the mushroom cream one) and usually I'll have half a sandwich I can save for later since one half is plenty filling.

I've also tried their pastrami sandwich, which comes as a hot sandwich option -- also super delectable and savory~

Would totally recommend to students since it's relatively budget friendly, and to anyone who's a fan of sandwiches~

Char P.

I tried their new club sandwich with avocado added and it was really great, they didn't skimp on any of the fillings (it was a giant sandwich)

Saavan Patel

Great Berkeley sandwich shop, with good prices! The Big Ned's is my go to sandwich, packed with tons of veggies and lots of avocado. Service is always good, everyone is super friendly.

James Barter

Nicest people in the world! Great sandwiches at reasonable prices.

Moses L.

This place is my go to my entire college experience. Love the warm ppl there and the amazing sandwiches. I don't think there's any that quite tops it. Get the chowder too. Miss ya Chris!

Adora Svitak

Tasty, reliable go-to for filling sandwiches. The Big Ned has a half avocado in it.

Joseph S.

The WARM PASTRAMI with added SALAMI AND MELTED JACK CHEESE with onions , lettuce , tomatoes , and hot peppers on a soft roll DARN IT WAS GOOD! (Menu item "Hot Pastrami Sandwich") Well let me start off saying it melts in your mouth and is the perfect harmony and that I actually do reviews on Instagram @bayareabite and I must say every time I go here I'm satisfied with the good food and prices, the man that owns it was happy and jolly I loved it. I paid 11.00 something with a Coke Zero and a bag of Fritos I just ate my sandwich and it was so good I want to go get another one I would highly suggest the warm pastrami with added salami add me on Instagram @bayareabite Hot Pastrami Sandwich

David Kelvin

By nature I’m a meat eater. However, when I go to the stuffed inn I always get the avocado and cheese with honey mustard. In my humble opinion, it is the best sandwich in Berkeley.

Claire L.

Yum I love small sandwich shops like this. Many people behind the counter to help you and line moves fast. Dutch Crunch bread is the way to go. I enjoy egg salad & ham or the egg salad sandwich. They do not skimp on the egg, which I really appreciate it oozing out of the sandwich. The turkey and the beef sandwiches are also great. Fresh ingredients. Good place for a cheap, light meal! Once you finish ordering your sandwich you can move down the line to pay the cashier. Don't forget to grab any chips or drinks if you would like! There is decent seating here - there is a whole second section of seating that's like a adjoining room from the counter you order from.

Kari Ann Owen

I have been a patron of this wonderful restaurant since 1975. God bless their wonderful tuna fish, muffins and tomato soup!

Raymond F.

Good quality, cheap, filling, all qualities any college student would want. Stuffed Inn offers probably the best sandwich option in Berkeley. Students, faculty, and staff such as myself from UC Berkeley start packing the lines at around 12 noon to get our bellies filled with their wonderful sandwiches and soups, but keep our wallets in check with loaded sandwiches for as low as $6 and generous cups of soup for $3. You basically can have a very filling meal for under $10. I recommend getting your sandos around 11:45am to beat that lunch time rush, or you'd probably have to be in line for 15-20 minutes to get your wich. I don't have the history on Stuffed Inn, but from the dated decor seems to be at least 30-40 years old in the business. Looks like some European castle knights and kings style decor, and rightfully so as Sandwiches were invented in Europe in the 1800s I think when some dude got lazy and wanted to have something easy to eat while gambling (I think). The decor, although dated, matches their prices as the prices seems to be quite dated as well with sandwiches ranging from $6-8 depending what you want so it fits all ranges of affordability. They pack it with fresh ingredients, loads of it, and you have a good variety of choices of breads as well. There is usually two folks making sandwiches in peak hours and one guy at the cashier, so like I said get their early to avoid the wait. Their soups are quite comfort-food satisfying also (clam chowder, corn chowder, etc), with one featured soup per day. Their famous split pea and tomato soups are available daily. Overall a great place to get your sando and soup fix on a budget. Also forgot to mention you can eat in the restaurant as well there is ample seating, since most folks just want their food to-go probably to eat during class, on campus, or like me bring back to the office to enjoy. Take my word for it you won't regret getting food here, and if not my word then let the long line of customers do the talking, or better yet let your happy wallet do the talking!

Alphonso M Pulp

just go and find out. I am far away from it and miss it many times a year, the food, the place, its people.

Fran Brashier

although I haven't had the pleasure of eating here yet as I am on. the East coast all. my Cali friends have raved about the food the service and cannot wait fore to visit to take me there

Lilian K.

I wish I could give this a higher rating because it is at a really reasonable price for a Berkeley restaurant, but maybe 3.5? It just overall wasn't filling and satisfying enough. I got a pastrami and cheese sandwich on dutch crunch for $7.10, which is almost the price of a Chipotle bowl I believe...but I wasn't too filled up. They did put a good enough portion of meat and cheese, there just was something missing. The staff are really kind; the man helping me out just struck me because he was smiling the whole time, which, trust me, is very unusual in a bustling type of restaurant where there is so much busyness around lunch time. Really, props to the staff for being so patient even when they have to repeatedly ask customers what bread they want and if it's for here or to-go. The space is really nice too, there's a really good amount of seating though most people pick up their order and leave. The soup is a really good deal! I don't think I'd come back for a sandwich but maybe if I want a cheap bowl of soup I'll stop by again.

Irene L.

Stuffed Inn is definitely my favorite sandwich place and their food kept me going all those years of school. It's super affordable, has a convenient location, and the staff is super friendly! Every time I wanted a quick bite to eat and didn't have much to spend I knew I could count on this place which feels like home at this point. Their sandwiches are super simple and good plus their soups are my favorite! There's nothing like better than a steaming bowl of clam chowder on a cold day for an amazing pick me up.

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