Sweetheart Café

2523 Durant Ave, Berkeley
(510) 540-0707

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Ellen T.

This is just a typical boba shop next to UC Berkeley where students can get a quick fix of boba. The shop is really small and cute! The boba was good, not amazing, but what do you expect from a boba shop selling to students who are getting overcharged for their tuition? The store is run by the sweetest man and he is so cheerful everytime I see him! Such a good experience!

Ali B.

The original! So many boba shops nowadays but this one takes the cake; my go to. The jasmine green milk tea & kiwi slushy are so flavorful, food isn't bad either. Good boba shop that's open late.

Monica M.

Tiny spot! My family comes here almost every weekend - they love the pineapple smoothie! What I like most is that they offer FRESH FRUIT on their stuff! The owner even showed us the fresh durian! No powder mixes or artificial stuff! Unfortunately, I can't give the full five stars - I have to update my review when I get the chance to personally try their drinks... being on keto diet means you won't be able to purchase any goodies for yourself from here! But I wanted to leave a review because they've been open during COVID, and when my cousin's insist to drive from Oakland to Berkeley just for this smoothie... it is worth taking note of!

Tenzin G.

Old reliable. Never lets you down even in the most dire circumstances. 3 am quarantine boba hits different.

Angel L.

Ever since I was a little girl, I would always go to Sweetheart in Oakland Chinatown next to Chinese school. It became a guilty pleasure when my mom would occasionally treat us for bubble milk tea there, and then became a more common spot when I got just a little older. I always liked to revisit Sweetheart for the childhood memories because the taste reminds me of that! Now that I'm in college, I've been going to the Berkeley location for avocado smoothie instead of milk tea since there are so many other milk tea places nearby. None of them, however, have an avocado smoothie comparable to sweetheart where it's very smooth, creamy, and the boba is the perfect honey soft texture when you first bite into it (it does get a bit harder after sitting on the bottom of the smoothie though). Overall, some of the softest boba and I love their milk teas for that classic taste you can't get elsewhere + the avocado smoothie for something that is more nuanced and less produced at other boba chains (and not nearly as well).

Claudia Lander

Always have the food ready on time and the old man that works there is so nice

John S.

Ahhh this place is soo good. Always a spot after we get something to eat. Got my son a green tea smoothie and I got myself the mango smoothie. I got the popcorn chicken huge portions for 7 bucks. Drink was nice and good on a nice warm sunday.

Kay K.

back when the bars were open this was me and my bffs fave spot ordering on DoorDash today love ittt

Daniel Mcdonald

Super awful customer service! The cashier turned his pos machine to me, but I don’t know how to operate his machine, it ended up showing “pay cash”, though I originally want to pay by card. The cashier asked me to pay cash, since I operated the machine incorrectly! Though he ended up removed that transaction, made another new transaction by himself and let me pay by card. However, the overall process and his first reaction is super awful!!Strongly not recommended! Will never ever come back!

Abz Lee

Love the Sweetheart Cafe in SF but the Berkeley version doesn't hold to the same standard. Decent food and drinks but more expensive than neighboring Boba shops that, in my opinion, are better. When I visited, the staff wasn't friendly either whereas the nearest Boba shop is always super friendly. Decent but there's better Boba nearby.

John Schulze

Best Popcorn Chicken.

Haileyy E.

Great place this was my first time i got popcorn chicken -spicy tho and that was amazing... I also got the deep fried shrimp that was also fire... Then i got a large milk tea thats also amazing asf!!!! The owner us awesome great attitude hella nice think i like this place if you got the munchies and you're hungry go n get that promise you wont be disappointed

She R.

I was looking for a boba joint that was open past 9pm during this Covid-19 lockdown and stumbled onto SweetHeart Cafe..they are open until 2am! Score :) I ordered their Popcorn chicken, which was fire ..BIG portions and piping HOT. I also tried their mango coconut smoothie that was light, refreshing and hit the spot Love that they are open late (until 2am) I will be back!

Ashley L.

The best! Been going here ever since I was little all the way until I graduated from Cal! Forever my favorite!

Aria Chang

The man who owns this place is the best, and we must protect him at all costs.

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