2433 Durant Ave F, Berkeley
(510) 666-8874

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Jenny T.

Lunch spot where you can get cheap food near campus; however, this place takes too much time waiting for GRILLING (ordered 1:35 & the food finished @ 1:58)...that's what the owner tried to response. I used to order over the phone before I arrive to eat and that was very convenient for those who have 1/2 or 1 hr lunch but now they don't offer anymore which is a minus. Usually, I don't review until eating about 4 times. This time the rice is super dry & hard to chew. I only like the Spicy BBQ chicken here. The mixed spicy tofu soup is not so good...

Johnny H.

TL;DR: Great value for decent Korean food near campus! Thoughts: I got the beef tofu soup and it came with a raw egg, a bowl of rice and side dishes (fish cakes + kimchi + potatoes). The beef tofu soup came piping hot and it becomes heavenly once I dropped a raw egg in it. The soup went great with the rice. The side dishes were basic but decent. I enjoyed the fish cakes. What I like most about this place is the unlimited refill for rice and side dishes. Tips: 1. Free refill for rice 2. Free refill for side dishes 3. You order at the counter and the staff will call out your order number once the food is ready!

Molly L.

I ordered the bibimbap and I guess the standard protein is beef since that's what I got without elaboration. The food was good but kind of on the greasy/oiled side. There was plenty of rice but there could have been more kimchi/meat, since the meat comprises only the small corner of it. It also wasn't bulgogi, which is pretty standard in this dish. Instead, it was more like ground beef. The flavors were pretty good but there could have been more veggies and no fish cakes (not very standard for bibimbap to have fish in it when you don't order it). I also didn't like that this place has a $10 minimum otherwise it is $0.50 to use a credit card.

Annie Y.

This is a very popular spot at Berkeley because they offer good korean food for affordable prices. Seating can become extremely limited during lunch/dinner times (12-2, 6-8) but when it's not as busy, there's a lot of seating available. Pricing is pleasantly affordable, the beef tofu soup was ~$9 and it comes with a small bowl of ricce and samples off 3 side dishes. The soup was verry good, highly recommend for cold-weather. Came out boiling in the black mini pot dish. They gave a good amount of tofu and left me feeling full and warm. They have different soups, rice dishes, meat dishes, everyone can find something they'd like to eat. Since I went when it was busy (~1) it took a looong time for the food to come out, they bounce back and forth between orders depending on what's faster, so someone behind you could get their food first :/ Overall recommend for meeting friends and having a filling meal. You also won't feel like you wasted money as a broke college kid :')

Anh-Vy P.

It's pretty good! I just personally wish there was a tad more meat and more than one piece of kimchi lol. The hot bibimbap isnt really hot, more like lukewarm. You cant beat their specials though! It's located in a convenient spot, staff are nice, and the food is ok!

obba zzang

Must try!

Annie T.

I feel like the current average rating is pretty spot on, as I'd also rate this a 3.5 -- 3 for food quality, and an extra .5 for the proximity to campus and affordability. I do like how they have weekday specials for popular food items, and if you pay in cash you can walk away with a decent meal at around $8.50. But in general quality of food is just something you would expect as a "quick college student" meal -- the bibimbap doesn't have that much flavor on its own without using the sauce; the tofu soup is pretty decent; but the side dishes are kind of sad (just fish cake, kimchi, and the soy potatoes -- all three quite salty). But close to campus it's pretty much all you're able to get (in my opinion Kimchi Garden is worse, and more pricey too), so when I'm craving warm tofu soup, this is where // Updating my review on December 2019, because I've grown a sense of fondness and appreciation for this place haha. Their weekday specials really are a good deal (my favorite is Tuesday, for the mushroom tofu soup!!), and the soup itself is quite good at well. Service is pretty quick, and you can get free rice refills if you ask for it. They recently changed their side dish to include bean sprouts instead of potatoes, and I think for what you pay (especially on a week day, ie. $7.5 pre tax), I'd say it's really worth! A nice warm, comforting meal, especially on a cold day. Love coming here to catch up with friends or for a quick, simple but satisfying meal on the occasion. Wish the banchan were better still, but for the speed and price, I guess it's one of the trade offs!

Katherine L.

I've walked by this place so many times and I don't know why I postponed trying it. The quality, service, and taste are definitely matched by the reasonable prices! Everything tasted fresh and worth going back for again :)

Cynthia W.

Great spot to grab a bite because of how close it is to the UC Berkeley campus! There is a generous amount of seating (though it gets very full during rush times i.e. at noon). The biggest tables can comfortably accommodate 4-5 people, but there is also some window counter seating and lots of two-person tables. The wait usually takes a while--ordering at the counter goes by quickly, but the food usually comes out pretty slowly so I wouldn't say this is a good place to go to if you're in a rush. Whenever I come to T-toust, I get one of two things: kimchi fried rice or the beef tofu stew. 1. Kimchi Fried Rice: The kimchi fried rice is pretty standard, great flavoring though a little salty, just the right amount of spice, and a pretty generous portion. I can usually split it into two meals. My go-to spot if I have a sudden craving for kimchi fried rice! 2. Beef Tofu Stew: The beef tofu stew is so warm and filling on a cold day. You can choose different spice levels for your stew (including no spice at all), and the stew is packed with beef and tofu. It also comes with a bowl of rice, and I like spooning the stew onto the rice to let it cool. Remember to crack the given raw egg into the stew while the stew is still boiling so that the egg cooks through easily! Overall, I wouldn't say this is the best Korean food I've ever had, but definitely hits the spot and I'll continue to come back!

Jason Chou

Tasty meal w a bargain price

Jennifer T.

My friend and I had been snacking all morning and weren't really hungry for a full on meal so we shared a plate of poke. A small was perfect. We got two scoops of fish and tons of toppings. It was a good amount of food. When we went the place was super crowded so finding a spot to sit was kind of hard. Fish was fresh. Sauces and toppings were delicious. Price was reasonable. Staff were friendly and efficient. I would come back for more!

Ethan N.

Hits the spot! The tofu soup here reminded me of the great tofu soups I had in Orange County from Kaju and BCD. Though it was evidently not as good, the flavors were there and was enough to satisfy my cravings. The base was rich and a little creamy The spice was there though a little underwhelming. Soup came out piping hot--the way it should be-- and was more than enough to cook the egg. I was quite happy with my food and would definitely come again.

Dan L.

I ordered the medium poke bowl. I got the tuna, albacore, and salmon as protein. Once I opened it, the tuna was really mushy and hidden under the greens. I tried to eat it; however, I threw up twice after eating the fish. I am not sure what it was about the fish but I ended up not feeling well.

Mary F.

Delicious and generous servings!! Very friendly as well! Great atmosphere and very clean, I'll be back for more!!

Selena L.

Stopped here for dinner with a friend. The store is clean and the service was friendly. There were a ton of options for fish and toppings, and our poke was prepared quickly. The food was good, but the prices were a bit high.

Eri H.

Went for dinner around 6pm. Got super crowded around 6:30. Yay: The food is quick, tasty, and at a good price. Most menu items come with a small set of pickles, which were pretty tasty. I got tofu dumpling soup medium, and it wasn't spicy at all for me. The service here was very nice! There is self serve water available. Nay: The place is a bit old. The trays are a bit dirty at the edges and warped. I didn't see a restroom. I also wouldn't recommend the army soup since it was a bit sour to my taste. Would I come again? Yes! Great price can't beat.

Yu Chi L.

This is the best place to get poke bowl ever! I come here twice a week and I really love their food here.

Yining Chen

The wait for food was a little long. Kimchi hot bibimbap was good but too salty.

Celena C.

I ordered a small with salmon. Their salmon is really fresh! The only complaint I have is that their Shoyu sauce is extremely salty. I don't know if it was just a one-time miss or if all their sauces are that salty. Everything else was good though.

Andi B.

Amazing! Never thought that I would be eating Poké as a vegetarian, but I find myself at this place quite often. It's simple, healthy, and absolutely delicious! I can get a nice vegetarian bowl with rice, avocado, tofu, and lots of other vegetables-- but what makes it truly delicious is the variety of sauces that you can mix. The sauces are so good and I find myself trying new combinations every time I go back. I haven't found food that I like as much as this in quite a while! The only downside is that the bowl can be a bit pricy, around $11 for a small bowl, and even more when I get avocado (despite the fact that I don't get meat). I do wish it was slightly cheaper, but it's definitely a place that you should give a try!

Holly P.

I think the store recently has undergone a change of ownership because the old grandpa that owned the restaurant is no longer here. They have also done some construction and remodeling. In my opinion, the design is a bit cleaner and it can seat more people, which is great when lunch or dinner rush comes by. The menu is more or less the same and the prices are similar as well. Having been a frequent eater here before and after the change of ownership, I will have to say that the wait time is the same ( about 10-30ish minutes depending on what time you go). Who I assume to be the new owners seem nice and the store still has that mom and pop shop vibe. I usually get the soft tofu soup (extra spicy) and before it was never that spicy when i ordered it here with the previous ownership, I got it again recently to test it out, and they definitely upped the spice level. So just a warning, for those who order extra spicy its more like your korean level spicy. To put it in perspective, slightly less spicy that the buldakbokkumyun (the ramen they use for the spicy noodle challenge). Overall Toust is more or less the same, with just a different interior and a different scale of spiciness (which I couldn't be happier for). The other korean place on southside serves a different range of foods and is pricier than Toust. If you're in the mood for korean food, I would guess that Toust would be your safest bet.

Anna F.

I love Poke Bar. Pretty sure there was a time freshman year when I came here at least twice a week. The bowls are big and there are a lot of options. I used to get the spicy mix sauce but now I like house sauce better! The house sauce is good if you want something saltier than spicy mix without adding soy sauce. The fish is fresh too. The only details that prevent me from giving this place 5 stars are the price (about $11 for a small bowl) and the size of the salmon (wish it were a little smaller so I didn't want to use a knife).

Joy S.

The bowls are fresh and delicious! High quality fish, very flavorful and nice veggies as well.. The only negative is that they recently reduced the r size of the bowls, so now the large is like a medium and the medium is like the size of what used to be a small. It ends up being 15 bucks for a poke lunch. Unfortunately we'll definitely have to cut down on the visits!

Jin Choi

I found a strand of hair inside a stew and showed it to the owner. He did not apologize at all and took the stew away and just threw it away. Poor attitude. I would give 0 out of 5 if possible for cleanliness and service

Jenn Choi

I found a strand of hair inside a stew and showed it to the owner. He did not apologize at all and took the stew away and just threw it away. Poor attitude. I would give 0 out of 5 if possible for cleanliness and service

Angela L.

Good poke is hard to find, especially in the east bay. That said, I find myself at Poke Bar damn near every week, so they're doing something right! The small bowl is the perfect size for me, but a medium is probably the way to go for most folks. The fish quality is up there compared to most poke spots, and even when there's a line it moves quickly. Tons of toppings, and I appreciate that they give you free reign to add as much fried garlic and onion as you want. I've always done the house + spicy sauce combo, but recently tried the ponzu sauce for something a little lighter. Also super jazzed about the compostable containers.

Siqi C.

Seafood hot pot is delicious!!! It is really hot. Take care.

Andrea C.

Every time I come to this poke place, I would end up getting food poisoning. I'm not the only one either. I went with a few of my friends a year back when it first opened and immediately we ate it, on the car ride back, we were holding our stomachs in pain. I couldn't eat poke for over a year after that. A year later I wanted to see if it was just that time so I went back again and my stomach was hurting again after eating. I don't know how they prepare their fish or if it's just not as fresh but if I get food poisoning every time I come here then there has to be a reason. I've eaten poke at many other places but have never received this reaction. The prices here are also quite high and you can find cheaper places elsewhere. This may just be all my opinion but I will not be able to come back unless the fish is prepped differently.

Olivia C.

First time at T-Toust and came with a coworker for lunch. Decided to get the rice cake ramen. Ordered at the counter, received a number and then sat at a table and waited for our numbers to be called. The rice cake ramen was okay. There wasn't many slices of rice cake. I did order it spicy instead of mild and it definitely made my nose run a little. I was also given a bowl of rice but I didn't eat it because there was enough food. I think if I was in the area and wanted some Korean food, I'd consider going back but I wouldn't go out of my way.

Tammy W.

Great place for fast, healthy food! This establishment is pretty clean and quiet, and it is very roomy. Easy place for a casual group hangout. The servers are very nice, and the poke bar has plenty of options. I like to get a small combo (half salad, half brown rice), and add my protein and toppings on top of that, and that's plenty of food for me to eat (serving sizes here can get pretty large depending on what you add!) There's no restroom here, and it's located in an alley that's kind of dirty, but I like to come here when I need to got a quick meal.

Ju Hyun Y.

They serve the best poke near campus !! Decent quality ingredients along with a reasonable portion for the price. Will definitely come backk

Qi Zhou

First time in a Korean restaurant. I ordered bi bim bap just because I saw a lot of people eating it on youtube. It was really good. It surprised me!!! The inside of the restaurant wasn't anything special, just chair and simple tables but the food was amazing.

Benjamin Ou

Cheapest korean food you'll find just about anywhere with still-decent quality. Visit on friday for mixed tofu soup at just under 9 bucks.

Annie Z.

I am almost always in the mood for Korean food and T-Toust happens to be located conveniently close to campus! The restaurant gets really busy around dinner time and the restaurant can be pretty crowded. Most of the tables only seat two people but larger groups can rearrange the tables if needed. There is nothing too special about the interior. In fact, the tables and chairs look a little aged. Overall, T-Toust is a good option for comfort food. Customers order at the counter and they pick up their food at the counter. Keep in mind that T-Toust charges extra if you spend under $10 and pay with Debit or Credit. The prices are definitely on the cheaper side for Korean food! [ Seafood Soondubu ] The flavor of the soup is decent and the tofu is okay. There is a good amount of seafood in the soup and the soup comes with a raw egg. I wish they served more side dishes! [ Kimchi Fried Rice ] I find this to be a little too salty but the portion size is big! The rice comes with spam, seaweed, and a fried egg. This dish is very convenient for takeout.


Tried out their daily deal stone pot bibimbap. My family enjoyed it

Nannaphat S.

Another great place for poke in Berkeley. Portions are quite large and service is clean and quick. I really like their spicy sauce and always ask for extra on the side. I also love how you can add your own crispy onion, crispy garlic, and mixed nuts so I just pile on a lot! Generally I have no complaints and wouldn't mind coming here for my fix of poke! There's also a lot of seating so it's good for bigger groups as well.

Cameron T.

Its about what youd expect to pay for poke. Portions are very decent and the fish is pretty good too. They were accommodating in allowing me to add salad in addition to rice as my base. Plentiful toppings as well. This place doesnt necessarily move the needle on poke, but for a quick, healthy meal, I enjoy the location and I have zero qualms.

Lilou C.

Good service and good meals but they get a 4 star because their packaging practices gives me a guilt trip. They use plastic containers and utensils and they don't use those reusable stainless steel bowls I see at other spot. I hope they read this and are sways to use more environmentally friendly packaging.

Jocelyn S.

Not the *best* Korean food, but for their low prices, I'm ok with it! FOOD Just good enough to fulfill my soondubu cravings! They have different deals on every weekday. The food isn't like AMAZING, it's just ok to hold me off until I can go back home to San Jose. MOOD They definitely didn't put too much thought into their decor. It's a pretty no-frills place, just eat your food and go kinda deal. 'TUDE Servers are pretty average, again as per their no-frills vibe. The service can be pretty slow however.

Chen Harry

Good food but terrible service. Extremely poor attitude.