The Italian Homemade Company

2905 College Ave, Berkeley
(510) 649-1495

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ebelia malikasim

Bad customer service!! We ordered through apps and they gave our order to the wrong person and blame us for not picking it up earlier!! She only offered to reorder it when 2 out of 3 stuff that we ordered are sold out. I quote she said “our meatballs has sold out all day” then why can we still order it through the app if it’s already sold out? The girl who deal with us clearly do not have any empathy at all to us. Clearly it’s their fault to give the wrong order to the wrong person without double checking their order, and now she doesn’t want to be responsible for it. When we asked for a refund she told us to do it ourselves through the apps. I’ve ordered from many restaurants and this is one of the most disappointing experiences during this pandemic.PS: our favorite part is that when she knows she gave the wrong order to the wrong person, she told us “you should come earlier” when the apps told us the order is ready at 8.05pm and we arrived at 8.13pm..

Jerry P.

It's a great spot for fast but good Italian fare with an above average seating space. They also have a fun selection of Italian specialty items for purchase. Efficient friendly service and a very good value for the dollar. A nice alternative to your local pizza spot.

Rio Febrian

Awesome pasta and piadini! Call ahead before picking up.

Susan R.

I used DoorDash and had lasagna and salad.
The food was amazing! I guess you have to ask for bread. I will do that next time. Highly recommend.

Vincent L.

I discovered this place through KQED's check please! NGL Check Please has had a horrible hit ratio of good places, but that's a different story.

This pasta isn't cheap -- it's not insanely expensive by any means, but it's way more expensive that dried pasta at your local supermarket.  For reference, I think it seems like 20-30% cheaper than Flour+Water's pastas (but it really depends on the noodle of choice).  The pasta is garbage compared to Flour+Water.  The texture doesn't taste fresh, it tastes clearly frozen, but worse than Costco's frozen pastas (that being said, Costco isn't that bad).  Even worse, on medium boil, my ravioli fell apart while cooking.  After losing roughly 20% of my pasta to disintegration, the remaining pasta somehow had zero flavor (I ordered the spinach ricotta for reference).  Maybe it was my fault on how I cooked it, but the website nor packaging has instructions.  Note I cooked the pasta for 4 minutes on medium boil. The sad thing is, this was the better of the two pastas I tried.

The second pasta I ordered was a tortellini (a 3 pork tortellini).  Unlike the ravioli, I think only 2-3 tortellinis fell apart.  Unfortunately, the filling of the tortellini, was super inconsistent.  Some pieces were salt bombs...taste buds go boom! Some pieces had what it seemed zero salt, and lacked any flavor.  Once in a while there was a good piece; however you always had fear that the next bite would blow up your tongue.  If you're going to make a salt heavy pasta, please make sure you properly mix the ingredients.  The noodle texture was meh, and definitely way worse the Buitoni's tortellini (that green package you can get at any Safeway, Lucky, etc).  

Overall, the pasta was crap.  I will never go here again, and will tell everyone I know not to go waste their money.  If you're going to spend your money on fresh pasta, get real fresh pasta from somewhere else.

Oh, and then there was the service...I came on a weekend, and there were only 2 other patrons (women buying gelato).  When it was my turn, the attendant took 5 minutes to grab frozen pasta from a freezer, no idea why it took so long, 5 minutes isn't that long, but it's not like I ordered freshly made pasta by any means, just swing open the freezer door and grab it.

The long and the short: don't waste your hard earned dollars on this pasta.  Life is too short to eat shit frozen food.  If you want good frozen food, stop by Costco, it will be faster and tastier. If you want real fresh pasta, just go to Flour+Water or the farmer's market and try a company there.

HARD PASS on this place

Victoria D.

Note to self: order from somewhere else. The gnocchi appeared to be machine made and it was not rolled. The marina was basic. The caprese was made with beefsteak-tomatoes and LOTS of arugula (no basil at all). The pasta was undercooked. The bolognese sauce was bland and cold upon delivery. The tiramisu  had no structure, it was like pudding. This meal cost way too much for the lack of quality provided.

Arielle B.

So I want to start with mentioning how fresh and and flavorful everything was! The pasta was cooked to perfection! I ordered via Uber eats and I'm always surprised when my food comes out right. I love that they put the name of the person who prepared the food on the bag. That's super helpful incase you need to call.

Any who, back to the food. I ordered the Lasagna and the Tagliatelle pasta with bolognese sauce and meatballs. I also ordered a side of flat bread. The bechamel on top adds such a beautiful touch to the lasagna. The Tagliatelle could have used a bit more sauce but none the less it was really good. I would have loved for them to included Parmesan cheese either on top or on the side and the lasagna was just a bit greasy. Also the flatbread was really hard so it was tough to enjoy. All in all I will definitely be back. I've been looking for a great Italian food place and this is definitely one to start off the list.

Christina I.

Had seen them featured on PBS and everyone was very excited about the pasta. Not sure if it was due to takeout and having an hour drive until I could eat them, but wasn't as blown away as I expected. The noodles were ok, I have eaten better handmade noodles. The pesto was pretty oily and bland. The Bolognese sauce was good and so was the marinara sauce. They were out of lasagne so wasn't able to get that. Got
The ravioli instead. They were good. The cassone tasted like a Bolognese quesadilla. Not sure what I expected, maybe something more of a calzone, and this version wasn't my thing. Very heavy. Also tried the tiramisu was ok, but expected more from an Italian restaurant. I've eaten plenty of real Italian tiramisu and this one didn't hold up... the cookies were not or barely soaked in coffee/espresso (liquor). It primarily tasted creamy as opposed to having the espresso taste.

Cindy L.

This became a staple COVID date night spot after finishing a long day in clinic. One of the few places open past 8pm, I really appreciate the consistent friendly service, fast food, and plenty of outdoor/indoor seating (when it's allowed). It's always bustling with college students and locals.

My boyfriend would eat here every week if he had the choice (which he typically doesn't or else we'd never eat anything but pizza and pasta). The pasta is fresh and affordable. The staff take your temperatures if you eat indoors and speak Italian, and didn't mind teaching us how to say the pastas correctly.

Our go tos:
- Lasagna (filling and delicious)
- Parpardelle or tagliatelle with Bolognese
- Parpardelle with pasticciata (basically bolognese with a touch of cream)
(Skip the gnocchi because I never get full enough from it)

Minus one star because the pasta tends to stick together in clumps and isn't as chewy as I'd prefer. The sauces are also on the blander side, and I appreciate my sodium. But the bf likes the blander flavor to appreciate the ingredients. As a healthcare worker hangry after a long day, this will always be a favorite spot for good pasta with no frills. Thank you for the carbs!

Vuyelwa W.

We Door Dashed this order so I never got to see their store! However this was one of the quickest easiest orders through Door Dash!

We got the lasagna and fettuccine with white sauce! It was easy to customize the order online and they had a decent variety but a bit limited too.

Food arrived and was on the smaller side and the fettuccine was more dry really not worth ordering . I think I might try again for a second time but only for the lasagna.

Priscilla L.

Came here to order takeout and enjoyed their fresh pasta. You can see them make pasta at the window! I went with the Pappardelle and loved it. Only downside is the pasta gets clumped together when cold  so leftovers weren't as good.

Kristina K.

Love Italian homemade!!! They consistently use fresh pasta and ingredients. The burrata and pappardelle with pesto are my favorite dishes!

Kristina C.

Love Italian homemade!!! They consistently use fresh pasta and ingredients. The burrata and pappardelle with pesto are my favorite dishes!

Katherine C.

This review is for takeout and I'm not sure it'd be any different for dine in, but..I really wanted to like this place but I think it was a little underwhelming. In terms of price it's good, but quality is ehh. So I ordered the parpadelle pasta with both the red sauce and whit sauce. White sauce tasted like NOTHING. Literally like they mixed it with milk or something and that was it, so I definitely wouldnt get that next time. Red sauce with meatballs was way better, but I think to me their meatballs were a little salty. Not only that but when I got home to eat it everything congealed together so it was a little weird and dry to eat. Again this might be only for take out but it fell short of what I expected.

Samantha D.

Really delicious homemade pasta. We ordered this for election night and it was so good! Perfect comfort food. I also noticed that you can order larger containers of their sauce and pasta for when you want to cook a larger meal and maybe keep it for the week. Honestly you can't go wrong with any dish here.

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