Big Bear Coffee Roasting Company

41080 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-0859

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Michael Murdock

Disappointed in the service we had here today. After asking for a vanilla late, the barista asked if I wanted a 12, 16 or 20oz. I asked “do you use a double basket espresso shot for each of the sizes?” This is my usual question when ordering larger milk drinks like this, as some 2nd wave coffee shops like Starbucks/diners have different espresso amounts in each size, but other specialty/3rd wave coffee shops use a standard double basket (16-20g of beans) no matter what the drink size is.The barista responded to my question in a condescending tone saying “Where do you think you are? No of course not.” I responded saying “That is not always the standard practice, my fiancée and I have worked at a number of coffee shops where it was standard to use a double basket in each drink.” He responding again condescendingly “Oh yeah? Where? Starbucks?” I told him no. Yet even if we had, Starbucks is one of the few places who do increase their espresso amount based on drink size-like his establishment.He then confused us, or maybe he was confused with his set up, but he said they all use the same basket, but have different amounts of caffeine in each drink. So either they are under filling their espresso baskets, which would create inconsistent depth from the grounded beans to the group head causing improper pressurization/flavor. Or they are pouring the same espresso amount for each drink, but throwing out the extra amount for lesser sized drinks.We decided to not get anything because of his attitude and took our buisness else where. I would like to note that I do believe my fiancé and i were calm and respectful throughout the interaction, but the was not reciprocated.

Henry Y

This the most weird coffee shop I have ever seen. Employees wasn’t normal and not willing to work. They told they don’t work today and ask us come back tomorrow. (FRIDAY 11:30am) They think they are funny. But likely more amateurs with no respect to visitors. Anyways this part was the only bad experience we had in Big Bear.

Sarah Helm

Amazing. The guys in there were so helpful. I never know what I want and told them what I was looking for... something sweet and hot. They made me the perfect blend. A must if you enjoy a good roast.

Jaime Campos

Had me a cold brew. Great coffee spot. The coffee was delicious. Took me some beans home. Will be my coffee shop when in Big Bear.

E Winsell

Wonderful coffee and service. Do not expect a quick in and out here. They take their time to make a tasty brew! I had the Mountain Magic and it was fantastic!

Matthew Bergquist

Got a delicious latte and their Highlander Grog beans. Will definitely visit again the next time we pass through!

John Leeno

They were very friendly at this place. And the service was extremely fast. The coffee was just OK. Mostly dark roasts so if that’s what you’re into you’ll like it.

Kiel W

They were very friendly at this place. And the service was extremely fast. The coffee was just OK. Mostly dark roasts so if that’s what you’re into you’ll like it.

Deniz Turkmen

I think the espresso beverages here are little strong. Small=3 shots,medium=4 shots. But it's a roaster and I am rating this place based on their beans. Normally I am not a big fan of flavored beans, they usually hide something. I bought 2 bags of flavoured beans, each had relatively recent roast dates. They extract great espresso, smell and taste fantastic too. There are sample bean jars on the shelf you can see and smell before buying a bag. Their bean bags don't have valves, and the wait time in the shop was a little high due to it being a one-man show at the time (this labor shortage warning was posted at the door, so can't blame him). Also the opening time was one hour later than what Google suggested (might change back). If you are a coffee lover of any kind, or looking for a gift, this is a must-go place in Big Bear before you return home.

Scott Parker

I love this coffee !!!Chris is knowledgeable and helpful. He roasts raw beans on site from different South American countries.He provides a unique opportunity for quality coffee.I've only been there a handful of times, but I am hooked,and blessed I live close by !!!

Hali Masters

Very good coffee, the nicest owner, and a just overall cute shop with amazing coffee bean options!

Dr ED M.

Wonder place; Customer service is A plus. He stayed open for us. We a pound of multiple coffee; and 4 drinks. Their hazelnut is really good.

Alfred C.

Smell that? I love the smell of coffee in the morning. It smells like victory. Anytime I'm in Big Bear, this is one of my must stop by spots. You can smell the fresh java into the door. No frills, no insta spots or tik-tok. Just plain ol' beans-a-plenty, get-er-done Java the hutt!!! Thank you Big Bear Coffee roasting for waking me up in the morning for my hikes, races, and more. -ample parking -can get busy -outdoor lounge area can give the impression that the line is out the door

δαδπα N.

Guy did show up til 9:20am, the sign says they open at 9am. Waited around for fifteen minutes for him to open the door, knocked on the door and he just ignored me. Couldn't even give me the common courtesy to say he needed more time or whatever to open up shop, just straight up ignored me.


The coffee is great it is roasted on site. The prices are a little high but coffee got expensive. I would make sure when I came to Big Bear I would buy coffee

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