40616 Village Dr, Big Bear Lake
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Jen Brown

Delicious bowls. Perfectly spicy sweet and fresh. Love that we can sit out on the patio with our dogs. The Cabo bowl is my favorite. There was a line out the door the entire time we were there. Be prepared for a tiny wait. It’s just because the staff is enthusiastic about serving their customers they take their time,Vegetarian options: Tofu bowl. Vegan option

Kate K.

Tropicali is as much an experience as a restaurant. Incredibly welcoming and upbeat, the staff go the extra mile to make their customers happy.

Amalia S.

Excellent food. Service, and atmosphere! A must when in Big Bear! We are always greeted with a warm welcome and the staff makes you feel like Family! Order the off menu items Krakatoa & also Choloha! Ask for the Piña Coladi Dodi, it's a delicious non dairy smoothie that you won't regret ordering! Check out our review on YouTube!

Andy S.

I would first like to mention how friendly and courteous I found the staff to be. This might be the new happiest place on earth. Genuine energy and positive vibes. The tikijuana was teriyaki chicken over rice with beans and cilantro!! With like a pineapple mango salsa. The dessert waffles that I liked were crispy and topped with a coconut cream...amazing! Looking forward to trying more of their interesting menu.

Joel M.

Knew we needed to check out this restaurant after seeing it had a 5 star rating with 2.5K reviews. From the get go, we were blown away by how friendly and personable the staff was - they even recommeded a secret menu item, the Pele-Kraken (a sweet + spicy combo of two individual poke bowls on the menu). They also had a variety of cooked meat bowls and drinks - very accommodating to kids and perfect for a family meal. Lots of indoor and outdoor seating, we will definitely be back!

Carolyn M.

Totally unexpected Hawaiian poke+bowls and additional Mexicali fusion cuisine. We were going to check out the alpine slide, but then changed our minds when it started raining and got hungry. How is it that a part of the islands is here in big bear?!! I'm a visitor and never checked out this spot in the last visits I've made up the mountain. So happy we stopped by. We tried the Barbacoa bowl and the pele poke bowl. The tuna, so good, and great quality. The sauces give everything it needs to give: tangy, sweet, spicy, creamy, umami, and just a bang of flavor. It's simple, the poke, rice and cucumber + onion, the way I love to eat my poke bowls - Hawaiian style whenever I visit Hawaii. Still in amazement that this spot is here, it's definitely worth a trip to the top whenever you're in the area.

Ellen Z.

Tried Tropicali for the first time after seeing so many positive reviews! It did not disappoint. Located at the entrance of the Village, you will be surprised with the fun and eclectic decor inside. We were warmly greeted by the gentleman at the front counter who offered some suggestions. There was also an upbeat girl who checked in on our table twice. 5 stars for the customer service and attentiveness of the staff! The teriyaki was flavorful with a tangy sauce. The carnitas was tender with some citrus notes. The poke was fresh and well balanced. A little on the pricey side considering the portion but everything was yummy so it made up for it.

Sunny S.

I WISH I'd taken pictures! It was such a cool experience when we went. The food was excellent, but the service was OUTSTANDING! As the line snakes through (it goes quickly) - one of the owners (or brother?) asked if we had been there before. I said no, although my friends frequent it a lot. Once he determined that I was feeling "spicy" and would love to return to Hawaii... he told me what he would recommend! Spot on! I ordered what I had thought about having for my partner - Tikijuana (chicken) and I got the Tiki Bowl (Ahi) with crunchy topping! I cannot even begin to tell you how good they both were! I live 2 1/2 hours away... and I crave their food now!

Jen G.

I've been here many times. My favorite is the j*** chicken. I also love the coconut-infused coffee. Honestly, you can't go wrong here.

Blessie P.

It was good! But maybe it was overhyped for me. We heard so many good things about this place, and obviously highly rated. We also heard the lines are always long, but it was worth it. We came in during a holiday, and arrived half past their opening time, and line was already quite long. I guess after all that, I had high expectations for the food. When we got the food, the size was smaller than expected. Ingredients weren't as much as I'm used to. The sauce was good! I liked it, and the crunch from the chips. I thought maybe I should have gotten the cucumbers (which were extra for the Kraken), but I didn't wanna pay extra when the price was already quite up there for poke lol. As far as the waffle, it was too sweet for me, but still pretty good. Neither item wow-ed me enough to rate them highly as most of the reviews have. Maybe they are the best in town, but I've had better poke for the price they have them for. I'm not opposed to try them out again, though, and try their other bowls. Maybe the ones we got were a miss for us. All in all, not worth waiting in a long line for, but I'm glad to have experienced it. Ah, and service was great, but it wasn't what I wanted to pay for.

Tristen A.

who would've thought that big bear would have my absolute favorite poke place? This place is a must try. I stayed in big bear 3 days and came here twice & wouldve again and again. The poke is fresh & the ambience & staff make the waiting fun & like home. I highly recommend this place to every single person. They even have bowls for people who don't like fish! Teriyaki, carnita, barbacoa?! Are you kidding me? Definitely a highlight & a place I will never forget.

Jennifer Vitrano

We ate here on our last night in big bear and it was such a treat. The vibe is super cool, a tiki oasis in the mountains.The customer service is BEYOND amazing, and I’m saving the best for last, THE FOOD!!!! We ordered what they recommended - the Krakatoa(off menu) a combo of sweet and spicy perfection. I got the tofu and my boyfriend got it with tuna. We absolutely loved it. I will look forward to coming back here every time we visit. Love love love.

Siddhi Morabia

The hospitality and food both are top notch. Vegan and vegetarian options that don't suck. Awesome tiki decor. Really nothing to complain. I'm someone who doesn't like to be in limelight and the owners hyping us up for everything was still warm and friendly to me. Really just go! Dog friendly patio and they allowed me to take the dog in while I looked at the menu

Erik A.

By far the most consistent eatery on the mountain is Tropicali. If you're up for a visit this is the one spot you need to eat to avoid any disappointment. If you're a local, you should already know. I know this place represents the poke, I'm vegan, but I can tell you the only difference is your choice is the protein. All the ingredients are super fresh, and you've got a few options for ridicules sauces to add to your bowl. My go to is the "Malibu Bowl" which comes with extra firm tofu, cucumbers, cilantro, then I typically mod it out with a little "Cabo" vibe which includes jalapenos, wonton chips and cali dream boss sauce. Ask to have it prepared vegan and extra spicy. To wash down the food I usually go with the "Black Pearl" which is an organic Groundwork cold brew or the masterpiece they call the "Pina Coladidadi" a refreshing pineapple coconut cream drink. For first timers you'll be greeted at the front door and be given all the details before reaching the cash register. From there you'll be kindly guided through the ordering process and options. Immaculate guest service throughout your experience at this establishment. 4.8 - Best Restaurant in Big Bear, Fact!

Tina B

Food= Horrible, cloyingly sweet, warm Poke Atmosphere: Disney with less money, loud, continuous use of P.A. System as you pay premium prices to be called to pick up your food served in to go containers, whether or not your to-going. Plastic utensils etc. Employees= over the top, contrived behavior Outdoor dining: dirt,gravel dining area, inaccessible to wheelchairs due to large rocks boardering area, stairs leading to upper deck. ( no wheelchair access) Told by employee they could set up a table near some wooden benches in the dirt to the right of main entrance doors by parking lot. So if your disabled, want to eat outside, you must do so in dirt, by the fumes of car exhausts at a makeshift table eating crappy food Enjoy! Indoor dining: loud, dark, seemed dirty Had read all the great reviews, as there are no bad ones? Things that make you say hmmm? Was looking forward to a delicious meal and a Aloha Jesus shirt. Unfortunately, neither happened.

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