Broadway Cafe

1117 W Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear
(909) 585-7682

Recent Reviews

Cara Breite

The owner and service was great. They were very helpful and friendly with all my questions. We ordered a bacon avocado cheeseburger and a cup of chili. The food was good, the burger felt big to me but we shared so it wasn't so bad.

Marcell Jun Ha

Cheap, friendly place with delicious food. Dogs very much allowed (have their own menus too). Mostly outdoor seating.

Rama Ewing

This is a cozy small Cafe with good food and very friendly environment. The food portion is large for the price, the food quality is good, the service is nice and bonus is that restroom is CLEAN! My husband and I had our late lunch here. My husband ordered Western cheese burger with bacon and Cheddar cheese. I had Peppered roast beef with Swiss cheese. We also had one large cheese fries. My beef roast was made great, just enough of everything. I asked for light jalapeño and they made it just perfect. The cheese fry was larger than many other places I have tried, it was fresh, not salty at all. They have fountain drink but we just had water. The young lady serving us and the owners were friendly and welcoming.After a long day of work around Big bear, Broadway Cafe with its cool vintage deco left a very nice impression. I'll definitely go back and will recommend it to others.

Kiel W

We loved this place. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and they were super kind to our dogs. The Bloody Mary there was to die for and the burgers and fish sandwich were also very tasty. Would definitely go back!

Jason Torrey

Awesome burgers and fish sandwich is amazing, bomb shakes too! Really can't go wrong here, everything is fresh and hot. The bloody Mary is amazing.

Ashley Mcwilliams

Great little cafe. We will be stopping by again.

Jacob A.

Great breakfast food, great staff. Affordable. Very quaint but cozy. 10/10 would go again.

Paul S.

I continue to like eating here. Be advised that the prices are starting to climb, but the lines are also growing. A good choice for a meal in Big Bear.

Carlee N.

TWO STARS THE GOOD : the food was good in taste didn't have much of a complaint on that . The look of the dinner is very small on the interior but the concept of decor is quaint and cute . Plus a great outdoor area THE NOT-SO GOOD: I came up the mountain to visit my family as I do every week and we stopped to try somewhere else besides our usual spots . We walk on being the only ones inside and outside the restaurant (besides the one lady leaving with a to-go ).Instantly we were met by a younger woman working the front and she already had a bad attitude when we walked in , not any "hi how are you" just a " there's full menus right there " and an irritated expression and went off to the back . As my family is aware they close at 7 we arrived at 5:15 to ensure enough time to eat so they can go about there business and have a quick close up and we weren't straggling in their diner . After the 2 others and myself started ordering she kept this irritated short snappy behavior like as if she absolutely hates her job . I totally get work is no one's happy place especially in customer service as I am a restaurant worker but still we tried to be as polite and courteous to her as we try to not be "those" customers but no matter what she made the mood of the environment unwelcoming and cold and kept a angry demeanor . Also I believe 10-15 dollars for a burger and having to order fries separately or get a combo for 3.50 more is ridiculous I would pay 12$ a burger if fries come included . Especially since we saw that their patties all come pre frozen so it makes me question the quality of meat I'm paying so much for ? OVERALL- we did our best to have a nice time and the rest of the workers were so sweet . It just gives off the energy of a family ran company and some granddaughter who just finished high school got roped into working there and she hates her job . Probably wouldn't go again to dine in maybe takeout next time ?

Eve T.

Such a nice place to get lunch! A small shop that makes you feel so homey and welcome. I had the avocado cheeseburger combo, the burger was very delicious and juicy. Price is very reasonable. Would definitely come back here again when I visit Big Bear.

Jucel R.

Secret place in Big Bear, juicy tasty burgers. Great selections of different burgers. They also sell good selections of malts and shakes. I noticed they offer cocktails from mimosas, Irish coffee and mudslides. Place is small and big patio seating. Don't let this small establishment fool you, it's defy a hidden gem.

Sue P.

They were already out of their chili at 11:30! But I had a chance to try their patty melt, and believe me when I tell you it was wonderful! It's no surprise this place has been voted best burger over and over. It's a must stop when you're in Big Bear!!!!

Kerry E.

This was a total impulse meal, because we heard from locals that they had amazing burgers! This is entirely true. Their beef is very good quality and they offer a nice selection of options. The seating area is a bit small inside but they have a nice sized patio for outdoor dining. We even learned about a rooftop seating area, albeit too late. Maybe we missed the signage or maybe it's a secret local spot. Our server was kind to bring our pup a bowl of water, as well. I'm only giving four stars because I think they could make some improvements with the condiments. I opened up two packets of Mayo and one seemed to be outdated/fermenting/aging not gracefully. That sort of grossed me out but the tater tots were so delicious it sort of made up for it.

Hanning X.

Not sure how you are going to beat the prices here for such great diner food. Just an unassuming joint on the eastern side of the lake that houses what they claim to be the best burger in Big Bear for the last 5 years running. I don't know how many places serve up burgers in Big Bear, but the 5 time reigning champ must mean something. To pile on the accolades, their chili is apparently award winning (twice?) as well. Their chicken breast was also meaty and juicy as a plump strawberry. You don't need to pay gourmet burger prices here to get a filling flavorful meal. There's plenty of parking in the lot, and there's decent amount of outside seating and a couple of tables inside. Definitely check this place out if you want some great grub that ain't breaking the bank.

Chuck T.

Don't be fooled by the exterior, they make some seriously good burgers here. Instead of fries to go with my combo meal, I chose fried zucchini. That was so good, I might just order that next time. Definitely a hidden gem amongst the trees of Big Bear.

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