Jack in the Box

40771 Village Dr, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-6436

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C Will

Always pleasant employees, food is pleasant tasting. No complaints here.


The service wasn't the best, we had to ask for everything they did not include a fork for my tiny loaded tacos which were not loaded at all no cheese and saggy. Must have been sitting there. They forgot to give us our drink had to remind them we ordered a drink. And had to ask for napkins.Food: 3/5

Alexander Leonard

Victoria is the best fast food employee I've had the pleasure of interacting with! We'd had a bad food experience just earlier in the day, and with her positive, friendly, and helpful attitude completely flipped our mornings around. She's a keeper, JITB!

Billy Brownell

I have been coming to the big bear lake Jack in the Box since it opened 40 plus years ago. I have never had a bad meal, or anything less than the best service. Always a clean restaurant, friendly staff, and great food.

Satanic SanDiego

The person behind the counter argued with my friend about his order, and then openly talked bad about him after he grabbed his food. Right there, at the counter. Don’t talk smack about customers at the counter - go out back out of ear shot if you have to. They then seemed upset over an order for 30 tacos. The unprofessionalism was disappointing, as I was expecting more from what appeared to be people who were old enough to know better.My food was warm/fresh, but squashed flat. It’s like it was deflated. Had to ask for sauce, which is usually a conversation point when you pick it up, but no, I had to request it… after hearing them talking about my friend’s order.The no refill sign should be on the machine, not a few feet away behind a beam. Which is weird, as those machines are typically assumed to be refill friendly. Otherwise they’d pour it for me.I wouldn’t be back. There seems to be a lot of food options in the area, and I can get better JITB experience at home

Sandra Valenzuela

First off, every table was dirty. No where to sit. The employee spilt my drink. Then my burger sat there for 10 mins on the counter while she cleaned up... getting cold. When I asked for a hot sandwich they got mad and drowned the burger with pickles and cheese. When I grabbed the new burger the cook yelled it wasn't mine but he wasn't aware it was. Then there was no ice for my drink so I had to drink it warm with a burger that was swimming...my boyfriend ordered tacos and had to ask for taco sauce which they only had a few left. I will never go to this place again.

tyler moss

Just went their and the manager who is working the register can barely speak English and didnt give the ranch thatbwas supposed to be with are orderand the other manager when we asked for the ranch said we are lucky that we got the single pack of ranch when the 2 orders say they come with ranch this place has horrible customer service

Angel Bernal

Always great food but they need to hire more people because there are always long lines so the employees probably feel rushed and they need to be able to slow down a little bit so they won't get anymore egg shells in the eggs.

Randall B.

I could not understand, it would be nice to have more English speaking employees , and they had the rudest manager working

Paul R

Friendly staff and good service you can’t ask for anything more than that. It was a nice place to eat while watching the Fourth of July fireworks that big Bear Lake city government was shooting off by the lake.

Israel Gomez

Good service, they always respect coupons and deals, gets a little busy during lunch time but overall still fast

Michael P.

As with most fast food places consistency is key and why many of us even frequent these places. Since the pandemic I had hoped humans would become kinder and more aware but sadly no... The employees here crush it, always short staffed since the pandemic but the managers here really hold it together! It is certainly a theme for me but it's the customers that cause most of the problems... If they are busy and you are on line... DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT in line... A family was complaining amongst themselves on the wait and then took 15 min to order... I am not exaggerating one bit. Luckily staff thinks on feet and they ran some people through the drive through register so truly appreciative for accommodating the rest of us! It's fast food in a small town so relax everyone!

Cbear X

I ordered the spicy popcorn chicken combo (curly fries instead of regular French fries) and when I got my order I was just completely disgusted. I always just tear Pieces of chicken apart just because I do NOT like fatty/slimey/gristle filled pieces… I tear one piece of the popcorn chicken apart and it was very good with gray-ish color in the middle and just didn’t seem right like it was expired or something… (photo will be attached) and A lot of the popcorn chicken pieces were filled with fatty gristle bits and not fully cooked all the way through such as the bread coating on the chicken being soft and doughy feeling and the other pieces of chicken were so fried or little to no meat in the pieces at all. Also I would like to add that I had specifically only ordered curly fries instead of the regular french fries. When I got my fries it was a mixture of both which was very odd and weird as to why they were mixed when I’ve only ordered the curly fries. Also a lot of the fries were very old tasting and fried to the point I couldn’t even chew them. (Photos of fries will be attached as well.

Robert S.

Girl at window this afternoon was very delightful and made my experience at JITB very well and my food tasted even better

Walt M.

Burger O.K. No apology for stone cold fries. Other, better choices in Big Bear. Never again.

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