Nottinghams Restaurant

40797 Big Bear Blvd, Big Bear Lake
(909) 866-4644

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Stopped in for lunch/dinner today 11/12/2022. I won’t take any stars away for the slower service as manpower is bad everywhere,so no fault of this business. Food is good,prices aren’t terribly high,and the atmosphere is nice. Be patient as there were literally 2 servers,plus what appeared to be possibly the owner?? working the tables so,if you have the time..Note to first time visitors,parking is available behind the building,enter off of pine knot and make a right into the parking lot. If none is available there,there is a much larger lot further south of the building off of Bartlett road.

John Davoust

The employees were spectacular the patio is super dog friendly and they have pet food options. The patty for our dog was the best food that we got however. One of the best servers we could have asked for but the food was just very... Let's say, "different". I had a pesto chicken sandwich, the bread was great but the (pesto?) sauce was red and very odd tasting. It probably should be named sometime different, it may have been some hybrid thousand island with little bits of basil. Not sure, don't know what that flavor was. The other dish we got was the vegetation kabobs. They weren't cooked really at all.Good little restaurant and wonderful staff. We weren't charged for the entire kabob meal although we did ask to pay for the portion what was eaten.Parking: This is part of the lodge on the same lot so parking in that lot, which is huge, is allowed. Super helpful because parking can get tight here

danielle r.

Avoid. Avoid. Avoid. We walked in this morning feeling great only to be greeted by the most rude woman. We said good morning and asked if we could sit as there were many tables available. With a cold, mean tone she had told us to wait over there pointing at the door. Once she finally sat us, we thanked her for the menus - she didn't respond and shot us the coldest glare you could imagine (think the wicked witch of the west, but uglier). We almost left but another server approached us and was very kind, so we stayed. Every single time this woman walked by she gave us the dirtiest looks. That said, avoid the Cruella looking woman at all costs. There's plenty of other options in the area.

Candace F.

Walking distance from our hotel we were not expecting much. However the service was great and the food was delicious.

Chris J.

Very tasty food! I liked a chicken breast with mushrooms and tomatoes. Chicken ravioli is also wonderful! I think the Chef is good so the rest menu is also tasty. I mean it's VERY tasty. I thought why the order takes so much time but when they bring the food I saw how they served it. 5 star 100%

Melissa Caughey

I was very disappointed with this place. It took forever for anyone to notice us waiting at the sign that says please wait here to be seated. Then the food was Medicare and the Brussel sprouts overcooked. The salmon was bland. The rice was mush. The 5 grain salad had barely any grains on it. I only tried this place because a friend gave me 2 $25 gift cards. Then they would not accept my gift cards because they said new management was not taking these cards and that they put it online months ago stating so. However at my place of employment this would not happen, we would make the moment right for the customer. This place did not have good customer service. Definitely way over priced for the quality food served. I will not be going back there ever and will dissuade others from going as well.

Melissa Barlow

First the hostess wasn't there to greet, then we had to wait, the waitress was anxious to get an order and didn't greet us with her name, the appetizer came with the main dished, the timing to get our meal was long when the place was dead, the food wasn't terrible but not worth the price, sour cream runs out when it's dead too and nothing else was offered for my baked potato, the 5 grain was more a greens and feta salad, the new owners refused to accept gift certificates because they posted it on social media but not anywhere in the waiting area nor the door. The whole experience wasn't worth the costs and I would not recommend anyone to support this restaurant.


After a day of hiking decided to try this place out after reading the reviews, I was not disappointed, food was great and even ordered chicken breast for my dog Cody. The waitress for courteous and friendly, I ordered the Notty Burger which was delicious and was filling. Just remember this isn’t on Pine Knot, it’s just west of it on big bear blvd

Kevin Bolland

Dinner and a live show on the patio. Food was delicious and the locals were nice! We brought our dog, and pets are allowed if they are behaved. Ours barked once or twice because of the music and clapping, but the venue didn't get upset with us, so that was appreciated! The bill was about $25 for one main and one app split by my wife and I. Definitely a great quiet and off the beaten path option! Family friendly for sure.

Lynn F.

My boyfriend and I came into the restaurant this morning around 10:40am. The restaurant wasn't busy at all, and we waited by the entrance to be seated, as per the sign. One of the waitresses AND the bartender saw us waiting patiently but no one came to greet or seat us. After waiting for awhile without anyone acknowledging us, we left and went to another restaurant down the street. This is VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and unexpected from such a family-friendly town.

Jude B.

I spent the early evening at Nottingham's, it was just fantastic. A step back in true elegance. From the moment we walked in Aurora took over for a mixologist dream. Respectful I've had the pleasure and honor to travel the world. But this is on my honor the best time I've had in a long long time. The drinks were exceptional, It's charming,,classy,and an unforgettable experience. The owners are a rare breed who understand being Different is better. Luz is the Daughter of the owner. Trust me It was Unbelievable Forgot to say the Poke was " ono" The best, But it's the Family that makes it special.

Bryan A.

Had breakfast with friends to end our weekend trip at Big Bear. Food was amazing. Our server Aurora was really on point. Didn't have to ask for a single thing. She was really attentive and service was phenomenal, especially for a Sunday. Will definitely have to go again next time we have another trip up here.

Barbara Jansen

We attend the Big Bear car show every year and look forward to having dinner outside and listening to the music, anywhere from 10-25 of us. This year a reservation was made a month in advance. Emails going back and forth. We ordered a cake from a local bakery recommended by Nottinghams, and had it delivered for a birthday we were celebrating. We get to Nottinghams and no reservation. They refused to honor our reservation and seat us outside, even though there were only 9 of us. They asked to see emails and we gladly showed them, supporting our reservation. They said they left a message confirming, and we never called back! Didn't happen! They accepted our cake from the bakery? After a lengthy heated conversation, they did offer to squeeze us in on the packed inside! By that point there was a shift of disrespect & sarcasm in the conversation. And not by us! We've reached out to the Nottingham to give them an opportunity to apologize. What we got was a unsigned letter blaming us and making false accusation about our behavior. Shame on you Nottingham. You should consider investing in customer service training in your staff.

Willie H.

Idk how many times I've eaten here but it's not enough and I'll come back forever. Good is amazing the eggs benny are to die for!!! 11/10 starts!!

Christopher M.

I'm giving it 2 stars b/c the food wasn't horrible, just average. It was more about the experience. First, we wanted to sit on the patio and were told by the hostess, "there are 2 large parties and 2 reserved tables so it will be a wait". We asked how long and couldn't get a straight answer. We could literally see there were more open tables outside than the two "reserved" tables they claimed but didn't want to seat us. When we said "let's just go", suddenly one of the FOUR open tables became available. We should have gone with our gut and left. Secondly, our server made a mistake and didn't put our dinner order in. Mistakes happen, both my wife and I were servers at one point in our lives. But when we started asking where our food was after 45 mins and MULTIPLE tables seated after us received their food, we were given the run around and no one telling the TRUTH. They finally brought out the Mac $ cheese for my 7yr old daughter after my first complaint and my wife and I got ours about 10 mins after that. The manager finally admitted what happened and gave us a $14 discount. We still spent $100. The $14 doesn't make up for wasting our entire evening.

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