Chill Tea and Coffee

60 Eagle Rock Way Suite A, Brentwood
(925) 243-7708

Recent Reviews

Aaron N.

Good local spot for artisan pour over selections. Staff was friendly and knowledgeable about coffee as well.

Shannah R.

Back again and again Chill didn't disappoint! Mexican mocha is hitting the absolute spot on this blustery day. My daughter got Guava Chiller and it looks so good Im trying it next!

Natasha R.

Lovely staff Great choices but do think expensive to be competitive in the market Wonderful choices for eats including the purple root vegetables used in the brownie, pop tart etc Tasty but expensive

Chantelle A.

Best Jasmine Tea and awesome owners:) Great atmosphere and fast service. I always love to swing by for a treat:)

Neeraj S.

Best Hot Chai Tea I have had. Great little coffee shop. We started doing monthly car s n coffee event here and they are always ready to serve us with great service and quality drinks.

Tyler S.

A great local coffee shop. Both locations have consistently great service and quality. I'd highly recommend the Ube bar! While you're at it get there Ube milk tea too! Everything I've had there has been really good so you really can't go wrong.

R A.

I loved this place! I was in Brentwood for a few days in July, staying in a hotel with abysmal lobby coffee. I tried one of the other local coffee shops more central in town (Big House Beans, I believe it was called), but neither the vibe nor the coffee did much for me. So glad I found Chill Tea and Coffee. I made sure to get coffee there each morning and the morning I drove out I got some beans. Their house roast. So delicious!

Jennifer Borges (Jen)

Excellent drinks, excellent service and great location! LOVE this place and will now make it a regular habit!

Erica C.

I'm completely in awe of how generous the owner, Yvette, was when I asked for my chai to be remade as my husband accidentally placed the order for the wrong location (oy! ) and it had gotten a bit watery since it took a bit for us to get there. I did not expect them to redo it as it was an error on our part, but my goodness was Yvette a sweetheart and redid it herself. This was only our 2nd time visiting a Chill Tea and Coffee, the first time was at Streets of Brentwood and by happy accident we got to visit this location AND meet the owner. We are patrons for life whenever we want a delicious tea, coffee or chai!! Can't wait for that mint mocha we talked about, yum! Come here to support a small business where they take pride in their craft and their customers!

Joyce K.

Stopped in on a *hot* day to grab something cool & left with a yummy POG Chiller that truly hit the spot & was deliciously COLD! So refreshing in this heat & everyone, including the other customers, was really nice & friendly. Great place & cool vibes

Janine W.

Chill Tea and Coffee never disappoints! I have loved everything I have tried. I will always come back for more. Pastries are great too!

Sam S.

I tried their iced dirty chai. Very flavorful but needed more ice, it was still warm. I also tried the raspberry cheese danish and it was average. Would go back for the drink again, just ask for extra ice!

Keston M.

Very quick service!! I get an iced mexican mocha. There's never a problem with ice levels or long waits. Their food is always good. I think the loafs could be toasted tho.

Rachel B.

I don't remember this place but I'm sure I went with my daughter I can't tell you if it was a good place but she didn't complain so I'm thinking it was

Mahadevan Nagarajan

When asked for Whole milk gives oatmilk.No indication that they don’t offer regular milk. When mentioned about it as a suggestion to say it before ordering, barista kept repeating we don’t carry milk at all.Updating review for responsiveness and acknowledgment ?

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