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Zephyr Grill & Bar 613 1st St #100, Brentwood Bar & Grill • $$
613 1st St #100, Brentwood

“It was a birthday celebration and the bday gal wanted one specific item on their lunch menu - posted online and she enjoyed many times before. We didn't realize they now have Happy Hour all weekend and the fish filet wasn't offered. Each of our entrees were just okay. Prices were very good on this menu, although I wouldn't have minded paying more for better selections. Service was just okay - not very friendly and it took 15 mins for a simple wine & soda order - and she never even mentioned or apologized for the long wait. Service and food have always been better than on this visit so I/we will return, just maybe not for a weekend lunch.”

4.3 Superb155 Reviews
Vine and Grain 2475 Sand Creek Rd #112, Brentwood Wine Bar • $$
2475 Sand Creek Rd #112, Brentwood

“Food has Reasonable price, Great Taste, big portion Our server has a pleasant personality and attentive to our needs Clean and great ambiance Hidden gem in Brentwood Will definitely be back”

4.3 Superb36 Reviews
Attraversiamo 2485 Sand Creek Rd #140, Brentwood Cocktail Bar • $$$
2485 Sand Creek Rd #140, Brentwood

“Shannon and Team provide impeccable service and the food is amazing! Just hosted a private event for my Awards event and we cannot rave enough!! Thank you for everything!!!”

4.5 Superb53 Reviews


Melo's 6580 Lone Tree Wy, Brentwood Pizza • $$
6580 Lone Tree Wy, Brentwood

“We loved our food! The portions are large, the food is really fresh and delicious ?. We will be back to explore flat breads, the pizza smell was mind blowing!Parking: Lots of free parking”

4.3 Superb83 Reviews
Dumpling Hours-Brentwood 2505 Sand Creek Rd Suite 112, Brentwood Chinese • $$
2505 Sand Creek Rd Suite 112, Brentwood

“Located next to Creasian, Dumpling Hours is a good fix for those with a dumpling craving while wanting other dining options besides dumplings. Plenty of parking (spaces are a bit tight).In addition to dumplings and other traditional Taiwan style favorites, Dumpling Hours have other dining options. The Beef soup was decent and but their dumplings, Chicken Wings, and Brussel Sprouts are must try.The ordering is different. Their preferred method is to scan the QR code on the table to place your order and the waitstaff will bring your food (quick service). Getting their attention to bring you drinks can be challenging. Dumpling Hours feels like an informal restaurant, almost like a cafeteria with standard chairs, tables and crows, but it gets the job done!”

4.2 Good99 Reviews
Locanda Capri 301 Oak St, Brentwood Salad • $$$
301 Oak St, Brentwood

“Great food and service. We were seated promptly and served by Giovanni. He listened to us and made great recommendations. From the special to a wonderful wine. We order the brussel sprouts, raviolis, ribeye special and ended it with a limoncello cake! Sooo good. Food came out timely and the other servers were very friendly like Angelo. Looking forward to my next visit.”

4.1 Good126 Reviews

Restaurants by Cuisine

Maria's Italian Kitchen 11723 Barrington Ct, Brentwood Italian • $$
11723 Barrington Ct, Brentwood

“The only reason I'm giving a 4 star is because of the Fried Calamari. In my opinion, Fried Calamari should be mixed with juiciness of the squid plus the thick flavor of the fried flour. But the served Calamari was too plain, just a flavor of fried stuff, and that's it.But other than that, the Signature Meat Ball Spaghetti and the Lasagna were really good for the price. Absolutely no complains there.”

4.2 Good52 Reviews
Wence House California Cuisine 6670 Lone Tree Wy #1, Brentwood American • $$
6670 Lone Tree Wy #1, Brentwood

“Husband and I had been wanting to try this place for a year, so we headed over this morning to arrive just after opening. Upon arrival, there were only 3 tables of 2-tops in the entire restaurant. The hostess was friendly and welcoming. It took a good 7-8 minutes before a server came by to greet us and pour our waters, but she was friendly and smiling. I took the time in between sitting down and receiving service to use the restroom, which was mostly clean and orderly. I ordered decaf, which she needed to brew, understandably. A few minutes later we ordered our food, and 5-6 minutes later, my coffee came out - lukewarm at best. Our veggie omelet, berry french toast and side of medium-well bacon took over 25 minutes to arrive and, though the plates were thoughtfully split for us to share, both orders were really disappointing. The omelet was missing avocado slices on top, it was mostly onions - long stringy ones with the "filmy" skin still attached - but, worse, the temperature was barely warm. No one wants to eat cold eggs. The french toast, though pretty to look at, was simply cold - cold bread, very tough to chew. The strawberries and blueberries were fresh, but the large raspberries not so much. The bacon, however, was hot and cooked perfectly - still sizzling just a bit. So, it was shocking to bite into cold french toast and a room-temperature, onion-filled omelet while holding a perfect specimen of bacon in my hand. To us, it appeared our main meals had been sitting "ready" quite some time while the bacon was being cooked. Unfortunately, as it was a late breakfast for us (especially waiting nearly 40 minutes between walking inside and actually receiving our food), we opted to eat it "as is". The immediate desire to send it back was overrun by grumbling tummies. It wasn't until after the server dropped our food off that I realized there was no jam for the toast. So, 3-4 minutes later, I stopped her in passing to ask for jam, which she retrieved from the kitchen for another piece of cold, chewy bread. A few minutes later, I stopped her again as she passed by, to ask for a coffee refill. At that time, I informed her the food was disappointing, specifically the cold french toast and coffee, but I forgot to mention the missing avocado on our omelet. She apologized and offered to replace the french toast, but I responded that we were too hungry to wait longer on hot food and also had somewhere else to be. We finished our plates quickly and, again, I drank lukewarm coffee. Even the table next to us complained to their server that the "fresh" coffee was "cold". Another server came by and picked up the majority of our plates attempting to clear the table. By now, it's approx. 11:45 and business was picking up. Since we hadn't received the bill yet, my husband headed to the restroom. While he was gone, our server came back, presenting me with a full order of french toast - as she took the last small stack of plates and our forks away. I explained that, while I appreciated the gesture, we were ready for the check. She suggested I take it "to go", stating she'd get a box. She did just that and presented the bill, which I thanked her for. Granted, it wasn't the worst experience ever. The server was sweet, just less attentive than what we'd consider average. As former industry professionals, including a Food and Bev/Banquet Manager and bar/restaurant owner - we trained our servers to check all plates against tickets before serving to ensure "correctness". Servers should know menu items top to bottom, especially the relatively small brunch menu they offer. Complaints re: cold coffee from guests warrant checking the machine and offering to heat it up in the microwave as a quick resolve. Most importantly, when food is "up", it goes out hot - don't hold it for a forgotten side dish. If we hadn't been so hungry, we would have sent it all back and left...which we have never done. It's frustrating to read the revi”

4.1 Good78 Reviews
Chelsea Fusion 622 1st St, Brentwood Japanese • $$
622 1st St, Brentwood

“WOW. Came in on a Thursday night and the food and service was phenomenal! Started with sake edamame and tempura. Sushi we had the special which was a Black & White Roll - it came with perfect crisp asparagus inside and hamachi pure white black tobiko on the outside (best by a long shot), Lemon Blossom Roll (amazing), and the Perry Roll spicy with assorted sashimi. The owner came by made sure we were ok along with our kids and we finished with Chocolate mochi ice cream! Kids loved it all and so did we! Going again for a date night soon.”

4.1 Good63 Reviews

Restaurants with Delivery

Chianti's 3111 Balfour Rd A, Brentwood Italian • $$
3111 Balfour Rd A, Brentwood

“Really good food and really good service for our first time trying this restaurant!!! The Restaurant's design fits the mood, and the restaurant itself is really clean! Would definitely reccomend! Lunch deals and dinner deals are available at certain hours.The server was extremely friendly and nice!10/5 if possible - would truly reccomended!!!”

4 Good119 Reviews
Misaka Sushi 380 W Country Club Dr suite j, Brentwood Japanese • $$
380 W Country Club Dr suite j, Brentwood

“Delicious food, fun ambiance, and great service! Our friends brought us to Misaka while we were visiting from Texas, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Tasty cocktails at the start, then a fabulous dinner and lots of socializing--we met the welcoming and friendly owner, plus other kind locals. We heartily recommend and will definitely return!!”

4 Good90 Reviews


Kyuzou 3101 Balfour Rd, Brentwood Sushi • $$
3101 Balfour Rd, Brentwood

“A hidden gem! My daughter and son in law brought me to this restaurant this week. I've passed by it several times for many years. The sashimi is very fresh and delicious. All the rolls I tried were amazing. I'll most definitely be going back soon.”

4.08 Good50 Reviews

Outdoor Dining

Scotties Shutters Brasserie 2013 Elkins Way Suite A1, Brentwood Brasseries • $$$
2013 Elkins Way Suite A1, Brentwood

“Scottie's is an outstanding place to celebrate a special event - birthday, anniversary, holidays. The food is amazing and tasty; the atmosphere is relaxing; the service is topnotch with Scottie treating his guests like royalty. Try it!! You won't be disappointed ??Parking: We always seem to find a spot for early dinnertime. Not sure about later in the evening.”

4.2 Good30 Reviews
La Hacienda Grill 71 Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood Mexican • $$
71 Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood

“100% recommend this restaurant!! My first visit was tonight with my daughter who has been here before. I was impressed with the owner who was so gracious and friendly as our waitress. Food was amazing. The place was so cute & clean inside.!! I hope everyone gives this Mexican Restaurant a try! You won't be disappointed!!”

4 Good63 Reviews
Black Angus Steakhouse 2355 Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood Steak House • $$
2355 Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood

“I had a good experience here at Black Angus. We had a big party and our waitress (Briana) did a fantastic job with our group. Drinks were refilled, orders were correct, and she was super friendly. The Beer menu was fine, it was mostly Macro stuff, but they had a couple of the good Macro options, and a couple Shadow Puppet beers as well. The Food was decent, the Brussel Sprouts were really good. My Filet Mignon Sandwich was decent, the meet was good, but it could have used more bell pepper imo. My wife wasn't a fan of her burger, but it's not her review I guess, it's mine :)Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the experience.”

3.9 Good216 Reviews

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Que Onda Tacobar 2505 Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood Mexican • $$
2505 Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood

“I came here for quesabirria and it was great. It came with free chips and salsa as well. I ordered to go but this place is always friendly and clean. I love how they serve water with fruits in it as well.”

3.9 Good87 Reviews
Enishi Kitchen 4441 Balfour Rd #1409, Brentwood Japanese • $$
4441 Balfour Rd #1409, Brentwood

“I love this place. Their sushi is fresh and their Chinese food is amazing. So much flavor. My hubby lived in China and says this fried rice is the closest to what he had in China. Great service. Nice staff. Orange chicken is crazy good”

3.9 Good85 Reviews
Hannah Nicole Vineyards 6700 Balfour Rd, Brentwood Wineries • $$
6700 Balfour Rd, Brentwood

“We had a lovely experience, Patty was such a lovely person to pour our tasting with and it meant a lot to my mother in law that she was so kind! Also GREAT wine and an amazing view!!”

4 Good30 Reviews

Takeout Restaurants

Vic Stewart's 2270 Balfour Rd, Brentwood Steak House • $$$
2270 Balfour Rd, Brentwood

“Strong 4 stars. Porterhouse was how I wanted it cooked seemed like a good quality steak. Potato scallops are delicious. Brussel sprouts were divine. Service was attentive.”

3.9 Good64 Reviews
Chuck E. Cheese 6061 Lone Tree Wy, Brentwood Pizza • $$
6061 Lone Tree Wy, Brentwood

“We went during the week and it wasn't crowded at all. They have a new trampoline area that you have to pay extra for. I wish it was included in the price of a package.”

3.8 Good60 Reviews
Beach Hut Deli A-5 A, 2540 Sand Creek Rd # 5, Brentwood Deli • $$
A-5 A, 2540 Sand Creek Rd # 5, Brentwood

“The vibe is it in this sandwich shop delicious and a variety of choices to pick from very unique and just at the right prices with other main stream sandwich shops being pricey you might as well go with beach hut. Very clean tables the area around the fountain drinks are neat and sanitary looking and the tables smell sanitary. The atmosphere is really great that California vibe the IPA choices are well connected as well I have visited at least three times and customer service is always great service is fast and the sizes are generous. I think they should add a bar and maybe open up later it’s hard to catch them if you are getting off work a little great place to wind down.”

3.7 Good20 Reviews

Drive-Thru Restaurants

Mi Mazatlan Mexican Resurant & Tequila Bar 5601 Lone Tree Wy #150, Brentwood Mexican • $$
5601 Lone Tree Wy #150, Brentwood

“It's Friday, so Fish Tacos for lunch? Yes, please! Authentic, comes under two tortillas because they are juicy. The fish get hidden a bit because there's so much going on with this dish, but they were delicious. I sat at the bar, they were busy for lunch. Outdoor seating, and I'll be back for happy hour. Great job, crew de Mi Mazatlan!”

3.7 Good82 Reviews
Nines Restaurant 100 Summerset Dr, Brentwood American • $$
100 Summerset Dr, Brentwood

“Seems like the review by John Lie must have been confused, because this is a restaurant on a golf course, not a hotel. My fiance and I are planning our wedding here (Wedgewood Weddings partners with the Nines Restaurant) and every time we come by for a planning meeting we come eat at the Nines Restaurant. In particular we as always hope to see the bartender Jeff; whenever we stop in he gives us superb service, going above and beyond. (Good enough that we specifically requested he bar tend our wedding)”

3.5 Good4 Reviews
Pizza Guys 6271 Lone Tree Wy suite f, Brentwood Pizza • $$
6271 Lone Tree Wy suite f, Brentwood

“Friday nights are pizza nights. We've tried other pizza guys and it never compares to the one in Brentwood/Oakley. They seriously deliver so fast and being able to order online is really easy! Picking up at the location is great too more so because you get a free ice cream or 2L soda. My kids and I love October time because of the pink box and in February they have a heart shaped pizza They've also saved us at a few party's when food runs out! We love the customer service and the pizza!”

3.6 Good17 Reviews

Cheap Eats

Vitality Bowls Brentwood 2375 Sand Creek Rd Ste 102, Brentwood Health Food • $$
2375 Sand Creek Rd Ste 102, Brentwood

“Vitality Bowls has a lot of options of acai bowls and smoothie. When I don’t know where to go, I will never go wrong with this place. The medium size is huge, it can feed 2 people. The staff was nice, patient and she helped my picky friend pick her bowl.”

3.6 Good43 Reviews
Rubiano’s 235 Oak St, Brentwood Pizza • $$
235 Oak St, Brentwood

“I’m happy with the food and the service here. Promptly service did not wait long for our food and service. We had a large supreme pizza and a toco truck for my beers.”

3.6 Good47 Reviews
Dragon City 71 Sand Creek Rd Suite G, Brentwood Chinese • $$
71 Sand Creek Rd Suite G, Brentwood

“Good, solid Chinese food. Not the best, but pretty good. I always place a to-go order for the Hong Kong style pan fried noodles with beef. They package the sauce separately to keep the noodles crispy until you're ready to eat them. I order from them about once every three months.”

3.5 Good40 Reviews
Angry Chickz - Brentwood 2500 Sand Creek Rd a1, Brentwood Chicken • $$
2500 Sand Creek Rd a1, Brentwood

“Went in last night and was greeted by cashier Clarisa with a smile. It was a bit busy but the service was fast and efficient. The place was full, thriving and clean!”

3.6 Good271 Reviews
Bluefin Sushi 5401 Lone Tree Wy # 140, Brentwood Sushi • $$
5401 Lone Tree Wy # 140, Brentwood

“Second time eating the food and it's absolutely amazing. It's fresh and taste great. You can see them make it. Had the fresh oysters....they were ok. I may order them again. They made them up differently then what I'm use too. A lil pricey but worth it.”

3.4 Good47 Reviews
BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse 2365 Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood American • $$
2365 Sand Creek Rd, Brentwood

“Had a wonderful lunch here. I had the gluten free vegetarian pizza with white sauce and my friend had the Santa Fe salad. Everything tasted great and our server Char was so kind and helpful. Char knows the menu like the back of her hand which made the experience smooth and quick.”

3.5 Good128 Reviews

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