Dinos Sandwich Shop

741 2nd St, Brentwood
(925) 684-7248

Recent Reviews

Demon Slayer!

i really love sandwiches and they are really good sandwiches the best ive ever had

Elizabeth G

I've always really liked Dino's and usually had good experiences....today I put in an order for a sandwich when I was about 20 mins away and got an email back saying it would be an hour before my order was ready. I thought it was weird and came by about 20 mins after putting in my order to see if it would really take an hour and the person at the counter just said, "no phone orders are done yet" when I asked about my order. I went outside to tell my husband and came back inside and someone else told me they would get my order out for me, but very odd for Dino's, who usually has it really together.

Keith Myron

Make your own sandwich by filling out a custom order for each sandwich. Popular shop so busy at lunchtime.

Robert C.

My go to sandwich shop. You can't go wrong. Its already making me hungry just writing this reviews. Love this place.

Ron M.

Our friends have been telling us to try Dino's for years now so today, my wife and I finally did and they were not wrong . Very friendly shop with excellent sandwich choices, etc. We loved what we ordered and will be back soon for more. Next time I will try some of their sides with our sandwiches. Love their choice of breads as well. Stay tuned!

mike r.

Came in and ordered four sandwiches, And no other customers were in the store. Took almost 40 minutes to get four sandwiches made. Never will go back there. Could of got a New York steak in for dinner within the same time! And I gave 7 dollar tip upfront. You would think that you will get some kind of priority. They had about 3-4 people working too.

Elba N.

The best sandwiches in town, I go to Dino's every week. I highly recommend this place.

Hailey M.

The best place to eat if you're looking for yummy sandwiches! the environment is so good and the workers are just the sweetest people, definitely recommend!!

kensho production

Well the sandwiches are fantastic, but if you're in a hurry, order ahead, and don't think it will be ready before your notification, it won't. I ordered thru Google pay, boom 11:22 ready, just like the notification said. Broccoli salad is delicious as well.

Shirley Wood

Delicious sandwiches we all had. Bread was excellent, too. Wish we had Dino's in our area.

Adele N.

My husband and I just moved to Brentwood and hadn't yet tried Dino's. I was looking for a place to cater some sandwiches for my daughter's 1st birthday party and was recommended to Dino's by some friends who frequent there. From the get-go, they were incredibly responsive and accommodating. Responded to my email inquiry right away and helped decide on the best options for our party. On the day off, the owner (I think!) drove the sandwiches out, providing all the condiments and sauces. Wonderful service! Everything was amazing!! My guests raved how delicious the sandwiches were and OMG the garlic and pepper sauces!! Bomb! We'll definitely be back, thank you Dino's!

Tia B.

This place is the bomb better than any place I've been in a long time girls were great sandwiches are great and also got the sandwiches as ordered which is hard to come by these days I recommend this place to everyone who wants a great deli sandwich

Ronnie G.

Wonderful sandwiches. Always ready to please. Lots of good snacks and drinks. We highly recommend them.

Russell C.

Great sandwich, horrible service. Even writing it down took 30min just for a sandwich. Hire help, something, maybe order online. Crazy cause if I had a hour lunch

Sonny W.

Ahh.. . Back in the area for cherry picking since 2019, and Dino's has moved! I was going by memory (gotta remember where the good spots are!), but luckily they only moved about 2 blocks to a new locale that's even better IMHO-- there is a large park across the street if you don't want to sit at their outdoor dining atea.

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