6750 Brentwood Blvd, Brentwood
(510) 393-3934

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daniel leaver

Could not find the location I don't even think this truck exists I have been to the address listed three times just wanted to check out a new taco truck guess not

Cheryl G.

2/22/2022: New taco stand parked at the Micheal's Gas Station in Discovery Bay. They've been here for two weeks now and we're going to give this place a try. Dinner for two $28: birria taco combo $10, 3 street tacos $12 (pork & chicken) and chicken burrito bowl with no beans or rice. Chicken was slightly dry but everything else was pretty good. The tacos have a double corn tortilla come with the sliced radishes, grilled onions and jalapeños. Birria tacos had good flavor and crispy shell on the outside. I feel like they should offer chips with their food. We would try this place again.

Rick S.

I have ordered 4 times since my first time. The food has been inconsistent each time, but just not good. They must have an abundance of different chefs. Example, we ordered a cheese burrito over the weekend. The cheese was plentiful. We ordered one last night and the cheese was mostly missing. One thing that is consistent is that the meat has been extremely dry, in fact, everything has been very dry and seemingly overcooked. I believe that maybe the food has been pre-cooked, and re-heated, and re-heated again. I feel that the 3-star rating after the last 4 orders is generous. I may give it one more try since I liked it so much the first time - maybe.

Sean P.

Horrible i hate to leave a bad review! I ordered a super burrito and they put lettuce in it and on the menu it did not say it came with lettuce and my Birria I ordered came half full with soup and one small piece of meat ‍I can't believe this place they use to be on point this is sad!!

Stephanie B.

Ordered on DoorDash and the food was great! The birrira was slammin! Can't wait to go in person and try other things! My husband loves the food at the Concord location! So excited to have it in Brentwood

David E.

I hate to leave a bad review, but here's my honest opinion. Ordered Birria Tacos, regular Asada Burrito, and horchata through Door Dash. Birria tacos were extremely salty, to the point that I assume they were mistakenly double salted. Burrito was good in flavor, but lacked size and a very small portion of meat. Horchata was amazing, sweet but not too sweet. Gave this place a try since it was new, would give it a try again maybe a few months from now.

Hazel Claire M.

Ordered from this place on doordash today. Very disappointed. Ordered 2 super burritos carne asada, they both were different sizes, one was was short and thick and the other long and skinny. Both of them not "super" and barely had any meat or anything else in it that wasn't old, hard rice. Also ordered $8 chips and guacamole with just about enough chips to count on my fingers (at least the guacamole was good). The extra star was for the horchata which was not bad and the fact I was able to get a full refund.

Lisa Ruiz Diaz

We ordered a quesabirria and the 2 Birria taco. They were bomb! If you haven’t tried it. Go and get some tacos.

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