Lone Tree Buffet

6281 Lone Tree Wy, Brentwood
(925) 516-9858

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Bee Hang

First time here. The food itself is ok, but MANY of the "hot" food items were cold. We thought it was because perhaps we spent too long getting food and when we got back to the table it got cold. That was not the case. The second time I went to get a plate, I purposely grabbed only 1 potsticker and 1 kabob, and put them on my plate to touch it. It was cold. Not warm, cold. That was extremely disappointing and for the price? This is the highest-priced buffet I have ever been to in my life. Never mind the just OK quality of the food. And I eat most anything.

Sean Fury

Just had the dinner buffet here, first time to this restaurant. The service and waitstaff are very good, however the food on most of the buffet islands is room temperature or cold. For $21.99/person for the dinner buffet, it was very disappointing. The food itself tasted ok. Serving cold food to customers can be dangerous, depending on how long the food has been sitting at room temperature or below.

Ruth Anne Martinez

Only thing I can say is instant diarrhea! Barely got through eating my first plate, and I had to rush to the restroom cuz my stomach hurt. Food looks great, which was why I wanted to try everything, but now, I'm never coming back. Terrible first and only experience here! I highly advice others to avoid this place!

Jenni E.

Very good service and great if you love seafood and they have different variety of foods also.

Rose C.

Amazing place! Best food and great service! Super nice and friendly and the wait time isn't long at all, love coming here with family and friends and I've so far had only great experiences

Net A.

There are mixed Yelp reviews about this restaurant. Since it was still highly recommended by a friend, we went to lunch here yesterday. Well, I enjoyed the buffet. For lunch @$16.99 is pretty reasonably. The cost is just like an order of a plate in a diner and you only get one kind of entree. As the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words" , so verbal descriptions of all the tasty dishes are not enough. Busboys are quick enough to clear the used plates out of our way so we can go for another round. Enjoy and Salivate on all the pictures I took of the buffet area.

Rosie F.

I've gone to this location many times before. I checked their website to see business hours and prices. There was 3 of us seated for food. The food was great but the bill was more than expected. When I asked the person assigned to our table why it was high he said the price changed today. I had no idea. I understand that everything's going up but transperancy is very important. It could be the fine line between loyal customers and loosing customers.

Jáí Jáí0077

Lovely food..Friendly staff..Must visit. Highly recommended.

A Franklin

They have no air conditioner! They sit you and let you get your plate and start pouring sweat before you realize it and it's then to late to leave because you have to still pay for your meal.

Demodio Waxx

Great place to dine and chill, Awesome food selections, you must get there early because the line can get long to get in..sundays arrive early so you can get a park and be first in line..love this place,A real must try....

Minh D.

Foods quality going down almost everything, and even just 8:00pm on Saturday night they stopped making everything, whoever comes after 8:00pm have to eat leftover foods and still pay the same price. Sucks ! Giving them opinion, they don't even answer, seems they don't care ! Rate 2 Stars and seriously NO recommendations to anyone !

Shelly B.

Dude. Its a buffet. Adjust your expectations. The price is amazing and the options are dope. Their seafood is always good. I honestly love going here when I'm starvin' like Marvin and low on cash. Their pudding is also off the hook? Weird, I know.

Zoe L.

There's a lot of variety here, with both authentic and fast-food-style dishes-- from seafood (baked scallops, mussels, crab, crawfish) to all the Chinese chicken dishes you can think of (general tso's, salt and pepper chicken, honey chicken) to soups (wonton, sweet and sour) to dim sum (taro buns, bamboo-leaf-wrapped-sticky-rice)! Favorites - kalbi ribs, cheese-baked mussels, garlic string beans, calamari Not-as-great - the sushi (didn't look the freshest; I also wish they labeled what each contained, which they did for all their other dishes), dessert (mainly canned fruit and jello; didn't look the freshest either.. but the Vanilla ice cream cup was good!) The dining area is spacious and pretty clean, decently crowded on a Friday at 5pm but no wait for seating. Dinner was about $20 per person pre-tip. I would rate Lone Tree Buffet about 3.5-4 stars! A solid buffet for the variety but only a handful dishes I felt comfortable eating (overall a little too oily for my personal preference)


We went to eat dinner. The restaurant ends at 9 and we went at 7:50. At the front it said that the ac was down but we still went as they still had fans. There waere still customers, but there barely any food. It was very dirty. They didn't even turn the fans on. They also started to clean at 8. We ordered ice water and there were stuff like bugs on the cup. They put dirty rags next to the food and sprayed windex on the glass while there was still food.

B Thao

Overall, easy and relax place. Came in at a perfect dinner time, right before the crowd came in. Food quality was good, temperature was decent. If I find myself in the area again, I'd stop by again.

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