MJ's Downtown Cafe

655 1st St, Brentwood
(925) 684-7242

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Local restaurant in the heart of Downtown Brentwood. Take the family here often for their delicious breakfast. Large menu with healthy portions. They have their own onsite bakery.

Antawn King

So, this is my 2nd time trying this place, and every time I've come this place is always super busy, and the wait has been long! My friends raved about a seafood omelette (Monterey Omelette), that was sooooo good! So, I thought I'd check it out! When we finally got seated, they ran out of crab, so it was a bust my first time coming. Second time I was having a mother/son day with my mom and she wanted to go here again to try to get this omelette. Well, after another longggg wait to be seated, the first thing we ask was did they have CRABBB!!? Fortunately, they did. So, to my surprise this omelette was amazing!!! Really good! But would I wait as long as I did everytime to get it.....naw! Plus our country potatoes were hard and under cooked. They messed up my mom's order, she ordered banana pancakes and they gave her regular pancakes. This is a mixed review, this place wasn't trash, but it wasn't great either!! If you're in the mood for a REALLY good seafood omelette, and got time to sit and wait for a table for almost an hour, then definitely come here.

Omolola Bakare

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Jemellee Manaoat

MJ's is located in the downtown area of Brentwood. The place is not that big. They offer breakfast and lunch menu and closes at 3pm. I guess you can call it brunch. I've never eaten here before but the pictures looked great.My friend ordered the Texas style French toast with bacon and eggs. I ordered Joe’s special. It was an omelette that had ground beef, mushrooms, spinach, and onions I think. My friend loved her French toast and cleaned her plate. Mine was good but it was a little bland for my taste. We also ordered a side of biscuit and gravy. The gravy was good but the biscuit was dry….we ordered extra gravy.Overall it was ok. The service was great. We didn’t have to wait very long to get seated and the food came fast. Oh I almost forgot they do have dessert and pastry.

Dwight Gentry

Best hamburgers I've had in a long time. Would recommend it to everyone. The service was awesome as well. Love the staff.


Used to come often kids all loved the French toast but seems they changed the recipe, the French toast was dry, hard and tasted like old bread. 4 orders of French toast and everyone was disappointed. Change back and dont cut corners, if it isn't broken don't fix it.

Gail Cargile

The portions are awesome, you can easily share a meal. We each had biscuits n gravy, and had to share the banana pecan pancakes!


First off let me say that the service and atmosphere is very nice, but the food was very bland and not very flavorful. We had the steak sandwich which was kinda boring...had no seasoning on it and it made my wife sick and we also had the texas style french toast, which also didn't have any flavor.It was a nice experience being with friends and family but doubt that we will go back.

lillian escalante

The food was okay. My husband's hash browns....we're served hanging off the plate. His hash browns were not cooked thoroughly. THEY WERE WET!! He could not eat them. There was a light browning on the outside.The service was poor!! One server stepped on an empty milk carton.She did not pick it up....BUT KICKED IT ACROSS THE FLOOR BEHIND THE COUNTER AND THEN LEFT IT!!!!I also feel with a restaurant this large there should be more THAN ONE BATHROOM FOR ALL THEIR CUSTOMERS.

Evelyn King

service, good portion size, good food and selection.

Rèthà Bîlé

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Mike McLaughlin

We went there for the first-time last week. Had a co-worker recommend this place just before the pandemic. He brought his family out from the city to pick cherries and they loved both the cherry picking and MJ's for lunch. Don't know why it's taken us so long to try MJ's but we finally did and I see we've been missing out all these years. Great tasty breakfast and we took a Salted Caramel Banana Cake home for dessert the next night. All I can say is WOW!

Dwayne Urbshot

Great food...good family atmosphere!

Stephanie Angeles

Went with the family of 6. Great portion size, Hash browns were not cooked all the way, stringy and frozen parts. Had to ask to refill water and coffee. Kids breakfast plate had a one bite of eggs, we had to order more eggs. Willing to try it again but no rush to go back.

Michael Saxby

This place never disappoints The food is well proportioned and very good quality..... My one complaint is the lighting kinda has a wearhouse look.. it tends to wash out the natural colors....

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