Vic Stewart's

2270 Balfour Rd, Brentwood
(925) 240-2828

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mark thompson

My Wife and I celebrated our last 2 anniversaries there. I had pepper corn steak and butter mash potatoes . Wife had the Ribeye. They were both excellent! The desert was tiramaso ,cinnamon ice cream, and bake apple dessert ! Very delicious! Service was superb ? It made our 44 year anniversary delicious and fun!Food: 5/5

Richard Rohde

Wow.The atmosphere of the restaurant is that of only the finest dining establishments. You walk in, and you see a nicely furnished seating area, front desk, and staff that greet you happily, dont be fooled. There's a well-appointed wine room with glass windows to make the alcoholic geriatric golf cart connoisseur feel like their addiction is a hobby. You walk into a nice, dimly, but well lit dining area where western inspired decor adorns the walls. While the furniture is varied in every shade of... wood. Then you open a hearty simple menu with options that a restaurant of this caliber could only have mastered through decades of satisfied customers. You sit back and order an appetizer, maybe a drink. I ordered the calamari. Iced water, sourdough, and butter are on the table as we anticipate our master pieces are being assembled in the kitchen.The calamari is served. As the calamari is placed in my mouth, it evaporates. The only thing left it the smell of seafood and dreams of what could have been. "Well, that's ok. It's a steak house, not a seafood restaurant, right?".... I'm beginning to panic. Our main course arrives, the scalloped potatoes are a clear example of why pictures of menu items are not a thing here. My steak looks cooked correctly, I think. The plate has enough steak sauce preapplied to drown an infant. I cut into it, take a bite, and realize that I've been had. The flavorless chewy meat that I haven't had since I was a child eating lean cuisine is in my mouth again. My dad going to get cigarettes never to return is flashing before my eyes. My wife, at this point, has started sobbing uncontrollably as memories rush back of food eaten through bleak hardships fill our minds. I'm writing this review from under a bridge, I'm not sure how one is supposed to recover from something so awful.I'm not long for this world.Existence is only pain.Don't let my mistakes be your reality.Dietary restrictions: The food is so bad that I doubt eating anything will be a problem.


Really neat place and atmosphere. There are several different areas to eat in. We got to sit in a big beautiful booth, all to ourselves, just the 2 of us. It was the Owner's Booth. Went into to get steaks, but ended up ordering onion rings, lobster bisque, and the steak salad. Lobster bisque was a bad choice. Steak salad was great and so were the onion rings. Also had a fabulous drink--Pear Wrangler. Super amazing!!! They even gave us a chocolate mousse for husband's birthday dinner. We had a super nice server, but can't remember her name. Parking was easy and the place was clean. We went in around 530 or 6 on Saturday night and got seated right away.

Susan Tse

We went there to celebrate our son's 24th birthday (it's a place he has been wanting to try). We are self-proclaimed foodies and love to try new places. We made a reservation for 6 a few days before (recommended) and, upon arrival, we were seated promptly with a table already set up with water glasses already filled. I'd describe the ambience as lodge-like. Lots of wood and open space and a fire burning right in the middle of the room! I took a picture and posted it and several thought we were outside! The table was round (perfect for 6 people) which we prefer anyway. Sourdough bread came right away, warm, fresh, and delicious. Our waitress, Yony (sp?) was wonderful and attentive and patient with my slew of questions.In regards to the food...IT WAS ALL AMAZING!! I was the only one that o have a lobster bisque added (everyone else just got entrees) and we ordered a broccoli and an asparagus for the table. Hands-down one of the best lobster bisques I have had! Prime rib and steaks were the primary orders but I got the catch of the day, which was halibut. Everyone loved their meals (and we all shared a bite or two with each other) except a few didn't like the mashed potatoes (I loved them, though). After the meal, our son was brought a special birthday dessert (chocolate mousse) and we enjoyed the evening very much, thanks to the staff at Vic Stewart's.

Adi Adrian Castillo

Host and server could have done a better job with communicating. Just had a birthday dinner for my friend tonight, we waited for her birthday dessert, but it never came. Paid for the meal, left a tip, but also left feeling disappointed.Food: 5/5

James McCormick

Went to Vic Stewart’s tonight thinking it was a cowboy restaurant steakhouse steak was the worst I’ve ever had in my life you can’t order the steak cooked normally they marinate it and someone godly rub so you end up with an orange steakAny salad you order doesn’t have an option of dressing they dictate what goes on itAnd the Caesar salad actually taste like buttermilk dressing with no croutonsThe service was fine. The wine list was fine the desserts are fine but the cook is trying to turn A steakhouse into a yuppie restaurantThis is no longer considered a steakhouse

Jai M

JC was awesome an waitress! She was very nice and attentive. Thanks JC!The food and drinks are good. Will definitely go back. Cute date spot, as well.Lastly, the singer (curly, gray hair) was amazing...soultry. The band was smooth! Great night.

Coral S.

So I've been wanting to try Vic's for a few months now we just move here form Los Gatos area . I'm a chef and we came from an area with amazing food form all walks of life !!! I'm by no means a food snob I love a hot dog just as much as a fat steak . The food out here has been lacking my usual spoiled pallet . I decided to take my mom here last min with her visiting from Santa Cruz Booked a reservation same day for 630 was told they were doing a Jaz night in the bar . We decided to sit in the bar as the music was good we sat in one of the booths . The Music was a little loud . I feel like they could of lost the speakers the music was good but a little much for a small space . Ordered some cocktails which were super good lemon drop and a cosmo . Ordered the lobster bisk . Very tasty good size portion . I would of liked to see a few lobster pieces on top to identify the lobster maybe a claw or just even 2/3 small pieces . Bread was fresh hot and loved the fresh whipped butter !! My mom got a geeen salad the menu said tomatoes and cherry tomatoes which was funny but it only came with cherry tomatoes . The salad was good crisp dressing was nice . Would of like to c them offer a fresh creaked pepper on top . I ordered the prime rib medium rare with extra anjou . Because it was Farley loud our server heard ribeye . Soooo that was dissapinting in the fact that I don't make that steak my self as was looking forward to a different cut of meat . With that being said the ribeye was delicious! Just a smig over cooked I love med rare . The mashed potatoes were spot on . Creamy good flavor good size portion . The side of anjou i that was supposed to be with my steak i jsut drank lol which was delicious. My mom ordered the salmon sub Brocli with espargas which was an extra charge but it was cooked well . The salmon was tender with a nice crisp on the outside rice was good with a nice butter sauce . Could of done with 2/3 table spoons of extra sauce cause it was so good . We were celebrating my grandmothers birthday RIP ! They did a lovely plate in memory for her and the chocolate moose was very creamy and delouse . All in all I think this place for sure had pontental to be great. very cumfy atmosphere live music always a plus . Large bar outside patio dining looks great . Few things could of been more on point . Our bill was 130$ for 2 people with 4 comped drinks for the mix up on my steak . Which was nice of them to do . I will for sure come back to try other things on the menu. This isn't a once a week place as it's on the pricy side . 100% nice to get out for a date night or special event . I'd love to c them add some extra sauces to the menu and side dishes with more flare and outside the box . Ie maybe some snales, bone marro , octopus maybe something more gamey elk or wild bore to the season . A wine night would be fun here with music cheese . This place could be great for a event such as engagement party birthday party . Not sure if they already offer that with a catering menu .

Donna S.

Had an 18th birthday celebration here and it was a great night- Very PRICEY but good. We had a wonderful server that made the night that much more special. Prices have definitely gone up since the last time we were here We ordered a variety of food; a couple of filets, peppercorn steak (split between 2of us), side salad, scalloped potato and side Caesar salad. One of the filets was too rare but after telling our server, minutes later it was returned perfect. There were no left overs to take home- it was all very good We did have a bottle of wine, not the cheapest but far from the most expensive Our bill ended up being $400. 5 people, 2 of us shared the peppercorn steak, 1 had scalloped potatoes and side salad only, 2 others ordered the Filets Looking forward to going back but maybe it will be sitting in the bar area for appetizers or happy hour prices.

Romell L.

This review is honestly only for black folks... Not gonna sugar coat anything. The food was good, the service was slow. Went here last night 10/15/22 for our 5 yr anniversary, reservations were at 7pm and we didn't leave till 9:30pm. Water/beverages were only refilled once(because we asked). No other table had to ask. Appetizer took 15mins, meals took another 25 from order annnnnd the dessert crème brûlée and cheese cake took 20-25 mins. At one point I asked my wife if we should just cancel the dessert. The server only deserved $10 bucks at best($175 bill) because he was not as attentive to our table as his others but I left $25 because despite what people believe, black folks actually do tip. Enjoyed the food but they need to do a better at managing their tables.

Joey J.

To start, when I think about Vic Stewart's, I think of great steaks, delicious sides, amazing desserts, killer appetizers, and so much more. Yet, this last visit really damaged my opinion of this classic steakhouse. Appetizers: these were very disappointing, because I felt like I was eating frozen appetizers instead of 20.00 coconut shrimp. Then the mini crab cakes were very mini crab cakes. Again, they tasted as if they were taken from freezer to the dinner plate. Salad: Ceaser salad was great, probably the best part of the meal. The salad was fresh and dressing tasted like it was homemade. Main: Porterhouse steak (USDA Choice) very disappointed, mostly because I think they should be severing prime instead of choice, and secondly, the cut that came out looked like a T-bone, not a PH.


Customer service was great! Sever was very attentive. We had party of 10. 8 out of 10 loved their food. I ordered the rib eye with potatoes. Side peppercorn sauce. My steak was well done I ordered medium well. No flavor at all even with the added sauce. I won't be back how ever 8 out of 10 of the party will return. We went here after several peoplein the group said they all enjoyed the food. Maybe I expected more. Like I said the service and all employees were great. Just my steak was not what I expected.

Laura L2DAL

Came here to celebrate our anniversary dinner and support local business. Service by Matt was AMAZING! We were sat down quickly, got our drinks quickly and the food was so delicious!! Matt brought us a kind and unexpected surprise at the end and we greatly appreciated it! Thanks Matt for helping us make our night special!

Ryan Monge

Enjoyed a great meal here tonight with my daughter. Our server was top notch, the food was even better. I order the Filet Oscar style and it was cooked perfectly.


Way over rated..reserved a table for are 10yr anniversary they sat us next to a family wearing beach attire with kids... barely ate any of the main course..way under welming..although they gave us a cup of moose for dessert...was overall basic experience for a $400 dollar made it from 2 to 1 star

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