Blvd Taco

3212 Magnolia Blvd, Burbank
(818) 736-5006

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Matthew C.

I had higher hopes for this place. I've been to the old thai place that this took over and the new place did a job of opening up the floor plan and brightening up the place a bit. Staff was competent. Food was OK. I had a chicken and shredded beef taco. The chicken was blah. Definitely needed salsa to bring it to life. The beef was good and gave me some hope. I definitely regretted not having any salsa after the first few bites of my meal, but saw a salsa bar on the side, so got the verde and that was solid and re-invigorated the meal a bit. The ingredients seemed fresh and you get a lot of cilantro on the meal, but it lacked a bit of flavor still. Anyways, I would like to try a few of their other dishes before giving a final verdict. Seems like a solid place with fresh ingredients if you live or work nearby but may not be worth the trip otherwise.

Caren C.

Their tacos were so good, but we went to get tacos this afternoon and it seems they are no longer in business.

Groom F.

My go to, our go to!:) I order on my phone and 15 mins later our lunch is ready!!:) Their tacos are really gourmet level and such a treat! Their Potato and El Pastor are their best (in my opinion)! When in town I tend to order every other day lol as we are addicted!:)

Harlan G.

Enjoy their gourmet level tacos and mom n pop service! A go to for our family, always a treat and never disappointed!!

Cj C.

Great food and super friendly. We stopped in just to grab a couple of tacos to hold us over till dinner and we left wanting more. The al pastor and birria tacos were the best but everything was fantastic.

Chris C.

I had 5 tacos and 2 of 5 were actually edible. This is perfect for star rating. Birria taco- Actually one of the best birria tacos I've ever had. If I could take it back I wouldn't care to try as many tacos to get a real measurement for skill in the kitchen and ordered 5 of these. Potato taco- Decent. Lacking a sear on the potato's. Almost an excellent taco barring a few misses, also I had no idea it would be hard shelled from the menu description. Al pastor- Absolute garbage. Seasoning was weak. Salsa was almost non existent and the meat was littered with huge pieces of burnt fat that weren't even chewable. They could literally choke you or break a tooth. Inedible. Carne asada- Horrible. Lacking salt. Lacking salsa. Lacking onions and cilantro. Just horrible and an embarrassment for a taco shop. How can you even mess up a carne asada taco? Apparently it's possible. Carnitas- My taco always used for gauging whether I'll be back at a taco shop or not. This taco fell wayyyyyyyyyy short. No sear again. The pork was wet instead of crispy, again under salted. The salsa on it was terrible and stingy. I drowned it with the canned enchilada sauce they called salsa that they included with the chips in my box. Not even that could save the second half of the taco. Definitely not coming back. For such a young business this place desperately needs a "bar rescue" type tv make over. If not good luck. You might survive on the fringes with Burbank's flavorless palate.

Brittany M.

We tried this place recently and it had-hands down- the best mushroom taco I've ever had. I'm always looking for meat alternatives and that one really is the best mushroom taco I've ever had. That said, all of their tacos are soo good. It comes in a box with a side of chips which made it feel more like a meal. They have fun flavored sodas you can pair with your tacos as well. Support these guys!

Michelle W.

Finally great tacos and great service on Magnolia in Burbank. The food is fresh, staff is very courteous and kind, and the prices are good. we Thank you for coming to Magnolia Park!

Steven R.

Have always wanted to pop in when next door but saw it wasn't open yet. Fast forward close to a year and I popped in after getting coffee next door. They are rebranded as "taco smugglers" now if anyone wants to know. All I know is that their tacos are to die for. The ambience inside is super cute and the cashier who helped us out was super sweet and kind and even brought us our tacos outside as we took some photos for the gram cuz ya know gotta post it! Anyways I ordered some mushroom tacos and potato tacos. Their street tacos are 3 bucks not bad for how delicious they are! They have vegan options and also the traditional meat options. All around great place they even included some chips and salsa! Super humble place with a great twist on Hispanic tacos!!! Will come again and you should too!

Gerry Saenz

I had the birria burrito and I can say it was worth it. The meet has good flavor with just the right amount of seasoning. Burritos are large enough to get your full and then some. Currently no tables available, had it to go.

Bella Rose

I’ve had the nachos, tacos & quesadillaLove their carnitas! Awesome flavor. Just wish they were open a little later. Sometimes I don’t even know what I want for dinner until 7 lol

Jennifer H.

Mushroom tacos and Nachos, all delicious. They were really nice too.

Kim K.

The only reason this even gets 2 stars is because the girl working was polite. We waited at least 20 minutes for two tacos. We were in a rush and figured this would be a quick bite. Wrong! I honestly thought they were the worst tacos I've ever had. May as well save your money and hit up El Pollo Loco.

Emmanuel S.

I want to start with the blasphemous addition of Cotija cheese to every taco. WTF is that about. Apart from the inauthentic side of this, it just doesn't taste good. The salsa is kinda whack and NOT SPICY. Might as well add some ketchup. In person orders are prioritized over online orders so you might be left standing around while watching people who arrived after you get their meals and all the cotija cheese their hearts desire. Meats are ok to decent actually. However, your money is better spent at an actual Mexican run establishment. If you really have to eat here, ask for no cotija and bring your own salsa.

S D.

Found a gr8 taco spot and being of a taco background I give it A+ lol I am not really a carnitas person but lady at counter told me it's a popular one soo decided to try it's delicious tasty and will come back for more. Also love that they have the glass jarritos coca cola topo chico!!

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